Only Sheldon Can Name All Of These The Big Bang Theory Characters

The Big Bang Theory was created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady back in 2007. It has run for 11 seasons now, with its main group of characters expanding from four to seven over the years. The show that was initially about a dimwitted aspiring actress and four geeky, super-intelligent guys who couldn't land a date to save their lives, quickly became the sitcom that took the place of shows like Friends, Sex and the City, and Seinfeld. Sheldon, played by Jim Parson's quickly became the heart of the show. He was a child prodigy that grew up to be incredibly book-smart, yet lacked any human emotion or social skills.

Sheldon's character has expanded along with the rest to include girlfriends, who eventually became wives to over half of the guys. One being the aspiring actress, who in the pilot, moved in across the hall from Sheldon and his roommate. Aside from the expansion of The Big Bang Theory's main characters, there have also been tons of secondary characters, recurring characters, and even characters who just dropped by for an episode, or two. In fact, there have been so many characters that only Sheldon can name them all. Do you think that you know all of the characters from TBBT? Prove it!

Question 1

Can you name Sheldon's mom?

This character from The Big Bang Theory is Sheldon Cooper's mother. Sheldon's mom has appeared at least once, for nearly every season of the series. She's a devout Christian, whose beliefs constantly counter the scientific beliefs of her son. Besides Sheldon, she has two other children and she's been a widow ever since Sheldon's father died. She normally comes to Sheldon's aide when he's having problems coping with changes in his life, such as the time she came when he was fired from Caltech. What's her name?

Question 2

Do you know who this is?

This dad from TBBT didn't show up until season 9, although, he'd been mentioned earlier in the series. He's Leonard Hofstadter's dad, who has been divorced from his mother for some time. He came for Leonard and Penny's redo ceremony and ended up hitting it off with Sheldon's mom. They even appeared to have hooked up. However, it was later revealed that they'd just had a great conversation. They'd easily bonded over how cold Leonard's mother is. Who is Leonard's father?

Question 3

Can you name this ex-girlfriend from The Big Bang Theory?

You might recognize this character as one of Raj's ex-girlfriends from The Big Bang Theory. She has made several appearances throughout the last few seasons of the series. Her first appearance as Raj's love interest was in season 7, where she almost became friends with Amy after Amy responded to her on the dating site for Raj. She ended up ditching both of them but later gave Raj another chance. Afterward, she appeared as his off-again, on-again girlfriend up until season 10. Who is she?

Question 4

What is Howard's Mom's name?

Prior to her death, Howard's mother's presence was always felt in the earlier seasons, although, she was never fully seen. She was mostly just heard yelling at Howard from somewhere else in the house. His mother did attend his rooftop wedding, yet she sat off to the side, away from view. This scene from the series shows the most that was ever seen of her, which was from the neck down. She has been described as being obese with lots of facial hair and her first name was mentioned in season 7. Do you know what her name was?

Question 5

Who is this guy?

This character shows up as himself on several episodes throughout the series, starting with Season 2. He played Wesley Crusher in Star Trek: The Next Generation, making Sheldon a huge fan of this actor as a teenager! However, he felt let down when the actor didn't show up for a Trek Convention when he was 15. In this character's first episode, Sheldon faced him in a tournament specifically to get revenge. He became an enemy of Sheldon's until he gave him a signed Weasley Crusher action figure. Who is this character?

Question 6

Which faculty member from the university is this?

This character didn't make an actual appearance until season 6, although, her presence as the Human Resources Administrator at Caltech throughout past years was discussed in her first appearance. She'd had to deal with several complaints about Howard's lewd jokes, as well as the sexual harassment claim made against Raj over something he'd said while intoxicated. This time, however, it was Sheldon's sexist actions against his assistant that warranted her attention. From that point on, she appeared more regularly, often dealing with Sheldon's quirks or one of the other guys' behavior. Who is she?

Question 7

Do you know who this is?

You might recognize this beautiful young lady as Raj's sister, who dated Leonard while he and Penny had broken up. They'd also hooked up in the past, although, this had been kept secret from Raj due to a promise made by both Leonard and Howard to not hit on Raj's sister. Things got pretty serious between her and Leonard to the point where she moved in with him for a while. However, her parents and her return to India eventually got in the way. Do you know this character's name?

Question 8

Can you name this season 11 character from The Big Bang Theory?

This character was Raj's love interest during season 11. She showed up as a co-worker of Bernadette's, who Raj was interested in, but he didn't appear to be interested in him. Both he and Stuart competed for her attention at one point. However, she made it clear that she wasn't looking for a relationship and agreed to be friends with them instead. Later, she did begin to see Raj, yet Bernadette found out that she was trying to steal her job, which also ended their "friendship". Who was she?

Question 9

Which main character from TBBT is this?

The guys met this character as she was moving into the apartment across the hall from Sheldon and Leonard in the pilot episode. She's an aspiring actress, although, she's also worked as a waitress at the Cheesecake Factory and selling pharmaceuticals. This character has always been the odd-ball of the bunch as she is more street smart than she is book smart. She's been Leonard's main love interest since the pilot and they eventually got married, despite splitting up and getting back together several times. Who is she?

Question 10

Who is this Sheldon Cooper groupie?

It'd be kind of hard to forget Sheldon's one and only groupie throughout the series, but you never know. She first appeared in season 2 as a graduate student at Caltech. It was obvious from the beginning that she was a fan of both Sheldon and his work. She was willing to do anything to help him with the theory that he was working on at the time, including rub his feet and make sure he ate. However, she was also clingy and demanding with his time. Do you know who she is?

Question 11

Can you name this waiter?

This waiter played a big role in a couple of season 1 episodes. He's the owner, manager, and waiter of the Szechuan Palace Chinese restaurant that the guys frequently go to. His first appearance is in The Dumpling Paradox, where Sheldon complains about the food and that Howard isn't there to translate. Meanwhile, the owner claims that Howard's Mandarin is bad anyway. In a later episode, he reappears when Sheldon attempts to learn enough Mandarin to complain about his food, which results in an argument. Do you know this waiters name?

Question 12

What The Big Bang Theory character is this?

This character appeared as an illegal helium dealer in The Helium Insufficiency. In the episode, Leonard and Sheldon were trying to finish their experiment before they got beat at it, but they didn't have the helium needed to pull it off. Apparently, Howard knew a guy and before long the exchange was set to happen. It turned out that this helium dealer was actually pretty smart and he and Sheldon had an interesting conversation amidst an awkward exchange. Do you know who the illegal helium dealer was?

Question 13

Do you know who this is?

Any Big Bang fan should be able to name this main character from the show. Unlike Sheldon, Leonard, and Raj, this character doesn't have a doctorate, yet he does have a masters in engineering, which to him is just as good. He's the only one that isn't shy around women, although, his pickup lines are usually self-absorbed and lewd, which shows his ego is bigger than his experiences boast. This character had an overbearing mother who you often heard yelling, yet never actually got to see on TBBT. Which character is this?

Question 14

Which rarely seen and never named character is this?

This nurse appears on an episode of The Big Bang Theory, about once every couple seasons or so. She was the nurse from the sperm bank in the Pilot episode when Sheldon and Leonard were attempting to donate their sperm. Later, she is the nurse that Howard deals with when faking a peanut allergy in order to cover for Leonard's surprise party. She also deals with Howards robot situation in season 4 and is there when Bernadette gives birth. Her name is never given, yet it was always on her nametag. Do you know what her name is?

Question 15

Who is this?

Do you recognize the guy in the Superman costume? He was an on-again, off-again boyfriend of Penny's who she'd actually married at a drive-through chapel in Vegas once, although neither of them realized that the marriage was actually real. He's the only boyfriend of Penny's to get along with the guys, besides Leonard, of course. He even dressed up as Superman to attend a New Years Eve party complete the guy's Justice League Theme. Do you know who he is?

Question 16

Can you name this character from The Big Bang Theory?

This character made her first appearance as Penny's co-worker at The Cheesecake Factory in season 3 when she was introduced to Howard and went with him on a double-date with Penny and Leonard. She has since become a big part of the cast after continuing her relationship with Howard and eventually marrying him. They initially bonded over their overbearing mothers. She has a Ph.D. in microbiology but was working at The Cheesecake Factory to pay off her student loans. Do you know who she is?

Question 17

What is this guy's name?

This guy becomes a friend to Raj, Howard, and Leonard after getting to know them from their frequent visits to his comic book store. He's the owner of The Comic Center of Pasadena. His shop was mentioned in the first season, although, he didn't make an appearance until the second season when he dated Penny. He wasn't aware of Leonard and Penny's past relationship at first but backed off when Penny called him Leonard. Later, he also dated Amy, yet he knew Sheldon was involved with Amy. Who is he?

Question 18

Do you know who this co-worker is?

This character is an on-again, off-again love interest for Leonard throughout a couple of seasons. She's also one of Leonard, Sheldon, and Raj's co-workers at Caltech. Initially, she said that Leonard didn't arouse her, although, she later showed up at his apartment to sleep with him. Leonard suspected that they were in a relationship, yet she coldly explained that she had used him. This character also acts as an antagonist for Sheldon, as she often insults his intelligence. Eventually, she and Leonard did have a relationship, but it didn't last. Who is she?

Question 19

Which main character is this?

This main character is best friends with Howard and was best known for his inability to speak to women while sober during the first couple of seasons. This often led to funny situations where he'd drink in order to socialize with women, although, his personality and pickup lines were horrible while intoxicated anyway. He has a Ph.D. in astrophysics and works at Caltech with Leonard and Howard. This character also became really close with Penny at one point and they had a one-night stand. Who is he?

Question 20

Who's playing basketball with Sheldon?

The man playing basketball with Sheldon is a frequent antagonist to Sheldon and is also Sheldon and Leonard's colleague at Caltech. He has a speech problem where he constantly pronounces his r's and l's as w's, instead. He's the one who gives Sheldon the most crap about his retractions and plays pranks on him. The reason that Sheldon ended up playing basketball with him was that they were fighting over who would get Professor Rothman's office in The Rothman Disintegration. Neither of them was very good at the game. Who is he?

Question 21

Can you name the President of the California Institute of Technology?

This guy is the President of the California Institute of Technology, aka Caltech. He's the person who raises the money and awards it to different programs at Caltech where Sheldon, Leonard, and Raj are employed. He has had several run-ins with Sheldon. One of these situations is when Sheldon is bothering him with his suggestions, which the President of Caltech wasn't interested in. Instead, he pushed Sheldon to take a vacation. Sheldon has also appeared at his house on a couple of different occasions, which didn't go over well. Who is the President of Caltech?

Question 22

What is Raj's ex-girlfriend's name?

Raj and this character made an unusual couple, to say the least. Raj wasn't over his selective mutism yet and still wasn't able to talk to women unless he was intoxicated. They met at the comic book store on Valentines Day. Raj soon discovered that she suffered from severe social anxiety and they began to date. The couple communicated through texting even while together. She ditched him on three different occasions. Each time was because she got uncomfortable. Who was she?

Question 23

Do you recognize this mom from The Big Bang Theory?

This mom is very different from most mothers. She acts a lot like an older, female version of Sheldon. When her son was growing up he wasn't allowed birthdays because being born wasn't considered to be an achievement. She has no emotional skills and is very cold, although, she's a psychiatrist, herself. The only person she appears to get along with is Sheldon, who likewise thinks the world of her. In fact, she confides in him more than she does her own son. Who is she?

Question 24

What is Professor Proton's real name on TBBT?

Professor Proton is a character from a beloved kid's science show that Sheldon and Leonard grew up watching. He shows up during episodes in four seasons of TBBT. His first appearance was in season 6 when Leonard and Sheldon found out that he did private science shows for children and hired him to do experiments with them. Professor Proton was obviously confused about two grown scientists would hire him for a kids science show. What was Professor Proton's real name?

Question 25

Who's Sheldon's wife?

Sheldon met his wife after Howard and Raj matched him with her on a dating site. They only spoke over messaging, at first. However, Penny eventually talked Sheldon into seeing his match in person. The pair got together and found out that they were actually a lot alike. Sheldon has become a little less old and more human with her in his life. This character and Sheldon got married in the 11th season after a couple bumps in the road. Do you know who she is?

Question 26

Can you name the guys boss at Caltech?

This character only appeared in the first two seasons but was a frequently recurring character in those seasons. He's the head of the Physics Department at Caltech, which made him Leonard, Howard, and Raj's boss. He was the guy who helped fuel Raj's ego when he was featured by People magazine. Once, Sheldon was annoyed by him being his boss and insulted him, leading him to fire Sheldon, yet he rehired him when he met Sheldon's mom. Do you know who he is?

Question 27

Which Big Bang Theory father is this?

This dad from TBBT is tough as can be. He's the opposite of all of the main guys on the series. A tough right-wing, ex-police officer, who scares his daughter's husband, but just a little. He doesn't approve of his daughter's choice in husband, yet is impressed with his career, which happens to be as an astronaut (hint). His wife was overbearing with his daughter, which led her to bod with her husband. Do you know which Big Bang Theory dad this is?

Question 28

Which lead character from The Big Bang Theory is this?

This lead character was Sheldon Cooper's roommate before he moved into his wife Penny's apartment, prior to later switching apartments with Sheldon and Amy. They had already lived together for some time prior to the start of the series. His childhood was focused more on achievements than love and his mother was cold rather than warm. He's an experimental physicist at Caltech where he works with Sheldon and Raj. He spent most of the series chasing Penny who he eventually married. Can you name this lead character?

Question 29

Do you know this girls name?

This character is one of Leonard's ex-girlfriends. They met after Howard had tried to impress her by letting her drive a Mars Rover, which they crashed. Howard asked Leonard to drive her home, but they ended up hitting it off instead, which Howard wasn't happy about. In The Vartabedian Conundrum, she moved into Sheldon and Leonard's apartment, without Leonard realizing that they were living together until Sheldon and Penny pointed it out, leaving him to figure out how to get her to move out. Who was she?

Question 30

Which of Penny's admirers is this?

This doctor was one of Penny's biggest admirers, even if he only appeared in one episode. Apparently, Penny had led him on a bit while trying to sell him pharmaceuticals. Later, he showed up at Penny's apartment with roses, only to find out that she had a fiance and the guys ended up going to his house to see his memorabilia collected from stars that he had treated as a urologist. However, he locked them in his basement so he could get another shot at Penny. Who was he?

Question 31

Who is this with Sheldon?

This character only appeared in two episodes, although, she shouldn't be hard to name since there haven't been too many women in Sheldon's room. She's down-to-earth, has a great sense of humor, and pretty, which led to Howard, Raj, and Leonard fighting just to ask her out. They all tried, yet failed miserably. Meanwhile, she visited Penny and they became friends rather quickly. Her mother is a devout Christian, she's a twin, and she has an older brother named George. Do you know who this is?

Question 32

Can you name Raj's ex?

Can you name yet another of Raj's ex-girlfriends? He met this one at the comic book store in season 9. Initially, she really wasn't that into him, yet Raj's determination eventually got through to her. He even broke up with one of his other girlfriend's to ask her out once, although, she was seeing someone else and thought he was rude for breaking up with his girlfriend. To make matters worse, it was on Valentine's Day. Later, Raj started dating this character and his ex-girlfriend at the same time. Do you know who she is?

Question 33

What is Penny's father's name?

Penny's father is the nicest of TBBT dads. He's been a good, loving father to Penny, although, he'd wanted a son and treated her like a tomboy. He especially likes Leonard, as he hasn't always been happy with the dense guys that Penny has dated in the past. In fact, because of this, Penny actually avoided telling him about her breakup with Leonard and they had to pretend to be together when he visited in season 4. Do you know Penny's dad's name?

Question 34

Do you know who this is?

This is Sheldon's favorite living relative! She calls him Moon-Pie and Sheldon believes that she is the most loving, caring, and wisest person in the world. She's the one person who has always supported Sheldon's love for science. Her only appearance was when she came to meet Amy and disapproved of her because Sheldon had been so hurt by their breakup. However, she comes to understand more and gives Sheldon her blessing to give Amy her ring. Do you know who she is?

Question 35

Can you name this character?

This character only appeared in one episode when Leonard and Sheldon needed a cover story to avoid hearing Penny sing in play. Leonard gave her an excuse, but Sheldon felt that the excuse wasn't good enough and made up a new lie with this guy acting as his fake, drug-addicted brother, Leopold. In Sheldon's lie, Leonard was helping him with his brother's intervention. In reality, the character was a research assistant at Caltech with a double major in theater and physics. Do you remember this character's real name?

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