Only The Biggest Geek Can Name These Lesser Known Avengers!


Ever since the MCU, the superhero team known as the Avengers have become a household name. Audiences everywhere suddenly know who Iron Man and Captain America are. That roster of cinematic superheroes is only set to grow in the next few years, with people recognizing more big names.

However, with all superheroes depicted on screen, the Avengers have a deep history rooted in the comic books. There are decades of astonishing tales to tell that involve this team taking down some of the biggest bad guys in the world. Along the way, they met sinister villains to fight and powerful friends to join their team.

Due to the nature of comic books, it would be impossible for Marvel to depict every single Avenger on the big screen. There are many heroes who will end up being left out for one reason or another. Yet their impact on the comic book world remains intact and their contributions to the Avengers have gone down in fictional history.

This is where we call on the real Marvel fans to the stage. There is a seemingly endless number of Avengers in the Marvel Universe. We want to know if you can name just 25 of them.

Question 1

More than sonar

This hero has been on more teams than just the Avengers. He even served on the X-Men for a while, along with one of his relatives. His special power is being able to shoot powerful bursts of energy from his chest to decimate buildings and enemies alike. This character has also found himself in a relationship with one the daughters of Magneto: Polaris. Because of these factors, he tends to be reckless and doesn't care much for authoritative people.

Question 2

Size matters

There are a lot of problems with this particular Marvel hero. First of all, he has a medical condition that requires him to go through different personalities, which factors into how he conducts his superhero business. He has multiple costumes and personas he takes depending on what he feels like. For the most part, the abilities remain the same, but each costume has a different name that presents a different image altogether. It's kind of screwed up when you think about it.

Question 3

Messed up in the head

What makes this hero so interesting is that the audience is always guessing what is really going on. Sometimes the comic presents that he's telling the truth, and other times it says that he's clinically insane. Either way you cut it, there's something not right with this man. Believing that he was chosen by the god Khonshu, he became an avatar of vengeance for those who were evil. He was known for his brutal methods and even left the Avengers after a while.

Question 4

Get out of his way

If there were ever a Marvel hero who could go toe to toe with Superman, this guy would be it. Being given all the powers you'd expect, this hero can fly, lift heavy objects, run really fast, and so much more. However, these abilities also make him a dangerous being. Despite his unique powers, there have been many characters to take on the mantle of this hero, and even many alternate versions of him have appeared across Marvel Comics history.

Question 5

Back to the Future

When there's a problem with the timeline, there is one hero who will be there to set things right. This character has appeared in just about any big reality-changing event in Marvel Comics, and has been hardened by the dark things he has seen. He typically carries powerful equipment so that he's prepared for every situation, but he still gets beaten at times. He has been reluctantly close to a Marvel anti-hero and is the son of a popular Marvel character.

Question 6

Not your average teen

This young hero has a lot of potential, but not quite enough to be made a full Avenger. Instead, he found himself on the team known as the Young Avengers, where he discovered that he was the twin of another member of the team. As time went on, people quickly realized that Wiccan had incredible powers about him that could easily destroy all kinds of foes. As it turns out, these impressive abilities were inherited on his mother's side of the family tree.

Question 7

The power of gods

Several times in comic book history will there be a superhero who attains their powers through the use of an object. This happened to a SHIELD agent. While mocked for not wanting to kill, he and his fellow agents were on a mission to retrieve the Quantum Bands. Once he found them, he put them on to find that they obeyed his commands. Apparently, his "go with the flow" attitude on top of his lack of desire to kill helped him wield the bands and become a hero.

Question 8

Spread your wings

A familiar ally to Captain America, this hero is depicted a bit differently depending on which material you're looking at. Sometimes, he is portrayed as a young kid who was skilled enough to make it on the Avengers. Other times, he is an experienced veteran with access to powerful equipment. That said, there's no denying that this hero has become much cooler as of late. Despite having no superpowers, his artificial wings and use of a bird sidekick make him effective in battle.

Question 9

Designed with brilliance

Science and a brilliant mind can go a long way, as has been proved by Tony Stark. One particular oceanologist took it upon himself to scour the seven seas and protect its depths. Because of this, he designed a suit that was modeled after other underwater creatures. At that point, he managed to get the attention of various Marvel heroes throughout the world. This would eventually put him alongside glorious superhero teams like the Defenders as well as the Avengers.

Question 10

A living legend

Sometimes the legends we tell our children are severe exaggerations of what really happened. That was the case with this hero. He has been around for centuries, and because of this, many confused his deeds with the legendary tales of Hercules and other gods. After resurfacing after a long hiatus, it's easy to see why stories were told of him. He had extreme power and was willing to team up with the Avengers to fight vicious demons among other villains.

Question 11

Another Web Head

There are many iterations of Spider-Man across the Marvel Universe, and this one has to be one of the more popular ones. He existed in a reality where Peter Parker was killed by the Green Goblin. Feeling that he could've saved Parker, this younger hero took on the new mantle of Spider-Man to protect New York City. Eventually, he would meet up with the Avengers during Battleworld and become an official member of the team when All-New All-Different Marvel launched.

Question 12

Not what it seems

This is a picture of Madam Masque. However, that's not who joined the Avengers. During one of her plans to take down the heroes, she came up with the idea to clone herself. One of these clones managed to defect and decide its own path. It was given a new name and decided to help out the Avengers. After being killed in the heat of battle, the Avengers decided to make her an honorary member as a memento to her good deeds.

Question 13

You mess with the girl, you get the claws.

Talk about big shoes to fill. This young girl was the clone of a certain Marvel hero. However, she is arguably much more ferocious. Having two claws on her hands and one on each foot, she has more potential to rip apart her victims. However, she has learned compassion as well as how to become a real hero. After Doctor Doom shook things up in Battleworld, she was the one who took the mantle of the hero she was cloned from.

Question 14

A hero across the ocean

It's just the United States that features some of the greatest heroes known to man. Other superheroes operate all across the world, and that's true for this one as well. Largely operating within the UK and Europe, this hero is much cooler than he looks. Having the powers of flight and super strength, the streets of London have never been safer before his arrival. Due to his adventures overseas, he was noticed by the Avengers and worked with them a few times.

Question 15

An unexpected death

This hero was the first to take on a mantle that has continued in Marvel Comics to this very day. However, his hero career ended on a sad note. After a dangerous mission, he came into contact with a chemical that essentially gave him cancer. For all of his abilities, there was nothing he could do about the rapidly growing disease. All he could do was watch his body get weaker as the disease progressed and he died in bed surrounded by other Avengers.

Question 16


Sometimes people are born with powers. Other times they come across them. This young woman was working with the New Orleans Harbor Patrol when something fishy happened. There was a powerful weapon being created, and she sought to stop it. However, she managed to absorb a strange energy along the way that gave her all kinds of powers. She could then control just about any spectrum of energy on the planet while being able to transform herself into different energy as well.

Question 17

The prettiest robot

For some reason, Ultron never learns that creating people for his own gain doesn't end well. During his conquest, he got a bit lonely. So he decided to build himself a mate. Using the consciousness of Janet Van Dyne, Ultron succeeding in creating a female robot. However, it wasn't long before this new creation began to think for herself and chose to join the Avengers instead. She even began to fall in love with the Vision due to how he was brought up the same way.

Question 18


What if you were given super powers for a few days? That's exactly what happened to this powerful man. He was just an ordinary guy before his life was endangered by a super villain. He was then taken to Asgard so that his life could be saved. From that point on, though, he took the mantle of one of Asgard's greatest heroes. He served on the Avengers team briefly and helped out the Marvel Universe, but didn't stay a superhero for very long.

Question 19

A jack of all trades

Another story involving a SHIELD agent, this particular hero was just a normal operative who graduated at the head of her class. Since then, she became the perfect agent until she took a brutal injury. In order to heal her, she was given Captain America's Super Soldier serum as well as an anti-aging component. While long-term effects have yet to be determined, she has since become one of the most powerful fighters in the Marvel Universe, using a pair of twin batons.

Question 20

Broken and bruised

Taking place in an alternate timeline, this hero was tortured by the sins of his past. After every villain in the world teamed up, they tricked him into killing all of his friends. Since then, he vowed to never use his powers again. Fast forward to a post-apocalyptic future, and his newfound family was killed by the Hulk Gang. At that point, he decided to become a hero once more to avenge his family. He was involved in the All-New All-Different relaunch and became a member of the Avengers.

Question 21

Not quite as gentle

Steve Rogers is a great guy and all, but it was only a matter of time before he bit the dust. There were actually several times where some event caused him to stop being Captain America. However, the Avengers needed a replacement to be the symbol of hope that the world could look to. One of the people to take on the mantle was a friend of Steve. Granted, he was a bit more brutal than the Captain, but he made the hero gig work all the same.

Question 22

Small in size

Sometimes heroes leave a poignant legacy for their children to follow. That's precisely what happened with this heroine. She was constantly enamored with her father's adventures with the Avengers and wanted to do something like it when she got older. However, her mother didn't approve. Still, she persevered. Eventually, her father died in the heat of battle, and she took it as the opportunity to put on a version of his costume and keep his legacy alive. She fought alongside the Avengers on numerous occasions.

Question 23

Don't try this at home

Magic is an interesting facet of the Marvel Universe. This man knew it and dabbled in it lightly. However, he was a physician first and foremost. Yet, he soon discovered that his magical teacher was the Ancient One in disguise. The mystical being then told the man that he was supposed to be a backup for the Sorcerer Supreme in case the current one was to fail. He then decided to work with the Avengers and showcase his amazing powers.

Question 24

Feel the power

Some people just get all the worst things in life. For this powerful hero, he was a man who had to deal with the fallout of his father's company due to the prominence of Stark Industries. He ended up going to jail and blamed Tony himself. This caused him to accept a deal with Baron Zemo to become a metahuman and betray the Avengers. However, he had a change of heart and was eventually made into a member of the team, taking on an interesting name.

Question 25

The sins of the past

It's hard to overcome the legacy set by those who came before you. Yet, that's exactly what this hero did. After learning that his uncle was a brutal super villain, he was given the rights to the evil costume and castle. However, he took the opportunity to infiltrate and destroy the other villains associated with his uncle and bring honor to the name of the persona. Eventually, he worked with other Marvel heroes like Captain Britain and the Avengers both.

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