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There are many different types of mythical creatures out there, like for example unicorns, fairies, and mermaids. Some creatures come and go with the seasons or trends change year by year, but one of the mythical creatures that had withstood the test of time is dragons. Despite having shown up so long ago that no one is exactly sure when they were conceptualized, there's still a fascination with dragons today. Popular facets of media, including shows like Game of Thrones, movies like How to Train Your Dragon, tabletop games like Dungeon & Dragons, and video games like The Legend of Spyro and the rest of the Spyro series have helped dragons to stay relevant in, if not on top of, the world of mythical creatures.

But what is a dragon? Well, they're an integral part of folklore and legends from all over the world!

Every culture has a particular idea of how they look and what they do, and whether they are good, evil, a mix of the two, or sometimes even none of the above. The most recognizable dragon is built like a large lizard with reptilian qualities (such as scales, beady eyes, and sharp teeth,) and large, fleshy wings, but there are others, like the Chinese dragon, that have long, snake-like bodies with four legs, making them look something like a ferret. Some breathe fire, while others can summon lightning; some inhabit the ocean's depths and others live in caves guarding treasure - what a dragon does and where it lives all depend on the culture its backstory is from! How much do you know about dragons? Do you think you're an expert? Take this quiz and prove it!

Question 1

What game is this dragon from?

This dragon's name is Alduin and he is known as the World Eater. He is the primary antagonist in a game. In the game's lore he is considered to be the harbinger of the apocalypse. At a time he served as the leader of dragons where he ruled with "an iron fist". He is a very strong opponent and uses several different attacks. He has a resistance to 50% of all damage sources from the player. What game is this dragon from?

Question 2

What movie is this dragon from?

This dragon is named- well dragon. She originally acted as a guard to a princess in-prisoned in a castle, eating any and all knights who tried to rescue her. When a certain green ogre and his donkey companion came to the castle, Dragon was prepared to eat the donkey companion, until he charmed and sweet talked her with compliments. It caused her to fall in love with him and she did her best to romance him, though her infatuation with the donkey companion seemed one-sided. Eventually he returned her affections and the two got married and had children, hybrid donkey and dragon offspring called "dronkeys". What is the name of the movie this dragon is from?

Question 3

What game is this dragon from?

This is a type of dragon known as a blue dragon. Within the universe of a particular game, blue dragons, also known as storm dragons, are considered the most vain and prideful of the dragon race. They are known to be very territorial, though if given the proper amount of respected they can live peacefully as neighbors with humanoid communities and even other dragons. They like to live in areas that are prone to storms, including the coast. What game is this dragon from?

Question 4

What is the name of this dragon?

This dragon is from the animated movie franchise How to Train Your Dragon. He is a Night Fury, the most intelligent and rarest of dragon species. He is the best friend of Hiccup, the movie's protagonist, even though they initially met because Hiccup shot him down during a dragon raid. He has a curious and playful personality at times, though he doesn't like it when other offend him or his human friend. He is very curious and he gets his name from the fact that he can retract his teeth. What is the name of this dragon?

Question 5

What is the name of this dragon?

This dragon is from both the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime and the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game. In the anime is the signature card of the character Seto Kaiba. And in the card game it is a level eight dragon type monster with the light attribute. It is also featured in many of the Yu-Gi-Oh! video games. It is one of the most recognizable monster characters of the series, card game and video games. Do you know the name of this popular dragon?

Question 6

What is the name of this dragon?

This Chinese dragon is from an animated television show called Xiaolin Showdown that aired on Kids!WB. The show is about four warriors who have to find several powerful and mystical items called Shen Gong Wu and keep them out of the hands of villains. This dragon has the ability to sense the Shen Gong Wu and can shape-shift, acting as their primary mode of transportation. He is usually small but can transform into a full sized dragon. What is the name of this dragon?

Question 7

What is the name of this dragon?

This dragon was one of the protagonist in the movie Dragonheart. He gave half of his heart to a young Prince Einon to save his life, after he swore to rule with truth and honesty. He was thought to be the last remaining after there was a twelves year crusade to eliminate all dragons. He had a wise cracking personality but a very noble and self-less dragon. He was also very smart, as he came up with an idea that was mutually beneficial to both himself and a knight named Bowen that had tried to kill him. He was also voiced by Sean Connery. What is the name of this dragon?

Question 8

What is the name of this dragon?

This dragon is a pokemon. This dragon/flying type was introduced in Generation I. It is the final evolved form of Dratini. It flies very fast despite it size, capable of flying faster than the speed of sound and circle the world in sixteen hours. It is very kind and altruistic pokemon, as it is said to save humans from drowning and leading lost ships to safety. They are very rare to find in the wild. Do you know the name of this dragon?

Question 9

Do you know what the word "dragon" means?

Dragons are usually large serpent like creatures that appears in the folklore of many different cultures. What they look like and what they do varies on the location, but usually in western cultures, dragons are depicted as four-legged, horned and winged creatures. The word "dragon" itself came into the English language sometimes in the thirteenth century. It is an Old French word derived from the Latin word "draconem". Would you happen to know what the origin of the word "dragon" means?

Question 10

What show is this?

This show features quite a few dragons as main characters. When sister and brother, Emmy and Max, move into a new house, they find a magical dragon scale that transports them to another world to another world after they recite a rhyme. The world they are transported too is one filled with friendly talking dragons and other fantasy creatures and the two siblings quickly befriend four of these dragons. One is a large blue dragon named Ord, another is a pink dragon Cassie and then Zak and Wheezie who are conjoined twin dragons. The show aired on PBS and encouraged kids to take on challenges, recognize that there several different ways to approach a challenge and that trying and not succeeding is a valuable part of learning. What is the name of this show?

Question 11

What is the name of this dragon?

This dragon is from the show Game of Thrones. He is one of Daenerys Targaryen's "children", and his two other brothers are named Rhaegal and Viserion. He is named after Daenerys' late husband and is her personal mount. He is shown to be the more aggressive than his brothers, and has even snapped at his mother before. But he is very protective of her, and has come to her aid on several occasions. What is the name of this dragon?

Question 12

What is the name of this dragon?

This dragon is from the 2003 version of the anime. Full Metal Alchemist. He was a humunculus who had the ability to shape shift. He took on this form in the Conqueror of Shamballa movie and was captured by an organization known as the Thule Society, with the intent of becoming a literal ouroboros, a snake or dragon that eats itself. The Thule Society wanted to use him as a means to open the Gate to the other side, or "Shamballa" to transfer their soldiers to the other side. What is the name of this dragon?

Question 13

What is the name of this dragon?

This dragon is from the movie The Neverending Story, and is one of the main characters. He is a forty three foot long dragon covered in fur with white and pink scales going down his back. His eyes are the color of rubies. He is a very wise and kind dragon and he helps the character Atreyu on his quest to stop The Nothing. He is a Luck Dragon and seems to be the only one left. His last appearance in the movie is when he crosses dimensions and helps the character Bastian get revenge on the bullies that had been causing him problems. What is the name of this dragon?

Question 14

What kind of dragon is this?

This dragon is from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. In it Harry finds himself entered into the Triwizard Tournament, an event where the chosen Champions of Hogwarts, Durmstrang and Beauxbaton. He and the other Champions are set up to face three tasks to determine the winner of the Triwizard. Their first task was to retrieve a golden egg that was among a clutch of real dragon eggs, guarded by the mother dragon. Each Champion faced off against a different dragon with Harry facing the most dangerous and aggressive breed of dragon. What was the name of that breed of dragon?

Question 15

What kind of dragon is this?

This dragon is from the movie Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightening Thief. It is about a boy who discovers that he is the son of the Greek god Poseidon and that he has been blamed of stealing a lightening bolt from the god Zeus. While trying to get himself and his mother to safety, she is killed and Percy and his friends go on a quest to bring her back from the Underworld. They have to get three pearls that belong to the goddess Persephone to return and one of those pearls is guard by a serpent like monster with five heads that breathes fire. What is the name of this particular type of dragon?

Question 16

What is the name of this dragon?

This dragon is from the book and 2010 movie adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. The movie follows a young woman named Alice who is mourning the death of her father, troubled by the expectations pushed onto her by the society around her and an unwanted marriage proposal. She finds herself following after a white rabbit and traveling to a new and strange world. She finds herself pulled into a rebellion against the Red Queen and the Red Queen's greatest weapon, a dragon that appears to be made up of dark magic and shadows and it breathes out purple lightening. What is the name of this dragon?

Question 17

What movie is this dragon from?

This dragon is actually an evil fairy named Maleficent who uses her power to transform herself into a dragon in this Disney animated film. She places a curse on a princess, that when she reaches her sixteenth birthday she'll prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die. The curse is able to be changed that instead of dying, the princess will fall into a deep sleep and will be awakened by "true love kiss". The curse comes true and the princess falls asleep, though a handsome prince comes to her rescue. Maleficent not wanting her to wake up, put many obstacles in front of the prince, including turning herself into a dragon to fight him. What is the name of this movie this dragon is from?

Question 18

What school does this mascot belong to?

This dragon, isn't really a dragon but the mascot for all of a college's athletic teams. His name is Mario the Magnificent and he named after the school's alumni of 1940, Mario V. Mascioli, he hadn't missed a game for twenty years. The mascot is often seen rooting for teams on the sidelines, dancing during timeouts on the court and causing lighthearted mayhem around the university's campus. What is the name of this Philadelphia college that Mario the Magnificant hails from?

Question 19

What is the name of this dragon?

This dragon is from Norse Mythology and has had several different renditions of it done in other media like comics and games. Most recently it has been rendered in the latest God of War. It is a giant sea serpent that is destined to fight Thor, the god of thunder, come Ragnarok. In Norse mythology the sea serpent is one of the children of Loki and the giantess Angrboa and Odin threw the serpent into the ocean where it grew large enough to wrap around the Earth and grab hold of its own tail. What is the name of this dragon?

Question 20

What is the name of this dragon?

This dragon is from the animated movie Mulan. In it he acts as Mulan's guide to help her through her training and keep secret that she is a woman. He pretends to be the a guardian of her family, sent by her ancestors to keep her safe, when in fact he was a demoted to be an incense holder and a gong ringer. He is a source of comic relief in the movie, due to his overconfident and impulsive personality. He is voiced by Eddie Murphy. Do you known the name of this dragon?

Question 21

What is the name of this dragon?

This dragon is from the animated television show Jackie Chan Adventures. He served as a major villain throughout the series. He was a demon sorcerer of fire and apart of eight demon sorcerers who were banished to the Netherworld by the Eight Immortals. He managed to free himself and become a demonic emperor of China, only to be defeated and turned into a statue, his powers sealed into twelve talismans. He teams up with a criminal organization called the Black Hand and promises it's boss, Valmont, his lost treasure if he finds and returns the twelve talismans that hold his power. What is the name of this dragon?

Question 22

What is the name of this dragon?

This dragon is from the Dragonball series, showing up in all of the anime series and manga. When seven mystical and magical red starred orbs are brought together he can be summoned to grant the wish of whoever summoned him. His existence is connected to the life of Earth's guardian, called Kami, who was a Namekian who found himself on Earth. When another Namekian came to become the new Kami, the dragon's powers were increased and he was able to grant two wishes. He has been used throughout the series for various wishes, from serious ones like bringing the dead back to life to comical ones like wishing for a pair of woman's underwear. What is the name of this dragon?

Question 23

What is the name of this dragon?

This dragon is from the Hobbit Trilogy. He was considered to be the "last great dragon", to exist in Middle Earth. He laid claim to the vast amount of wealth that were within the Lonely Mountains, that had belonged to the Dwarves of that mountain. For nearly two hundred years he hoarded the treasure within the mountain, until a company of adventures that included Bilbo Baggins entered the mountain to take the treasure from the dragon. He was known by several different titles, including the title "King Under the Mountain", what is the name of this dragon?

Question 24

What is the name of this dragon?

This dragon is the main character of a series of games that bare his name. It was released on the PlayStation in 1994. This dragon is a small purple dragon that lives in the Artisan World, one of the five realms in the Dragon Kingdom. In the first game all the dragons, except himself, are encased in crystal. He, with his dragonfly companion Sparx, to free all of his dragon brethren. There is a re-master of this game and its sequels that is coming up from the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. What is the name of this dragon?

Question 25

When is the next year of the dragon?

The Chinese zodiac is a repeating cycle of twelve years, represented by an animal. These animals were used to date the years, and a dragon is among them. The dragon is the fifth member of the Chinese zodiac and is said to represent strength. There are many stories about the origins of the Chinese zodiac, but a very popular one talks of a race to meet with the Jade Emperor. The Emperor states that the order in which each animal shows up to meet him will be the order they appeared in the calender. The Dragon was expected to have come in first, but it had been held back as it brought rain to a village and helped the rabbit get to shore. The last year of the dragon was back in 2012, when will be the next year of the dragon?

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