Only The Caped Crusader Himself Could Pass This Batman Quiz!

Batman is more than just a comic book hero at this point, becoming more of an iconic figure, a brand that people recognize the moment that they see him. This is down to the fact that his character proved to be so popular that he ended up making his way into pop culture, and since his inception has now featured in numerous cartoons, books, and films. However, we wanted to make a quiz that takes a look at Batman's time in comic books. It's where he started out, so it only seems right to us!

What we've done is pull together some questions that we don't think everyone will be able to answer, nobody but the real Batman fans out there. Yes, we want to see how well everyone can do, whether or not people out there should have the right to refer to themselves as a real Batman fan, or whether they're only here because of the Nolan movies...

So, we think it's about time that we got started, took a look at the sort of people we've got taking our quizzes, and whether or not they're the sort of people who can answer every single question we've outlined for them right here!

Question 1

What Comic Did Batman First Appear In?

When we look at how far Batman has come, the amount of things he has appeared in and how iconic he is still considered to this day, it's crazy to think about where it all started. It's a sign that we should all bear in mind that, just because something we come up with today doesn't interest many people, it doesn't mean that it can't catch on, won't become something so much bigger than we possibly ever could've imagined and enter the cultural consciousness in a way that only other made up characters could ever dream of managing to do.

Question 2

What Was The Year Of His First Appearance?

We always like to think of ourselves as being on the cusp of things, that the modern world is right and that we have everything set up the way that it should be, but there are often characters that we still hold dear that have actually been around for decades! We would like to think that some of the fictional people we're making up these days will be remembered for as long as Batman, and maybe as fondly, but we're not sure that's true. We suppose that there's no way we'll ever find out, but we can always hold out hope!

Question 3

What Was The Name Of Batman's Creators?

Imagining one of the things that we bring into creation having the same sort of effect on culture that Batman has had is a dream that we hold onto dearly, but that doesn't mean we actually believe it will ever come true. It's seeing something like this, a small comic started by two people, a single character brought to life by both of them, standing the test of time the way that Batman has, well, it really does bring us hope. We can only imagine what it is like to end up creating something like that, at least for now anyway!

Question 4

What Was Batman's Father Called?

Little is actually known about this man, or at least very little was known for years until the DC universe started to get really weird, and we're honestly not going to bother touching the more modern stuff! By all accounts he was a good man, somebody that put in his time and used his money well, rather than just spending it on himself and nobody else. We can see why somebody like Batman would come from this guy, seeing as he made the effort to look after those more in need, so when he was put down by a criminal, Batman wanted revenge.

Question 5

What Was Batman's Mother Called?

As opposed to the more reserved history of her husband, it is known that this woman enjoyed her nightlife, and spent a lot of her youth getting known for her party animal lifestyle. This is because, just like her husband, she inherited a lot of money, what with her being the heir to the Kane Chemical Fortune. Most children from marriages like this end up only looking after themselves, so in a twisted way, perhaps it's a good thing that they were tragically taken from their son at such a young age. It turned him into something much more important.

Question 6

What Did Batman's Father Do For A Living?

We know for a fact that this man must have had a pretty good job, or maybe came from a good family, as he leaves his son with enough money to become a crime stopper, somebody that has so much money there's nothing that can stand in his way, as he will always have the ability to go back home and cook up something new. Obviously, he's also a martial arts expert and a genius inventor as well, nobody is saying otherwise, but the main point is that he will always have enough money to take down any criminal that comes his way.

Question 7

Who Took Down Batman's Parents?

No matter what happens in the various adaptations of Batman that have come about since his inception, the one thing that seems to stay pretty constant is the fact that his parents were taken down while he was a child, but obviously there's been a couple of times when this has been messed with... To be honest, we actually think it's necessary to the character, as it is what starts the young boy onto his path into adulthood. He wouldn't be obsessed with ending crime in his hometown if it wasn't for the fact that a criminal took down his parents.

Question 8

What Was The Name Of Batman's Butler?

When it seems like the little Wayne child has nobody left in this world, his parents taking from him at such a tragically young age, this is the man that steps forward to ensure he has somebody by his side at all times. At first, this is the only man that Wayne entrusts with his precious identity, the only man that he trusts with that sort of knowledge. That should show the level of respect that has grown between these two throughout their time together, and how much Wayne trusts him not to crack under the pressure of that sort of responsibility.

Question 9

Who Runs Wayne Enterprises When Batman Isn't There?

One of the things that we like about some comic books is that they go to the effort to explain the little details surrounding the life of the hero, rather than just expecting the reader to fill in the gaps for themselves. A lot of people would've been fine never knowing what happens with Batman's businesses when he was away trying to solve crimes, but the writers put something in there anyway, as they knew that it would help bring in other readers that are taken out of the experience by a lack of explanation on little points like that.

Question 10

Which Team Is Batman A Founding Member Of?

It's sort of generally accepted at this point that comic books have gone too far with their branching narrative paths and their crossover issues, which is why so many of the universes have been rebooted in some form or another in the past, just to get rid of all the extra stuff. However, this is generally accepted as one of the better crossover ideas, the one that has allowed for some genuinely good narratives. Batman decided that he wanted to help bring together a group of superheroes so that there would always be someone there to help, which is smart.

Question 11

What Is The Real Name Of The First Robin?

Generally speaking, nobody has ever been that keen on either being a sidekick or being forced to read about a sidekick, but we think that feeling doesn't actually extend to the sidekicks that Batman has had throughout his time in Gotham. The man one that everyone thinks of immediately is Robin, a guy that has followed Batman throughout his time both in the Gotham universe and out of it. It's a generally understood concept that when people think of Batman, think they of this guy as well, making sure that the bat has everything he needs to take down the criminals around him.

Question 12

What Name Does The First Robin Eventually Use?

Anybody who has an understanding of the Batman universe knows that it's not always a bright and happy day, and that it actually gets good when it goes down the darker routes and the hero is forced to evaluate everything in his life to see what he comes up with at the end. For example, he has had numerous relationships with numerous robins at this point, all of them eventually moving on to different things, often for less than positive reasons. Some of them even end up having a falling out with Batman and have to move away from the hero.

Question 13

What Did The First Robin's Parents Do For A Living?

While we're sure that a lot of people start to do good things in the real world without having something bad happen to them, within comic books it's pretty much expected that anybody who becomes a superhero has to have a tragic backstory. This is why it's no surprise that the first Robin lost his parents like Batman did, taken from him at a tragically early age. They were taken from him while they were at work, but do people remember what it was exactly that they did to make money?! We'll hand out a clue and say that Robin worked with them as well...

Question 14

Which Team Is The First Robin A Founding Member Of?

It only really makes sense that, if superheroes did exist, they would make an attempt to come together. This would allow them to pool their powers together which would make it easier for them to stop the people on the other side. Obviously, this is something that can bring out some of the bad sides in the heroes as well, as they may become jealous and paranoid of the people that they're supposed to be siding with, but this is just an extra narrative bonus that the writer can take advantage of and the reader can enjoy about their comic book.

Question 15

What Is The Real Name Of The Second Robin?

Despite the fact that he wants the best for the people around him, it could be argued that tragedy follows Batman to a certain extent. This second Robin was brought in when the first decided to move away from the Robin persona, maturing beyond the sidekick role he had taken on for decades at that point. However, Batman eventually decided that this second Robin had to be cut loose due to his impulsive nature. Not long after, he was captured and permanently taken out by Joker. Batman lives with the guilt of this for a very long time in the comic book narrative.

Question 16

What Name Does The Second Robin Eventually Use?

It's no surprise that the impulsive Robin, removed from his title by Batman, then went onto work as somewhat of an antihero. This was obviously after he had been resurrected by something and brought back to the comic book storyline. Unlike pretty much every single other person that had once worked with Batman, this antihero actually uses items that can take people out permanently! Being brought back to the world of the living did something to his mind, warping him into the sort of person that is alright to use items that could actually take the life of a criminal rather than just incapacitate them temporarily.

Question 17

What Is The Real Name Of The Third Robin?

This is a man that has been following Batman and the original Robin for a long time, deciding that he wanted to train and become the new Robin after following them to figure out who they actually are in real life. Once he's done that, he decides that he should train to become the new Robin, wanting to take over for the second Robin that would eventually fall at the hands of the Joker. Just like every other Robin before him, this man wouldn't stay the sidekick forever, and once he had been trained properly he made his way into the world with his own name.

Question 18

What Name Does The Third Robin End Up Using?

Once Batman ends up moving away from Gotham for some time, Grayson decides that he should take up the mantle of Batman, and won't allow the third Robin to keep his nickname, as he believes that it's only befitting of a sidekick that is still in need of some sort of training. The third Robin doesn't like the nickname being handed off to the forth sidekick, and decides to take on a different nickname and travel the world in an attempt to find Bruce Wayne. He continues to use non-lethal items, such as the bo staff and spinning discs he throws through the air.

Question 19

What Is The Real Name Of The First Batgirl?

Unsurprisingly, it wasn't long before the writers of the comic book decided that Batman should have some sort of romantic interest, most likely down to the fact that people started to think Batman was hanging out a little bit too much with his sidekick Robin... This is where Batgirl turned up, and while she would eventually turn into a genuinely interesting character, it would take quite some time and wouldn't be while the first Batgirl continued to be a main part of the comic books. What we're saying is, we bet that a lot of people won't be able to guess this one correctly!

Question 20

What Is The Real Name Of The Second Batgirl?

This is when people actually started to get interested in Batgirl as a character, as the writers were able to give her a genuine personality, as well as add tension and jeopardy by putting her in perilous situations. Once people actually care about a character, it gives the writers a chance to genuinely add something interesting to the narrative. We don't want to spoil anything just in case there are people out there that don't want it spoiled because they haven't got round to finding out what happens to this particular Batgirl, so all we'll say is they really ramp up the drama!

Question 21

Which Batman Villain Uses A Sniper?

It's interesting to see someone like this in a superhero comic book, because we're so used to be the villains actually being super as well. That being said, it makes a lot of sense that Batman would have a villain like this, as he himself is merely a normal man that happens to have the money to finance his crusade against the criminals on the streets. It would only follow that one of his enemies would end up being a man with a sniper, who refuses to miss his targets after a tragic event that happened way back in his past.

Question 22

What Name Does The Second Batgirl End Up Using?

For a lot of people, what happened to the second Batgirl was an impressive move on the part of the writers, as it could've genuinely backfired on them if the audience didn't like it, but we believe that it was smart. adding a tension to the character that just wasn't there before. Doing things like this as writers proves to the audience that there's a chance anyone is up for the chop, that anything can happen to anyone. We can become complacent at times, believing that there's no chance the main characters will be hurt in some way, but we're wrong!

Question 23

What Is The Name Of The Second Batgirl's Father?

One of the things that we've always quite liked about the Batman comic books is that they offer up a set of characters that are all connected to each other in various different ways, which we think is an accurate look at the way people create their social circles, whether those social circles revolve around superheroes or not! It makes sense that Batman's contemporaries would be close with some of the other people that live in Gotham, rather than them all just happening to come across each other, with no connections between them whatsoever. We hope the writers stand by the creative decision.

Question 24

What Is The Real Name Of The Third Batgirl?

One of the many reasons that people find they can't work with Batman for too long is that he has created an incredibly strict code of ethics that he thinks everybody should live by if they want to be true protectors. This is doubly true when they find themselves working with him. This third Batgirl didn't last long before Batman was forced to take the name away from her, as she chose to break the strong code of ethics that Batman held her too. That being said, he couldn't stop her from moving on from the title and finding another for herself!

Question 25

What Name Did The Third Batgirl End Up Using?

When people come to Batman and ask him why he refuses to work with this woman, he often argues that she can be unstable and unpredictable, just like many of the other people that have fought alongside him before being removed from his life for not acting how they should. That being said, during a conversation with another character who asks about why he is so against Huntress as a superhero, he does admit that part of the reason he doesn't like working with her is down to the fact that she reminds him too much of the second Batgirl.

Question 26

What Is The Real Name Of The Fourth Batgirl?

This is a woman that we're surprised Batman ever worked with, as she was originally brought up to be one of the world's greatest assassins, not even being taught how to speak as it was felt she should be able to read human beings based entirely on how they're acting and reacting. However, she decides that she never wants to use the skills she's been given in a way that affects the lives of others, or even ends them, so Batman chooses her as the next Batgirl, believing that a woman with her skills and ethics could come in handy.

Question 27

What Is The Real Name Of The Fifth Batgirl?

The thing we quite like about the people that end up working with Batman is that they do a lot off their own back to end up by his side, rather just being accidentally thrown together with him. Wearing a homemade Batgirl costume, this woman ends up appearing out nowhere to save people from criminals, and while Batman and Oracle are very impressed by her powers, Oracle ends up telling her not to pursue the name as she's too young, and doesn't want to see her get hurt. She agrees to take off the costume and get rid of the Batgirl title.

Question 28

What Name Did The Fifth Batgirl End Up Using?

While she agrees to stay away from the Batgirl title, this woman moves onto being known as Misfit, and is able to use her powers for good anyway. Almost in an attempt to show Oracle that she will not be deterred from helping to get rid of crime in Gotham, she only makes a couple of cosmetic changes before diving back onto the streets to stop the thieves and muggers from working on their prey. Unlike a lot of the people that end up working with Batman, this woman actually has powers other humans don't have to help her out.

Question 29

What Is The Name Of Batman's Arch-Enemy?

Many people consider this man to be the perfect arch enemy to Batman, as he's just an aspect of his personality reflected back at him in the extreme. Where Batman is all about order in a world that seems to thrive on chaos, this man wants nothing more than absolute chaos in a world that seems to be far too ordered. It is regularly discussed and considered how this man would be nobody without Batman, and despite the fact that he has tried to take Batman down on numerous occasions, he's the first to admit that life would be boring without him.

Question 30

What Is Catwoman's Real Name?

One of the things that people have enjoyed about Batman is that he's been found to work and interact with people that arguably go against what he believes in. Despite the fact that Catwoman takes from others, something that Batman doesn't condone of, he has worked with her in the past in an attempt to take down a villain that is causing much more problems than she is. However, Catwoman has exploited this from time to time to distract Batman while she takes on a major heist, so he has grown wary, adding a tension to their relationship not seen in many other comics.

Question 31

Which Batman Villain Has A Split Personality?

Despite the fact that they can seem a little bit on the nose to some readers, it's fair to say that Batman has some of the best villains in comic book history, This is often down to the fact that the villains in the Batman comics end up reflecting a part of the heroes personality back onto him. While Batman chooses not to take anyone down permanently, believing this to be the ethical way that a hero can fight crime, he has grappled with this before in the past and seems to be a very angry man with a conflicting view, just like this villain!

Question 32

What Is The Penguin's Real Name?

Just as we've already commented that one of the main powers that Batman has to his name is unimaginable wealth, this is a villain that comes from a wealthy family, which doesn't often go hand in hand with ending up in the criminal underworld! That being said, this is a man that reflects just what Batman could've become if he'd taken the other route into the night, the one that saw him fighting for power, seeking to corrupt as much as possible. This villain is a reminder that the only thing stopping Batman from causing great pain is his personal ethics.

Question 33

What Is The Riddler's Real Name?

One of the other powers that Batman has under his belt is a high level of intelligence, one that allows him to put his money to good use, consistently coming up with all sorts of gadgets and upgrades that help him take down the criminals that he goes after into the night. This villain is here to test Batman, wanting to prove that he is the more intelligent person, a foe that can never be bested by the bat no matter how hard he strains his brain. Arrogant and annoying, this is the villain that shows Batman's intelligence put to bad use.

Question 34

Which Batman Villain Preys On People's Worries?

Everybody that has read the comic books that feature Batman knows one of the main themes is worry, as Batman uses this to catch his enemies off guard, hoping that this will allow him the chance to gain the upper hand. Well, this villain does exactly the same, coming up with concoctions that allow him to warp the minds of his enemies, bringing out their worries and leaving them a complete mess. He is a villain that forces the reader to consider the option that maybe Batman isn't the hero that people think he is, that he's too brutal for that.

Question 35

What Is Mr Freeze's Real Name?

When we look at the various villains that Batman has come up against in his time, we think we have to pull this guy out as an example of someone that we actually feel a small amount of sympathy for. Anyone that has read the comic books will know that this guy actually had quite the tragic back story, which we're sure Batman of all people can relate to. We're not saying the man hasn't done bad things in his time or that he doesn't deserve to be locked away, we're just saying there's a lot more sympathy there than for the other villains.

Question 36

Which Batman Villain Is Immortal?

The thing about comic books is that the writers are able to get away with quite a bit more than many other forms of media. They have a history of including characters that are able to perform stunts or take part in activities that would actually take down people in the real world, as there is an element of fantasy in a universe where people can have superpowers, even if they're included in a story that mainly includes normal human beings that happen to have a genius intellect or a high level of strength well beyond a normal human being.

Question 37

Which Villain Broke Batman's Back?

We don't often see people get the better of Batman, but this man managed it once, and put him in a state where he was unable to look after the people of Gotham, something that he had promised himself he would commit himself to for as long as he lived. This was yet another example of the writers showing the audience that the characters were not perfect, that they were not immortal and that they could end up being hurt by the people that they went up against, maybe even taken out of the picture on a permanent basis if they wanted.

Question 38

When His Back Was Broken, Who Did Batman Entrust Gotham To?

A lot of people weren't too happy when it was this man that Batman enlisted to help look after Gotham was he was temporarily taken out of the picture, as the writers were forced to take a character that had originally been a villain and attempt to make them a proper hero. This can be pretty difficult, and a lot of the audience didn't enjoy the way the writers tried to cram a new personality into an already established character, but we think that the character that came out of it was actually worth keeping an eye on, even to this day.

Question 39

Which Batman Villain Is A Pyromaniac?

While he may have started out as a rather different super villain, one that used light in an attempt to steal while nobody was looking, he was rebooted to become a much darker villain. The writers decided to turn him into a sociopath, one that was obsessed with starting fires throughout the city of Gotham. Much of the audience ended up praising this portrayal of the villain, believing that the darker side of the character had brought more to the story than the sillier personality he had originally had ever could've done. We have to say that it impressed us just as much!

Question 40

What Is Killer Croc's Real Name?

There are a lot of different villains, both in the Batman comics and in comic books in general, that are there just to give us a look at people who have entirely given up on the world of law, and we have little to no sympathy for them. However, we have to say the biography given to this man makes us feel very bad for him, to the point where we can understand why someone would turn to crime like he did. Even the way that he's treated by the police once he's been taken in is pretty unpleasant if we're honest!

Question 41

What Is The Mad Hatter's Real Name?

Of all the Batman villains, we have to say that this must be the least imaginative one! For anyone not in the know, this is a criminal that is obsessed with the story of Alice In Wonderland and believes himself to actually be The Mad Hatter from the story. That's actually it. There's no extra narrative drama there, just an ill man who needs help as he believes himself to be a character in a storybook. In fact, we're not even sure why this man would end up becoming a criminal and going after the likes of Batman to be honest!

Question 42

What Is Firefly's Real Name?

While he may not be able to stand up to the rest of the villains that Batman goes up against, the ones that truly reflect back on him a part of his personality, we do still believe that the writers did the right thing with this character. We're glad that he's never really used outside of the more fringe elements of the Batman mythos, with even the Arkham games only bringing him in for a handful of side missions in the final game of the trilogy, showing just how little he actually means to pretty much everyone who enjoys Batman.

Question 43

Ra's Al Ghul Is The Leader Of What Group?

As a villain that has managed to make his way into numerous other comic books, it's no surprise that this is a man with a large amount of power, and somebody with the sort of command that puts an entire group of bad people below him! Unlike a lot of the other villains that Batman comes up against, the sort of people who are actually just normal people gone awry or with somewhat of a fantasy tinge to them, this is the sort of character that people would usually find in full-blown fantasy rather than in a Batman comic book!

Question 44

What Gives Ra's Al Ghul His Powers?

We find that, apart from this single Batman villain, we don't like characters that have been given immortality, as it means there's no dramatic tension, especially when it's the hero that is unstoppable as there's no chance that they could ever possibly struggle unless placed in a specific set of certain circumstances. However, for some reason we feel that it works with this character in a way that it doesn't for others. There's something about what he wants to achieve in the world and how he wants to do it that makes it irrelevant how he manages to stay alive.

Question 45

What Is The Scarecrow's Real Name?

For some reason, there are writers of the Batman comic that have tried in the past to make this man seem less deranged than he is, choosing to make him appear just ever so slightly mad, more of a victim of circumstance than anything else. If we're honest, we'll never understand why this is, as his character is at its most interesting when he's gone completely off the deep end. He is someone that may have been driven to how he acts, but that doesn't mean he's not completely at one end of the insanity spectrum than the rest of us!

Question 46

What Is Two-Face's Real Name?

The concept of somebody who could possibly choose one route or another based entirely on the toss of a coin isn't an original idea at this point, but we do think that it's an interesting one for anybody to put into their narrative. It adds a real tension and also shows the way that some people will always have an extreme duality to them, one that can have them living a life filled with both good and bad choices. Two-Face is a look into the way that we could all turn bad if the right circumstances were presented to us.

Question 47

What Is The Name Of Joker's Female Sidekick?

Out of all of the villains out there, it's no surprise to us that the one who stands by Joker is the one that we find the most interesting. Just as her boss is quite possibly more interesting than any of the other Batman villains out there, this is a woman that we want to mentally dissect, that we think should feature heavily in more Batman narratives. We think that Arkham video games got it right putting this woman in the middle without making her just the sidekick to a larger villain. She has so much more to offer than that!

Question 48

What Is Harley Quinn's Real Name?

For anybody that doesn't know the backstory of this woman, she was originally a doctor, one that spent her time trying to get into the warped mind of the Joker. He had been captured and she was one of the many people that felt there was a way to help this man, that he wasn't a lost cause. Unsurprisingly, this didn't go too well for the woman, and she ended up being pulled into his crazy world. From there, she became obsessed with him and wanted to make sure that the Joker was able to succeed over the Batman, because that's what he wanted.

Question 49

What Is James Gordon's Job Title?

There are a lot of people in Gotham that just don't believe Batman is good for the city, despite the fact that he has saved the place from numerous events and villains throughout his time in Gotham. However, there are still some people out there that understand his mission, that know he is doing good in the world. While a lot of the police force stand by the idea that he's a vigilante and therefore shouldn't be encouraged, this man takes a different tack, and chooses to help the hero whenever he can, knowing that it's best for Gotham City as a whole.

Question 50

What Is Deadshot's Real Name?

Despite the fact that this sort of character would end up being quite standard in a lot of other fictional narratives, we have to say that we like the fact that the Batman writers decided to put their own twist on things. While we understand that it's pretty ridiculous that his character never misses, we believe that the reason for his obsession with accuracy actually adds to his character and not to the ridiculous nature of the man. Once again, we don't want to spoil this for anyone that hasn't seen it, but we suggest that people look into his past!

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