Only Someone Obsessed With Harry Potter Can Pass This Spells Quiz!

Is there a single person on the planet who wasn't upset when they didn't get an invite to Hogwarts on their 11th birthday. Even fans who were too old to know that their 11th birthday should have been exciting were retroactively sad that they weren't invited to the magic school. Many fans of the books and movies have picked up small sticks and tried to cast at least of few of the spells we learned from the Harry Potter universe. Whether they tried to levitate a feather, or call a soda to their hand from the kitchen everyone wants to have magic, but what kinds of spell could a magic user cast?

This quiz is for every inspiring Wizard and Witch, to see just how well they know the different spells in the wizarding world. There are so many useful and ingenious spells employed by the wizarding community, but what are they called? How do wizards start a fire? What spell allows witches to disarm their opponent? What charm can make a muggle forget they saw a unicorn? How does Harry fix his oft-broken glasses? These are just some of the spells and charms fans will have to know to ace this quiz.

Question 1

What spell causes an item to float?

This is quite possibly the most famous spell in the whole Harry Potter world, and its fame comes more from the class the students learn it in than from its actual use. Ron and Hermione discuss the way you say the charm, and the fun part is the two version sound almost identical. This moment helps to prove that Hermione is one of the best students and most talented witches in her class. What is the name of this spell? (And remember pronunciation counts.)

Question 2

What is the Unforgivable Curse that can end a life?

There are three unforgivable curses in the Harry Potter world. Fans and the students of Hogwarts get to see the spells first hand when Barty Crouch Jr, masquerading as Mad-Eye Moody use all three of them on a spider in the classroom. The first spell allows the user to control someone. The second one can cause agony in a target. The third one is the worst because it uses magic to take a life. What is the name of the third curse?

Question 3

What spell is used to repair Harry's glasses?

One of the first spells that fans of Harry Potter got to see was cast by Hermione. When she sees that Harry is wearing broken glasses she pulls out a wand and cast this spell that helps mend the problem. This is impressive considering she came from a magicless house and would not have had many chances to learn magic. This spell shows that Hermione has a great aptitude for learning and casting spells. What is this glass fixing spell?

Question 4

What spell can call forward a spirit of protection?

One of the most famous protection spells in Harry Potter is used to help keep the Dementors at bay. The spell brings forth a spirit animal to help protect the wizard, and everyone's version is unique. Harry's is a stag, Snape's is a doe, and Hermione's is an otter. Many Harry Potter fans have considered what their personal creature would be, just like a fans house they help identify what kind of wizards fans see themselves as. What spell was Harry especially gifted at casting?

Question 5

What spell can cause massive pain to its target?

This spell is another one of the Unforgivable Curses. This spell can be so intense that it can drive its victims mad. This is what happened to the parents of Neville Longbottom when they were attacked by Voldemort and his followers. The spell is bad even when it only lasts for a few moments, imagine how it must have felt to be attacked with it for a prolonged period of time. What is the name of this curse that can break the mind and body of its target?

Question 6

What spell causes the target to lose their memory?

This spell can help the caster make the target forget events. We find out that it is one of the few spells that Gilderoy Lockhart is particularly adept at casting, which is how he has stolen all of his amazing stories. Luckily for Harry, he tries to use Ron's broken wand and the spell backfires wiping out his memory. The spell can take away different lengths of memory, from moments to years depending on how it was cast. What is this spell?

Question 7

What spell is used to get rid of a boggart?

When a wizard finds themselves facing their greatest fear, which is what a boggart always looks like, they may be too afraid to function. Luckily they can cast this spell which can make their greatest fear look like something silly. When Ron uses it the spider gets rollerskates, Neville's fear, Snape dresses like his grandma, and Lupin's fear becomes a deflating moon. This spell changes fear into laughter. What is this spell that can cause the boggart to look silly and lose its power?

Question 8

Which spell can summon an item to the caster?

Sometimes a wizard or witch really needs to get access to a specific item. Harry Potter had to learn this spell when he was fighting the dragon in his first test for the Goblet of Fire. Harry was able to gain access to his broom using this spell This spell became important to Harry because it was what he used to call the Goblet to him to escape Voldemort. What is this spell that can bring a wizard things they need?

Question 9

What spell can unlock a door?

Magic seems to be a very useful tool for anyone lucky enough to wield it. Though Muggles have figured out many neat tricks of their own the magic world always seems to have an answer to those tricks. They make flying cars to improve on muggles regular cars, and they figured out a charm that can unlock any normal lock. Who needs keys? Well, wizards might, if the lock is enchanted as well. What is the spell that allows magic users to unlock doors?

Question 10

What spell is used to cause confusion in its target?

While dueling with other wizards, it is sometimes bad form to cause them great bodily harm. Though sometimes the combatants want to see the other one wounded, they often just want to embarrass or humble their opponents. This charm can be very useful for that desire. It can cause its target to become confused and dazed. When it is used properly it can cause the opponent to forget about the duel completely. It is also useful when a wizard is trying to flee. What is this spell?

Question 11

What spell can stun the target?

This spell has been referred to by Harry Potter as the "bread and butter" of a wizard's arsenal of spells. This is because of how useful this spell can be. It is one of the first spells young wizards learn, and it can be used in a variety of situations. Though the spell is especially useful in combat and duels, it can also be used to help keep the wizarding world from interfering with the muggle world. What is this spell?

Question 12

What spell can reverse concealing charms?

Concealing charms can be quite useful. They allow the wizard or witch who cast it to hide things in plain sight. The magic user can change the appearance of anything, for fun, vanity, or practicality. In a world were a wizards senses can fail them so easily it would be important to have a good all-purpose spell for canceling out masking spells. This charm allows the user to see what is really there. What spell can get rid of a concealing charm?

Question 13

What spell can lift the caster quickly?

There are plenty of times when the ability to rise rapidly can be useful to a magic user, and Harry Potter found one such moment when he was caught underwater and running out of air in his second event in the Goblet of Fire. Without this spell, Harry may have drowned, but with this spell, he was able to save himself and pass the test. What is the name of the spell that rockets Harry out of the water and on to dry land?

Question 14

What spell can disarm a target?

This spell is one of the most useful duel spells in Harry Potter. It can cause the target to drop their wand, which would neutralize most wizards completely. This spell is one of Harry Potter's favorites and it was the spell he used in his last duel with Voldemort, who had cast Avada Kedavra. This non-lethal spell was a perfect example of the difference between The Dark Lord and Harry, and it was poignant that these were the spells cast. What is this useful spell?

Question 15

What spell can allow a caster to live forever?

This spell was used by the Dark Lord Voldemort. He was able to split his soul into 7 pieces and distribute them into 6 of these items. This was more soul splits than any other wizard in history. The items he used were his snake Nagini, his diary, Marvolo Gaunt's Ring, Salazar Slytherin's Locket, Helga Hufflepuff's Cup, and Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem. He also created an accidental item when he attacked Harry Potter. What is this spell that can allow a wizard to outlive his body?

Question 16

What item is create by using an Hour-Reversal spell?

The user of hour-reversal charms is watched very closely by the wizarding world. The powerful incantation can cause problems if used incorrectly. Luckily for Harry Potter, Dumbledore saw it fit to give such a powerful device to a student, Hermione so that she could take more classes. She would later be encouraged by the headmaster to use the item to save Buckbeak and help save Harry from the dementors. What item is created by magic users binding Hour-Reversal spells to a necklace?

Question 17

What spell is spoken to turn off the Marauders Map?

Whenever a wizard or a witch want to hide the information on the Marauders Map, that was created by Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs, they only have to utter a magical phrase. The map could be dangerous if it was in the wrong hands. The phrase seems almost perfect for George and Fred Weasley because of their history as pranksters and troublemakers. What was the incantation that hid the information on the map making it easier to hid from authorities?

Question 18

What spell can be used to control a target?

The first of the Unforgivable Curses, and the one that seems the least terrible of the three, this curse allows the caster to control the mind and actions of the target. When Mad-Eye was showing off the curses the class thought this spell was fun until he forced the spider to almost harm itself by drowning. This spell can cause the target to go against its nature when compelled by the user. What is the name of the first curse?

Question 19

What spell allows a person to look into a target's mind?

This mind reading spell can be very dangerous. It can be used by a magic user to dive deep into the minds of a target and pull out memories and information. When this connection is made though, it can allow the target into the caster's mind as well. Snape attempts to teach Harry how to avoid the use of this spell by Voldemort. During the lessons, Harry sees information about Snape and Harry's family. What is this mind reading spell called?

Question 20

What spell can be used to help protect a secret?

Secrets can be very useful in the wizarding world, in fact, secrets are often the most important things in the real world as well. Finding out an enemies secrets can often lead to their downfall, even if they are superior in all other ways. When Lily and James Potter go into hiding they trust Peter Pettigrew as their secret keeper, which proves to be their undoing. What is the name of this spell that can bind a secret to a wizard or witch?

Question 21

What does a person have to say to activate the Marauders Map?

When a magic user wants to use the Marauders Map they have to say an incantation that will help them start the maps features. This turns the map from an ordinary piece of parchment into one of Harry's more useful tools at Hogwarts. The spell is a fun little saying that would most likely describe most users desire with the map. After the school is taken over by Voldemort villains the map becomes even more useful. What term starts the magic of the map?

Question 22

What spell is used to help characters travel great distances?

Wizards like to travel. Many of their spells, charms, and devices are developed for the purpose of traveling. This includes things like brooms, floo travel, and portkeys. One of the ways wizards travel is by using a very specific charm. Hogwarts is warded against the use of this charm, to make the school safer for students. No one can just cast their way into and out of the school. What is the name of the charm that allows magic users to appear from great distances?

Question 23

What spell was used to stop a falling student?

When a school has a student body that can fly around on brooms, then it starts a sport that encourages students to get hit with high-speed balls and other students, it is likely that there are going to be times where a student or two has to be saved from falling to their doom. Fans of Harry Potter get to see Dumbledore us this spell to save an unconscious and falling Harry during a quidditch match run-in with a Dementor. What is the name of this lifesaving spell?

Question 24

What spell can cause explosions?

There are many useful and wonderful spells in the Harry Potter universe. They can range greatly in scope and application, but anyone who has played a wizard in Dungeons and Dragons knows that sometimes a wizard is just expected to let loose and blow something up. There are a few explosive spells in Harry Potter. We see this spell used by Dolores Umbridge when she needs to get into the room of requirement. What charm does she use that allows her to blow open the doors?

Question 25

What spell locks doors?

In the wizarding world, it has to be hard to keep your stuff safe. There are so many spells that can be used to blow up a lock, move a person into a room, or even just unlock the door. However, it is probably still a good idea to lock up some valuables, even if a quick spell can undo it. Wizards can always cast this spell to lock a door or a box in hopes of causing other wizards a few moments of extra spellcasting to unlock it. What is this spell?

Question 26

What spell is used to blast Voldemort's army?

This is one of the most common explosion spells in all of Harry Potter. The spell sends out a giant fire blast, similar to fireballs that magic users cast in other mythical tales. The blast was used by Peter Pettigrew to escape Sirius Black, and it was used by Hermione to attack Voldemort's pet snake, Nagini. The spell is more destructive than some of the force blasts spells used because of the addition of flames to the explosive force. What is this curse?

Question 27

What spell causes the user to regurgitate slugs?

This spell was attempted by Ron Weasley, and it was going to make Draco Malfoy's day very terrible. Unfortunately, the spell backfired and causes Ron to start regurgitating these slimy mollusks. This was all caused by Ron's wand having been damaged and repaired improperly. The spell doesn't seem to have any real useful application, other than to annoy the target of the curse, but it could be very gross. What is the name of the spell that could make a person eat slugs?

Question 28

What spell creates a great downward pressure?

This spell causes downward pressure that can break holes in floors. It can be very useful when a wizard or witch is trying to catch someone off guard with a spell. Hermione uses this spell when the team has to escape Xenophilius. He was forced to betray Harry to Voldemort in order to save his captured daughter Luna. The spell creates a hole in the floor that gives the magic users time to escape. What is this useful, but destructive spell?

Question 29

What spell can turn things into stone?

This spell allows magic users to turn items into stone. It is an early level spell in Transfiguration. The students of Hogwarts enjoyed this spell because it allowed them to prank their friends and classmates. Imagine one's surprise when their backpack or lunch was turned to stone. However, the spell could be used well in combat as demonstrated by Hermione when she turned a tapestry into stone to harm some of Voldemorts followers. What is the name of this spell that can turn items into stone?

Question 30

What spell can cause its target to grow in size?

There are times when an object just needs to be bigger. This could be especially useful in the muggle world with things like screens, imagine being able to buy a 24-inch tv and growing it into a 100-inch tv with the flick of a wand. This spell is used in Harry Potter to make the spider that Mad-Eye is demonstrating on much bigger so the whole class can see the Unforgivable Curses. What is the name of this growing spell?

Question 31

What spell can be used to heal a broken nose?

Healing spells are quite amazing in the Harry Potter world. We see that magic has allowed wizards and witches to cure many of the ails that plague them. We see how easy it is for them to fix breaks, and they can even regrow bones fully. When Harry gets injured we see that Tonks can heal his nose with a quick charm. It may not be the most important magical heal, but it would be useful for most athletes. What is this nose healing spell?

Question 32

What spell can be used to create living quarters?

One of the basic human needs is shelter. We are just not capable of living out in the elements, especially in some of the weather that England can have. This spell allows the caster to create a living area to help the wizard spend the night in the wilderness. Like with many spells in Harry Potter it is Hermione Granger that cast this spell when they are trying to hide from Voldemort in their last year. What is this spell that can build structures?

Question 33

What spell can be used to cause explosions?

Wizards have always been amazing at destroying things, especially in mythology. Harry Potter never focused on the wizards destructive abilities, instead, they often showed the way that a wizard's spells can affect the world all around the users. This spell though was one of the more energetic spells we see the cast. This spell unleashes blue waves of force that can devastate anything that gets in its way. What is the name of this concussive wave that is used by Harry in the last book and movie?

Question 34

What spell can be used to make a splint?

Healing magic may be one of the most useful items in the whole Harry Potter world but sometimes nothing can be more useful than a properly applied bandage. Magic even allows perfect bandages to be created. We see this spell used by Remus Lupin to splint Ron's broken leg. Though more powerful healing magic could just heal the bone, this spell can be used by people who only know first aid spells. What is the name of this bandaging spell?

Question 35

What spell is used as a general counter spell?

In a world where literally everything one interacts with may be enchanted, cursed, or charmed it can be very useful to have a spell that can stop many of these enchantments. The wizarding world has developed one spell that can often put an end to many other spells. Though spells can be crafted that ignore this general spell it is still very useful, especially as the first line of defense. What is the spell used by wizards and witches to counter other spells?

Question 36

What spell can cause flame words to appear on an item?

There are times when hiding a message from others could be very useful. There are other times when you want everyone to see the message that you are leaving. This spell can be very useful for the latter. This spell was cast by the spirit of Tom Riddle to show how his name could be rearranged, and it was used by Hermione to mark doors for the team. The spell is useful and dramatic. What is the name of the flame writing spell?

Question 37

What spell can create copies of an object?

There are times when having just one of something is not nearly enough. For those times this spell was created. The spell allowed the user to make doubles of an item. These twin items could be used to help deceive people, like when Hermione cast this spell to steal a locket from Professor Umbridge. It could also be used to obscure the real item like it was on items in Gringotts Wizarding Bank. What is this spell that can create a twin of an item?

Question 38

What spell can change a staircase into a slide?

During the battle for Hogwarts Hermione was able to use this spell to change the stairs into a slide. This allowed many of the students to escape Voldemort's army and continue in the fight. The spell could have also been used to drop enemies down the slides and impede travel up the stairs, but fans never saw those uses. The spell was created in the middle ages by the founders of Hogwarts, which makes sense with all those stairs. What is this spell that could be used for fun in better circumstances?

Question 39

What spell helped create the Marauders Map?

The Weasley twins, George and Fred give Harry a very useful item, The Marauders Map. The map gives the user all the halls and rooms in Hogwarts and the surrounding area, and it lets the user see the locations of all the people on the map. Fans find out that the map was created by Harry's father and his friends when they were at the school. The map has stayed hidden for years because of special magic placed on it. What spell helped make the map?

Question 40

What spell can cause a target to stop in their tracks?

There are a lot of spells in the wizarding world. There are spells to open doors, There are spells that can heal broken noses, and there are even spells that can summon food from refrigerators. However, in Harry Potter, the wizards and witches always seem to need more combat oriented spells and this is where this spell comes in handy. It can freeze an opponent and stop them from moving. What is the name of this spell that can incapacitate a foe?

Question 41

What spell can cause items to repeal substances?

This spell was used in the Harry Potter universe to help Harry's glasses repeal water so that he would be able to see better in a Quidditch match. The spell was used on the whole team, to help keep the water out of their face. This spell was also used by Hermione to help her and Ron escape multiplying treasure that was falling on them. This spell can be used on almost anything but works best with fine substances and mists. What is this spell?

Question 42

What spell can tie up a target?

This spell can be very useful to bind an opponent after they have been subdued. This spell can use rope, chains or even vines to wrap up the target. Fans see this spell used many times, by many different casters, including Dumbledore, Remus Lupin, Snape, and Dolores Umbridge. The spell can even be slightly offensive as seen when Umbridge binds a centaur using the spell. What is the name of this spell that can capture an opponent and hold them?

Question 43

What spell holds the target upside down by the ankle?

This spell is used by wizards to hold up their targets by the ankles. The spell functions like a rope around the ankle, and the target often spins. This spell can be especially embarrassing, because of the robes that wizards often wear. It would be bad enough in any conditions to be held upside down, but imagine how much worse it is in a robe. The spell was used by Harry's dad James against Snape when they were both in school. What is the name of this capturing spell?

Question 44

What spell creates fire?

This spell can allow the caster to shoot fire from their wand, or it can just ignite an object remotely, causing it to burn. Both methods can be very effective, and they can both cause serious problems for the item or person they are used against. The spell is often used to light fireplaces and candles as well. The spell was also used by the Order of the Phoenix to get rid of documents. The spell is versatile and easy to use. What is this fire starting spell?

Question 45

What spell can cause light to come out of a wand?

If anyone happens to have a device with a google assistant they can just say this spell and turn on their phones flashlight. (This hasn't been announced as one of Suri's commands yet). The Magic users in the Harry Potter universe can cast this spell and turn the tip of their wands into a flashlight as well. This spell has become a little less cool now that everyone has a flashlight at all times, but there was a time when the only wizard had access to light so easily. What is this spell?

Question 46

What spell can be used to blindfold someone?

Sometimes keeping an enemy in the dark can be very useful. The ability to cause a person to not see what is going on around them, especially in the wizarding world can be helpful. The spell can create the blindfold, so cloth doesn't have to be present. This spell has been used by Hermione to block the vision of some of the portraits, and it has been used by Harry in a duel with Draco Malfoy. What is the name of this spell that can temporarily blind a villain?

Question 47

What spell can produce flowers?

Not all magic is doom and gloom. Sometimes the spells can be fun and useful. This spell allows the user to create a bouquet of flowers. This spell is based on stage magic that could produce flowers from a wand. We see this spell used when Hermione lays flowers at the grave of Lily and James Potter. The spell may not have many uses in fights, but it is great for raising the spirits of people around. What is this colorful spell?

Question 48

What spell was used to freeze Neville Longbottom?

When Neville Longbottom was about to turn in his friends to help keep house points for Gryffindor, Hermione decides to freeze him with a spell. Little did Neville realize at the time that his sacrifice would be the final house points that his class would need to win the house cup that year. The house points often felt unfair, because the teachers were seen pulling for their house and trying to help them win. What spell was used to make Neville freeze?

Question 49

What spell was used to turn the statues of Hogwarts into an army?

When Voldemort finally decided to attack Hogwarts it was up to the teachers to help mount a defense. Flitwick started casting charms that would help defend the castle, and McGonagall used a specific spell to activate the suits of armor around the school to defend the students. This spell took armor without soldiers and made it capable of marching and fighting for its masters. The spell helped keep Voldemorts army at bay. What was the spell that mobilized the army?

Question 50

What spell can create shields?

One of the many charms that Flitwick cast on the School during the battle with Voldemort was a shielding spell. Wizards can use many different levels of a shielding spell. They can cast spells that block all sorts of attacks of different sizes. The shield spell is stronger when it is cast by more magic users, and the bigger the spell is the more energy it needs to work. What is the name of the spell used to make shields?

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