Only Someone Who's Street Smart Could Get Over 50% On This Quiz

Staying alert in public and knowing the most trendy fashion brands is a sure way to stand out as being street smart. It may sound like a minor achievement, but being street smart could indicate one's success in their career. Being street smart means to have the life experience necessary to thrive in an urban environment.

The opposite of being street smart is to be book smart, but that doesn't mean someone can't be both. Knowing how long to be at a bus stop before its arrival is an example of displaying street smarts. Street smart people possess situational intelligence, a unique skill that can't be learned in school. Remembering the names of co-workers and friends is another example of being street smart. It's important to study, but it's not the only means to the end.

Perhaps being street savvy should be a course taught in schools. Street savviness can save one's life in potentially dangerous situations. Knowing to avoid dark alleyways while walking alone is common sense, but common sense is evidently not that common.

In this quiz, you'll find out if you're street smart or not. Only someone who's street smart could score over 50% on this quiz. Good luck!

Question 1

Why would someone use the Uber app?

Uber is by far the most popular ridesharing app available for download. It's a service app that allows users to call for a ride from Uber drivers. Due to its intuitive user interface, among other reasons, Uber is growing at a rapid pace and is about as popular as taxis now. There are a plethora of reasons to use Uber over taxis. Uber is an expanding company that is continually adding drivers. Why would someone utilize the revolutionary Uber app?

Question 2

Describe your walking style!

One of the most street smart skills someone can possess is walking in public. Walking in public is a skill that most people don't have, nor care to develop. Each person is entitled to their own walking style, but particular walking mannerisms seem to be more effective than others. The way someone walks can determine their success in careers, relationships, and more. Now, try to answer this question correctly. Answering it incorrectly doesn't really mean anything. Describe your walking style!

Question 3

A creepy person follows in a dim-lit area. Make a decision

One of the most gut-wrenching feelings a person can have while walking alone in the dark is a feeling that someone is following them. Maybe a branch dropped, or it was the wind; a noise from behind doesn't always suggest someone is following. On rare occasions, when a creepy person is actually lurking behind, panic ensues. These scary situations call for immediate action and aptitude. Now, answer this disturbing question. A creepy person follows in a dim-lit area. Make a decision.

Question 4

How would someone sneak out of their house without their parents finding out?

Teenagers may opt to sneak out of the house to prevent their parents from waking up, or maybe because they were forbidden to leave their home. Regardless of why a teen would want to sneak out, there are plenty of ways to get it done. Specific options are more effective than others. Staying inside and not sneaking out is okay, but who wants to miss their friend's awesome birthday party? How would someone sneak out of his or her house without his or her parents finding out?

Question 5

Choose the most street-like sport

Engaging in select sports as opposed to others could suggest how street smart a person is. Sports are excellent ways to enjoy the outdoors and to get some needed exercise. Some play sports for leisure, and other play them competitively. Competitive wrestling is a test of strength that is difficult to train for, just like any other sport! Golf is a fun sport but it may require more investment than sports such as skateboarding. Choose the most street sport from these answers.

Question 6

Is wearing headphones while walking on a busy street a safe idea?

Wearing headphones while walking is delightful, but it is also risky due to the existence of hazards on roads. Walking while wearing headphones on a street may soon be illegal. To be safe, some prefer to store their headphones in their bags, so they can use them at a later time. It is unknown how dangerous walking with headphones actually is, and hopefully, future studies will provide more insight into this topic. Is wearing headphones while walking on a busy street a safe idea?

Question 7

Which of these seems the safest?

There are many potential dangers one might encounter in their life, but to avoid most of them should be common sense. Approaching a suspicious van with a disheveled man who claims to be giving free candy is probably one to stay away from. Three out of four of the answers listed in this question seems potentially dangerous. Which one of these four selections does not seem dangerous? This question is probably common sense. Which of these do NOT seem potentially dangerous?

Question 8

Which item is the most helpful for walks?

Being safe when heading outdoors is of the utmost importance. Who would want to get lost or worse, injure themselves while going for an arduous hike? Plenty of people get lost in the woods, and rescue teams are not always able to find them. Being well-prepared is a life skill will aid in several facets of life. Now, try to answer this question correctly. One of these objects is the most useful for hikes. Which item is the most helpful for taking on walks?

Question 9

Where would someone want to meet a stranger?

Meeting a stranger for any reason should be done in an appropriate setting. Street smart people know that meeting strangers is not always a safe idea. Meeting a stranger in a crowded park for whatever reason during the day is fine, but at night, lack of visibility can lead to an unpleasant scenario. So why put oneself at risk when they can choose safe locations to meet strangers. If using an app such as Tinder or meeting someone for the first time for whatever reason, select a safe place! Where would someone want to meet a stranger?

Question 10

A person shouts on the street. Make a choice

Everyone has heard the stereotype of construction workers hollering and hooting to women on the street. Hearing a construction worker screaming at women on the street is more of a stereotype than a common occurrence. If a person was trying to catch your attention, they might raise their voice. In the worst case scenario, a person starts yelling your way. There is no acceptable reason to yell at someone on the street. A person who would is out of their mind. A person shouts on the street. Choose an action.

Question 11

A driver is displaying some road rage. Pick an action!

Road rage is one of the most dangerous acts someone can commit on the road. Signs of road rage include shouting, honking a horn repeatedly, making obscene gestures towards other drivers, tailgating, and speeding. Road rage can lead to accidents, so calm down and focus on the road. Being angry won't influence the actions of other drivers. Reacting to road rage is even more dangerous than being the first to do it. A driver is road raging at someone. Pick an action!

Question 12

Name this rap artist

The rap game is more competitive than ever before. Rap became popular in the 1980s and grew into prominence in the '90s. Rap is a cultural sensation that continues to remain relevant today. The rap artist featured in this screenshot is one of the, if not the most, recognizable rappers in the industry. He has sold more than 142 million units. Seven of this rapper's songs have attained certified triple platinum, and he has won three Grammy Awards out of twenty-seven nominations.

Question 13

Name this clothing brand based on the logo

Being able to recognize this brand could be an indicator of how street smart one is. The most street intelligent people know all the names of popular clothing brands. Being able to compliment someone on their appearance or recognizing the name of their clothing brand could be a conversation starter. It may not be everyone's favorite clothing brand, but most will know it regardless. The logo is Medusa, a figure in Greek mythology. Name this clothing brand based on the logo.

Question 14

Rate your negotiating skills when dealing with a salesperson

Sometimes in sales transactions, a salesman takes advantage of the customer. When attempting to purchase a product from a salesperson, one should prepare themselves for the worst. Salespeople want to make profits, and customers want to snag the lowest price possible. It is possible to obtain a steal of a deal when negotiating with a sales associate. Jordan Belfort is a talented salesman who appears in The Wolf of Wall Street. Rate your negotiating skills when dealing with a salesperson.

Question 15

What's it like to venture through the rough part of town?

The rough part of town should be avoided altogether if safety is an issue. Depending on the location, walking through the rough part in the city may include more muggings and potential dangers than other safe neighborhoods. The rough part of town is most often not somewhere one would want to be when the street lights go off. Walk with a buddy to stay safe – and try not to walk alone. What's it like to venture through the rough part of town?

Question 16

Is it alright to give change to a homeless person?

Sometimes there isn't always a right or wrong answer to questions. There are shades of grey and people are free to use their judgment in scenarios. Depending on the setting and person, some may feel generous enough to lend a homeless person change. Homeless people endure extreme living conditions, so any amount of change is invaluable. Some are probably unsure if they should give homeless change to a person or not. Is it okay to give change to a homeless person?

Question 17

What US city is the Empire State Building located in?

The Empire State Building was at one time, the world's tallest skyscraper building. It is now the 5th-tallest skyscraper in the United States and the 42nd-tallest building in the world. The Empire State Building is a tourist attraction for its scenic views and world-class architecture. The construction of the Empire State Building was done in a remarkable one year and 45 days. It stood as the tallest building in the world for 40 years, making it an outstanding achievement. What US city is the Empire State Building located in?

Question 18

Ideally, how much cash should one carry?

One should carry cash wherever they go because there is also the rare case when a vendor or other payment place doesn't accept credit or debit and only cash. Some who are street smart would say they know what the ideal amount of money to carry is. Some people don't track their handheld cash and instead make withdrawals when needed. It depends on the person, but it probably isn't a wise idea to carry too much cash just in case one loses their purse or wallet. Ideally, how much cash should be carried?

Question 19

Is it smart to buy used goods off Craigslist?

For those looking to snag a deal on clothing, furniture, video games, and vehicles, Craigslist is the site to visit. It is the most popular classified site likely due to its simplicity and user base. There are a ton of used and new goods located on this website. Although many prefer to buy items in a retail store, some prefer Craigslist because it can have better deals. It is also a website that sells services and one that has a community section. Is it a smart idea to buy used goods off Craigslist?

Question 20

Where would one find wi-fi in a hurry?

Being able to find wi-fi in public might save one's life. We are becoming more and more dependant on the internet for completing tasks such as buying groceries, furniture, and electronics. The internet is also a means to convey information. It is one of the most brilliant inventions of the 20th century. Some may opt to pay cell phone fees for data, but others travel to locations where wi-fi is provided for free. Where would one find w-fi in a hurry?

Question 21

Pick a 'street smart' rating!

One's street-smart rating may be an indicator of their success in life. The concept of being 'street smart' can apply to various facets of life including in the workplace and in personal relationships. Being 'street smart' means to be intelligent in other areas of life that are not in books. Knowing how to take public transportation or knowing the hottest spots around town are examples of being street smart. Select an appropriate answer and pick a 'street smart' rating!

Question 22

What's the name of an elevated train that moves on a single track?

There are various types of trains such as ground-based ones and other types that run underground. There are also ones such as the one featured in this photo. Depending on the geographical location, terrain, and city structure, a city will choose to build a specific train type. Underground might be necessary for cities that are crowded. Now, answer this question. A particular train is elevated and moves on a single track. What's the name of an elevated train that moves on a single track?

Question 23

Name this sports car!

One can gain a glimpse of this car in urban areas roaming the streets. It is possibly Audi's most gorgeous sports car that everyone dreams to own. Audi recently announced that their next-gen version of this car would likely be a 1,000 horsepower electric car. Audi is continually pushing innovation, and it has shown with their impressive line of vehicles. To be considered street savvy, one should know the name of most cars that ride on the roads. Name this sports car!

Question 24

Pick a fighting move to survive an encounter

Being the strongest fighter doesn't suggest that someone is the most adept fighter. Fighting smartly through training, or using common sense to take down an attacker is a better strategy. While walking on the street, a mugger might approach with the intention of hurting someone. Assaults are common in populated areas, so it is well-advised to be prepared earlier rather than later. Aiming for a vulnerable could save someone from losing their teeth!. Pick a fighting move to survive an encounter.

Question 25

Identify this clothing brand based on the pattern

Being able to identify one of the most famous fashion brands is an indicator of whether one is street smart or not. Hopefully, most people aren't the latter, but it wouldn't be surprising if some weren't able to recognize this brand. The pattern seen in this screenshot appears on most of this brand's products. They are a luxury brand that has stores located throughout the world. A real street smart individual will answer this fashion question with ease. Identify this clothing brand based on the pattern.

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