Only Real Modern Family Fans Can Score Over 80% On This Quiz


As the ninth season of Modern Family begins, it is impossible to argue against just how big of a success the series has been. With a cast filled with top-notch talent and a writer's room staffed with some of the funniest people around, week after week, Modern Family has been able to be both a heart-warming family show and a series that consistently subverts sitcom tropes and breaks barriers.

Audiences have watched as Manny and Luke have traversed the perils of high school. We've seen Cameron and Mitchell do their best to raise Lily. We've seen Claire take over her dad's business, and Alex go off to college. We've watched Haley struggle with finding her place in the world, and Gloria enjoy knowing that she has found hers. We've enjoyed Phil's hobbies, from trampolines to magic to raising ducks. We've watched Jay sneer at his kids and grandkids while spoiling his dog. And all the way we have laughed and cried with them. After all these years, we see bits of ourselves in the characters.

With nine years of stories, there's a whole lot of bits and bobs that fans have seen, but only die-hard fans will remember. This quiz will not only test your knowledge of the Pritchetts and the Dunphys on-screen lives but some of the behind the scenes aspects of the series as well. Are you ready? Then start answering these questions about Modern Family!

1What does the company that Jay built specialize in?

Jay Pritchett, the chieftain of the Pritchett/Dunphy clan, didn't grow up wealthy, but he built his own company and turned it into a multi-million dollar business. A few years ago, Jay retired and handed the business to his daughter Claire, and while he found it difficult to step away at first, these days he loves spending his days not working. Golfing is a much more fun way to spend the day, especially if it includes some scotch. What was the business that Jay built?

2Who was Haley's first love?

Since the start of the show Haley has gone through a few relationships, but none of them have lasted as long, or have been as upsetting to her parents, than her first love and high school boyfriend. He played guitar, wasn't even close to smart, and seemed to always be around, even when he clearly wasn't wanted. While he and Haley broke up and got back together a few times, it looks like the relationship is over for real now - the last time we saw this character, we learned that he had married a lawyer.

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