Only The Mega Film Buffs Will Get Above 50% On This Quiz

If 'Cheapie Tuesday' is highlighted on the calendar in thick yellow marker, and if the thought of an endless bucket of butter-drenched, lightly salted popcorn gets the mouth salivating just that little bit, then it's safe to say that, perhaps, you're a bit of a film buff. If your ideal first date is dinner and a movie, but without the dinner, and even without the date, then, again, the motion picture medium might just be the one for you.

If the 'Pre-Talkies' and the Silent Era of the 1920s tickle your fancy, and if you walk around whistling the simple yet iconic tune from Fritz Lang's 1931 film "M", then you've come to the right place. Even if you can't recite every line in Goodfellas or sing (off-key, most likely) every song in The Lion King, you may still think you have one it takes to pass this quiz.

From the animated classics of Disney and Pixar, to the enormous Marvel Cinematic Universe that has taken the film world by storm over the last decade, and every Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Wes Anderson, Quentin Tarantino and Ridley Scott film in between, there is no shortage of wonderful movie content to watch for hours, days, months and years on end. But, have you been paying attention to the details? What color is Mr. Incredible's cape? Wrong, he doesn't wear one.

So, think you're a fit of a film nerd? Let's find out how true that really is.

Question 1

Who said "Luke, I am your father"

Dun dun, dun dun dun dun dunnn, dun dun dun duunnn dunnn... dun dun dun dun. In a galaxy far far away, one famous villain uttered these words that would be etched into cinematic history for decades to come. According to IMDB, this epic sci-fi film centers around the plot of "Luke Skywalker, who joins forces with a Jedi Knight, a cocky pilot, a Wookiee and two droids to save the galaxy from the Empire's world-destroying battle station, ...". All these years later, this famous quote is still known throughout the majority of households. But, which character uttered those words?

Question 2

What is this character's name?

The late, great Robin Williams plays this iconic character in a film titled... well, that would give away the answer, so we're not going to tell you. As Wikipedia states, this film "follows a recently divorced actor who dresses up as a female housekeeper to be able to interact with his children. The film addresses themes of divorce, separation, and the effect they have on a family." Furthermore, it "grossed $441.3 million on a $25 million budget, becoming the second highest-grossing film of 1993 worldwide". More than 25 years later, this film still remains as one of Robin Williams' most classic and well-known movies.

Question 3

Which song plays in this famous Disney scene?

Is there a more iconic Disney movie than The Lion King? We could debate that for hours and probably still not come to any reasonable conculsion. What we can decide and agrere on, however, is that The Lion King is one of the classics. As IMDB describes, the plot follows: "a lion cub crown prince is tricked by a treacherous uncle into thinking he caused his father's [demise] and flees into exile in despair, only to learn in adulthood his identity and his responsibilities." So, for a kids' movie, there are some pretty mature themes running throughout the film. So, which song plays in this early scene?

Question 4

What is the full name of this Harry Potter character?

For anyone born in the 1990's, this film franchise, adapted from J K Rowling's best-selling novels, is as iconic as any film series imaginable. IMDB states that "the series was mainly produced by David Heyman, and stars Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson as the three leading characters: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger. " However, such a detailed world is created by Rowling, involving a number of important lesser-known characters. This one, who eventually finds love with our main man Harry, is the younger sister of Ron, and truly makes her mark in the latter part of the series.

Question 5

What is Tom Hanks' character's name in "BIG"

Rotten Tomatoes says it best: "More than anything else, 13-year old New Jerseyite (played by David Moscow) wants to be "big". That's the wish he makes at an odd-looking amusement pier fortunetelling machine. The next morning, [he] wakes up-only to discover that he's grown to manhood overnight! (At this point, the acting role is taken over by Tom Hanks). Still a 13-year-old mentally and emotionally, he decides to hide out in New York City until he can figure out what to do next." Big is a classic, through and through. But as much as we remember the movie, the character's name is a little harder to recall.

Question 6

Name this movie!

As Wikipedia tells it, this film "is a 2002 US biographical crime film directed and produced by Steven Spielberg from a screenplay by Jeff Nathanson." It features a young Leonardo DiCaprio, who plays the role of "Frank Abagnale Jr. who, before his 19th birthday, successfully forged millions of dollars' worth of checks while posing as a Pan Am pilot, a doctor, and a legal prosecutor" (according to IMDB). With a supporting cast of Tom Hanks, Christopher Walken and Amy Adams, among others, this film has gone down in history as one to definitely be remembered. But what's is its name?

Question 7

Where does Kevin's family go on holiday in Home Alone?

If there's a more recognisable child actor than Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone, we haven't heard about it. As Rotten Tomatoes describes: "Home Alone is the highly successful and beloved family comedy about a young boy named Kevin who is accidentally left behind when his family takes off for a vacation... over the holiday season. Once he realizes they've left him home alone, he learns to fend for himself and, eventually has to protect his house against two bumbling burglars (Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern) who are planning to rob every house in Kevin's suburban Chicago neighborhood. Though the film's slapstick ending may be somewhat violent, Culkin's charming presence helped the film become one of the most successful ever at the time of its release"

Question 8

Which town does the Grinch live in?

While there have been plenty of remakes of this Dr Seuss classic, the most well-received, as normally is the case, was the original. When you've got a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, you must be doing something right. As Rotten Tomatoes shares, "Chuck Jones' animated version of the classic Dr. Seuss book How the Grinch Stole Christmas originally aired on television in 1966 and has since become a holiday family favorite. Voiced by Boris Karloff (who also narrates), the Grinch lives on top of a hill overlooking [the town] with his dog, Max. Each year at Christmas time, the Grinch's hatred grows stronger toward those... cheerful [townspeople]"."

Question 9

"IT" is based on which author's book?

To whoever thinks that clowns are entertaining, cute or friendly, we suggest you watch, or re-watch "IT". Pennywise and his red balloon can make even the bravest, baddest, toughest people on the planet crawl under their bed and not want to come out. IMDB outlines the film's plot: "In the summer of 1989, a group of bullied kids band together to destroy a shape-shifting monster, which disguises itself as a clown and preys on the children of Derry, their small Maine town." So, as far as clowns go, we think we'll take a hard pass on spending a weekend with this one. But who wrote the book?

Question 10

Name this Guardian of the Galaxy

If there has ever been a cuter superhero, we're yet to discover it. The film follows the plots of "the Guardians [who[ struggle to keep together as a team while dealing with their personal family issues, notably Star-Lord's encounter with his father the ambitious celestial being Ego" (IMDB) While this character only appears in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, he's arguable the most memorable of the entire film. As outlined by TheVerge, In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, the anthropomorphic tree-man Groot is no longer the towering, full-sized version voiced by Vin Diesel in the first film, but rather a pint-sized pipsqueak". The number of plush toys and memorabilia sold of this character would have been astronomical.

Question 11

How many original Ghostbusters were there? (Who were also professors)

Who are you gonna call? Ghostbusters! Directed by Ivan Reitman and starring Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Sigourney Weaver, among others, this action comedy fantasy film has cemented itself as a pop culture icon. In the original film, which was released in 1984, the audience is taken along for a ride with a number of "former parapsychology professors, [who] set up shop as a unique ghost removal service" (IMDB). A 2016 remake, featuring an all-female Ghostbuster squad threw this legendary film back into the spotlight and reignited its popularity for both the older generations and the younger ones. So, happy many Ghostbusters were there at first?

Question 12

Which Harry Potter movie is this image from?

The Harry Potter franchise features seven best-selling J K Rowling books, and eight movies, with the final book, Harry Potter and the Deathy Hallows, split into a double-feature. In this particular film, Harry and the Hogwarts gang go toe to toe with other wizadry schoolds, with the intention to hold the Tri-Wizard cup. This 2005 film, directed by Mike Newell, is where the audience really gets to know Cedric Diggory (played by Robert Pattinson). As Pottermore outlines for us: "As the events of [the competitive tournament] proved extra stressful, Harry sought Sirius's advice a lot, which was heartening to see."

Question 13

What is Buzz Lightyear's home planet?

To infinity... and beyond! This space ranger, along with his best pal, cowboy Woody, is the face of the Toy Story franchise. We're going to go out a limb here and declare that Toy Story is one of the top three Disney Pixar films of all time. We'd be happy to be proved wrong, but nobody has enough time for a never-ending debate like that. As told by the Disney website itself, "While Buzz Lightyear's sole mission used to be defeating the evil Emperor Zurg, what he now cares about most is keeping Andy's toy family together" ( So, which is his home planet?

Question 14

What is the title of the fourth Jurassic Park film?

No matter how bad your day is going, if you've been splashed by a car driving through a puddle or dropped your toast butter-side down on the floor, at least there aren't vicious man-made dinosaurs running rampant in your backyard. The original Jurassic park, released in 1993 and directed by Steven Spielberg, showcased some of the best special effects of any film made at the time. The hyper-realistic dinosaurs turned heads and wowed audiences. As IMDB tells it, in the fourth Jurassic Park installment, "A new theme park, built on the original site of Jurassic Park, creates a genetically modified hybrid dinosaur, the Indominus Rex, which escapes containment and goes on a [rampage]". Well, that's not ideal in the slightest.

Question 15

Name this Adam Sandler film!

According to Wikipedia, "after becoming a Saturday Night Live cast member, Sandler went on to star in many Hollywood feature films that combined have grossed over $2 billion at the box office." Of all these films, the majority have Sandler taking the reins as lead actor in similar comedic roles. So, over the years we've come to expect some great laughs and chuckles when he's on the big screen. We're not naive and can definitely appreciate that some of his films are more entertaining than others, but ask nine out of 10 people, and the'll agree that Sandler as a go-lucky golfer is one of his best.

Question 16

Where do the boys visit in The Hangover 2?

In the first installment of this comedy series, "Three buddies wake up from a bachelor party in Las Vegas, with no memory of the previous night and the bachelor missing. They make their way around the city in order to find their friend before his wedding", as outlined by IMDB. It's a messy morning fuelled by questionable decisions the night before, and they wind up with a tiger, an infant and a whole lot of confusion. In the sequel, the boys are on another adventure. They've obviously learnt their lesson and won't be returning to Las Vegas, so where do they go?

Question 17

What are the screaming letters in Harry Potter called?

If you've ever got in trouble with your parents while walking in at the wee hours of the morning, only for one of them to spin around in their chair, turn on the light and say, with a snarky, condescending tone, "do you have ANY idea what time it is", then you'll empathise for Ron Weasley. In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, when Ron steals the flying family car with Harry, exposes it to the Muggle world, and then crashes it carelessly, he receives a scolding letter from Mrs Weasley. This magical letter is as intimidating as any teenage boy could imagine.

Question 18

What is the name of Justin Bieber's 2011 documentary?

Justin Bieber, originally from Ontario, Canada, was thrown into the spotlight and became a pop music sensation in the blink of an eye in his young teenage years. With the combination of talent, looks and charisma, his posters would have been hung on countless bedroom walls. Eventually he grew out of the boy-toy association, and now is recently engaged to Hailey Baldwin. At the height of his stardom, a documentary was released about the young artist's life. In a rare insight into the life of the rich and famous, the audience followed Justin's journey from music-loving youngster to international superstar. But, what was it called?

Question 19

What is the name of Wreck-It Ralph's video game?

This 2012 animated adventure comedy stars John C. Reilly as the misunderstood bad guy, Ralph, Sarah Silverman as the young and reckless Vanellope Von Schweetz, and Jack McBrayer as everyone's beloved handyman, Felix. As told by IMDB,: Wreck-It Ralph longs to be as beloved as his game's perfect Good Guy, Fix-It Felix. Problem is, nobody loves a Bad Guy. But they do love heroes... so when a modern, first-person [action] game arrives featuring tough-as-nails Sergeant Calhoun, Ralph sees it as his ticket to heroism and happiness. He sneaks into the game with a simple plan -- win a medal -- but soon wrecks everything, and accidentally unleashes a deadly enemy that threatens every game in the arcade."

Question 20

Which song did the Titanic band play when the ship was going down?

James' Cameron's Titanic is one of the most well-known films of the modern era. The film follows the true story of the Titanic's sinking in 1912, and stars a young Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. Cameron's adaptation stays true to the details of the ship's sinking as much as possible, however he also adds in an over-the-top love story and a handful of heartstring-tuggers for dramatic effect and audience engagement. One of these notorious tear-jerker scenes is the band on the ship, continuing to play as the mammoth cruise liner slowly falls deep toward to ocean floor. Their song is powerful, but which was one it?

Question 21

What is the Hulk's real name?

As told by the Marvel website, after being "Exposed to heavy doses of gamma radiation, [a] scientist.. transforms into the mean, green rage machine called the Hulk." The Hulk is one of the most recognisable Marvel characters, and has not only appeared in The Avengers franchise, but also stars in a number of his own films, including the original The Incredible Hulk (1978), The Incredible Hulk remake starring Edward Norton (2008), and the 2003 film starring Eric Bana, Hulk. The massive hulk of green muscle was crucial in the Avengers' first battle as a team, helping to fight off a stampede of Chirauri.

Question 22

Which year was Escape From Alcatraz released?

If there's a more notorious prison out there, please, point us in its direction because we haven't heard of it. Situated in the San Francisco bay, Alcatraz has a unique history unlike anywhere else in the United States or the world, for that matter. Boasting a title of 'unescapable', many inmates attempted to flee, yet ultimately failed. However, Frank Morris, played by Clint Eastwood in the Don Siegel-directed film, had other ideas. IMDB summarised the plot: "Alcatraz is the most secure prison of its time. It is believed that no one can ever escape from it, until three daring men make a possible successful attempt at escaping from one of the most infamous prisons in the world."

Question 23

Who directed Blue Velvet?

Starring Isabella Rossellini, Kyle MacLachlan and Dennis Hopper, and released in 1986, Blue Velvet is a thriller dotted with drama and mystery. "Jeffrey Beaumont, a square-jawed young man, returns to his picture-perfect small town... Walking through a field near his home, Jeff discovers an ear, which he immediately brings to the [authorities]. Their disinterest sparks Jeff's curiosity, and he is soon drawn into a dangerous drama", as told by Rotten Tomatoes. Interestingly, however, there was supposed to be much more. According to IMDB, "Originally running at nearly four hours, Blue Velvet was cut to approximately two hours (120 minutes) for distribution. The missing footage was put in storage and apparently lost for good."

Question 24

What does the Tin Man want in The Wizard of Oz?

The Wizard of Oz, released in 1939 (yes, you read that correctly) will go down as one of the greatest films of all time, especially as one of the earlier motion pictures to utilise colour to its full potential. IMDB tells the story: "In this charming film based on the popular L. Frank Baum stories, Dorothy and her dog Toto are caught in a tornado's path and somehow end up in the land of Oz. Here she meets some memorable friends and foes in her journey to meet the Wizard of Oz who everyone says can help her return home and possibly grant her new friends their goals of a brain, heart and courage." One of these characters, Tim Man, desperately wants something. What is it?

Question 25

Which of these films is NOT in IMDB's top 5 of all time?

The people have spoken, and accoring to IMDB, three of these four films are considered among the best of all time. That's not to take anything away from the fourth option, which is a phenomenal film in its own right. Does the crime-fighting masked superhero take the cake, or do the people prefer the fantasy and mystery of Frodo's adventures through Middle Earth? Does Toy Story 3 break into the top five as the only animated film, or has The Shawshank Redemption stolen the attention of viewers and film critics around the world? Regardless, we highly recommend watching each of these films again and again.

Question 26

Which of these is a famous Joker quote?

Sure, Bane has an incredibly unique and ominous voice, and, Scarecrow certainly isn't the friendliest of villains, but no Batman antagonist can quite compare to the wacky, sadistic Joker. To echo DCcomics, who so eloquently describe the Joker: "The green hair. The crazed smile. The maniacal cackle. You know exactly who he is and how far he'd go to put a smile on your face." The way he puts that smile on your face, well let's just say it's not through knock-knock jokes a punny one-liners. Heath Ledger's representation of this twisted character is one of the best individual on-screen performances in recent times. So, what's his famous line?

Question 27

What's this little dude's name? (Frozen)

The 2013 icy, animated flick Frozen has kids and parents of all ages bellowing out the soundtrack upon leaving the cinema. Directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, and starring Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel and Jonathan Groff, Frozen was one of the first major Disney films to be set in a harsh winter environment. As IMDB outlines for us, "Fearless optimist Anna teams up with rugged mountain man Kristoff and his loyal reindeer Sven and sets off on an epic journey to find her sister Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom of Arendelle in eternal winter. Encountering Everest-like conditions, mystical trolls and a hilarious snowman, Anna and Kristoff battle the elements in a race to save the kingdom."

Question 28

Finish this title: The Lion, The Witch And The...

Stumbling across a magical fantasy lands isn't something that happens to us on most days of the week. But for the four Pevensie siblings; Peter, Edmund, Susan, and Lucy, it because a surprising and sudden reality. They encounter all kinds of magical beasts, including the faun Mr. Tumnus, in the land of Narnia. Under the guidance of Aslan the lion, the siblings learn of their destiny to the land and overthrow the eternal winter and evil witch. This installment of The Chronicles of Narnia was directed by Andrew Adamson and released to the public for viewing in 2005. Finish the title!

Question 29

What is the address of the Dursleys?

Alright, let's get the family tree out the way first, with a little help from HarryPotter.Fandom: "The Dursley family is a Muggle family, and the only known living close relatives of Harry Potter. Petunia Dursley was the older sister of Harry's mother, Lily Potter, but took the surname Dursley when she married Vernon Dursley. They had a son named Dudley." Now that we've established that, we can all agree that it wasn't the most pleasant environment for a young Harry Potter to grow up in. He was neglected and treated as a second-class citizen, forced to live in the cupboard under the stairs.

Question 30

What was the name of the Sea World documentary?

This film explores the behind-the-scenes happenings at Sea World, one of the world's most famous marine parks. The release of this film in 2013 sparked an uproar from animal activists and the wider, oblivious community. Since most of the information was released to the public via the film, Sea World has adapted its practices to rectify the negativity associated with the brand. As Wikipedia outlines, the documentary film is "directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite. It concerns Tilikum, an orca held by SeaWorld and the controversy... The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on January 19, 2013, and was picked up by Magnolia Pictures and CNN Films for wider release. It was nominated for the BAFTA Award for Best Documentary."

Question 31

What is Memento's main character afflicted by?

Memento's protagonist, Leonard (played by Guy Pierce) is a mystery thriller that features a unique story structure. The film has two concurrent storylines, once which progresses forward in time, and the other which showcases the past. As told by IMDB, "Memento chronicles two separate stories of Leonard, an ex-insurance investigator [who has an unusual predicament], as he attempts to find the [attacker] of his wife". Released at the turn of the century in 2000, Memento is a film that, without a doubt, makes the viewer think, and lures them into the mind of Leonard. Add it to the movie bucket list.

Question 32

What are the names of this character's two personalities?

This fictional character from was first introduced to the world in J R R Tolkein's 1937 novel, The Hobbit. The creature has appeared in a number of Middle Earth films, including The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. With a unique split mindset, his two personalities included a childish, friendly, riddle-telling one, and then the sneaky, cunning and conniving alter-ego. For those familiar with the famous quote, this character would refer to the ring as "my precious".

Question 33

Name this film!

Directed by Andrew Niccol and starring Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried and Cillian Murphy, this 2011 action sci-fi thriller explores the concept of a world where people stop ageing at 25 years. But, as we've come to learn, money can buy power, and in this film, that power is more time. Unlike survival of the fittest, this is more like survival of the richest. As IMDB elaborates, "Welcome to a world where time has become the ultimate currency. You stop aging at 25, but there's a catch: you're genetically-engineered to live only one more year, unless you can buy your way out of it. The rich "earn" decades at a time, becoming essentially immortal, while the rest beg, borrow or steal enough hours to make it through the day."

Question 34

What is this Monsters, Inc character?

This character is the arch nemesis of our favourite monsters, one being a one-eyed, green, rather unintimidated and short one, while the other is big, blue, purple and fluffy, with a great scare factor. As told by pixar.fandon, this antagonist "resembles a lizard, with the ability to change his color from purple and blue to blend into his surroundings at will, much like a chameleon, making him invisible." This is how he becomes one of the most successful scarers at Monsters, Inc, collecting the screams into bottles to power their world. This character also appears in the prequel, Monsters University.

Question 35

What's rule #1 of Fight Club?

Edward Norton's 1999 thriller follows the story of "an insomniac office worker and a soapmaker form[ing] an underground fight club that evolves into something much, much more" (IMDB). As with any underground club, there will be a number of rules. Rule number one of Fight Club, is of course its most famous. As IMDB's Rhiannon continues, "Together the two men spiral out of control and engage in competitive rivalry for love and power. When the narrator [learns of] the hidden agenda of Tyler's fight club, he must accept the truth that Tyler may not be who he says he is."

Question 36

Which movie features this quote: “Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?”

Directed by Brett Ratner and starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, this film is 1998 action comedy. The pair join forces again in the sequels, released in 2001 and in 2007. IMDB's Anthony Pereyra summarises the plot for us: "Cultures clash and tempers flares as the two cops named Detective Inspector Lee, a Hong Kong Detective and Detective James Carter, a big-mouthed work-alone Los Angeles cop, who are from different worlds, discovers one thing in common: they can't stand each other. With time running out, they must join forces to catch the criminals and save the girl named Soo Yung.

Question 37

Name this James Bond film

The name's Bond, James Bond. This installment of the infamous action franchise grossed over $40 million in the USA alone on opening weekend in 2006, finishing with close to $168 million in the USA and $600 million worldwide by the end of its cinematic run. This was Daniel Craig's first appearance as James Bond, and his performance was certainly a pleasant surprise for most viewers. With a supporting cast of Judi Dench (M), Eva Green (Vesper Lynd) and Mads Mikkelsen as the villain, Le Chiffre, this film went on to be a huge success. So, what is the name of it?

Question 38

Which instrument does Ryan Gosling's character play in La La Land?

This 2016 Los Angeles based musical film stars Hollywood heartthrobs Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. As IMDB describes, "While navigating their careers in Los Angeles, a [musician] and an actress fall in love while attempting to reconcile their aspirations for the future." La La Land was a major success, running away with the awards at the Oscars. It won for Best Actress (Emma Stone), Best Original Music Score, Best Cinematography, Best Production Design and Best Director (Damien Chazelle), among others. According to the Hollywood Reporter, La La Land "inspired the development of a new wave of movie musicals." So, add this feel-good film to the list!

Question 39

What are the names of Lindsay Lohan's characters in The Parent Trap?

As told by IMDB, Lindsay Lohan "began her career at age three as a Ford model, and also made appearances in over sixty television commercials, including spots for The Gap, Pizza Hut, Wendy's, and Jell-O". However, when she was hand-picked by Nancy Meyers to star as the estranged twin sisters in the 1998 film, The Parent Trap, that's when her career really skyrocketed into stardom. Contrary to most knowledge, the film starring Lohan is actually a remake of the 1961 original. If it taught us anything, it's that family is always hat's most important, even if there's squabbles and some seriously well-crafted pranks.

Question 40

Which planet does Mark Watney (Matt Damon) visit in The Martian

The Martian is a 2015 sci-fi drama,directed by Ridley Scott. The plot, as outlined by 20th Century Fox, is as follows: "During a manned [space] mission, Astronaut Mark Watney is presumed [long gone] after a fierce storm, and is left behind by his crew. But Watney has survived and finds himself stranded and alone on the hostile planet. With only meager supplies, he must draw upon his ingenuity, wit and spirit to subsist and find a way to signal to Earth that he is alive. Millions of miles away, NASA and a team of international scientists work tirelessly to bring "the Martian" home, while his crewmates concurrently plot a daring, if not impossible, rescue mission." (20th Century Fox/IMDB)

Question 41

What is Mr Incredible's superpower?

We've all dreamed of the day where we wake up, get out of bed, yarn and stretch our legs, and then realise, "holy moly, I can fly!" Regardless of whichever superpower is most powerful or impressive, to even have one at all would be a seriously good party trick. But as always, the main question is do we use them for good, or for evil? Well, Mr. Incredible and his suer-family family use them for good, despite wanting to live a quiet suburban life. Released in 2004, this Disney PIxar film was directed by Brad Bird and grossed a phenomenal $631 million at the box office.

Question 42

According to this film, the world was supposed to end in which year?

Grab your apocalypse survival kit, because according to this film, the world is going to end! Only those with tickets will be allowed on board the boats, but finding one is easier said than done. As IMDB elaborates, "While the world's leaders race to build "arks" to escape the impending cataclysm, [the protagonist, Jackson] Curtis struggles to find a way to save his family. Meanwhile, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes of unprecedented strength wreak havoc around the world". Thankfully, this film and its concept and fiction, but watching it on the big screen certainly gives of a dense of impending doom.

Question 43

How many kids are in the 'Cheaper By The Dozen' family

Interestingly, neither of the actors who play the parents in Cheaper By The Dozen (2003), Steve Martin or Bonnie Hunt, actually had any children in real life. But they certainly were faced with parental duties in this film! As outlined by IMBD, the storyline to this family comedy revolves around the Bakers. They "move from small-town Illinois to the big city after Tom Baker gets his dream job to coach his alma mater's football team. Meanwhile, his wife also gets her dream of getting her book published. While she's away promoting the book, Tom has a hard time keeping the house in order while at the same time coaching his football team, as the once happy family starts falling apart"

Question 44

Where is the Star Wars galaxy?

We were first introduced to this fantasy universe in 1977, through George Lucas' wildly successful Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope. In the primary instalment (even though it's titled as episode IV, but we won't get into that right now), "Luke Skywalker joins forces with a Jedi Knight, a cocky pilot, a Wookiee and two droids to save the galaxy from the Empire's world-destroying battle station, while also attempting to rescue Princess Leia from the mysterious Darth Vader" (IMDB). Rocket over 40 years and a number of additional films later, and Star Wars remains as one of the most popular parts of pop culture to this day.

Question 45

What is the name of this 2018 band film?

This film stars Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of one of the world's greatest all-time bands. As told by Twentieth Century Fox, "Freddie defied stereotypes and shattered convention to become one of the most beloved entertainers on the planet. The film traces the meteoric rise of the band through their iconic songs and revolutionary sound. They reach unparalleled success, but in an unexpected turn Freddie, surrounded by darker influences, shuns Queen in pursuit of his solo career. Having suffered greatly without the collaboration of Queen, Freddie manages to reunite with his bandmates just in time for Live Aid." It's a toe-tapper, and if you've seen in on the big screen, we're sure that you and your seat neighbors were singing along like it was nobody's business.

Question 46

Name this dragon!

Hands up who here has dreamed of having a pet fire-breathing dragon (raises hand). We've seen these glorious mythical creatures appear in a number of different films and TV shows, including Harry Potter (most notably in The Goblet of Fire, when students must go head to head with these rare beasts), The Hobbit, How To Train Your Dragon, Game of Thrones, and many more. These mythical beasts can sometimes be befriended, but naturally as wild creatures, care must be taken at all times. This one certainly isn't one of the most friendly we've come across. So, which on-screen dragon is it?

Question 47

LION is the story of a man trying to find his home in...

Lion, released in 2016 is a tearjerker, with a doubt. With a stellar performance by lead actor Dev Patel, and excellent supporting roles played by Nicole Kidman and Rooney Mara, Lion received a huge amount of praise. A young boy, just five years old find himself lost, on the streets, and thousands of kilometers away from home. He faces a number of obstacles before eventually being taken in by an Australian couple. Fast forward 25 years, and Saroo now sets out to find his lost family. (IMBD) Lion is an immensely powerful emotional journey, and should be on everyone's must-watch list.

Question 48

What is the name of the setting in Black Panther?

Before we dive into this one straight away, let's just reveal that Jaden Smith actually believes that this planet is real (according to TheTravel). Moving on now... This Marvel Cinematic Universe film, released in 2018, grossed an incredible $1.3 billion at the box office, with over $200 million on the first weekend in the USA alone. So it's fair to say that Black Panther was wildly successful. IMDB provides the synopsis for us: "T'Challa, heir to a hidden but advanced kingdom, must step forward to lead his people into a new future and must confront a challenger from his country's past."

Question 49

What is Hermione Granger's Patronus?

When Dementors are slowly approaching, ready to whisk the life out of our beloved Harry Potter characters, the impressive yet difficult Patronus charm is the only way to shoo them away. As told by Pottermore, "The Patronus is the most famous (and famously difficult) defensive charm. The aim is to produce a silvery-white guardian or protector, which takes the form of an animal. The exact form of the Patronus will not be apparent until the spell has been successfully cast. One of the most powerful defensive charms known to wizardkind, the Patronus can also be used as a messenger between wizards."

Question 50

50 First Dates is set in which USA state?

Directed by Peter Segal and starring Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore and Rob Schnieder, 50 First Dates follows the intriguing love story between Henry Roth, and Lucy Whitmore, who's riddled with short-term memory loss, adding complications to their 'relationship'. Roth, played by the humorous Adam Sandler, is a man usually afraid of commitment. But when he meets her, falls head over heels for Lucy. The roadblock here for them is that each morning, Lucy wakes up, totally oblivious to the events of yesterday. Surrounded by water and sea life, the film is set in a beautiful US state. But which one is it?

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