Only Real Sports Fans Can Match The Logo To The Team

There is one thing every sports team, no matter what sport, has in common with each other – the logo they play under. Logos are one of the most important parts of a team, because it is their identity, their brand, and a good logo can make for cool sportswear and jersey designs. Some players treat their logo with so much respect, that when the logo is on the floor in their locker room, they won’t even step on it. And when other people do step on it, the team makes sure they get off it quickly.

It’s also the marker that identifies the fans of that team. Walk down the street and see logos on hats and coats and right away identify who that person cheers for. It’s the crest, the shield that brings all sports fan together. So as a true sports fan, it shouldn’t be hard to pick the correct team these logos go with. Some are the secondary logos that teams use, either on their shoulders, or an alternate logo on a third jersey, while others are the main logo that has changed over the years. There is something about a classic logo and when a team gets it right, they don’t touch it. But there is always room for a little improvement and modernization as the team gets older.

Question 1

Who is this team?

This logo belongs to a team that has an incredibly loud fan base that makes it hard to play them at home. It helped them win their one and only Super Bowl when they did so in 2013 and it helped get them back to the game the following season, although they missed out on repeating. Their fan base is called the 12th Man, and they are known for their star quarterback Russell Wilson who led them to their only Super Bowl victory and is one of the highest paid players in football.

Question 2

Who has this logo?

This logo belongs to the most successful baseball team in Major League Baseball as they have won a record 27 World Series Championships. Known as well for their pin-stripe shirts, this franchise is also one of the most valuable teams in the MLB and have the highest salary cap. Many baseball greats have played with this logo on their shirt, include Babe Ruth, Derek Jeter and Joe DiMaggio, and this team has been around since 1903 when they moved to the city they currently play in.

Question 3

Name this team?

This logo belongs to a team that generally called a ‘Super Team’, simply because they have so many amazing, All-Star level players and have played in the last four NBA Finals, winning three of them. The team was established in 1946 and has moved around a lot before moving to their current location in California. This team also holds the NBA record for the best record in a regular season when they went 73-9 in 2016-17, while also going 16-1 during the playoffs.

Question 4

Who is this hockey team?

There are plenty of fans that would love to see this logo come back to the NHL, as the team is no longer in the league, having relocated in 1995. It’s too bad as well, as they would on to win the Stanley Cup the following season, and once again a few years after, as they were in the midst of seeing a bunch of trades finally work out. But not the fan base just hopes some team in the NHL wants to relocate, as it doesn’t seem like the NHL head office is going to give them a new expansion team any time soon.

Question 5

Who is this football team?

This logo is one of the more interesting ones in the NFL and is pretty obvious if you know your football. This franchise started with this logo back in 1976, but have since traded it in for a more modern twist, although they do bring it back for special games, along with the funky uniforms that go with it. Goodbye creamsicle, hello modern black and red. It worked, however, as they would go on to win the Super Bowl in 2002, their first and only as a franchise.

Question 6

Who is this team?

This team was an expansion team in 1968 and their team name is perfect for the state they play in due to the weather they get. This franchise has the fourth best all-time winning percentage in league history, as they have won 55 percent of their games up to the 2014 season. But they have only played in two NBA Finals, doing so in 1976 and 1993, making them the team with the highest all-time win-loss percentage to have never won an NBA Championship.

Question 7

Who is this baseball team?

If hidden meanings are up your lane, then you’ll love this team’s logo, as if you look closely, you’ll get some clues as to who they are. It’s one of those, once you see it, you’ll never no see it kind of things, so be careful looking to close. This team was established in 1970 and has yet to win a World Series to date including before they relocated from Seattle, but had their best chance this past season as one of the top teams in baseball.

Question 8

Name that team?

This logo belongs to a team that is no longer in the NHL, but the city they play in does have a franchise now, after getting a team that relocated in 1995. That team would go on to win the Stanley Cup that season and become a dominant team. But this team, which lasted from 1976 to 1982, never won a Stanley Cup, and only qualified for the playoffs once. They were coached by the legendary Don Cherry before the team would move to New Jersey in 1982. But the team name lives only, only now in a different sport.

Question 9

Who is this football team?

Between 1961 and 1992, this team used this as their logo and still use it today as an alternate logo, although their regular one is still one of the most notable. The red, white and blue in the logo should be a clear indicator of where to look, but if you need some more hints, look at the team that has been to the most Super Bowls of any team in the NFL, winning five of them, just one shy of the record.

Question 10

Who is this team?

This team’s logo has changed plenty since the early days of this northern franchise, which had them wearing purple and white. They were founded in 1995 as an expansion team and struggled through their early years like any expansion team would. Today, however, they are one of the league’s best teams and on the cusp of making the NBA Finals for the first time in franchise history. Famous players from this franchise include Vince Carter, Chris Bosh an DeMar DeRozan.

Question 11

Who is this college team?

There is a reason they call this university ‘The U’, and that’s because their logo is literally a U shape with their school colors. This school has one of the top football programs in the country and plays in the NCAA Division 1, and is a five-time Associated Press National Champion, winning in 1983, 1987, 1989, 1991 and 2001. They rank fourth all-time with the most National Championships, making them one of the stories schools in the nation, and have had the most first-round selections in a single draft to the NFL.

Question 12

Who are they?

This logo was used prior to the modern version and belongs to a team that was started in 1923, but has moved around to four different cities and seen eight different name changes, either because they moved cities, or their team name changed. They settled on this team name in 1972 when they were still in Kansas City, but would move to their present city in 1985. Under this name, they haven’t won a championship, but the franchise did win a title back in 1951 when they were known as the Rochester Royals.

Question 13

Who is this baseball team?

This logo belongs to one of the newest teams in Major League Baseball, and by new I mean 1998. It didn’t take them long to win a World Series, however, as they defeated the New York Yankees in 2001, just fours years after joining the league, becoming the fastest expansion team in the Major Leagues to win a championship since their inception. Not much has changed about their logo over the years, but with a new franchise compared to others, there isn’t much reason to change.

Question 14

Who was this hockey team?

This logo belongs to a team in the NHL that is no longer in existence. This team was an expansion team in 1999 in the NHLs bid to increase their teams in certain locations. The team was historically bad, however, as they only ever qualified once for the playoffs, doing so in 2006-07, after winning their division, but were swept in the first round. They would last just over a decade in the league before a new ownership group bought them and moved them.

Question 15

Who is this football team?

This logo is a simple version of the team’s logo, but it should be fairly obvious who it is, especially if you know your NFL colors. This franchise was founded in 1959 and started in the AFL, where they were one-time AFL champions, winning in 1968. That would be the same year they would also win the Super Bowl, which put the AFL against the NFL in what was just the third game ever played under the Super Bowl name. Since then, they have struggled and in 59 years as a franchise, they have only made the playoffs 14 times, their last being in 2010.

Question 16

Who is this basketball team?

This franchise has had a few logo changes, but this is their current one. They are owned by Mark Cuban, and are one of the most well liked franchises in the league, as their 704 sold out games in a row, dating back to 2001, is the longest current running sellout streak in any major league sports league in the United States. The team won their first and only championship back in 2011, defeating the Big Three in the Miami Heat.

Question 17

Who is this baseball team?

This five-time winner of the World Series has this logo on their baseball hats. They have been a member of the National League since 1890, and last won the World Series 1990. They have been known by this team name twice in their franchise history, first between 1890 to 1953, and then again from 1959 to today. They are also known as the Big Red Machine. The last time they made the playoffs, however, was in 2013, and they haven’t won their division since 2012.

Question 18

Who was this NHL team?

This NHL team played with this logo from 1979 to 1997 before the team was moved to Carolina to become the Hurricanes. Their logo is another one of those logos that has some hidden meanings inside of it, as if you look closely, a true sports fan will be able to pull the team name out of the logo. The team never won a Stanley Cup, but did win the Avco World Trophy, which was awarded to the team that won the World Hockey Association championship.

Question 19

Who is this football team?

This team has had this type of logo since they began in 1996, although they did go through a little rebranding in 2013 to change some of the look, although not much has changed in that time. This team went through some real struggles early on and are just starting to become one of the better teams in the league. People from England will know this logo well, as this team has played in the games over in Wembley Stadium multiple times over the years, with some even saying they are the new home team for London, England.

Question 20

Who is this basketball team?

This team uses this logo as a third jersey type option and would most likely be found on shoulder straps or on a ESPN SportCenter game recap. They have been a franchise since 1970, but they didn’t have much success early on, but once a hometown hero joined their team, or rather, rejoined the team, they finally earned their first and only championship to date, winning in 2016. It was their third try at the NBA Finals, as they played in four straight finals between 2015 and 2018, making it five times total they have made it to the finals.

Question 21

Who is this baseball team?

This team has had this classic font logo for years and it is one of the most recognizable logos in Major League Baseball, despite it having no mascot along with it. This team established themselves in 1901 and since then they have won four World Series championships, with their last coming in 1984. They did make the World Series twice after that, in 2006 and 2012, but they came up short both times and are still looking to add a fifth pennant to their banner wall.

Question 22

Who is this hockey team?

This logo is straight out of the moves – literally. The team that had this logo, as it has changed since they first started, was founded by the Walt Disney Company in 1993, and while Disney doesn’t own them any more after selling them in 2005, this iconic logo appeared in one of the most classic hockey movies of all time, and was even part of a cartoon show for kids, with the mask being the main characters signature piece of equipment.

Question 23

Who is this football team?

This logo belongs to a professional football team, but you won’t find them in the NFL, or in the United States for that matter. This logo belongs to one of the teams in the CFL, who were established in 1949, winning four Grey Cups between 1949 and 1977. But the team folded and when the CFL moved began to accept America teams, the Baltimore Stallions would become a franchise and even win a Grey Cup in 1995. But they would relocate and they would head back to this city and this team would get a second chance, and would go on to win three more Grey Cups between 2002 and 2010.

Question 24

Who had this logo?

This team does not exist in the NFL anymore, because the franchise relocated to Tennessee and became the Titans, which is a different mascot name than they had when they were a franchise between 1960 and 1996. They did win two AFL Championships, doing so in 1960 and 1961, which also made them the first champions in AFL history, but they never played in a Super Bowl and had to relocate in 1997 after the owner finally came through and moved to the team after years of saying he would.

Question 25

Who is this college program?

This logo is one of the most iconic in all of sports and it belongs to a college program that has been one of the most successful in all of college football. They have won 11 National Championships in their school's history, although the NCAA would say they won 13, and they have sent 495 players to the NFL, the second most behind only one other college program. They are one of the few schools in the NCAA to not play in a conference, but instead, are an independent program.

Question 26

Who is this baseball team?

This team was founded in 1901 and has used this logo as the one on their baseball caps, so it’s not their main logo but a secondary one they use. The team started in Washington before moving to this city in 1961, winning their second World Series in franchise history in 1987, and their third in 1991. The team has made it back to the playoffs only seven times since winning their last World Series, but remain one of the most popular teams in MLB.

Question 27

Who is this hockey team?

This team was part of the NHL between 1967 and 1993, before they were moved to Dallas. During their franchise history, they played in the Stanley Cup Finals in 1991, losing to the Pittsburgh Penguins. After the 1992 season, however, the team was looking for a new home and by 1993, they would be gone, just wo short years after playing in the Stanley Cup Final. The city would get another NHL franchise back years later, but it would sting as the relocated Dallas team would win the Stanley Cup in 1999.

Question 28

Who is this football team?

This logo really has very little to do with the actual team name, who they represent, the city they come from, or what they refer to their fanbase as. It’s the logo they used between 1959 and 1969, and it’s actually a more updated version of their first logo, which they started using in 1948. It’s a far stretch change from the logo they use today, which is a pretty basic football helmet, and it definitely brings a lot more questions as why they used it, when it has nothing to do with the team name.

Question 29

Who is this basketball team?

This team was founded in 1995, but they were founded a long way away from where they are located today, playing under this logo. In fact, the franchise was one of Canada’s two franchises before this one relocated in 2001, mostly due to a lack of support for the team. It hasn’t been much better since moving, as this franchise has never won a NBA championships, Conference title or Division title, though it has found some success in the playoffs, making it as far as the Conference Finals in 2012-13.

Question 30

Who is this baseball team?

This logo is another classic letter logo, and belongs to one of the oldest franchise in Major League baseball, as they got their start back in 1882. One hint would be to look at the city who has multiple sports franchises, as the black and gold is something nearly all their teams have in their logos. For the baseball team, they have won five World Series championships in their history, last doing so back in 1979. Although, they have struggled since, appearing in the playoffs only six time since then.

Question 31

Who is this football team?

This logo has a cultural reference to the city that this team plays in. With a heavy French background, you would think they would be located in Canada, but since the NFL doesn’t have any North-born teams yet, this one is part of the United States. This team has won only one Super Bowl in their franchise history doing so back in 2009, which is the only time they have played in the big game, and are known for being one of the most pass-heavy offences in the NFL.

Question 32

Who is this former hockey team?

This logo belonged to an NHL franchise that played in the league between 1967 and 1976, and were one of six teams to be added in the 1967 NHL Expansion. They never won a Stanley Cup and were not very successful with their fans either, so they would eventually relocate in 1976, moving to Cleveland. In 698 games played in the NHL, they only won 182 of them, losing 401 and tying 115, while allowing 2580 goals in nine seasons.

Question 33

Who is this basketball team?

This team is technically the newest team in the NBA, as they were a relocated franchise that moved, not too far, to become this franchise in 2012, keeping the same mascot name. Rapper Jay-Z was a part of the team moving and gave them this modern and classic black and white look. They won two ABA Championships before coming to the NBA, and since then have played in two NBA Finals before relocating, doing so in 2002 and 2003, losing both.

Question 34

Who is this football team?

This logo belongs to a football team found in Canada. This team is the third-oldest franchise in the CFL. They were founded in 1945 and haven’t moved since, winning seven Grey Cups, most recently in 2014, while playing in 15 Grey Cup Finals. Their team name comes from a major annual rodeo event that happens in the city each year, although before that they were named the Altomahs, Tigers, and Bronks, but have had this name since the 1945 season.

Question 35

Name this team?

This logo was is used by an NHL franchise that still plays today as an alternative logo. It's a pretty simple logo with a little mascot on top wearing a tuque, which pretty much represents this teams nickname if you are aware of who they are and where they are from. Their team name is actually a nickname for people from that country, so it would seem only fitting that they would have a tuque on their head, considering the North is known for having to wear them.

Question 36

Who were they?

This was part of this team’s logo when they were still a franchise in the NBA. This logo was used back in 1976 to 1996 and featured a basketball with the home team’s cityscape combined. So if you know your historic buildings in the United States, you might be able to figure out what team this is, based on an iconic building. The team would change logos twice more until they moved in 2008, relocating the franchise to Oklahoma City.

Question 37

Who was this team?

This logo is another not defunct team in the National Hockey League, as the team relocated. It’s the first of two times this city would lose an NHL franchise, but at least a bit of this team would remain, as the logo and team name stayed the same, only that the A would become a C due to the new location. It would be too easy to give new city name, but this franchise would go on to win one Stanley Cup in 1989.

Question 38

Who is this college program?

This logo may be one of the coolest logos in all of sports, as it uses the letters of the university it represents to make the mascot that the team name is based around. It was created by an art student in 1936. The school has been around since 1893, but the football program is still looking for their first National Championship, although they have won seven Bowl games and four conference champions in the Pac-12, doing so in 1917, 1930, 1997 and 2002.

Question 39

Who was this team?

Red, white and blue returns to this logo, but you would be wrong if you thought it represented a team from the United States. This logo belonged to a now defunct baseball team that played in the Major Leagues. The logo is supposed to be three letters put together, one for the name of the city, one for the name of the team and a B for baseball, but it’s pretty hard to tell what it was supposed to say without looking at it long and hard. This team relocated to Washington in 2004.

Question 40

Who was this team?

This hockey team didn’t have a long history in the NHL, as they lasted only two years, as they were founded in 1974 and relocated to Colorado in 1976. They are actually the starting location for today’s New Jersey Devils, although there was nothing demonic about their name or their logo. This city doesn’t have an NHL franchise anymore, although they have tried to land one, and in two seasons the team won 15 and 12 games in, losing 54 and 56.

Question 41

Who is this football team?

This team has only had this logo since they were given a franchise for the third time in 2010. They were known as the Rough Riders and Renegades before that. They play in the CFL and despite being a new franchise, they have already won a Grey Cup, winning in 2016. Their championship win ended a 40-year Grey Cup drought for the city they play in. It should be easy to come up with the team name, since their logo colors tell the entire story.

Question 42

Who was this football team?

When the CFL tried to go south of the border into the United States, this team used this logo for the one season they played in the CFL back in 1994. It was a failed experiment, as the game never caught on in the United States, as fans didn’t like the different rules and they loved the NFL. They finished the season 5-13, in last place in the West Division and next to last in the CFL standings. Which team is this?

Question 43

Who is this hockey team?

This logo was an alternative logo for an NHL franchise who was made fun of for what people call the least interesting logo in sports. It was more for a box of fish than an NHL team and the colors were so weird together. This logo was used from 1995 to 1998 for a franchise that has been around the NHL since 1972 and was a four time, back-to-back winner of the Stanley Cup, winning from 1979 to 1983, making them a true dynasty team.

Question 44

Who is this soccer team?

This logo belongs to a Major League Soccer club who was founded in 2009 when they were awarded a franchise. The team has only used this logo in their history and in 2013, they finished first in the regular season standings, clinching both their first-ever playoff appearance and CONCACAF Champions League berth. It’s pretty simple logo and the colors are used pretty regularly in the area for sports teams. The team won the MLS Cup in 2015, their first major trophy, and finished the 2017 season in first place again.

Question 45

Who is this lacrosse team?

This logo is from a lacrosse team that plays in the professional National Lacrosse League. The team was founded in 2002 and the nickname comes from a type of profession people have in the local area. They have qualified for the post-season every year between 2003 and 2016, and have won the Champion’s Cup twice, winning in 2004 and 2009. Their logo hasn’t changed in that time and they remain one of the top franchise in the NLL to this day.

Question 46

Who is this college program?

This logo has been used by this college football team since 1977, and hasn’t changed much over the years. The college football program plays out of the NCAA Division 1, Atlantic Coast Conference and is one of the most stories schools in football. They won their first National Championship back in 2015, winning in college football’s first rematch. They have played in 41 bowl games, appeared in three playoff games, doing so for three years straight, and have won six divisional titles.

Question 47

Who is this baseball team?

This franchise used this logo as an alternate when they were founded back in 1993. It’s the logo the had when they won the World Series in 1997, just four years into their franchises history, helping them become one of the fastest teams to win a World Series from their expansion. They have since done away with the mascot logo in favor of a letter one, and they don’t identify themselves with the F, as they have narrowed their team to a single city.

Question 48

Who is this basketball team?

This basketball franchise used this logo as an alternate logo during the 2014 season and continue to use it today. It’s one of five alternate logos they use, in fact, which is generally unheard of for most sports teams to create that many logos. The team was founded in 1988, but the original team would relocate to New Orleans. In 2004, the NBA would return to this city and they would start under a different team name before returning back to their original roots in 2014.

Question 49

Who is this hockey team?

This NHL franchise used this logo as an alternate one between 2001 and 2007. The logo is a drop of a liquid that is very well known in the area and it’s made of a metallic gears to represent the hardworking people in the area. Unfortunately, during those years it was used, the team wasn’t very good, and in fact, they missed the playoffs for over 10 straight years after they made it to the Stanley Cup Final in 2005-06, losing in seven games.

Question 50

Who was this football team?

During the short period of time when the NFL had a league in Europe, this team used this logo and were one of the most successful teams in NFL Europe, making it two four World Bowls in 1991, 1997, 1999 and 2001, winning the 1997 contest. The team was made part of the soccer club in the area, but efforts to draw fans didn’t work and the team struggled financially. 2003 was their last season, and they finished with a record of 59-51 in 11 seasons, all with one head coach Jack Bicknell.

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