Only The Biggest Iron Man Fans Can Answer These Questions Correctly

Anyone who's a Marvel fan is probably an Iron Man fan too. After all, the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe started way back in 2008, when Tony Stark blasted his way into theatres to the tune of AC/DC's "Back In Black." Sure, there are a gazillion superheroes to choose from nowadays, but that all started with Iron Man and his perfectly sculpted goatee (and even more perfectly sculpted one-liners). The guy is basically the physical embodiment of charisma. And even for those fans who might find his ego a little irksome from time to time (not us, of course), it's pretty darn hard to dislike the godfather of the entire MCU. It's hard to imagine a time before the superhero era that we now live in, but there certainly was one, and it was distinctly lacking in caped heroes with flawless facial hair. We know - how did the human race ever survive? But luckily, Tony Stark came along and brought those dark ages to an end, ushering in a cinematic eon of Asgard, vibranium and Infinity Stones. So, although he's but one of an entire host of Marvel superheroes now, true Marvel fans will always have a healthy respect for the genius-billionaire-playboy-philanthropist who started it all. But only the biggest Iron Man fans can answer all of these questions.

Question 1

What memory was Tony Stark trying to alter at the beginning of Captain America: Civil War?

When we first see Tony Stark at the beginning of Captain America: Civil War, he's speaking at a university and presenting a new technology from Stark Industries. No, it's not weapons, and no, it's not even Arc Reactor technology. Tony Stark was presenting memory altering technology that had the ability to change the wiring of the brain. In the clip, he uses himself as a guinea pig and lets the audience watch as he alters one of his youthful memories. Which one?

Question 2

What was the name of the missile Tony Stark was selling at the beginning of Iron Man?

This is one of the most iconic scenes in the history of the Iron Man movies. Sure, it's awesome when Tony and Pepper finally kiss for the first time in Iron Man 2 (like two seals fighting over a grape, as Rhodes puts it). And yes, it's epic when Tony flies a nuke into the wormhole over Manhattan in The Avengers. But few scenes define Tony Stark quite like that scene in the first Iron Man movie, when he presented a missile in the Middle East and somehow won the hearts of audiences around the world while destroying half a mountain range (only Tony is capable of a feat like that). What was the missile called?

Question 3

For what reason did Obadiah Stane originally order Tony Stark to be taken?

Good friends will chat with us when we're down. They might even be considerate enough to make us a hot beverage. What they don't do? Order a ring of people to kidnap us. So, we can be pretty sure that Obadiah Stane qualifies as a pretty bad friend to Tony Stark, despite his past loyalty to Tony after the young genius's parents met their ends in a "car crash" (AKA, an unfortunate run-in with the Winter Solder). Why did Stane originally have Stark taken?

Question 4

Why did Tony Stark decide to put another piece of technology in his chest in Avengers: Infinity War?

One of the most defining aspects of Tony Stark's appearance is the Arc Reactor in his chest. The goatee is cool, and we're certainly not ones to frown at those deliciously brown eyes, but it's the Arc Reactor that really draws the eye when Tony Stark first enters a room. We mean, it's a glowing piece of technology plopped right in the middle of the guy's chest. It's pretty hard to ignore. Well, until he had it removed in Iron Man 3, that is. But at the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War, we find out that Tony reinstalled some tech in his chest. Why?

Question 5

What is the name of the new AI that is in charge of Tony's suit?

No, it's not Jarvis. Although Jarvis is still around (well, depending where we are in the chronology of the Marvel Cinematic Universe). After the Avengers created Vision, Jarvis's consciousness was incorporated into the new being's mind, and Jarvis ceased to govern Tony Stark's many technologies. But, given that Vision's fate is rather unclear at this point, Jarvis could be gone for good. Either way, there's a new AI in charge of Stark Industries, and we are big fans of hers. What is her name?

Question 6

When did Tony Stark get approved for the Avengers initiative?

Is it even possible to remember a time before the Avengers? It all seems so far in the past now. But there was a time before Avengers Tower and Thanos. There was a time when Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and the Hulk were all perfect strangers, going about their extraordinary lives without knowing a single thing about each other. During this time, Tony Stark was going about his usual business (AKA, staving off a coup from his dad's bestie and fighting off a Russian genius intent on his personal destruction). But at some point in all that fun before the Avengers met for the first time, Tony Stark got approved for the Avengers initiative. When did this happen?

Question 7

How did Tony Stark stop himself from getting poisoned by the palladium in his chest in Iron Man 2?

At the end of Iron Man, we see the egotistical billionaire Tony Stark started out as beginning to turn into a better man (key word: beginning). Being trapped in a cave and tortured by a ring of villains is a good way to get a little perspective, apparently. But throughout the course of Iron Man 2, Tony takes a couple steps back for every step forward he took. The main cause of this struggle is the fact that he's slowly being poisoned by the Arc Reactor that he needs to survive in his chest. So, how does Tony stop this from happening, in the end?

Question 8

During which movie were Tony Stark and Pepper Potts broken up?

Ah, love. It's hard not to love it. Especially when the two characters loving each other are Tony Stark and Pepper Potts. These two are the ultimate power couple. Not only is Tony Stark... well, Iron Man, but Pepper Potts is a force to be reckoned with unto herself. She becomes the leader of Stark Industries, taking over the entire company and leading it into a prosperous era of sustainable energy and Arc Reactor technology. Not bad, eh? But there is one movie in which Pepper and Tony are broken up. Which one?

Question 9

What name did Black Widow go by in Iron Man 2 while she was undercover with Tony Stark?

Black Widow is known for being a bit duplicitous. It's part of her job, after all. She's a spy, and when one is a spy, one has got to be good at selling one's cover, whether that means posing for a photoshoot as a model or nearly knocking out Happy Hogan in a boxing ring. When we first meet her, she's undercover, playing a part while trying to judge the character of Tony Stark. Sent in by Nick Fury, she works for Tony Stark throughout the duration of Iron Man 2, going by a certain alias. What's the alias?

Question 10

What was it that Justin Hammer wanted Whiplash to build in Iron Man 2?

Justin Hammer was the prototypical spineless villain in Iron Man 2. At least with villains like Obadiah Stane, Thanos and the Vulture, one can tell they've got a sense of purpose. Heck, one can even respect them, to a (very) small degree. But Justin Hammer is about as respectable as a rat on Morag. He's a slime ball, trying to trick his way into outcompeting Stark Industries in weapons development. He breaks Whiplash out of prison to get him to build something very specific. What?

Question 11

What does Tony Stark suffer from in Iron Man 3?

After the events of The Avengers, we see Tony Stark in a very vulnerable place. When Iron Man 3 opens, we see him taking stock of his demons and reckoning with a lot of different anxieties that have been plaguing him since the aliens invaded Manhattan. Given that he's normally so self-assured, it's certainly a change to see Tony Stark struggling so much. But there's one specific way in which he struggles the most. What does he suffer from in Iron Man 3?

Question 12

What does Captain America mail Tony Stark at the end of Captain America: Civil War?

Although they engaged in a pretty hefty civil war, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers are friends first and enemies second. Sure, Steve hid a dark secret from Tony for half a decade. And sure, Tony tried to end the life of Steve's best friend. But these two guys saved freaking Manhattan together! People don't just walk away from a friendship like that. So, Captain America sent Tony a small token of friendship at the end of Captain America: Civil War, despite their feud. What was it?

Question 13

How does Aldrich Killian get leverage on the Vice President in Iron Man 3?

Aldrich Killian's entire goal in Iron Man 3 is to have control over the world's greatest bad people and the world's most powerful superpower. No, not superpower as in super-speed or beams-out-of-the-eyes. Superpower as in the most powerful country in the world (and its leader). Killian already has control of the Mandarin at the movie's beginning, so all he needs is to have leverage over the office of the Presidency. So, he plans to end the life of the sitting President and install the Vice President in power, who is his puppet. What leverage does Killian have on the Vice President?

Question 14

Why is Loki unable to brainwash Tony Stark at Stark Tower in The Avengers?

Loki makes a habit of brainwashing people with his staff in The Avengers. After being influenced by the staff, people seem to do whatever Loki says, not to mention the icy blue, White-Walker-esque blue that their pupils take on. Loki manages to bring Erik Selvig to his side as well as Hawkeye, and he even tries to brainwash Iron Man himself at Stark Tower. Luckily for the Avengers, though, Iron Man in unsusceptible to Loki's Sceptre. Why is this the case?

Question 15

What was the final piece of information that allowed Tony Stark to build a new element in Iron Man 2?

When one is being slowly poisoned from the inside, the logical thing to do about it is to create a new element. Or at least, when one's name is Tony Stark, that's the logical thing to do. But Tony couldn't have done it on his own. Even with Nick Fury playing guard dog and keeping Tony locked in his basement until he figured something out, Tony never would have been able to create a new element without one vital piece of information. What was it?

Question 16

To which song does Tony Stark make an entrance in Germany in The Avengers?

Tony Stark loves to make an entrance. That's the thing about being an egotistical billionaire. When one has all the money in the world, one has endless ways to satisfy one's egotistical whims, from building a tower with "Stark" stamped on it to hosting an entire expo with- yeah, good guess- "Stark" stamped on it. The only thing that Tony Stark enjoys as much as making an entrance is playing AC/DC wherever he goes. Which AC/DC song did he play when making an entrance in Germany?

Question 17

What secret was Nick Fury keeping from the superheroes throughout The Avengers?

There was always something going on beneath the surface on the helicarrier in The Avengers. SHIELD was always a bit suspicious, and even though we came to trust Nick Fury, it was hard to ever put our faith in SHIELD, which we found out was a very well-founded feeling in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. In The Avengers, there was a very specific secret that Nick Fury was keeping from the Avengers, but Tony Stark managed to hack the computers and bring it to the light of day pretty quickly. What was the secret?

Question 18

What does Steve Rogers call Phil Coulson that Tony Stark gets so angry about in The Avengers?

Tony Stark can be pretty fragile. We suppose we understand why. The guy has to routinely save the world from evil villains on a year-to-year basis. And nowadays, it's the whole freaking universe that's at stake. So we can understand if he can be a bit fragile sometimes. But there was a moment in The Avengers when he appeared to be more fragile than usual. It was after Phil Coulson's apparent demise, when Steve Rogers called Phil and, by association, the Avengers, a particular term. What did he call them?

Question 19

When Tony is attacked by Whiplash in Iron Man 2 in Monaco, what object is his Iron Man suit stored in?

Tony Stark really lives up to the name genius-billionaire-playboy-philanthropist. Especially that first one. The guy is hands-down a total genius. We mean, he singlehandedly created almost all of the technology that Stark Industries is famous for. One of his greatest talents is, weirdly enough, packaging. But packaging is essential if one wants to transport one's enormous Iron Man suits across international borders. In Iron Man 2, we see the Iron Man suit stashed in a particular item. What item is it?

Question 20

What does Tony Stark put on in Stark Tower that allows the Iron Man suit to attach to his body midair in The Avengers?

This is one of the most iconic scenes in The Avengers. It was the moment fans had been waiting for: a one on one between the movie's great villain, Loki, and the movie's great hero, Tony Stark (sorry, but it's just a fact). Not only does Tony totally keep his chill, even pouring a drink, but he manages to sneakily arm himself so that, whatever Loki had planned, he'd be able to fight his way out of it. What did Tony Stark put on that allowed his suit to track his body midair?

Question 21

Which character is Tony Stark left alone with after Thanos snaps his fingers in Avengers: Infinity War?

Yes, we've finally gotten to this part. Avengers: Infinity War was as much an epic tragedy as it was a superhero movie. Half of our freaking heroes bit the dust. And in that process, Tony Stark lost most of his friends on Titan. The most painful of these losses was doubtlessly Spider-Man, who faded into dust in Iron Man's arms while pleading, "I don't wanna go." But Tony had one friend left after the dust settled (literally). Who was it?

Question 22

Why does Tony Stark want to build Ultron in Avengers: Age Of Ultron?

Tony Stark didn't have such a great time after the events of The Avengers. It's kind of a shocker to find out that, not only do aliens exist, but they want to destroy Earth and everyone on it, and they have the technology to do it a thousand times over. So, after the Avengers managed to save Earth, Tony was a bit out of sorts for awhile. His struggles led him to create Ultron in Avengers: Age Of Ultron. What was his reasoning for this?

Question 23

What name does Tony Stark occasionally go by in Iron Man 3?

In Iron Man 3, we see Tony Stark in a totally different place. He's struggling, and throughout the movie, he has to figure out how to be a hero even when he doesn't have access to his Iron Man suit. He has to go back to his original superpower: his brain. While he's off trying to track down the Mandarin, he builds a lot of the things he needs from scratch. What name does he go by when he's talking with the little kid that he meets?

Question 24

How does Thanos injure Tony Stark at the end of Avengers: Infinity War?

This was probably one of the most suspenseful parts of the entire movie (and that's saying something). Every Iron Man fan went into this movie with a solid fear that their favourite superhero was about to meet his end. The rumours of Tony Stark's demise were rampant in the weeks before the film. So when Thanos seriously injures Tony at the end of the movie, a lot of us thought the rumours were coming true. Luckily, Doctor Strange came to his rescue and Tony survived. But that doesn't mean he isn't fair game in the next one *gulps*. So, how did Thanos injure Tony?

Question 25

What was the name of the orbital tracking platform used to launch the Hulkbuster suit in Avengers: Age Of Ultron?

Tony just loves naming his creations. First, there was Jarvis and then there were all the different Marks he created in the form of the Iron Man suit. One of the coolest names he and Bruce Banner dealt out was Hulkbuster- the moniker for the enormous Iron Man suit Tony Stark and Bruce Banner created to ensure Tony would be able to, well, bust the Hulk. But the orbital tracking platform that deployed the Hulkbuster suit also had a name. What was it?

Question 26

What is the name of this robot that Tony Stark loves so dearly?

This little guy makes a lot of appearances throughout the Iron Man movies. First, we see him dousing Tony Stark in fire retardant every time he experiments with the Iron Man suit in the first movie. Then, we see him on and off again the Tony's lab, being the adorable little robot that he is. And finally, in Iron Man 3, we see Tony Stark salvaging this little guy from the wreckage of his lab, probably bringing him to Avengers Tower. So, what's this robot's name?

Question 27

Who was the last person Tony Stark tried to call before he went into the wormhole in The Avengers?

When we're about to meet our ends, we tend to call those that matter most to us. But the thing with Tony is that a lot of people matter to him. In the good ol' days of his playboy antics, this probably wasn't the case, but ever since he got involved with the Avengers, Tony has had a soft spot in him. So, when he decided to take the nuke into the wormhole in The Avengers, he made one last call to someone he cared about. Who was it?

Question 28

Which brand of car is Tony Stark associated with?

With action movies, there's always a signature car that the hero just cannot keep their hands off of. And when the main character of the movie is a billionaire, there's all the more reason to include a few nods to an expensive brand of vehicle. There is a signature car in the Iron Man movies that Tony Stark is constantly driving around in. In fact, this car company even gifted Robert Downey Jr. one of these cars. What brand is it?

Question 29

Of the Avengers, which of the following people would Tony Stark most likely call his best friend?

Tony Stark loves his fellow Avengers. But like in any group of friends, some people are closer to each other than others. And although Tony Stark would give his own life to defend every single member of his super-team, there are some that he'd probably be more inclined to spend a relaxing Saturday with than others. Which of the following Avengers would Tony Stark be most likely to call his best friend?

Question 30

What does Obadiah Stane use to steal the Arc Reactor from Tony Stark's chest in Iron Man?

It's pretty hard to steal something from Iron Man himself. But back in the first movie, Tony Stark was still on training wheels (much like the ones he tried to put on Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Homecoming). He was still working out the kinks in his suit (like the de-icing problem) and so, he was an easier target than in later movies. Especially given that the person targeting him was a man he'd previously thought to be a good friend. But still, that doesn't mean that stealing from him would have been particularly easy. Obadiah Stan used a special device to assist the process. What was it?

Question 31

What food item does Tony Stark forget Pepper Potts is allergic to in Iron Man 2?

Tony Stark messes up a lot. We mean, the guy basically makes a career out of messing up, alongside all that genius-philanthropist stuff. If we were to count all the mistakes he's made, we'd probably run out of space, from building Ultron to trying to off Cap's best friend. But the majority of the mistakes Tony Stark has made throughout his career happened in Iron Man 2. In that movie, our man was just not having a good time. From attacking his friends, he kept thinking of bigger and better ways to dig a bigger hole for himself. To apologize to Pepper Potts for one of his mistakes, he brings her a type of food, which he forgets she's allergic to. Which food is it?

Question 32

What did Tony Stark get Pepper Potts as a Christmas gift in Iron Man 3?

In Iron Man 3, Tony Stark was having some communication issues. After the trauma he endured in The Avengers, he was having some difficulty coming to grips with reality. After all, with an entire army of aliens pouring through a wormhole into New York City, that reality had just been drastically altered. So, he and Pepper had some relationship issues as Tony worked through his own demons, and Tony Stark threw an expensive Christmas gift at his issues with Pepper in an attempt to win some brownie points. What was the gift?

Question 33

Who was it that Tony Stark was narrating the entirety of Iron Man 3 to?

Iron Man 3 starts a little unconventionally. Normally, a superhero movie jumps straight into the action, but Iron Man 3 started with Tony Stark narrating some of his inner-most thoughts. He spoke of demons and the past while a scene from a time in his life before Iron Man and the Avengers played on-screen. At the time, it seemed as if Tony was just helping us see into his mind. But as we find out later in the film, he was actually narrating the entire story to one of his friends. Who was it?

Question 34

In Captain America: Civil War, what triggers Tony Stark's guilt about the events in Sokovia?

Tony Stark often has crises of faith. Sometimes, his breakdowns are centred around whether he can protect the Earth from all the evils that lay beyond the borders of its atmosphere. This was the case in Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Iron Man 3 and Avengers: Infinity War. But other times, Tony Stark's breakdowns come as a result of guilt he's feeling about the actions he's taken as Iron Man. The most notable example of this is in Captain America: Civil War, when Tony Stark is haunted with guilt over the things the Avengers did in Sokovia. But there's a specific event that triggers Tony Stark's guilt. What is it?

Question 35

In Avengers: Infinity War, what is the status Tony Stark and Pepper Pott's relationship?

It is such a joy to watch Tony Stark and Pepper Potts together onscreen, but their courtship certainly hasn't been without its ups and downs. It took them two whole movies to even get together in the first place! Sure, their chemistry was obvious from the very first scene we saw them share in Iron Man, but it took Tony awhile to mature to the point where he'd be able to commit to an actual relationship (and make it last). And from that point on, we see Tony and Pepper go through a whole host of troubles together. So, what is the status of their relationship in Avengers: Infinity War?

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