Only Real WWE Fans Can Match The Logo To The Wrestler

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., better known as WWE, has brought us some of the most charismatic, talented, athletic, and legendary wrestlers in the world. To real fans, WWE has become more than just a scripted sports fix to fill the gap between NFL, NBA, and MBA offseasons. Instead, it's a tradition that has lasted through generations. The WWE wrestlers who were heroes to us as we grew up have now become legends inducted into WWE's Hall of Fame. Now, our kids have new wrestlers who are their heroes.

As the WWE Universe, it's our job to keep up with all of their legacies. Their legacy remains in every entrance, slogan, and most definitely the wrestler's logos. WWE wrestlers put a lot of thought into coming up with the most creative, memorable, gimmick defining logos in wrestling. A wrestler's logo is more than just a symbol or a slogan. Their logo is the first thing you see on WWE's Titantron before they come out. In many cases, it's how you recognize the best tag teams or stables. Furthermore, it's their logo that you're buying when you purchase their merchandise. All WWE fans will know their favorite wrestler's logo, yet only a real WWE fan can match all of these logos to the wrestler. Can you?

Question 1

Which wrestler does this logo belong to?

This wrestler didn't believe in drinking or doing drugs and he used his lifestyle to promote himself to the top as a cult-like leader of the Straight Edge Society. Fast-forward to 2011 and he still held his straight-edge logo as he labeled himself The Best in the World. He was also the wrestler who became famous from his infamous pipebomb, in which he ripped the entire McMahon family. He's a two-time WWE Champion and held the title for 434 days once. Which WWE wrestler does this logo belong to?

Question 2

Can you match this logo to it's wrestlers?

This logo belongs to brothers who took the WWE by storm during the Attitude Era. They kept the audience intrigued with their high-flying moves like the Twist of Fate and Swanton Bombs. Usually, they came out as a stable with Lita. She was one of the brother's girlfriends until she had an affair with another superstar, which became a storyline for the WWE. Unfortunately, the storyline and their partying got the best of them and their WWE career went down the drain. However, they recently returned. Whose logo is this?

Question 3

Whose logo is this?

This wrestler is one of the current Raw Tag Team Champions. His tag team partner was once his enemy, but they wrestled through their differences. As a tag team, this is the fourth time that he and his tag team partner have held the Tag Team Titles. Aside from being a tag team champion, he's also a four-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He's known also known as Celtic Warrior and The Great White. Do you know which wrestler this logo belongs to?

Question 4

Which WWE wrestler does this logo belong to?

This logo belongs to one of the most entertaining wrestlers of all time. Aside from his actual ring name, he's also known as HBK. Plus, he's been given several nicknames, including The Showstopper. He was the wrestler who took the WWF World Heavyweight Championship from Bret "The Hitman" Heart in his last match, which was decided backstage without Hart's knowledge beforehand. The match was dubbed by fans as the Montreal Screwjob. As of now, this sexy boy is a WWE Hall of Famer. Whose logo is this?

Question 5

Can you match this logo to it's WWE Hall of Famer?

This Hall of Famer played a huge role in making the Attitude Era so memorable. He had an affair with a fellow WWE superstars girlfriend. To make matters worse, the entire thing was aired out in a storyline and carried on a relationship with her. After winning the WWE Championship, he also proceded to have a "Live S*x Celebration" with her in the ring. Aside from the rated-R drama, this superstar has held 31 overall championships in the WWE. Which wrestler's logo is this?

Question 6

Whose logo is this?

This wrestler is known for pulling stunts to get himself back into the ring during every Royal Rumble match that he's wrestled in. He's also a part of one of the most upbeat wrestling stables in WWE history. What could be more positive than coming out to a New Day for every match you're in? They've been known to come out dancing with unicorn horns on their heads while eating Booty-O's or pancakes. Do you know which New Day members logo this is?

Question 7

Which WWE Superstar goes with this logo?

The WWE Superstar who goes with this logo had several different personas before his babyface turn took off! As a heel, he was an overconfident vegan, who was in a romantic storyline with AJ Lee. AJ professed her love to Daniel, only to be ignored. Then, he became a part of the tag team Team Hell No. Afterward, he became dubbed your average B+ player by The AUthority and came the YES! Movement. He's held the WWE Championship 3 times and WWE's World Heavyweight Championship once. Whose logo is this?

Question 8

Do you know which wrestler's logo this is?

This logo belongs to one of WWE'S biggest, most intimidating wrestlers. He began his WWE career in 2001 but found that the traveling didn't agree with him. He broke his contract with WWE and took a shot at playing in the NFL. That didn't go well for him, either, although he did find his footing in the UFC. This isn't your average man or wrestler. In fact, WWE calls him a juggernaut on his biography. Do you know which wrestler goes with this logo?

Question 9

Can you name the WWE Superstar who goes with this logo?

This female wrestler has been a part of the WWE Women's Division since the Women's Championship belt was still called the Divas Championship and she's held both. Aside from being an awesome female wrestler, she's also on the reality show Total Divas. This woman has played both a heel and a babyface. Plus, she's had neck surgery and returned. She's shown woman everywhere just how fearless a woman should be. Do you know which female WWE Superstar this logo belongs to?

Question 10

Which wrestler does this logo belong to?

This WWE Superstar calls himself The Phenomenal One. His WWE debut was long-awaited as he'd already become well known through TNA. He made his debut at the Royal Rumble in 2016 and he's currently the WWE Champion. In his time with WWE, he's wrestled, Kevin Owens, The Miz, Roman Reigns, and even Shane McMahon. He's currently in a feud with Shinsuke Nakamura, who he'll soon be wrestling at the grandest stage in wrestling, WrestleMania. Which wrestler does this logo belong to?

Question 11

Can you match this logo to it's wrestler?

This WWE Superstar began his wrestling career in Quebec when he was only 16 years old. He'd already wrestled some of WWE's best superstars on the independent circuit before making his long-awaited debut at NXT, then WWE. He's spent the majority of his time with WWE alternating between being both an enemy and friend to the wrestler who he has claimed as a friend for years. He's currently fired from WWE, yet is set to have a match at WrestleMania anyway. Who is he?

Question 12

Whose logo is this?

This wrestler made his way up to WWE through NXT before it became the behemoth brand that it is today. He stepped foot in WWE as a part of a stable that used to come in through the audience. However, betrayed his partners and made a push to be the best on his own. He took the WWE title from Brock Lesnar, held both the WWE Championship and Universal at the same time. Do you know which wrestler this logo belongs to?

Question 13

Which WWE Legend does this logo belong to?

This wrestler is one of WWE's biggest legends. He began his WWE career in 1990 at Survivor Series when he was introduced as a member of a stable. His first persona was as a biker, but he eventually became one of the most creative and creepy personalities that WWE has ever seen. He's the holder of a 21-0 WrestleMania win streak that lasted over two decades, but was snapped at WrestleMania 30. Despite this, the threat that he'll be back every WrestleMania is still anticipated. Whose logo is this?

Question 14

Can you match this logo to it's wrestler?

This wrestler is known for being a showoff. In fact, you can call him by his alias, The Showoff. He was once one of the most underestimated WWE Superstars, yet has found his way since his debut as a sidekick caddy and later as Nicky, who was part of the Spirit Squad stable. Since becoming the ultimate showoff, this guy has held the WWE Heavyweight Championship twice and is a five-time Intercontinental Champion. Needless to say, his arrogance is well-earned. Who is he?

Question 15

Do you know which wrestler this logo goes to?

This wrestler has never needed an introduction because he's already The Most Electrifying Man in All of Entertainment! His logo is the Brahma Bull, which is yet another nickname of his. He's incredibly charismatic and can get fans chanting or laughing as he sings songs themed trashing his enemies while he plays along with a guitar. One of his most memorable catchphrases is "Boots to Asses". Aside from all of this, he's also a big movie star. Who is this guy?

Question 16

Which WWE wrestler's logo is this?

This wrestler had an extensive background in wrestling before he came to NXT, followed by WWE. Not only was he widely known once as Prince Dewitt in New Japan Pro Wrestling where he was a 9-time championship holder, but he's also co-owned a wrestling promotion where he trained Becky Lynch. Since he came up through NXT, he's got a gimmick where he comes out as a demon on occasion. He's held the NXT title and was the inaugural Universal Champion. Whose logo is this?

Question 17

Whose logo is this?

This WWE wrestler was once hailed as the future of one of WWE's most forward-moving divisions. They came from a family of wrestlers who have their own wrestling promotion. This wrestler was also one of the NXT's inaugural championship holders, before coming to WWE only to snatch a championship from one of it's longest reigning holders. It's too bad that this wrestler's reputation became tainted behind the unauthorized release of a certain video. To make matters worse, they've faced a couple of recent injuries.Whose logo is this?

Question 18

Can you name the wrestler who matches this logo?

This guy came onto the WWE roster as the black sheep of The Wyatt Family. Since The Wyatt Family's split, he has taken down every opponent in his path on the Raw brand. Those that he's literally plowed through include The Big Show and Romain Reigns, although, he currently has his sights on the Tag Team Championship Titles, which he planned to somehow get on his own. It's not a question of whether or not he can win, only if he can qualify. Who is he?

Question 19

Which WWE wrestler's logo is this?

This wrestler came into the WWE as part of a stable that was dubbed The Hounds of Justice. They were great as a team, but one of the members turned heel and left the group in shambles. This wasn't a huge dilemma for any of the stables members, who all found their way to the top in different forms. This wrestler became known as The Lunatic Fringe. He won the Money in the Bank and cashed it in to win the WWE Championship later that night. He went on to hold that title hostage later. Whose logo is this?

Question 20

Are you an Awesome enough WWE fan to guess which wrestler uses this logo?

This guy believes that he's Awesome! And in most cases, he's probably right. He came into the WWE as a tag team partner with John Morrisson. They won the Tag Team Championship and shined as a charismatic. duo. However, they were split up during the 2009 trade. Many thought that this wrestler would fade away, although, they were mistaken. He was already known by some fans from MTV's The Real World and used that fame to catapult himself to the top. Whose logo is this?

Question 21

Can you match this logo to it's wrestler?

What is this logo supposed to be? It could be a mask. Maybe it belongs to Asuka, or it could be Rey Mysterio's. It's bright, colorful, and mysterious. This logo belongs to wrestler/wrestlers who've been around WWE for a while. The wrestler might've changed their gimmick recently, making this logo appear less often. However, had been the same for years. The wrestler has also appeared on another show related to WWE or wrestling. Which WWE wrestler/wrestlers does this logo belong to?

Question 22

Do you know which wrestlers logo this is?

This wrestler has a finishing move that matches his logo perfectly. He's also known as a type of snake and why not? His wrestling background is just as thrilling and intimidating as any snake would be. He was raised and grew up with some of the biggest legends in wrestling. Meanwhile, this wrestler has turned out to be just as great as the blood he came from. Not long after he debuted, he became the youngest WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Do you know whose logo this is?

Question 23

Which WWE Hall of Famer does this logo belong to?

This guys reputation is still intact, despite the fact that the guy who owns it is retired. He raised hell as a WWE Superstar and bucked at authority in every imaginable way. It's no wonder that he's now in the WWE Hall of Fame. He debuted in the WWE under the name The Ringmaster but left more well-known as a Texas rattlesnake who wasn't afraid to give anyone the finger. In 1996 he brought on the era of "Austin 3:16". Whose WWE logo is this?

Question 24

Whose logo is this?

This is yet another member of the three-man stable dubbed The Hounds of Justice. They came around just as CM Punk was exiting the company, although, not before the rumors that they were the ones he was secretly working with. Once the stable split, this guy faced some drama over a suspension, just as he was working up to the latter end of a feud with Brock Lesnar. He was also the second person to beat The Undertaker at WrestleMania. Do you know whose logo this is?

Question 25

Can you name the wrestler whose logo this is?

This wrestler was already popular from being a 9-time championship holder at New Japan Pro-Wrestling before he came to NXT. Once there, his unique style made fans see why he's known as The King of Strong Style. He began his WWE career at NXT where he held the NXT Championship Title twice. Now, he's about to face his biggest challenge yet as he fights for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 34. Can you match this Strong Style logo with its wrestler?

Question 26

Which WWE Superstar uses this logo?

This WWE Superstar came out as one of the dancers for another wrestler. They moved up to being a part of a tag team, which eventually fell apart. This wrestler continued and worked their way up to being a championship title-holder on the Smackdown brand twice. Their recent gimmick has been a complete hit and is making everyone "Feel the Glow"! Just think lots of neon colors and glow in the dark glam. Can you match this logo to the wrestler who uses it?

Question 27

Do you know which wrestler this logo belongs to?

This wrestler came to WWE as the head of a stable, or family of sorts. He didn't wrestle much at first, although, he did come out with a lantern and sit in a rocking chair while he watched his "family" carry out the dirty work. Eventually, the family broke up and his storyline fell apart some. However, he's still been wrestling as The Eater of Worlds until he was recently deleted. Do you have any idea who this logo belongs to?

Question 28

Can you match this logo to it's wrestler, "Sucka"?

This guy is an 11-time WCW Tag Team Champion, plus, he's won the World Championship 6 times. He was a member of The Alliance and partnered with Gold Dust. As if that wasn't enough, he went on to become Smackdown's general manager and he's also in the WWE Hall of Fame. As one of the most charismatic wrestlers that WWE has ever know, he later became a WWE commentator. His most famous line is "Can you dig it, Sucka?" Do you know which wrestler's logo this is?

Question 29

Whose logo is this?

This wrestler began coming out as WWE'S new strong man a few years ago. He has a lock hold that can make his opponents pass out. Luckily, his ravishing manager was always there to tell him when to let the hold go. He's actually a goofy guy who has a gentle side, which has been seen on a reality show. As of now, he's got his own special day that WWE fans have caught on to everywhere. Which wrestler does this logo belong to?

Question 30

Which WWE game changer does this logo belong to?

This logo belongs to a WWE Superstar who used to raise hell against the McMahon's with his stable, Degeneration X. This King of Kings is a 14-time World Champion. Later, he went corporate making everyone feel like he was the ultimate sell-out. Now he's raising up the talent through NXT. However, he still isn't afraid to get in the ring when the time is right. In fact, he wrestled Sting in one of the most legendary matches ever. Which wrestler does this logo belong to?

Question 31

Do you know which WWE wrestler uses this logo?

This WWE Superstar has everyone in their division fearing what tomorrow will bring. The wrestler has an undefeated streak that has held up from NXT to WWE. Not only was this fierce wrestler undefeated when leaving NXT, but they also flat out relinquished one of the NXT titles, while claiming that there were no challenges left there for them to face. This wrestler was also an inaugural winner of a special first-time match for their division. Which WWE Superstar uses this logo?

Question 32

Can you name the wrestler who uses this logo?

Have you ever wondered what comes after the time runs out on a millennial clock? In the real world, nothing happened. However, in 1999 the WWE millennial clock brought Y2J. Not only is this wrestler a 6-time World Champion, but he also beat The Rock for the WCW World Heavyweight Title and Stone Cold Steve Austin for the WWE Championship at the Vengence pay-per-view in 2001. Now, fans know that it's time to break the walls down when they see a millennial clock ticking down. Whose logo is this?

Question 33

Which WWE Superstar is Glorious?

This logo belongs to a WWE Superstar who believes that they're Glorious. They came to NXT from TNA, in a long-awaited debut. This wrestler then went on to become NXT Champion with lightning fast speed. In fact, this wrestler beat one of the best champions in NXT to get it, afterward holding the title for 8 months before making their way to WWE's Smackdown Brand. Now, this wrestler has held a title in WWE, also. Do you know which wrestler's logo this is?

Question 34

Whose logo is this?

This cheerleader and bodybuilder came to WWE and turned the women's division on both the Raw and Smackdown brands completely upside down. She's charismatic, snobby, and quick to use anyone who she can con into being her muscle. Despite her need for protection, she's also a great wrestler, who has held the Women's Championship Title for both brands. She's currently the Women's Champion of the Raw brand, although, she recently made quite an enemy for herself. Whose WWE logo is this?

Question 35

Do you know which WWE wrestler uses this logo?

This WWE Superstar came to WWE swinging some of the heaviest wrestlers around like they were nothing. He traveled the globe wrestling after getting kicked off his European rugby team because of his aggressive behavior. He brought this aggressiveness, grapple skills, and his swing to WWE where he won the United States Championship in no time. Later, he was a part of Zeb Colter's Real Americans stable and now he's a Tag Team Champion alongside The Celtic Warrior. Whose logo is this?

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