Only The Biggest Disney Fans Know These Side Characters


Since the 1930's, Disney has been cranking out animated films. Some are more popular than others, but for the most part, Disney hits it out of the park each time they unveil an animated (or live action) feature film. The company has crafted some of the most memorable main characters in animation history. The internet is filled to the brim with merchandise featuring creations like Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Snow White, Simba, Aladdin, and countless others.

That said, sometimes Disney creates side characters that are so popular they overshadow a given film's protagonist. Each Disney adventure is packed to the brim with a colorful cast of additional characters, each with their own unique personality and design. Some of these creations are so popular they've spawned a mass of their own merchandise, or even featured in their own spin-off shows.

Since its inception, Disney has released an impressive amount of feature films. It's crazy just how much content falls under the Disney label. Because of that, it can be downright difficult to remember each and every Disney character (unless you're a super fan!).

We thought it would be fun to test all of you dedicated Disney fans out there with a side character quiz! Do you think you have what it takes to ace this challenge?

Question 1

In which Disney movie would you find this musuclar demi-god?

Ask someone to name their favorite Disney movie and they'll most likely list off one of the classics. Movies like The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, and Cinderella, are often regarded as some of the best Disney films to ever release. Because of this, it's hard to remember that Disney is still currently cranking out amazing family films and animated entertainment. This muscular tattooed character was featured in a recent Disney release, that featured amazing 3D animation and some beautiful musical scores.

Question 2

Which 3D Disney film features this dog-like reindeer?

Bambi may have put Disney deer on the map but this next entrant is one of the most beloved side characters to ever grace the Disney universe. We're used to seeing Reindeer front and center in Christmas movies but this Disney creation isn't your average caribou. He was born one species and acts like another. Although he doesn't talk, a lot of his actions look more Labrador than Reindeer. He even does that awkward booty scoot. His "voice" is limited to sounds but he's so expressive that one friend is capable of understanding what he's trying to say.

Question 3

This candlestick leads a cast of animated furniture in what classic Disney film?

We're convinced that Disney animators are talented enough to breathe life into anything. A certain 1990's film proved this by unveiling a wide array of "inanimate objects" with some serious personality. It's hard to imagine household items teaching wholesome lessons, but Disney managed to craft a world where that's completely normal. Their de facto leader is suave and debonair candelabra with a soothing French accent. According to legend, this gentleman was once a servant who was transformed into decor, along with the rest of the castle denizens.

Question 4

Which Disney movie features this colorful chameleon?

Although Pixar is arguably the king of 3D content, Disney has been working hard to break into the industry. They've released some amazing films so far. One of those films featured a helpful chameleon with a rather expressive face. Pascal offers support and motivation for the film's protagonist, urging her to venture out on her own and discover herself. He can't speak, but he conveys a wide range of emotions by changing color, using body language, and contorting his face into a variety of expressions.

Question 5

What Disney movie features this iconic duo?

Sometimes Disney side characters come in pairs. After all, two heads are better than one. Some duos are a bit more iconic than others, such is the case with this wise cracking meerkat and lovably crude warthog. These wacky characters are introduced to a somber lion protagonist when he's rather young, but stick by his side all the way to adulthood. Their presence is proof that some friendships are strong enough to last a lifetime. Which film features this hilarious twosome?

Question 6

Which colorful Disney movie showcases this curious raccoon?

Side characters don't always have to talk to make an impact. Sometimes their companionship and presence are enough to spark interest. This cute little Raccoon and his hummingbird friend didn't say much throughout this iconic Disney film but offered light-hearted moments through their prat falls and bickering. Sometimes all it takes to craft a wonderful side character is to draw a cute animal doing cute animal things. Although the main parts of this film focused on beautiful musical scores and romance, a lot of people remember this furry friend.

Question 7

Which movie does this sassy fairy sidekick belong to?

This tiny fairy has more sass in one of her wings than most people have in their entire body. We never hear her actually speak (during the movie) but we still know exactly how she feels about each and every situation thanks to her emotive face and body language. This green-clothed cutie can be found playing sidekick to an eternally youthful boy. She uses pixie dust to help him and his friends fly. She's one of the most iconic side characters in Disney history, spawning a lot of merchandise.

Question 8

Whose top is made out of rubber with a bottom made out of springs?

This fun character has been around the block a few times, going from bounce, trouncy sidekick to starring in his very own movie. He helps his friends by launching himself into hard to reach places, but he has had his fair share of issues. Tons of kids around the world have still snuggled up to plushies in his likeness. There is something just so soothing about a character who is kind, silly, and always willing to go on an adventure if it means spending time with friends.

Question 9

This wise bear shows up during which Disney film?

Disney films are filled with danger and turmoil. Thankfully, there is usually someone around to help our protagonists out of a sticky situation or offer them guidance through a troubling time. Our next character spent most of his day's training bear cubs, before finding himself in possession of a rather curious pupil. We've heard of stories in which humans are raised by wolves, but one Disney movie switched the narrative and featured a human raised by a bear (and a panther).

Question 10

Which Disney film features this portly mouse?

Disney side characters come in all shapes and sizes. This particular sidekick is round in shape and tiny in size. He's best friends with another mouse and both serve as companions to the main protagonist of a famous Disney film. The adorable little rodent is a bit slower than the other mice, which makes him a prime target for certain villains. He's not as book smart as everyone else but has a heart as big as his stomach. He is rather courageous and will always defend his friends.

Question 11

Which 3D Disney adventure houses this sneaky criminal?

There are a lot of positive role models in this quiz. Many side characters are wholesome and caring, helping protagonists to find themselves and complete their goals. This character is none of those things. He spends all of his time conning individuals out of their hard-earned money and stealing whatever he can get his hands on. Most of his crimes are "small time," revolving around bootleg films and petty thefts. Still, he's done enough to afford himself the title of "villain."

Question 12

This goat-like advisor appears in which Disney movie?

When it comes to sagely advice, few are as straight forward as this cranky old satyr. Played by the hilarious Danny DeVito, this tiny taskmaster helps shape a mighty hero. It's not his first rodeo, although he exclaims how horrible his past pupils have been during a rather catchy song. When he becomes the teacher to the film's protagonist, he's rather impressed by how strong the kid becomes. The hero had the potential within him all along, but this clever goat-legged creature helped take him from zero to hero.

Question 13

What film features this chatty crab?

A lot of Disney films feature Princesses with animal sidekicks. Some of these creatures are more vocal than others. This red-shelled crab is a classic example. Many fans fell in love with his soothing Jamaican accent. He's not your traditional sidekick either. Aside from offering sage advice and warnings, this little crustacean leads a boisterous underwater band. In his original film debut, he's voiced by the talented theatre actor and singer Samuel E. Wright. This crab has some serious pipes.

Question 14

This hilarious blue genie steals the show in which famous Disney film?

There are a lot of iconic Disney side characters featured in this quiz, but Genie is perhaps the most famous. Voiced by the late great Robin Williams, Genie stole the show with his wacky rhetoric and randomized brand of prop comedy. His facial expressions, vocal inflections, and body language culminated to craft a character that is recognized by a multitude of Disney fans both young and old. Most of you shouldn't have a problem placing this colorful comedian. Which famous film featured Genie?

Question 15

What Disney flick showcases this miniature dragon?

Mu Shu from Mulan

There are a few dragons sprinkled throughout the Disney universe. Many of them are towering, powerful beasts. Their imposing appearances are meant to instill fear in the main character (and the audience). The next side character on our list is a dragon, but he's nothing like his gigantic counterparts. This tiny talker is small in stature but large in spirit. Voiced by Eddie Murphy, the colorful creature has cemented himself into the Disney history books. He is perhaps the most well-known of all Disney film-based dragons.

Question 16

This creative alligator is hides in which Disney movie?

Reptiles get a pretty bad rap in the Disney universe. We often see snakes, crocodiles, and other fanged creatures as villains or general dangers. That's why it was so refreshing to meet Louis, an alligator with a love for Jazz. This pot-bellied reptile is a bundle of pure creativity, opting to play the trumpet and engage in impromptu jam sessions. In most films, we view these large-mouthed creatures as nothing more than teeth and rage. Thankfully, Louis is here to help break the stereotype.

Question 17

What crazy adventure features this grinning feline?

This frightening feline has seen a few changes over the years but nothing is more iconic than its original pink and purple appearance. Some modern iterations are downright creepy, with jagged smiles and sinister facial expressions. In its film debut, this zany cat was much more playful, speaking in curious riddles with a goofy grin plastered on its face. Some view this colorful creature as a villain, but he's actually a neutral party in a world filled teeming with madness and chaos.

Question 18

Which Disney movie contains this inspirational insect?

A lot (if not all) of Disney's movies revolve around lesson learning and morality. Sometimes the message is a bit hidden, but in some instances, it takes center stage. The next character in our quiz is a prime example of this. He may be small, but this insect is incredibly intellectual. In his movie, he acts as the conscience to the main character, helping him on his journey towards self-discovery. Since his introduction, this cricket has become a symbol of morality and good will.

Question 19

This villainous sidekick is from which Disney film?

Disney henchman are often caught in the crossfire. Just because they work for a particular antagonist doesn't mean they're villains themselves. A lot of these sidekicks are victims of backing the wrong person or are so enamored with a particular individual that they don't see how wrong they really are. This side character falls victim to that particular trope. He's a boisterous little man, doing everything he can to earn the favor of a famous Disney antagonist. He goes out of his way to cheer his "boss" up.

Question 20

What somber Disney classic features this hyperactive rabbit?

Sometimes Disney movies contain hard-hitting subject material. A lot of these themes are meant to teach children how to cope with loss and other potentially depressing things. These adventures usually follow downtrodden protagonists on a journey to right a wrong or accept an unavoidable outcome. In these moments, creators usually turn to upbeat side characters to lighten the mood and teach valuable lessons. This cute little bunny is a good example of this. He shows up during a dark time, using his hyperactive attitude to teach a young deer how to stay strong during a hard loss.

Question 21

What Disney movie unveils a this one-eyed alien?

Disney has ventured into the realm of aliens on a few occassions. For the most part, these films feature a whimsical glance at extraterrestrial life. One alien-based chronical is much more popular than the rest. This one-eyed character belongs to a colorful cast of alien lifeforms that end up on Earth. Although he starts the film as a prominent agent, he quickly becomes a housekeeper and caretaker. He's the most cautious of the group, trying his best to keep everyone on the straight and narrow.

Question 22

Which Disney movie introduced these lively gargoyles?

Beauty and the Beast isn't the only Disney film that features inanimate objects suddenly springing to life. A trio of gargoyle statues hop into action when they witness a downtrodden bell-ringer watching a festival from afar. The stone creatures have the magical ability to move around as they please, but rarely allow anyone in on their secret. Throughout the movie, these carved guides help a shy protagonist to break his metaphorical shackles and experience life. You may not remember their names, but do you remember which movie features these gargoyles?

Question 23

You can find this immature stallion in which Disney adventure?

Disney has always had a soft spot for horses. Whether they're carrying royalty or starring in their own films, you can tell animators put a lot of time and effort into their equine creations. In 2004, Disney quietly released a film containing this childish stallion. He's the faithful steed of a local Sherrif and can usually be found playing tic-tac-toe with his canine friend, Rusty. He doesn't like his quiet life and often dreams about embarking on a big adventure.

Question 24

What Disney movie featured this Canadian duo?

In 2003, Disney rolled out its 44th animated feature film. This one centered around the wilderness, following a young spirit on a quest filled with revenge, regret, and self-discovery. While following the protagonist through his journey, we happen across two Canadian moose. These bickering brothers provide some comedic relief, although they aren't much help at first. Later in the film, they return, this time managing to reunite two souls. The movie in question received mixed reviews from fans but did rather well at the box office.

Question 25

This slithery sir can be found in which Disney film?

Snakes are usually seen as dangerous creatures. The last entrant in our quiz may look like a cold-blooded killing machine, but he usually finds himself at the bottom of the food chain. He acts as henchman to a powerful king, who often ends up taking his frustrations out on the poor reptile. He spends most of his time warning his master about impending danger, only to offer "I told you so's" when things go awry. Although classified as a "villain," he seems to have a big heart.

Question 26

A wise wizard mentors a young ward in which Disney film?

Disney has produced many animated feature films over the years. Unless you're a giant Disney fanatic, it's possible that there are many films you've never even heard of. The next character on our list comes from a film that had a bit of a cult following but was still rather successful in its own right. In this whimsical medieval-themed film, a long-bearded wizard helps a young boy unlock his true potential. This particular adventure features a colorful cast, but we felt like the wizard in question is the most recognizable of the group.

Question 27

In which Disney film can you find this helpful rodent?

In many stories, heroes and side characters are driven by their own personal motives. Timothy Mouse is the exception. This tiny companion has a massive heart, taking it upon himself to follow a downtrodden protagonist on his quest to find his courage and free his mother. All of Timothy's actions are driven by his sympathy for the protagonist. He takes it upon himself to ensure that the hero of this film is well taken care of. He's a stalwart protector and a miniature beacon of hope.

Question 28

This faithful steed belongs to which Disney movie?

Here we have another mighty stallion, who's tireless efforts provide stable transportation for a mighty hero. Okay, so this particular equine is a little goofy, but he's got a big heart. His name is Achilles, but he wouldn't receive his moniker until deep into production. Apparently, this clumsy creature was never planned to have a name, but one clever joke left him branded. During the film, his owner shouts, "Achilles, heel!," which is a direct reference to the famous Greek hero.

Question 29

This intelligent mouse plays an important part in which Disney film?

Disney seems to have a thing for brave and intelligent mice. There are a lot of animated films that feature important rodent side characters. David Q. Dawson is a great example. This mustachioed mouse spent his early life defending his queen by fighting for the royal military. After returning home, he found himself swept up in a case of kidnapping and villainy. He used his sharp wits and skill set to help a mysterious stranger solve the mystery. After it all ended, Dawson and his new friend started a crime solving partnership.

Question 30

Which Disney adventure follows this stellar sidekick?

Bears in the wild are pretty terrifying. They're strong, protective of their young, and extremely imposing. If you've ever come across a fully grown bear in the wild, you can attest to how powerful these creatures look. In Disney movies, it's much different. Most of the bear characters we come across are lumbering, lazy, and laid back. They're still plenty strong, and thankfully, they often use that strength for good. This prominent bear acts as a loyal sidekick to caring hero. Which movie is he from?

Question 31

Do you remember which Disney movie features this lost princess?

As we near the end of this list, we're really going to test your knowledge about lesser-known Disney films. It's easy to recall the classics, but some Disney adventures aren't as popular as others. Our next character is a lost princess, suffering from a hazy memory and unsure of her origins. When we first meet her, the only thing she can remember is losing her mother at a rather young age. Unbeknownst to her, she's the heir to a mysterious throne.

Question 32

Which 1988 Disney film contains this spunky canine?

Disney is notorious for packing its animated films with top-notch voice acting talent. In 1988, fans fell in love with a hyperactive chihuahua that had a rather familiar voice. The pup was actually voiced by Cheech Marin of the famous duo Cheech and Chong. This wisecracking dog has a short temper, which often lands him in hot water. His boisterous attitude is memorable, with fans of this particular movie remembering the charismatic chihuahua above all others. He may be tiny, but in his own mind, he's ten feet tall.

Question 33

What Disney movie is this old-style radio from?

Earlier we talked about how expressive the furniture was in Beauty and the Beast. The radio character from this next film proves that objects don't even need to have a face to be memorable in the Disney universe. Voiced by the beloved Jon Lovitz (original film), this tube-style dial radio uses its bendable antennae to express itself. It helps its friends by remaining upbeat, energetic, and caring. On a perilous journey to find its previous owner, Radio provides some much needed comedic relief

Question 34

This wisecracking centipede can be found in which Disney film?

A lot of great Disney films started out as popular children's books or fairy tales. The next character on our quiz is from a fairly well-known written adventure, made extremely popular thanks to some stop motion Disney magic. At the start of this film, the main protagonist is rather afraid of this large centipede. Throughout the film, he learns to love the sharp-tongued insect. Mr. Centipede has a big personality and claims to have traveled all over the world (even though he never really did).

Question 35

Which Disney film features this kind old man?

This side character is described as royalty in his novel appearances but has a rather different look in this Disney film adaptation. He's a lanky older gentleman with a pot belly. He becomes the center of attention for a certain enchantress, although he often pushes away her romantic advances. He's a kind-hearted old soul and does his best to help his friends and companions. He's rather caring when it comes to children and will take time from his day to play games with them.

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