Only The Biggest Grey's Fans Know What Happened To These Characters

When Grey's Anatomy first started, it was not long before it was the talk of the town. Even though there were tons of other medical-dramas out there, we all knew there was something special about this one. The characters were lovable, the storylines were intriguing, and the drama... well the drama was powerful. This show had everyone sitting on the edge of their seats in their very first season, and many of us are still sitting on the edge today. We have had 15 seasons of the show so far, and it does not look like anyone is getting tired of it any time soon.

Today's quiz is for the people who have been watching since the very beginning. We will be asking specific questions about specific doctors, and we are sure some of them will stump even the biggest fans. Only one thing is for sure. Once everyone has taken this quiz, we will finally know who the biggest of big Grey's Anatomy fans are, and who should start re-watching the series once again. Is everyone ready for this one? It is time to call up the girls, and get them all Mcready for this ultimate Grey's Anatomy trivia quiz!

Question 1

Which doctor did Jo Wilson date before Alex Karev?

Anyone who has watched this show in the past, knows that each doctor has a long list of other doctors that they have dated. At this point, almost everyone has dated everyone, with only a few exceptions. When Jo Wilson started her intern year, she did not have a boyfriend that we knew about. However, it was not long before she started talking about having a crush on one of her colleagues. Clearly the feelings were mutual, because the two of them started dating in that very same episode. Does anyone know which doctor we are talking about in this question?

Question 2

Which of these characters was not in the plane crash?

Throughout this series, the doctors of Seattle Grace Hospital have seen a lot. Not only do they have a constant flow of patients coming into the hospital, but even they themselves seem to get into many difficult situations. One of the tougher situations they had to live through, was no doubt the infamous plane going down. A group of our doctors all boarded a plane, to go receive some donor organs. It was supposed to be a routine trip, but things did not go to plan at all. Not only did a few lose their lives during this, but even those who didn't, still spent a week stranded in the forest.

Question 3

Is Teddy Altman currently serving in the army?

Teddy Altman is a surgeon who we have seen come and go a few times throughout this series. She is a rockstar heart surgeon, and she has previously worked as the hospital's head of cardio. When she first came to work at Seattle Grace, it was as a favor to Owen Hunt. The two of them knew each other from their time in the army, and Owen thought she would make a good fit for the job. Like all of the surgeons in this show, Teddy's time at Seattle Grace was not easy. Does anyone know if she has recently gone back to the army?

Question 4

How did George get the nickname 007?

George O'Malley was part of the original group of interns. He was known for being the underdog, but what he lacked in confidence, he made up for in patient care. No matter who he was helping, he always managed to put a smile on their face. The attendings took notice of him fairly quickly, and a few of them even tried taking him under their wing. Even though the higher ups had his back, George found it hard to shake his reputation. This was largely due to a nickname he got in the first season. Why was he given this nickname?

Question 5

Which surgeon did Christina Yang almost marry?

Many of the surgeons on this show had multiple engagements. Some of them even went through a few marriages during the show's 15 season run. Christina Yang was no exception to this. Even though she was the most dedicated to her work, she still managed to find time to date some fellow surgeons. One of her relationships actually got so serious, that a proposal went down. While she did accept, the wedding never happened. When it came down to walk down the aisle, the couple had a change of heart. Can anyone remember which of these doctors she almost married?

Question 6

Which of these doctors was involved in trying to save Derek's life?

Even though we all knew the end was coming for Derek Shepherd, nobody quite knew how it was going to go down. The episode started off with Derek and Meredith parting ways as she went to work, and he went to catch a flight. They kissed, and figured they would see each other again soon. We all knew right then and there, that this was going to be their final goodbye. Derek encountered some trouble on the road, and did his best to help everyone involved in the accident. While he managed to save the lives of everyone else, his was unfortunately lost.

Question 7

Which of these doctors got fired from Seattle Grace?

A lot of stuff goes on in this hospital, that we would have to assume would not happen in real life hospitals. The surgeons are actually so relaxed on most of the rules, that it is a wonder how more of them have not been let go. One of them however, was not as lucky as all of the other. One doctor made a mistake so grave, that it lead to them being fired from the hospital. While they were eventually given a second chance, this event was something that affected them greatly. Does anyone remember which doctor was let go?

Question 8

Which doctor cut Denny's LVAD wire?

Any fans of this show could never possibly forget Denny. He was not only the favorite patient of many doctors, but he was just a likable guy all around. He had a bad heart, which caused him to be in and out of Seattle Grace frequently. During one of his extended stays, he began a relationship with one of the interns. While this relationship was based on the true love they had for each other, many questioned whether or not it was ethical. When Denny's heart finally began to give out, one of his many doctors put their license on the line to try and save him.

Question 9

Which of these doctors were not involved in the shooting?

The shooting at Seattle Grace Hospital was an episode many of us will never be able to forget. A man who had previously lost his wife to an illness she had been treated for at Seattle Grace, decided to put the blame on the surgeons who had treated her. He entered the hospital with a mission, and began taking down as many surgeons as possible. His goal was very clear, as he seemed to only want to do deal with the actual surgeons and not the other workers. Can anyone here remember which of these doctors were not involved in the event?

Question 10

True or False: Derek and Meredith have 2 children

While Derek is no longer part of the show, he and Meredith had quite a few seasons together before he exited the series. In the very first episode we saw them kick start their relationship, but we had to wait a long time to finally see them get married. Once they were hitched, babies were inevitable. Conceiving was an issue they had, but they never lost hope. They began looking at alternative options, as they were determined to build a family. Can anyone remember if the couple ended up with two children? Let's see who has been paying close attention!

Question 11

What did April and Jackson name their first son?

Jackson and April were a fan favorite couple for a long time. They both started working at Seattle Grace at the same time, and they were clearly close friends. While April had problems getting along with the other doctors at the hospital, Jackson alway seemed to have her back. When the two finally got together, people were very excited about it. It did not take long before the two were expecting their first child. While the pregnancy did not go according to plan, the two still named the baby. Can anyone here remember what name they chose? Pick out the correct answer!

Question 12

Why did Callie decide to leave Seattle Grace?

Callie Torres was a big part of this show for a long time. She was an orthopedic surgeon, and she shared close relationships with many of the other doctors. We saw her go through many trials during her time on the show, but she was one of the few that always managed to keep her spirits high. After she became a mom, she really blossomed. She no longer put all of her energy into her relationships, as she now had the daughter she had always wanted. When she did finally decide to leave the hospital, can anyone remember what her reasoning was?

Question 13

What specialty did Arizona leave pediatrics for?

When we met Arizona, she was working as the Head of Pediatrics. She was the very best in the field, and patients from all over the world would travel in just to have her as their doctor. However, after a doctor from another field noticed her specific abilities, they offered her the chance to train under them and to learn a new specialty. It was a tough decision she had to make, but her gut told her to take the chance. She ended up making the switch, and she still works in this field now. What is her new department?

Question 14

Who was Owen first engaged to?

When Owen arrived at Seattle Grace Hospital, he was fresh out of the army and looking for a new job. We did not know too much about him at first, except for the fact that he was attracted to Christina Yang. The two of them began seeing each other almost instantly, but it was not long before Christina started learning some of his secrets. As it turned out, Owen had been engaged during his time in the army, and he never really broke it off. Can anyone here remember the name of the woman that he was first engaged to?

Question 15

Which med school did Meredith attend?

Season 1 kicked off with our original interns starting their first day on the job. We have not seen too much of their lives before this point over the years. However, the characters have dropped tidbits about their past, so any big time fans of the show should be able to remember a few of them. Meredith actually had one of her old friends arrive at the hospital at one point, so the school she had attended was certainly mentioned. Thinking back a few seasons, can anyone here remember which med school Meredith got her degree from? Pick out the right answer!

Question 16

What did Alex want to specialize in before he found pediatrics?

When Alex Karev first started working at Seattle Grace, he was no doubt the bad boy. He did not get along with any of the doctors, or even any of the patients for that matter. He was determined to push everyone away, but once he found the pediatric department, everything changed. He became an advocate for the children, and the rest of his relationships fell into place. However, caring for children was not his original plan. When he first decided to become a surgeon, he had a very different view on how it was all going to turn out. What was his first specialty choice?

Question 17

Where did Addison move to when she left Seattle?

Addison arrived at Seattle Grace like an unwelcome storm. She had only left New York to try and win Derek back, but even after she realized that was never going to happen, she still decided to stick around. She did her very best to make things work in Seattle, but there was just too many people she had a history with there. After a particularly rough week, Addison decided to take a vacation to visit some old friends. After her visit, she made the decision to move there permanently. This was also the location where she started her spin-off series.

Question 18

Who did Lexie first have a crush on?

Lexie was not exactly met with open arms when she started her intern year. After it was found that that she was Meredith's half sister, people started choosing sides. It wasn't until Meredith herself decided to give her a break, that the other doctors started to lay off as well. There was always one who was kind to her though. One of the doctors became her friend right away, and the two bonded quickly. Lexie grew feelings for the doctor pretty soon after they had become friends, but he never expressed having the same feelings for her. Who are we talking about?

Question 19

What animal was George forced to hunt?

Throughout the 15 seasons of this show, we have seen our doctors celebrate many holidays together. Some of these episodes have been happier than others, but one of the Thanksgiving episodes specifically tends to stand out in people's minds. It was an O'Malley tradition to go hunting every Thanksgiving, but George had successfully avoided ever having to do the hunting himself. During this episode though, he was not as lucky. His father and brothers finally forced him to pull the trigger. Can anyone here remember what kind of animal the O'Malleys go hunting for? Only one of the answers is correct!

Question 20

How many sisters did Derek have?

Derek would often talk about his large family. This was mainly due to the fact that Meredith did not grow up with much family, so his in comparison was a more exciting topic. Derek was the only son his parents ever had. Although, they did have a few daughters. Some of them we got to know fairly well, while others were merely mentioned in passing. It was a bit surprising that we didn't get to meet them all after his passing, but that is neither here nor there. Can anyone remember exactly how many sisters were a part of the Shepherd clan?

Question 21

Which intern did Arizona choose to live with?

The living situations of our doctors is constantly changing. Even though they spent almost all of their time together at the hospital already, many of these doctors still choose to live with each other. Due to their on and off relationships, and ever changing schedules, these characters have naturally had to move around quite a bit. A fair number of them have lived in Meredith's house, but we will talk more about that later. Arizona needed a roommate after her and Callie parted ways, and she ended up choosing an intern. Can anyone here remember which intern she lived with?

Question 22

True or False: Christina first chose to specialize in neurosurgery

Christina Yang always stood out from the rest of her fellow interns. None of them had her drive or determination, not even Meredith. For the first few years, it seemed that Christina was actually more robot than human. She had a plan for success, and she was going to achieve it no matter what. While we all know that now she is a world renowned heart surgeon, was this really always her plan? Is it possible that Christina first envisioned herself working as a neurosurgeon instead? We are going to need to think back all the way to seasons 1 to answer this one correctly!

Question 23

Which department did Ben work in before switching to surgery?

Ben Warren is the most fickle doctor we have ever met on this show. While he is certain about many aspects of his life, in terms of his work, he is constantly changing his mind. After getting together with Miranda Bailey, Ben decided he wanted to give surgery a shot. He left his well established job, to begin a surgical residency. When that got a little dull for him, Ben decided to once again switch paths. These days he is actually working as a firefighter and not as a doctor at all. Can anyone remember which department his first medical job was in?

Question 24

Which doctor got the nickname BCB?

Anyone who has ever watched this show, knows how many nicknames have been passed out through the years. Almost every doctor (and even some of the patients) have been given a nickname at some point. Some of them are complementary, while some of them are not very nice at all. BCB was not the first nickname this doctor ever received, but it was the funniest. We will not go into detail about the meaning of this nickname, but needless to say, the doctor in question was not thrilled to learn about it. Can anyone remember which doctor we are talking about?

Question 25

True or False: Richard Webber once worked as the Head of Cardio

For a long time, Richard Webber was or trusty Chief of Surgery. He had the respect of every surgeon on his floor, and he himself was actually a very skilled doctor. However, after Richard went through a few personal trails, he decided to step down from his esteemed position. For a time he did go back and forth between being chief and not being chief, but can anyone here remember if he ever took up the head of cardio position? Since these doctors tend to switch specialties a lot, this one may be a little bit tricky to answer correctly...

Question 26

How much money did Izzie inherit from Denny?

After Denny was lost, Izzie naturally went through a pretty rough patch. She left her job at the hospital, and did not even have the energy to leave the house most days. However, when she was contacted by Denny's father, she mustered up the strength to meet with him. Denny's dad was concerned about how quickly the two had become engaged and was questioning Izzie's intentions. After he decided that she had really loved his son though, he handed her a check that Denny had specifically left for her. Can anyone here remember the incredible amount that was one the check? Pick out the right answer!

Question 27

Which doctor took Meredith on her first date after Derek's passing?

The love that Meredith and Derek shared was a very special one. The two had made it through so much together, that it seems unfair that they were not given the chance to grow old by each other's side. After he was gone, it took Meredith a long time to recover. She put most of her energy into her work and her children, and did not think about men much at all. However, after being alone for a long stretch of time, Meredith finally agreed to go out on a date. Can anyone remember who she chose to go on this initial date with?

Question 28

How did Nicole Herman lose her eyesight?

Nicole Herman was the surgeon who took Arizona under her wing. She saw so much potential in Arizona, that she decided she would be worth the work of training her. Nicole was one of the few surgeons in the world capable of performing prenatal surgery, so teaching someone the trade was no easy feat. Arizona was a natural though, and she continued on with their work even after Nicole was no longer able to see. Can anyone here remember what cause Nicole Herman to lose her eyesight in the first place? Only one of these answers is correct, which one is it?

Question 29

What kind of surgery did Lexie attempt to perform on Sadie Harris?

During Lexie's intern year, things got a little out of control. She and her fellow interns were feeling as though they were not learning as much as they should be. To be fair, Christina and Meredith were not exactly being the best teachers, so they weren't totally wrong. However, when they decided to start practicing procedures on each other to learn, things quickly got out of hand. At first they were just trying out routine procedures, but Sadie wanted to take it one step further. Can anyone remember what kind of surgery the interns tried to perform on Sadie? Take a guess!

Question 30

Who was holding Lexie's hand when she passed away?

Lexie was one of the harder goodbyes we had to say on this show. She was so young, so bright, and so beautiful. She had her whole life in front of her, but there was just no coming back after the accident. Luckily, in her final hours, someone was there right by her side. It was a tough scene to watch, but we were all able to take comfort in the fact that her final moments were spent with the right person. Does anyone know who we are talking about? Which of these doctors was by Lexie's side until the end?

Question 31

What song did Richard and Adele play at their wedding?

The story of Richard's love life, was a complex one. It was clear that he loved his wife Adele very much, but the more we learned about his past, the more we questioned the early stages of their relationship. Richard had also previously been in love with Meredith's mother, so his true feelings for his wife were a little hard to read for a bit. After Adele fell ill though, there was no denying that Richard was struggling with the reality. To ease her mind on one of her harder days, Richard sang her their song. Can anyone remember what it was?

Question 32

How did Meredith come into contact with dangerous device in season 2?

The episode we are talking about here, was one of the first impactful ones that we saw. At this point in the series, we know to expect the unexpected, but back in season 2, we had no idea what Shonda had planned for us. This specific event has been a situation that has been referred to many times in the following seasons of the series. It seems like out of all of the hardships they have faced, this one has been specifically hard for everyone to get over. Can anyone remember what caused the scenario in the first place?

Question 33

What was Finn's profession?

Who here remembers Finn? Meredith has dated very few people other than Derek, but Finn was one of them. After Meredith learned of Derek's secret wife, she naturally had no choice but to leave him. Derek wanted the chance to give his marriage a second chance anyways, so Meredith had to go out and find someone new. Finn was who she found. The two of them got along really well, and it looked as though they were going to be able to make things work. Derek was always the one though, and she eventually had to let Finn go. What was his profession?

Question 34

Which intern did Christina take with her when she left?

Christina deciding to leave Seattle Grace was huge news. She had been with the show since the very beginning, so it was pretty hard to say goodbye to her when the time came. However, she was leaving because of an amazing opportunity, so it was hard to blame her for the decision. When the staff learned that she would be leaving, they like us, felt very emotional. One of them actually decided to go with her. This intern had worked very closely with Christina for a while, so it came as no surprise. Which of these interns did Christina take with her?

Question 35

Which doctor had Mary Portman as a patient?

We have seen hundreds of patients come and go throughout the course of this series, but some more than others really stuck in our memories. Mary Portman was one of them. The fact that she was played by Mandy Moore was already enough of a reason to remember her, but the few episodes she had been in, were also action packed. Mary Portman was the patient of one surgeon specifically, and this doctor had taken a special liking to her. Does anyone know which surgeon we are talking about in this question? Only one of the answers listed is correct!

Question 36

April and Owen chose to work in which specialty?

Nobody was quite sure what path April was going to choose when it came time to pick specialties. She always seemed like more of a secretary than a surgeon, so it was hard to gage where her head was at. However, after she found the specialty she was meant for, she really blossomed. She worked very closely alongside Owen, and she kind of become his number two in the department. Thinking back a few seasons, is anyone here able to remember which specialty April eventually chose to work in? Only one of the listed answers is correct, so choose wisely!

Question 37

Other than Mark, who else was an original member of the Plastics Pose?

Mark Sloan was the king of plastic surgery. He took great pride in his work, and he became very defensive when people would accuse him of picking the specialty simply for the money. He worked very closely with burn patients, and he thought it was unfair to judge him based on why others had chosen the profession. When one of the interns started to show promise in his field, he decided to start a group. This group was called the "Plastics Pose". It was a very exclusive club. Can anyone here remember who the other original member of this club was?

Question 38

Which of these characters took an icicle to the stomach?

While this may sound bad, in terms of accidents our doctors have had, this one was no biggie. While standing outside of the hospital during the winter, one of our doctors slipped. This was probably already quite uncomfortable, but while on the ground, this doctor also got hit by a falling icicle. The thing lodged itself in their abdomen, and stayed stuck there for some time. The surgeons were wary about removing it, until one of them just went for it. Does anyone remember the episode we are talking about? Which of these doctors was the one who got the icicle stuck in their belly?

Question 39

Which of these doctors once worked as a model?

It is no secret that med school costs a pretty penny. Even some of the most brilliant minds do not get the chance to learn, simply because of how expensive the schools can be. One of our interns struggled with paying for med school. They did not want to take out that amount of student loans, so they had to come up with a different idea. Since they were fairly attractive, they were able to find work as a model. This was something they were later picked on for, but they were the one laughing when the rest of the interns started having to pay back their loans.

Question 40

How many times was Derek married?

It took us a whole season to find out that Derek was actually married to someone who was not Meredith, so we realized early on that he was a man capable of keeping large secrets to himself. Addison eventually became a major part of the series, but not everyone from Derek's past came to work at Seattle Grace Hospital. While we have found out some things about his life before the show, there was a lot that we never got to learn. Thinking back on all the information we have collected about Derek's history, can anyone remember how many wives he's actually had?

Question 41

What happened to Christina's face on her almost wedding day?

Christina has gone through her fair share of rough patches, but her almost wedding day was maybe the lease fun of all. Not only was she about to marry someone she was ultimately not supposed to be with, but her fiance's mother was being extremely hard to deal with as well. On the morning of her wedding, Christina's soon to be mother-in-law decided to help her get ready. She went one step too far though, and really overtook the look. Can anyone remember what exactly happened to Christina's face on that day? Only one of the answers below is correct!

Question 42

What did Meredith and Derek use to write their vows on?

Meredith and Derek were not known for being the most traditional couple. They always did things their own way, and never followed what others thought they should do. So of course when it came time to get married, they had to do it a bit differently. They did wait a while for the perfect day to arrive, but eventually they just decided to go for it. They married each other by themselves, and wrote their vows on a bizarre object. Does anyone know what we are talking about in this question? What did Derek and Meredith decide to write their vows on?

Question 43

What flavor of ice cream did Derek call his favorite?

This Derek fact was actually only ever mentioned one time in the whole series, and it was pretty early on in the show as well. This means that only the biggest fans of the show will be able to answer this correctly. After Meredith learned of Derek's secret wife, she naturally felt as though she knew nothing about who he truly was. In an attempt to share some things with her, he dropped a few nuggets of information about himself. His favorite ice cream flavor just happened to be one of these nuggets. Does anyone know which of these answers is correct?

Question 44

Which of these doctors have never lived in Meredith's house?

We have already talked about the fact that our doctors move around quite frequently, and we said that we would discuss Meredith house later on. Well, it is later on now, and we are diving into the subject. Anytime that one of our doctors found themselves without a place to stay, they ended up at Meredith's house. Even after she and Derek were married, she always had an open door policy with her home. Over the seasons, almost every surgeon lived at her house at one point or another. One of the doctors listed here did not. Can anyone figure out which one it was?

Question 45

Which of these doctors were forced to repeat their intern year?

The year these doctors spent as interns, was tough. They would work impossible hours, take on cases no one else wanted, and basically do whatever their attendings told them to. When it came time to take their final intern exam, they were all naturally very excited about ridding themselves of their intern days. One of them however, didn't pass this exam as planned. They were given two options. Either repeat their intern year, or leave the program for good. This doctor was determined to become a surgeon, so they opted to repeat the year. Which doctor are we talking about in this question?

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