Only Ross Could Pass This Monica Geller Quiz

Ross and Monica Geller for the most part have a pretty healthy brother-sister relationship. They are forever present in each other's daily lives, giving advice and support on major life decisions. Monica is always there for Ross when he suffers through heartache. Ross is always there for Monica when she's feeling discouraged in her professional careers or with their parents. Growing up they weren't always that close, but that's normal between siblings. For example, Ross makes a comment that around Monica, if you didn't fight for your food you didn't eat. Despite their ups and downs, and pushing past their competitive nature, Ross knows Monica better than anyone in the group. This is no surprise considering they were raised together. He knows all of her childhood secrets, some of which she tried to bury so deep inside her that no one would find them out. Due to the fact that they were so close in age, Monica normally would follow Ross around as a child and because they were both geeky kids, they only really had each other to play with. As adults, their relationship is strong - so much so Ross asks Monica to be the godmother to his daughter. Do you think you know Monica as well as Ross does? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1

Who was Monica looking to hook up with after feeling horrible at Ross’ wedding reception?

As if it wasn't bad enough that Ross had been married once already, when he gets engaged to Emily, Monica is not handling it well. At the rehearsal dinner in London, her mother makes a comment about how his wedding might be the only one she'll ever get to pay for. Monica turns to alcohol to heal her broken heart because she was no where close to being engaged. She didn't even have a boyfriend. After getting drunk, she decides she's going to have a one-night-stand.

Question 2

What is the name of Monica’s boyfriend who was friends with her dad?

Monica has had several boyfriends throughout the earlier seasons of the series. In fact, at one point she was dating a millionaire who asked her out using a ten thousand dollar check. But, not all of her relationships were as meaningful as this one. He was a significant character to the show, and made many appearances throughout season 2. The only thing that was standing in their way was the fact that they were in two different stages of life.

Question 3

What is Richard’s occupation?

Despite the fact that Richard was Monica's fathers friend, the two couldn't help but give in to their attraction. They began to date, and Monica was happy to be in a real, adult relationship. Richard was also very nice to her, which made it easier to forget that they were two decades a part in age. Nonetheless, the gang accepted him - even the guys tried to be like him because he was so cool. What did he do for a living?

Question 4

What are Monica’s parents’ names?

Ross and Monica's parents are secondary characters that find themselves in episodes around the holidays or other family functions. Most of the information about them are told by either Monica or Ross when they are reliving their childhood. Her father is more clueless and doesn't get involved in many of the family drama. He's always there for Monica, which we see when she and Richard break up. Her mother is more dramatic and has to give her opinion about everything.

Question 5

What sport did Monica and Ross play at Thanksgiving which made them really competitive?

There is no hiding the fact that both Monica and Ross are competitive. And not just with sports either. Monica always has to be the best or win at something. For example, betting the apartment with Joey and Chandler - she had to continue to up the stakes in order for her to win. Ross is quite similar in his competitiveness, but as an adult its mostly in his career. Sometimes though, the siblings give in to their competitiveness with each other, which we see at a sports event with the whole group.

Question 6

What is the name of Monica’s prom date from high school?

Monica and Rachel have been best friends ever since grade school. Throughout high school though Rachel became very popular and was a cheerleader. Monica gained a ton of weight in high school which labelled her the "fat friend" to Rachel. Nonetheless, they remained best friends, and Monica cherished the stories Rachel told about her dalliances with the popular guys. Despite her awkwardness around guys, Monica did have a prom date who actually showed up on time, and got her a corsage too!

Question 7

Who was Monica’s first kiss?

The audience doesn't learn of Monica's first kiss until later in the series when she's remembering the kiss with Chandler and Ross. I think we all assumed it was someone in high school, perhaps her prom date Roy gave her a little smooch. But, from the story it seems it happened during a trip to see her brother Ross while he was in college. She describes the man as her "Midnight Mystery Kisser." No one had heard of the story up until that moment.

Question 8

Where did Monica first meet Chandler?

Monica and Chandler weren't always the best of friends as the beginning of the series portrayed. They had come along way as across the hall friends. They have a long history together and not just because she knew him as her brother's college roommate. At one point, Monica actually hated Chandler and sought out revenge against him. To be fair, when they first met Chandler did call Monica fat, which was the driving point in her efforts to become "skinny."

Question 9

Who lived with Monica before Rachel moved in?

Monica lives in the apartment complex that her grandmother used to live in. Although she is technically living "illegally" in the apartment still under her grandmothers name, their superintendent Mr. Treeger doesn't really say anything. Despite the rent being cheap, she does have roommates in the second bedroom before Rachel decides to leave her man at the altar and move to New York. Thankfully it was unoccupied when she came to town, but that's only because its previous tenant couldn't handle Monica as a roommate.

Question 10

How many categories of towels does Monica have?

Monica is the mother hen of the group, not just because of the qualities she inherited from her other mother, but because she likes to clean and have organized, safe fun. The group often joke at how much she loves to be organized and keep things clean. For example when they walk in on her cleaning her big vacuum with a handheld one. She has a ribbon drawer that is organized by type, material, color, etc. The same goes for her towels.

Question 11

Who is the favorite child out of Ross and Monica?

Ross and Monica have a more or less healthy relationship, due to the fact that they do see each other everyday in their adult life. Ross only lives a few blocks away, but he spends most of his time at her or the guy's apartment. But, things aren't always so peachy, especially with the discussion of their parents. Their childhood wasn't exactly fair - one child in particular felt like they didn't get the same amount of attention and love from their parents.

Question 12

What does Monica do when her credit card is stolen in season 1?

Monica is very careful with all of her belongings, and is a proud law abiding citizen. She doesn't like to break rules or engage in anything illegal or things that might cause trouble. So when her credit card gets stolen in Season 1, she is furious and demands justice. But it doesn't take long for her to feel bad about herself. She realizes how boring and uneventful her own life is when her identity thief is doing things with her money that she could've been doing.

Question 13

In what season does Monica become an aunt?

Ross' first relationship in Friends is with his one true love, Carol who was his college sweetheart. Unfortunately their relationship had ended because she realized that she's a lesbian, and began seeing a woman named Susan. Ross is mourning when she comes to meet him at his work to tell him that she is with child. Ross can't believe his ears for that fact that he's going to be a dad. Even though Carol and Susan plan to raise the child together, Ross is still its father, making Monica an aunt.

Question 14

What high school hottie does Monica go out with years later?

Monica never had many engagements with the popular group, despite the fact that her best friend Rachel was very much a part of it. She felt it had something to do with the fact that she was overweight, But, Monica finds the courage and strength in order to put her body in a more healthy state. As an adult, Monica runs in to an old high school peer who is impressed with how good she looks now, which leads to him asking her out.

Question 15

Which one of Monica’s boyfriends was an alcoholic?

Monica dates many men who are welcomed into the group. Not because its rare that she finds a man who finds her fun and entertaining. During Season 1 and 2, Monica has an on and off relationship with someone who always has a drink in his hands. She doesn't seem to notice until one night the gang is cleaning up and realize there are many more empty wine bottles than they had all managed to drink. Monica tries to help him through it.

Question 16

Why do Richard and Monica break up?

Richard and Monica were extremely compatible. Being the more mature of the group, his age didn't seem to have a damper on their relationship. Other than Joey and Chandler accidentally commenting on his age, they don't seem to say anything about it. For some time he is a renowned member of the group, but has trouble saying "I love you" to Monica, which was likely a result of his failed marriage. But, their relationship unfortunately comes to an end when they have a disagreement on something that means the world to Monica.

Question 17

What is the name of Richard’s son who Monica briefly dates?

As if it wasn't bad enough that Monica dated one of her father's good friends, but when she injures her eye and has to make an emergency appointment, she is happy that it isn't with Richard. In fact, its with his son, who happened to pursue the same field as his father. Both are very much aware of her previous relationship with Richard, the two don't deny their attraction for each other. The group are very much against her relationship with him, making comments about how its "gross and weird."

Question 18

Why does Monica’s childhood boxes get ruined at her parents’ house?

Ross and Monica learn that their parents have sold their childhood home. This means that they have to make plans to go over and collect their remaining boxes which have all of their memories. Ross arrives first, and when their father brings them to where they boxes have been stored, he can't believes his eyes. Monica's boxes - the only things that remain from her childhood have been ruined while Ross's remain perfect and intact. Feeling guilty, he tries to make boxes from his own stuff so she won't get hurt.

Question 19

How does Ross find out that Monica and Chandler are together?

Monica and Chandler start their relationship when they return home from London. However, they decide to keep it a secret because they want to refrain from the drama of everyone knowing and just be happy as a couple. But, it doesn't take long for the group to slowly find out. To be fair, they weren't very careful. Joey is the first to know, only finding out because their stories overlap from when they went on separate "conventions." Ross is the last to find out.

Question 20

What do Monica’s parents spend her wedding fund on?

Monica's mother doubted that Monica would ever get engaged to be married. Throughout the series she was always commenting on the fact that she wasn't in a relationship, and that Ross would be the only one who would be able to give her grandchildren. So, when Chandler proposes and Monica finally can plan the wedding of her dreams, her heart breaks when she learns that her parents have spent her wedding fund. Thankfully, Chandler has some savings and despite his hesitation, decides to give it to her so she can have everything she wants.

Question 21

What baby girl name did Monica dream of since she was a kid?

Monica has planned everything her entire life, even when she was a young girl. She has binder after binder of special events such as weddings and birthday parties. All of which include things like fabric samples, picture of flowers, song lists, menus, etc. One of the things she was sure of for her entire life was the name she was going to give her first born son and daughter. These names are not revealed until Rachel is unsure of what to name her own daughter.

Question 22

How many years apart are Monica and Ross?

Ross and Monica have a close relationship mostly because they are so close in age that they were able to grow up together. The audience learns that Ross is Monica's older brother in the first episode when Monica reintroduces him to Rachel. Also in a flashback, Ross has gone off to college which Monica and Rachel are still in high school. Despite being a geek, he does take on some important older brother roles such as threatening to beat up Chandler if he ever breaks Monica's heart.

Question 23

Who always gives the toasts at their parents wedding anniversary parties?

As if Ross and Monica didn't have enough competitiveness in their childhood, they still face some challenges even as grown adults. One child in particular is always giving heartwarming speeches that always ends up with their parents in tears. One year, the other decide they want to take on the challenge to give the best speech that their parents have ever heard. Unfortunately, despite pulling out all crying-worthy stories such as their dead pet, it does not end how they hoped.

Question 24

What did her parents turn her old bedroom into once she moved out?

As if it wasn't obvious that Ross was the favorite child, at least in Judy's eyes, the audience learns just how un-special Monica saw herself in her parents eyes. When Monica and Phoebe cater an event at Monica's parents house, she and her mother have a fight which results in Monica storming off and hiding in her old bedroom. When Phoebe comes up to console her, she notes about how the room has been transformed into something for her parents rather than preserving Monica's childhood.

Question 25

What did Chandler and Monica name their twins?

Monica and Chandler definitely have the most beautiful love story on the show. They secretly date for a few months, become official, and then eventually get married. Monica is persistent about her desire to have children, although Chandler is hesitant for hes afraid of becoming a terrible father. When Monica assures him he'll be nothing like his parents, they try to have children. After learning that they're not able to conceive, the couple are crushed. In the end, they decide to adopt.

Question 26

What car does Jack give Monica?

After Monica discovers the boxes that Ross has stuffed some of his own childhood memories are not her own, Jack comes clean about the fact they they were used to keep the water from damaging their own things. Monica storms off, feeling unloved in comparison to Ross - something she's had to deal with her entire life. Ross feels guilty, realizing just how much Monica has had to live in his shadow. Thankfully, Jack decides to gift her a vehicle as an apology, which makes Ross extremely jealous.

Question 27

What nickname does Jack give Monica as a child that he still calls her in adulthood?

Jack and Monica have a much better relationship than Judy and Monica. Unlike her mother, Jack doesn't comment on her lack of boyfriends, or divulge into how Ross is more successful than her. During one episode, he declares how proud he is for her independence, and although she takes some offense at the way he worded it, he does mean well. One of the cute things is the nickname he gave her, and still uses even though shes a grown woman.

Question 28

At what age did Monica learn to tell time?

During an episode in which Monica and Chandler decide not to keep secrets from one another, Chandler tells her about a nasty story of Ross when they went on a vacation. Basically, it ended with him needing new pants. Ross is distraught when he learns of this betrayal, taking it upon himself to reveal some of Chandler's deep dark secrets. Monica is in the middle of their banter, loving how much information is being told. As a result, Ross decides to drag her through the mud too.

Question 29

What letter does Monica’s middle name start with?

No one really knows what Monica's middle name is. It is never actually said in the show, unlike some of the other characters. For example, Joey's middle name is "Francis," and Rachel's is "Karen." Chandler's middle name is revealed when it accidentally slips, and Ross is hysterical that its not just an "M." The audience only learns what Monica's middle name starts with when she reveals her full initials during an episode where she is investing money in the stocks.

Question 30

What compulsive trait has Monica had even since she was a kid?

Monica is a very unique individual, and the audience learns quickly that she is the most responsible of the group. Probably even more responsible than Ross who gets divorced, loses his job over his anger issues, and gets evicted from his apartment. To be fair, he didn't sign a lease because he was renting the apartment from Emily's family. Monica however, has always been collected despite her secret closet of shame, where all of her unorganized junk lives. Her compulsive trait has been a part of her since a child.

Question 31

Which of Chandler’s furniture does Monica hate the most?

Monica loves to have everything a certain way. The refrigerator magnets are organized a certain way. The green ottoman must remain in front of the other chair and not be used as an additional seat around the coffee table. The couch must line up with the back of the rug. When Ross finds out Chandler has moved everything in the apartment, he tells Chandler that Monica is going to kill him. But, she doesn't because she appreciates his effort. There is one thing she hates most from Chandler's decor though.

Question 32

What is the name of Ross and Monica’s deceased grandmother?

During the series Ross and Monica receive the terrible news that their grandmother has passed away. Ross accompanies his mother to search through her outfits in an attempt to find something respectable to bury her in. Unfortunately for Ross, the task is more tedious than he was expecting. It took them nearly all afternoon for Judy to agree on something that Ross' grandmother would've approved of. The audience learns of their grandmother's name in the episode where Monica bet the apartment.

Question 33

What is the name of the last known restaurant Monica works at during the series?

Monica had many different occupations during the series. She worked as a waitress at a restaurant where she had to wear a wig and fake breasts. She was unemployed for a long time so she and Phoebe decided to open their own catering business. Regardless of what job she took on, it was always in the food industry. Her most proud moment is when she was offered head chef at a restaurant that she adored. Throughout the series, she worked her way up from waitress to head chef.

Question 34

What makes Monica become a chef?

There is no denying that Monica is extremely passionate about food. She knows everything there is about prepping delicious meals, so much so she usually takes on Thanksgiving dinner on all her own. But, she didn't always know that she wanted to be a chef. In fact, during a flashback series she had no idea what she was going to pursue. Along the way something changed and she stuck to it. Although she wasn't always where she wanted to be when working at different restaurants, her perseverance eventually granted her the position of her dreams.

Question 35

What religion is Ross and Monica’s family?

Religion isn't widely discussed in the show. Status is more discussed than that. For example, we know that Rachel comes from a wealthy family - so much so that her younger sister was able to purchase a boat for her friends. We know that Phoebe came from nearly nothing, so much so that when her mother died and her step-father went to prison that she was left to fend for herself. Joey comes from a big Italian family. Religion is only really brought up when Ross is trying to educate Ben on their background.

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