Only Real FRIENDS Fans Can Tell Which Friend Did It

You don't need to be from the 90's in order to enjoy the hit TV series Friends, as this sitcom is one of the greats. When this show first aired in 1994, its directors were unsure on whether or not it would turn out to be a hit. However, they quickly found out that their show would soon be one of the most-watched TV shows in US history. If you're a real Friends fan, answering every single question on this quiz — correctly — is going to be a breeze. Sadly, those of you who haven't re-watched friends in over a year's time might find this quiz to be quite challenging.

The Friends series has 236 juicy and hilarious episodes to offer, which is why many of their true fans choose to continuously re-watch them every few years or so. After running for about 10 years, the show met an emotional end, which was clearly displayed in the series' last episode. Seeing the Friends apartment emptied out for the first time was quite shocking, but when all 6 members of the group lay down their keys on the kitchen counter, many fans began sobbing uncontrollably.

So are you ready to find out if you're a Friends connoisseur? If so, then let's get to it!

Question 1

Who kissed their boss by accident during an interview?

There is nothing worse than making a fool out of yourself, but unfortunately, this is an occurence we all have to go through. In the TV show Friends, there is one character who mistakingly kisses his/her boss after an interview. Instead of apologising right away, they go home feeling ashamed. Surprisingly, however, this character ends up getting a call back and being offered the job they were applying for. Do you know who this character is off the top of your head?

Question 2

Who got naked with the ugly naked guy?

If you don't know who the ugly naked guy is, then you really don't know much about the TV show Friends, as this is one of the biggest 'unseen' characters in its plot line. The ugly naked guy wasn't always as such, however, as he was once considered as the hot naked guy. As the seasons went on, however, this character started to put on weight and was given a new name. Do you know who got naked with this character?

Question 3

Who got married 3 times?

The TV show Friends aired for a total of 10 years, which is why it isn't surprising to hear that there were many weddings on this show. While the most promising one was between Monica and Chandler, there are still many honorable mentions. Do you know which member of the Friends group got married a total of 3 times — all of which ended in divorce? Any real Friends fan would be able to pass this question in a matter of seconds.

Question 4

Who got pregnant first?

While it is true that Ross had a child before anyone else, there is one female character who actually got pregnant before the other leading ladies of the show. This character — who will remain unnamed for the sake of this question — did not get pregnant out of love, but rather out of dedication to a family member. While most people have kids with the intention of raising them, this character had kids with the intention of giving them away!

Question 5

Who tried to take a bullet for a sandwich?

Some people are more courageous than others, especially when trying to protect the ones that they love. If you're familiar with the TV show Friends , then surely you remember when Phoebe was dating a police officer. During one of these episodes, the gang takes to the streets to examine crime from afar, and get met with a "near death experience". Do you remember this episode? If so, then surely you are familiar with the character who risks his life for a sandwich.

Question 6

Who wore leather pants and lived to regret it?

For many, the 90's were a time when fashion faux-pas were at an all time high. Regardless of this, many of us now idealise the 90's for their hilarious and creative fashion styles. The TV show Friends never failed to bring 90's fashion to life, which is why some of the characters on this show are seen wearing curious clothing items — like leather pants. Do you remember which character wore leather pants to a date and started sweating profusely?

Question 7

Who dated a stalker?

Nine times out of ten, when a person stalks you, you report them to the police. However, this isn't what happened when a Friends character found out that they were being followed by an unknown man. Instead of contacting the authorities, this tough character confronted their stalker and soon found out that there was a huge misunderstanding at hand. Curiously enough, this character then started to date their stalker — until they realised that this person's need for stalking was stronger than their need for love.

Question 8

Who owned a pet monkey?

While none of the Friends characters ever owned a dog — or a normal animal — there were many animals present on the set of this show. For starters, both Joey and Chandler owned a pair of ducks for the majority of the series, and Rachel even owned a hairless cat with a devilish attitude. There is one character, however, who chose to own a pet monkey named Marcel. Do you remember which Friends member owned such a pet? Or are you going to Google it?

Question 9

Who lost their pinkie toe?

There are some things in life that we have no control over — like our love interests, paper cuts, and accidents. However, there are some things that we are totally in control of — like our flirting techniques, revenge plots, and friendships. In a flashback episode, we find out that one of the Friends characters is responsible for the removal of another character's pinkie toe. Do you remember which member of the Friends group lost the tip of their pinkie toe on Thanksgiving day?

Question 10

Who went tanning and lived to regret it?

Wouldn't it be nice to have a perfect tan all year 'round? No more uneven skin patches, pale complexions, and tan-line insecurities! Well, thanks to tanning salons, many people now have the skin they always wanted! When one of the Friends characters decides to buy a membership at a tanning salon, they quickly find out that spray-on tans are not the way to go. Are you familiar with which Friends member went to the tanning salon and lived to regret it?

Question 11

Who lied about moving to Yemen?

While lying is never a good decision, there are times when it can be necessary. Telling someone a little white lie can be tolerated from time to time, but people who lie about moving out of the country to escape a bad relationship will surely live to regret it. During one of the earlier Friends seasons, a character lies about movie to Yemen in order to ditch their current lover. Their karma is instantly delivered when they are required to board the plane and fly out of the country.

Question 12

Who puts a turkey on their head and begs for forgiveness?

There are many ways to get someone you love to forgive you, but none as extreme as propping a turkey on your head and dancing around. In a Friend episode, Chandler finds out that one of his friends is responsible for the loss of his pinkie toe — which makes him furious. In order to be forgiven, a Friends character dons on a frozen turkey carcass, huge glasses, and starts to dance around him until he forgivers her/him. Do you know which character did this?

Question 13

Who hates thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a special holiday for millions of people, which is why they join tables to celebrate the love and gratitude they have for one another. There are some people, however, who greatly dislike this holiday due to very personal reasons. This is the case for one of the Friends characters, who on more than one account mentions how much he/she hates Thanksgiving. Do you know which Friends member is notorious for hating this holiday? Or are you grasping at straws here?

Question 14

Whose wife turned out to be a lesbian?

It is never a good idea to rush into marriage, which is why most couples tend to wait a couple of years before getting engaged, and another couple of years before getting married. However, as many of you already know, there is one Friends character who absolutely loves to get married at a moment's notice. This character quickly finds out that the married life isn't all it's cracked up to be, which is why he/she files for divorce, over and over again.

Question 15

Who gets married in Las Vegas?

There is never a good time or place to get married — only a good partner to choose. Regardless of this, there is a place called Las Vegas that is notorious for allowing wasted couples get married. Many of you would probably agree that getting married in Las Vegas while intoxicated is a recipe for disaster — and you'd be absolutely right. Do you remember which Friends members got married out of the blue while on a Las Vegas trip?

Question 16

Who plays the guitar?

What makes the Friends group so special is that it is formed by 6 very different individuals. Despite their obvious differences, these friends connect and enjoy each others' company on a daily basis. There is one character, however, who is far more unique than all of the rest — which is part of his/her charm! Do you know which Friends member plays the guitar and sings at the Central Perk? If you don't, then surely you've never watched Friends in your life.

Question 17

Who offciates Chandler and Monica's wedding?

Back in the day, couples had to go to a Church and get married by a priest in order to validate their marriage. But today, couples can simply ask one of their friends to do the honours. Thanks to online forms and easy procedures, one's friend can get officiated in a matter of hours — allowing them to perform the wedding ceremony. Do you remember who Monica and Chandler got married by? If so, then acing this quiz will be a breeze.

Question 18

Who got married in England?

If you haven't noticed already, the Friends group seems to be fond of getting married in different states or countries, thus why they all fly to England in the first place. During their England trip, Chandler and Monica hook up for the first time, and somehow manage to bring their fling back home with them. Are you familiar with who was getting married in England when this all happened? If not — you might as well start Googling the answers to this quiz.

Question 19

Who was overweight when they were younger?

Many people would agree that all 6 of the Friends members are of the good looking variety. However, this wasn't always the case. With the help of many hilarious flashbacks, we are reunited with a character's dark and obese past. While it has been years since this character lost their weight, they are still plagued by who they used to be. So much so, that it affects their relationships from time to time. Do you know which Friends member used to be obese?

Question 20

Who can imitate Estelle’s voice perfectly?

As many of you surely know, Joey's life goal is to be a succesful actor. Sadly, his agent, Estelle, isn't the best in the business, hence why she seldom gets him any big-time auditions. During one of the later episodes in the series, a Friends character starts to mimic Joey's agent's voice, landing him a series of auditions. However, as the days go by, this character decides to stop impersonating Estelle's voice, as it is the wrong thing to do.

Question 21

Who dates their parents’ friend?

They say that love has no age, no sex, and no restraints, but this isn't always the case. Dating someone who is over twenty years your senior can be frowned down upon, but when it is true love, this shouldn't matter. There is one Friends character who ends up falling for her/his dad's best friend, and ends up dating him/her for quite some time. Are you familiar with this strange love affair? If so, you're going to nail this question.

Question 22

Who introduces Phoebe and Mike?

It can be very difficult for Friends fans to pick a favorite character, and this is because every single group member is essential the plot. However, many people love Phoebe due to her interesting stories and sporadic personality. During the seasons of this show, Phoebe dates a lot of men but never truly falls in love — that is, until she meets Mike. Phoebe and Mike eventually get married and owe their love to the person who introduced them to one another.

Question 23

Who loses it when someone eats their sandwich?

Many people would agree that food is their best friend when the going gets rough, which is why binge eating is such a common occurence. During a Friends episode, a character is met with an obstacle when they notice that their Thanksgiving sandwich has disappeared from their work fridge. Despite having written their name on the sandwich, someone in their office saw fit to eating their lunch — which is unacceptable! Do you know which character loses their sh*t over a sandwich?

Question 24

Which Friends member dated someone named Kip?

It can be difficult to keep up with the names of secondary Friends characters — and this is because there are so many of them! In nearly every single episode, we are introduced to new and exciting characters, only to have them ripped away after a short while. There is one Friends character who dated a man named Kip for quite some time. Unfortunately, their relationship did not work out. Do you remember who dated Kip? Or are you sweating in your boots?

Question 25

Who grew up homeless?

There is one Friends character who had a more difficult upbringing than his/her buddies, and ironically, it is this character who often sprouts the most joy. While Ross and Monica grew up in a nice home, side by side, this group member struggled to make ends meet and grew up on the streets alone. Despite all of this, he/she ended up getting a good job and making enough money to survive in New York city. Do you know which character grew up homeless?

Question 26

Whose father is gay?

While some people may have an easier life than others, no life is completely free of hardships and obstacles. While having a gay parent is not a big deal, it can be quite traumatising if this parent only accepts their sexual orientation after having invested in a family. Divorce is not easy for anybody, but when you start seeing your dad dressing up in drag or dating other guys, you can quickly become confused. Do you know whose father is gay?

Question 27

Who hooks up with one of Joey’s sisters?

On more than one account, we are introduced to Joey's seven sisters — all of which look exactly the same. Joey, being the only male in his family, is often very protective of his sisters, which is why none of his friends have tried to date any of them — well, sort of. One of the Friends members ends up drinking way too much and hooking up with one of Joey's sisters. Problem is; he doesn't know which one it is.

Question 28

Who drops the lottery-bowl off the balcony?

There are two types of people in this world; those who play the lottery and those who do not play the lottery. As many come to find, playing the numbers can become an addiction, which is why neglecting this habit altogether is preferable. In one of the Friends episodes, the gang joins together and buys a bunch of lottery tickets in hopes of winning the grand prize. Unfortunately, someone drops the lottery bowl off of the balcony, and the winning ticket gets picked up by a total stranger.

Question 29

Who almost married an orthodontist?

A failed engagement is much better than a failed marriage, which is why calling off a wedding before it happens is always a good move when doubts are present. There is one Friends character who joins the group when she gets cold feet — deciding to show up at Central Perk in a wedding dress. Do you remember which member of the group was about to marry a boring orthodontist and make the biggest mistake of her life? If you don't, you seriously need to brush up on the show.

Question 30

Who gets locked in a cabinet and robbed?

One of the worst things that can happen to someone is getting robbed, and this is especially true when it happens to people who have limited resources. In an episode of Friends, one of the gang members gets robbed out of the blue — thanks to his/her stupidity. Despite all of this, the character bounces back, however, he/she never truly learns from their mistake, as before he/she knows it, they are locked inside of the cabinet once more. Can you name this character?

Question 31

Whose idea is it to make a giant poking device out of chopsticks?

While it is true that each Friends character has a different volume of intelligence, it is also true that they have varying levels of creativity. This is proven during an episode with the ugly naked guy. When the group fears that the ugly naked guy has perished, they decide to built a poking device out of chopsticks. With this poking device, the gang manages to poke the ugly naked guy's gut. They quickly find out that the ugly naked guy was just sleeping, and not dead after all.

Question 32

Who finds out they are 1 year older than they thought they were?

Being the youngest of your friend group can be very annoying when you are underage, and this is because all of your friends can go out to bars but you can't. However, most of the Friends members are around the same age — and legal — making it easy for them to hangout wherever they please. Do you know who thought they were younger than they actually were? Or are you going to take a wild guess? This question should be an easy one!

Question 33

Who is gifted a Porsche from their parents?

Having rich parents can stop you from achieving anything yourself, but this isn't always the case. Sometimes, kids do not like feeling as though they owe their parents anything, so they choose to start their own projects or work outside of the family business. Most people would agree that getting a Porsche as a present is far too extravagant, but that wouldn't stop them from accepting the gift. Do you know which Friends character was gifted a Porsche from their parents?

Question 34

Which Friends member leaves themselves embarrassing messages on voicemail?

Today, all we have to do it jot down some notes in our phones when we need to make a reminder. However, this wasn't how things were done in the 90's and early 2000's. Back then, many people would resort to calling their home line and leaving themselves a message when they needed to remember something important. Do you know which Friends character is notorious for leaving themselves embarrassing and ridiculous voicemails? If so, you'll have no issues acing this quiz questions.

Question 35

Which couple was supposed to happen but never did?

This will be a toughie for anybody who's only a casual fan. However, if you know your Friends lore, it should be a no-brainer. Every show has pre-planned story arcs and sometimes they make it onto the screen and sometimes they're scrapped. Sometimes the clues are even left behind without the ultimate pay off. So, do you know which two Friends were, at one time, going to be matched up? Pro-top: It sort of happened, but it didn't really count because it was a fake future.

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