Only Real GTA Fans Know Whether These GTA Facts Are True Or False


Grand Theft Auto is a game that carries with it a weighty reputation. Those three words immediately fill gamers with a sense of excitement, freedom, and above all fun. This is one game that has rightly earned its place as one of the most popular video game franchises of all time. Ask a gamer to give you a list of their favorite games, and GTA will feature on virtually every single one of those lists. What makes GTA so damn enjoyable? There's a lot of factors in play here. But I think the main one to mention is freedom. This game truly pioneered the open-world gameplay system. In the world of Grand Theft Auto, anything is possible. You can go anywhere, do anything, and most importantly you can commit all the crime your little heart desires. It's this freedom to wreak havoc on society that makes this a truly revolutionary game with endless appeal.

A game like Grand Theft Auto needs to have extreme attention to detail. Without this crucial factor, the entire world falls apart. As a player, we want to be able to interact with the most basic elements of the city. We want to hear it live and breath. We want to hear the sounds of screaming pedestrians as we commit atrocities, or feel the crunch of a body slamming into our car at top speed. But how closely were you paying attention to all of these details? Take this quiz to find out just how big of a GTA fan you really are..


Question 1

True Or False, The Original GTA Had Three Creators

Whoever thought up the idea of a Grand Theft Auto game was a genius. This is what the video game industry had been missing. It was clear that there was a game for pretty much every genre - science fiction, puzzles, adventure, role playing... But there wasn't a game about something that pretty much everyone fantasizes about - crime. GTA allowed players to engage in a life of crime without the risk of jail time. But how many people did it take to think up this amazing idea? Was it three?

Question 2

True Or False, GTA Is Not An Actual Crime

Anyone who's ever played GTA knows that the name of the video game is not just a coincidental mashing of the letters. The acronym stands for something, and no, it's not Gourmet Turkey Appetizers. It stands for "Grand Theft Auto." Being a game about crime, it only makes sense that they would make the title something to do with crime. But is Grand Theft Auto a real crime? Or is it just something that sounds cool that was made up by the creators?

Question 3

True Or False, The First GTA Game Was Released In 1997

The first ever GTA released was named simply (you guessed it) GTA. As you might guess from the poster pictured here, it was quite a long time ago. Still, as outdated as it seems now, it was quite the accomplishment back in the day, and it was very well-received. It was also hated by a lot of people, who saw it as glorifying violence and crime. It was also banned in several countries. But that didn't stop it from being a success. But when was it released?

Question 4

True Or False, The First Ever Expansion Packs For GTA Allowed The Player To Go To London

Expansion packs have been a big part of GTA since the very beginning. It was clearly a response to fans wanting even more GTA goodness to enjoy. The developers answered their calls, and the first ever expansion pack was pretty well received. In this expansion pack, the player was able to explore a brand new location, and it was one that was almost as engrossing as the original game itself. Was this first expansion pack set in London? Or was it somewhere else?

Question 5

True Or False, San Andreas Had To Be Pulled From Shelves Because Of The Hot Coffee Mod

As previously mentioned, GTA has always been shrouded in controversy. That was definitely the case when it came to GTA: San Andreas. This game was particularly controversial because of the extremely strong sexual themes, which confronted the player even when they did not want any sexual subject matter in their gameplay. For instance, the streets are filled with prostitutes. But perhaps the most controversial element was the "Hot Coffee" mod, which allows the player to witness sexual acts that happen in the main character's apartment. Was this enough to have the game pulled from the shelves?

Question 6

True Or False, A GTA Film Is Coming Soon

A GTA film has been a much-talked about subject, especially among GTA fans. It definitely has potential. While many movies based on video games, like DOOM, have failed miserably, there are others which have succeeded. The brand recognition alone would be enough to put people in seats. So why hasn't there been a GTA movie? Is it that the film is tied up in copyright issues? Or is it just the fact that it's being kept a secret? Maybe it's coming up?

Question 7

True Or False, Ray Liotta Once Voiced A Character In GTA

Ray Liotta is another actor who deserves a lot of respect. Was he ever in GTA? If so, his expertise in the crime genre would've been much appreciated and valued. Ray Liotta of course played the iconic role of Henry in "Goodfellas," considered by many to be the greatest mafia film of all time. He would really fit in the overall theme and vibe of GTA. But did this ever happen? Or was he just another actor who should have been in GTA, but wasn't?

Question 8

True Or False, Brazil Once Banned A GTA Game

Grand Theft Auto and Rockstar Games are no strangers to controversy. The Hot Coffee Mod fiasco isn't even the worst they've experienced. The game has been the subject of great debate thanks to the violent and raunchy themes, earning itself the ban hammer on numerous occasions. Notably, GTAV had issues in Australia, where gamers already face problems with just trying to get games shipped, released, and priced somewhat reasonably. But was Australia the only place to take issue with the franchise?

Question 9

True Or False, "Vice City" Is Supposed To Represent New York

As any Grand Theft Auto fan worth his or her salt will tell you, the game never uses real names of places. It uses substitutes for the names that either sound like the real name or are a funny reference to something about that place. But that's where the differences end. Grand Theft Auto is famously very faithful when recreating major cities in America. They pay close attention to all the major details. But which city is "Vice City" supposed to be? New York?

Question 10

"CJ," The Main Character Of San Andreas, Stands For Carl Jackson

CJ is one of the most loved main characters of any GTA game. Indeed, there are many who believe that San Andreas was the best game in the entire series, and CJ's addition was a big factor in their decision. This man embodied the gangster culture of the 90's, and there was something really enjoyable about playing as this person. At the time, he had one of the richest backstories of any character. But is it true that CJ stands for "Carl Jackson?"

Question 11

True Or False, GTA: Vice City Was The First Game In The Series To Move Away From Two Dimensional Graphics

Some of you younger people out there might not realize this, but the original GTA was not the three dimensional masterpiece we see today. It didn't have the gorgeous, realistic textures and lighting effects that we take for granted today. Instead, it was purely two-dimensional view, as if you were looking straight down on the action from above. The move away from this system was a celebrated one. But which game was it that first made to 3D graphics? Was it GTA: Vice City?

Question 12

True Or False, Many Of The Prominent Roles In San Andreas Were Voiced By Rappers

The inclusion of Ray Liotta as the main character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was a pretty big success. Even so, the developers decided never again to hire such a major actor to voice the main characters. They continued to hire big names to take on small roles, but the main characters were entrusted to up-and-coming actors, or people who weren't actors at all. This was evident in San Andreas. But were some of the more prominent characters in this game rappers?

Question 13

True Or False, Samuel L. Jackson Was A Voice Actor For GTA Games

Samuel L. Jackson is another massive name in the world of acting, and he's also been known to do the occasional voice acting role as well. He definitely has a very distinctive voice. One of his most famous voice acting roles was in "Afro Samurai," the legendary anime mini-series. But he's also voice acted for video games as well. But the real question is whether or not Grand Theft Auto was one of those games. Was he really included in this series?

Question 14

True Or False, "Las Venturas" Is Supposed To Represent Las Vegas

Grand Theft Auto has featured maps in pretty much every major city in America so far, whether these were main maps or part of an expansion pack. And Vegas was definitely one of them. After all, how could they NOT include Vegas in their games? Vegas is of course one of the most entertaining and exciting cities in the world, but it's also one of the most crime-ridden. Which pretty much makes it the perfect place to put a GTA game. But did they really call Las Vegas "Las Venturas?"

Question 15

True Or False, Hiring Prostitutes In GTA III Restores Health

One of the most peculiar and talked about things in the GTA universe is the prostitutes. It's one addition that has made a lot of people talk over the years, and it's the source of a lot of publicity for the GTA series. While a lot of this publicity has been negative, the old adage is true: Any publicity is good publicity. Most of the negative press revolves around the fact that you can hire prostitutes, kill them, and get your money back. But is it true that in GTA III, hiring prostitutes restores health?

Question 16

Tue Or False, Matthew Perry Once Voiced A Character In GTA

Throughout the years, Grand Theft Auto has made it a habit to sign some pretty talented voice actors on to their projects. And well all know that Matthew Perry is not only a talented actor, but also a very gifted voice actor. He's worked on video games before - he was cast in Fallout: New Vegas because he had publicly stated his love for Fallout 3. But what about Grand Theft Auto? Is this another game that he was a part of?

Question 17

True Or False, It Is Possible To Go Drunk Driving In GTA: Vice City

Another controversial element in the Grand Theft Auto games is alcohol consumption. This features in pretty much every single game, and has attracted attention from activist groups such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving. This group particularly had an issue with the fact that it was possible to go "drunk driving" in one of the GTA games, and this was also presented as a fun and hilarious activity that the player did when bored. But was this activity possible in GTA: Vice City?

Question 18

True Or False, Chinatown Wars For Nintendo DS Is Centered Around Drug-Dealing

At one point, Grand Theft Auto became such a massive franchise that everyone wanted a piece, and that included Nintendo. They contacted Rockstar and asked if they could make them a game for the Nintendo DS, their portable console that was a more adult version of the Game Boy. But essentially, they still wanted them to make a version of GTA for kids. The developers didn't really like this idea, since making games for kids wasn't really what they did. But was this game centered around drug dealing?

Question 19

True Or False, In Its First Week GTA IV Sold Over 6 Million Copies

GTA IV was the first big release in the GTA franchise in quite some time. The last game that had been released in the series was GTA: San Andreas. That one was a huge hit, so people were extremely excited about GTA IV. They were even more excited about GTA IV because this entry was going to be a whole new title. Technically, GTA: San Andreas and GTA: Vice City were just expansions of GTA III, which meant that GTA IV represented a major step forward in the game's development. But did it really sell over 6 million copies in the first week?

Question 20

True Or False, DMA, The Developer Of The Original GTA, Was An American Company

If you want to know who to thank for the original GTA, look no further than DMA Design. This logo might not look very familiar, as it's not seen on any of the new games, but it the company it represents was nonetheless a vital part of the conception of the GTA franchise. The people working for this company back in the 90's were the original masterminds behind the amazing game that was the original GTA. But where was this company based? America?

Question 21

True Or False, GTA II Was Set In A Place Called "Anywhere City"

In the current GTA games, we get to know our surroundings very well. These are iconic cities based on real places. But the games of yesterday in the GTA universe took place in very different places. These were not designed to be copies of real places, more composites of various American cities. As such, they weren't named to be direct references to actual cities. But what was the name of these cities? Specifically, was the name of the city in GTA II "Anywhere City?"

Question 22

True Or False, GTA II Was Praised For Its Amazing Graphics

GTA II was released and it was received very well by the GTA fans the world over. After all, it was more GTA goodness, and that was a pretty good thing. Everyone who had played the first game had become hopelessly addicted to the franchise, and needed another fix. There were a lot of improvements made, but essentially it built upon the preexisting formula that made the first game so successful. But was GTA II really praised because of its graphics?

Question 23

True Or False, The Main Character Of GTA III Is Silent

The main character of GTA III is an interesting character. His name is Claude, and although he's not as fleshed out as some of the other main characters of other GTA games, he still has a pretty rich backstory. You start out as a regular street thug, and gradually build your way up the criminal career ladder, until you're the ultimate kingpin. But what's his dialogue like when compared to other characters? Is it true that this character is silent?

Question 24

True Or False, GTA III Was Released In September 2001

Grand Theft Auto III was a pretty major event. It was the first time GTA made the transition from two-dimensional graphics to a three-dimensional system. But its release was also pretty close to another major event - the 9/11 terror attacks. This event pretty much overshadowed everything that was happening at that moment. Movies that were released at the same time didn't do too well. Everyone was too shaken. But was GTA III actually aired in the same month as the 9/11 terror attacks, that being September?

Question 25

True Or False, The Main Character Of GTA: Vice City Is Jimmy Vercetti

One of the most interesting characters of any Grand Theft Auto game is the main character of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. This character slowly but surely takes over the entire criminal underworld of Vice City, until he's the man at the top, pulling the strings. Players loved the 80's theme of this game, and the fact that the main character was quite clearly modeled on the main character from the movie Scarface, Tony Montana. But is his name Jimmy Vercetti?

Question 26

True Or False, It Is Possible To Do "Pimping" Missions In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

San Andreas was one game that added a lot of new elements to the gameplay. There was just a lot more to do in the area of San Andreas that had ever been seen before. You could do all sorts of mini games and challenges, and it was pretty much impossible to get bored running around this awesome free-roaming area. Some new missions involved breaking into people's homes and burglarizing them. But is it true that another series of missions revolved around pimping?

Question 27

True Or False, It Is Possible To Do Gold Mining Missions In GTA: San Andreas

We've already established that there was a lot more to do in San Andreas than previous games. And part of this had to do with the vast areas players got to play with. Players had free roam over an area that was designed to be a representation of California. As such, it had a lot of different areas. There were small towns in the boonies, and there were also big cities. But was there ever an area you could go and do gold mining missions?

Question 28

True Or False, The Vietnamese Gang In San Andreas Are Called The "Da Nang Boys"

Part of what made Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas so awesome was the added element of gang warfare. CJ, the main character in the game, is actually part of a gang himself, and so he finds himself constantly at war with the various other gangs in the areas. Of course there are the notorious "ballers," but there are also many other gangs of other races as well. One of the biggest gangs is made up primarily of Vietnamese men. Is the name of this gang really the "Da Nang Boys?"

Question 29

True Or False, GTA: San Andreas Had The Most Role-Playing Elements

Grand Theft Auto was incredibly well-received. There was just so much more to this game than any other before it. We've already gone over the new missions that were possible with this release, as well as the addition of new features like gang warfare and other awesomeness. But was GTA: San Andreas just an action-filled game with hookers and gangsters? Or did it strive for something a little deeper? Did this game go for a more "role-playing" vibe with its newer features?

Question 30

True Or False, At The Beginning Of GTA III, Claude Was Betrayed By His Girlfriend

GTA III starts out with a bang. Claude, a gangster who the players later come to know as the main character, is mercilessly betrayed after being shot at close range by someone very close to him. He later somehow escapes to a safe house, before making his way back up the career criminal ladder and eventually rising to the very top of the criminal underworld. But who was it that betrayed him so harshly at the beginning of the game. Was it his own girlfriend?

Question 31

True Or False, GTA IV Was The First Game To Utilize A Cover System In Combat

GTA IV brought all kinds of new developments to what was already a winning formula. It was clearly deserving of its name, that being a completely new installment of the GTA franchise. The game featured massively improved graphics, physics engines, and amazing lighting. In short, it felt more "real" than any other game that had ever come before it in the GTA franchise. One of the things that got a major upgrade was the combat system. But did this include an all-new cover system?

Question 32

True Or False, Niko's Cousin Is Called Troy

One of the best things about GTA IV was its characters. The voice acting in GTA IV has always been excellent, but GTA IV really set the bar higher than it had ever been before. Just like the games before it, the main character was completely unique, a character that had never been seen before. This was an Eastern European immigrant to America, who came to visit his cousin. But do your remember his cousin's name. Is it true that his name was Troy?

Question 33

True Or False, The Lost And Damned Follows A Group Of Skinheads

One of the best expansion ever for GTA was "The Lost And Damned." This addition to GTA IV followed an all new character as he lived a life of crime in a very different way than any character that had previously been seen in a GTA game. This character was part of a very tough, dangerous gang, and the game pretty much revolves around his struggles within this gang structure. But what kind of a gang was it? Is it true that they were skinheads?

Question 34

True Or False, The Main Character In The Ballad Of Gay Tony Is Gay

The Ballad Of Gay Tony was another unforgettable expansion on the GTA IV franchise. This story followed the life of an all new character, one that had never been seen before. This character was entwined with the club scene in his city, and as such that was what a huge portion of the story revolved around. And, as the name might suggest, there was also a huge mention of gay characters in this expansion. But is it true that the main character himself was gay?

Question 35

True Or False, GTA V Lets The Player Choose Either A First Person Or Third Person View

If players thought that GTA IV was a breakthrough in terms of graphics and technology, they were completely blown away by GTA V. This truly is a gorgeous game, and it really feels as though you're running around committing crimes in a real city. However, one element of the GTA franchise's gameplay has always been the third person view. This actually take you out of the action a little bit, and a first person view would've fixed that. But was GTA V the first game to feature a first person view?

Question 36

True Or False, Michael Meets Franklin When Franklin Tries To Repossess His Son's Motorbike

One of the other unique things about GTA V was the characters. Instead of having one character that the player can control, there is a total of 3 characters that the player can switch to at will. This adds a whole new element to the game play function and fun factor. Two of the playable characters are Franklin and Michael. Franklin and Michael meet under pretty unusual circumstances. But is it true that Franklin met Michael while he was trying to repossess Michael's son's motorbike?

Question 37

Three Days After Its Release, GTA V Was The Fastest Selling Entertainment Product In History

GTA V was a massive game in so many ways. It seems like with each new release of a GTA game, their reputation gets bigger and bigger, scoring more and more points with die hard fans and winning new ones in the process. It only makes sense then, that GTA V was the most anticipated game of the entire series. People could not wait to get their hands on this game. But is it true that after one week, GTA V was the fastest selling entertainment product in history?

Question 38

True Or False, There Is One "Minigame" In GTA V Where You Torture A Victim

Just like its predecessors, GTA V was filled by controversy. However, by now the fans and the developers had grown used to the attention, and it was just considered par for the course. Indeed, they haven't made any efforts to really "tone down" the things that were considered immoral and controversial by so many people. GTA V actually added brand new controversies for people to talk about, and some of them were pretty intense. But was one of them a mini game that involved torture?

Question 39

CJ Is Part Of A Gang Called The Grove Street Families

As previously mentioned, CJ quickly became embroiled in a large-scale gang war as soon as he arrived in San Andreas. His gang, which occupied his old neighborhood, was pretty much in shambles when he arrived. This once great gang had been reduced to the laughing stock of the whole city, and they were constantly attacked by other gangs, such as their mortal enemies, the Ballas. This gang would eventually rise back up to prominence. But is it true that this gang was called the "Grove Street Families?"

Question 40

The Ballas' Gang Color Is Blue

We've already mentioned the Ballas here and there, so you probably know a lot about them by now. And if you're a GTA fan, you probably know all about them anyway. They played a major role in the story of GTA: San Andreas, and they're pretty much everywhere when you first start the game. This is because they've risen up to control huge portions of the city, and can be easily spotted by their choice of color. But what color is this? Blue?

Question 41

The Car Called A "Banshee" In GTA Greatly Resembles A Dodge Viper

Cars in GTA are a huge part of the game. From the very first entries in the franchise, there was a huge emphasis placed on driving. And to this day, newer entries continue to use the age old formula of having the player drive a getaway car while being pursued by police. There is a huge variety of cars, but if you look closely, you can see that most of the cars are based heavily on real life automobiles. Is it true, for example, that the "Banshee" is based heavily off a Dodge Viper?

Question 42

Before CJ Returned To The Set, Sweet Was Leader Of The Grove Street Families

When CJ returned to the set, everything had gone wrong. A close family member of Sweet's had been killed in a vicious drive by shooting, and something needed to be done. Sweet was always a huge character in the GTA: San Andreas game, and he plays a major role in the early missions of the game. It's Sweet that lets CJ know just how bad things have become since he left. But is it true that Sweet was acting as the leader of the Grove Street Families when CJ came back?

Question 43

After You Attain 100% Completion Of GTA V, UFO Sightings Are Common

Aliens and the supernatural have been a pretty recurrent theme in the GTA games. This was especially common in GTA: San Andreas, where there were actually a whole string of missions that took place in an area that was suspiciously similar to the real life "Area 51" in Nevada. Later games tended to try and be a little bit more realistic, so aliens weren't featured as much. But what about GTA V? Is it true that upon 100% completion of the game, you start to see UFOS?

Question 44

GTA V Has The Most Story Missions

GTA games have always been satisfyingly long and difficult to complete. Even if you got addicted to the game and played it for 24 hours straight, you probably still wouldn't be able to complete it in one sitting. Some missions are easier than others, but for the most part they're very challenging. However, one GTA game had many more missions than any other game in the franchise. Is it true that this game was GTA V? Or was it a different game?

Question 45

True Or False, Trevor Was Born In Canada

Out of all the characters in GTA V, Trevor is probably the most memorable. He's the wildest of the bunch, and does things that are disgusting, immoral and hilarious, often simultaneously. He's one character that even the player has difficulty predicting, let alone other characters within the game. He's the last character to become playable by the character, and the wait is well worth it. Playing as Trevor is one of the best parts of the game. But is it true that he was born in Canada?

Question 46

True Or False, Michael De Santa Married A Stripper

Michael De Santa is another memorable character in the GTA V game. He's the character who was created to represent the GTA player who had beaten the game already, and was happily retired after a long life full of crime. True, he may have made some questionable decisions over the years, but for the most part he's satisfied drinking in the sun by his pool. His wife rarely lets him get much time to relax though. But is it true that she used to be a stripper?

Question 47

True Or False, At The Start Of GTA V, Franklin Was Working For An Armenian Car Salesman

At the very start of GTA V, Franklin Clinton is not having the best of times. After learning the hard way that crime doesn't pay, he emerged from prison intent on living an honest life and finding legitimate work. Unfortunately for him, he finds work with a pretty unsavory character. This guy owns a car dealership, and is incredibly corrupt and shady. But on the positive side of things, it's because of this job that he met Michael. But is it true that the owner of this car lot was Armenian?

Question 48

True Or False, Michael's Wife Cheats On Him With Her Tennis Instructor

We've already established that Michael's wife used to be a stripper. She is generally seen as a negative influence on Michael's life, and the constant nagging he receives is enough to make players rethink the value in getting married. Although she has had a pretty shady life in her early years, by the time GTA V starts she's living a pretty respectable life filled with tennis lessons and yoga. But how respectable is she really? Is it true that she cheated on Michael with her tennis instructor?

Question 49

True Or False, The Infernus Was Based Heavily On The Toyota Prius

Another iconic car that makes tons of appearances in the GTA franchise is the Infernus. This car is one of the most sought after cars in the GTA world, and players often get out of their cars and hijack the person driving this car when they see it on the street. As previously mentioned, the cars in GTA are usually closely modeled after real life cars, and the Infernus is no exception. Looking at this car, it's pretty obvious which car its based on. Is it the Toyota Prius?

Question 50

True Or False, Lester Crest Is Known For His Driving Skill

Lester Crest is another important character in the GTA V game, and he acts as a friend to all of the playable characters. Although he closest to Michael, who had known him for the longest, he ends up helping all of the playable characters in a pretty unique and major way. This character definitely has his moments, and he's become something of a favorite for fans of the GTA series. But is it true that his main skill is his driving?

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