Only Real Foodies Can Impress Gordon Ramsay By Naming 75% Of These Kitchen Gadgets

A kitchen in any home is a great place to be; if you like spending time in the kitchen, that is. For most, it's a room full of possibilities and endless combinations. After all, that's what cooking is all about, isn't it? Combining different ingredients and putting them together to come up with something spectacular! Well, most of the time. Even a great chef has an off day or two. It has to happen sometime. We're all human. But, those who love to cook and love to create culinary works of art all love their kitchens. Big or small, fancy or simple, it doesn't matter... it's nobody else's kitchen. It's a place where one can take credit for their accomplishments and hide the dirty secrets of their mistakes. For some, it's a place to be creative and to try new things; things we never thought we could do. But, hey... look at that! It came out just like the picture in the magazine. Tah-dah!

And anyone who takes that much pride in their kitchen, often takes just as much pride in their kitchen appliances, as well. And why shouldn't we? Most of them are pieces that we've collected over time. Some were gifts, and some were very carefully selected. And, honestly, that's what this quiz is about! All the tools and gadgets we have in our kitchens and drawers and on our countertops. So, take few minutes from the cooking (better set the timer, just to be sure), and give these 30 questions a try. We think it'll be worth the time.  Good luck!

Question 1

Name this popular baker's tool

Some kitchen necessities are just that ... necessary. But that doesn't mean they have to be complicated. Sometimes simple is best. Maybe that's why some of the tools of the culinary trade are still around because-- hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Right? That's why this can be found in just about any bakery, anywhere. If it's made out of dough, you can bet somebody used one of these. And, no, it's not for keeping your husband in line.

Question 2

Name this widely-used breakfast accessory

Some of us just have a morning routine. We know what works for us, so we stick with it. And, that can include lots of things like ... the time the alarm goes off every morning, the type of toothpaste we use, the brand of toothbrush, down to what we eat for breakfast. And, maybe not just what we eat, but how we prepare it, as well. That's where this little gadget comes in. Some of us are good with just cereal, some of us need something else on the side.

Question 3

Name this drink-making apparatus

Baked goods aren't the only things that can require more than one ingredient. Beverages can, too. And, we're not talking about drinks. Milkshakes, smoothies, floats, juices. And if you're going to make something right, then you need the right tool to get the job done properly. Sure, you can do just about anything manually; but then you're talking about LOTS and LOTS of time (and lots of aching muscles, as well). That's why most of us have the appliances that we do. Convenience.

Question 4

Name this item commonly used for frying

This highly versatile cooking vessel actually comes from China. Obviously, if you want Chinese food than you'll probably want to prepare it with the proper Chinese methods and utensils. For example, you're not going to get fried rice by baking it in the oven. This item can be used with a range of cooking techniques; such as, steaming, poaching, searing, stewing, and roasting, as well as frying. Perhaps that's why multi-use items are so often found in multiple kitchens around the world!

Question 5

Name this beverage maker

This clever contraption is becoming more and more popular around the world. As more and more individuals are striving to change their diets, they're also looking for new ways in which to do it. One could argue that there's no need for such complicated machinery, when you can just do the same thing by hand. But, again, so many tasks require a lot of time. And, as much as we may want to change what we eat, we can't change the hours in the day.

Question 6

Name this common culinary appliance

It may not always be about time. Some days it's just about counter space. Not everybody has all the room they would like to have so they can really spread out and totally immerse themselves in what they're preparing. Sure, most of us would love to have that unlimited counter space to lay out every mixing bowl and cookie sheet we have. But, for most, that's not much of a reality. So, most of time, we have to go with what works best.

Question 7

Name this essential kitchen implement

Okay... yes, this is probably the simplest item on the quiz. But, it may also be the most essential. Especially when there are multiple projects in the works. Most chefs (professional or otherwise) would probably admit to having more than one of these in their kitchen. Some are magnetically mounted on the refrigerator, some are built into the microwave or stove top. No matter where they're located, or how many there are, there's no better way of keeping track of what's going on.

Question 8

Name this culinary wonder

This baking wonder is truly a blessing. Talk about taking the work out of an otherwise monumental task! Most of the time, people would agree that foods that are homemade are just better. It may not necessarily have to do with the choice of ingredients or the method of preparation. Of course, cost could be debated either way, as well. Sure, it'd be easier to just go to the store and pick up what you need, but there's more love and appreciation involved when you've made it yourself.

Question 9

Name this kitchen item

Odd-looking? Yes. Absolutely. But extremely useful. The skin or the rind of any fruit or vegetable can be hard to get through. Not to mention a mess, as well. You've got juices dripping, peels falling, and all the while you're trying not to injure yourself in the process. That's why this handy dandy little instrument is so very essential. It cuts down on time and frustration, which is a plus for anyone working in a kitchen. Call it a combination of safety and convenience.

Question 10

Name this cooking utensil

Again, sometimes simple is best. And, not just the best, but once the solution is found, why complicate it? That's why so many cookbooks start out with a section on kitchen essentials. Some items are just so basic that you can't really expect to accomplish much if you don't have them. Sure, there are always ways to improvise, but why improvise if you don't have to. Most often, it's just easier to be prepared. And anyone who's spent a great deal of time in a kitchen would probably agree.

Question 11

Name this cheese-y wonder

One of the greatest things about some utensils is their versatility. This one, for example, can be used for a number of things, but we're looking for the term that best describes its primary use. Like a lot of other gadgets found in the kitchen, there are a lot of different variations of this one tool. Some you hold, some are free-standing, but most are sharp and most are metal. But, whichever version one might own, it sure is handy.

Question 12

Name this sharp instrument

Some implements look a little too frightening to be useful. Or, maybe just too frightening to be used. Kind of gives a whole new meaning to the expression, " ... caveat emptor." Let the buyer beware! Yikes! But, items like this one wouldn't be so popular or sell as well as they do, if they didn't work. That's why places like the kitchen specialty stores can be so very dangerous to us aspiring chefs. "Oooo ... I need one of those!" "Why?" "I don't know; I just need it!"

Question 13

Name this egg-stravagant device

There are also kitchen instruments that are just kind of weird, but amazing at the same time. This is a ... blah, blah, blah and it does such and such. No way! But, that's why the culinary world is like any other. It just never stops improving. Sure, some people are out there trying to figure out how to build a better car and some are out there trying to make a more efficient blender. Different strokes are what make the world go 'round!

Question 14

Name this wire-y invention

This little utensil makes salad prep a whole heck of a lot easier; not to mention sandwich spreads as well. Like so many other gadgets in the kitchen, it really does save on time and on manual work. And, let's face it: anything that that save precious minutes and seconds in the kitchen is a real blessing, seeing as how cooking really (most of the time) comes down to multi-tasking. Perhaps that's why some utensils are called tools and some tools are called utensils.

Question 15

Name this handy countertop contraption

Convenience, convenience, convenience. Maybe that is the name of the game in the culinary world. Of course, countertop devices take up countertop space. It makes one wonder where to draw the line. Where do we start sacrificing convenience for space; or space for convenience? But... we're getting off point. This device is usually made of wood, marble, or granite. It's quite solid with a tense wire and gets all the work done in just half the time. Luckily, it really doesn't take up that much space.

Question 16

Name this bristly item

This, too falls under the category of your "simpler" kitchen items, but is still, just as important as most others. It's absolutely essential when it comes to adding flavor(s) to many, many foods, especially on the grill. It's certainly not one of the more expensive items in a kitchen drawer, but, that's probably part of it's appeal! Pretty much every kitchen has one. Some are made of softer bristles, some a bit more wiry, and many are made of silicone these days.

Question 17

Name this counter-top cooker

Wherever this kitchen wonder came from, it's truly, truly nothing short of a HUGE culinary advantage, especially when we're talking about optimizing space and appliances! It really is a culinary miracle. This handy gadget can handle your morning meals, lunch and dinner. No ... now we're not talking about one of those revolutionary items that " ... slices and dices and juliennes and makes fries, too!" It's convenient, but not that convenient. But, don't worry, it will cook your food.

Question 18

Name this piece of culinary hardware

Again... small, simple, and a whole lot of uses; not to mention the fact that it's great because it's one of those items you can stuff in a drawer! Oh yeah, total space saver! Major points right there! It's a combination of simple mechanics and engineering (very simple mechanics and engineering), yet it accomplishes so much. Wait ... slow down, This is starting to sound like another infomercial. "It's handy! It's dandy! And it fits in the palm of your hand!"

Question 19

Name this pastry maker

Ahhh... breakfast. The higher-up nutritionists and dieticians will tell us that it's absolutely the most important meal of the day. The general idea (supposedly) is that it provides us with the energy that we're going to need for the day. So, why not do it up right? And, if it is in fact, breakfast time, then that usually means there's not a whole lot of time to spare, either. So, again, why not own the appliance that does it and does it up right and does it for you?

Question 20

Name these fancy shears

Although these shears certainly look like they should be found in a sewing room, instead of the kitchen, they are not only a time saver, but they help out a lot when it comes to adding flavor to pretty much any food or any dish. An argument could certainly be made for sparing the expense of one more kitchen gadget when you could still do it just as simply by hand. But, again, we're talking about convenience, the sake of saving time, and adding a little TLC.

Question 21

Name this handy object

This one looks more like a multi-tool you'd find in a garage than any object you might find in a kitchen drawer. But nothing is more handy that this little gadget when it comes to cutting, coring, and slicing some of your more common vegetables. And, no, it's not the one on T.V. that, " ... slices, dices, juliennes, and it makes fries!" But it is just about as handy and the best part is that it doesn't take up much space.

Question 22

Name this crushing contraption

This contraption could easily fall under the category of: " ... why bother going through the frustration , when you can just go to the store and get what you need there. So, yes, this one is not so much about the convenience as it is for those chefs who like to put a little extra love into their food and for those who prefer to have their ingredients as fresh as possible. Sure, you could buy it in a jar, but some of us just prefer that extra personal touch.

Question 23

Name this handy device

This big, bad boy usually doesn't come out except for the major holidays, like Easter and Thanksgiving and Christmas. Mainly because it is used for carving and slicing things. It's certainly not a necessity; you could simply do this by hand with knives that you already own. But, like most things on our list, this baby adds a little more flash, and a little more showmanship. Not to mention the fact that they're real easy to clean when your done with them.

Question 24

Name this greasy gadget

From fried chicken to donuts, the irresistible combination of a crispy exterior and a moist interior is all thanks to one of the greasy little beauties! Now, there are those out there who may not completely agree with this form of food prep, but it sure changes the flavor of just about any food under the sun. Of course, better flavor doesn't always = better for you, but that's a whole other quiz. And, like most handy kitchen appliances, it can be kept on the countertop or stashed away in a cabinet somewhere.

Question 25

Name this percolating appliance

This little darling is an essential part of almost everyone's morning. Most of us would agree that trying to start the day without it would certainly be an exercise in futility! It's kind of like forgetting to gas up the car on the way to work, when you're down below an eighth of a tank... you might get there, you might not. It's gonna be a real toss up, either way. So, the rule of thumb should probably be... take some with you, just in case.

Question 26

Name this weight-y gadget

Granted, when one first looks at this odd, little item, it may conjure up images and ideas of health and weight and numbers and mathematical equations. But, it really isn't all that complicated. Honestly. It serves a handful of different purposes. Okay, well the truth is anybody can do whatever they want with the equipment in their kitchen. It's their equipment. But, just because you could use a rolling pin as a paper towel holder doesn't mean that you should.

Question 27

Name this multi-talented trinket

Now this little doo-dad speaks for itself! It is THE multi-tool of kitchen multi-tools! Yes, it can get a bit messy in the process, but very few items in the kitchen are as versatile or as much fun as this one. It can be used for both fruits or vegetables; it can clamp on to your countertop or simply form a seal on top of it. When it comes to dinners or to desserts, this is the time saver of time savers!

Question 28

Name this interesting invention

This little thing is a bit more of a puzzler. It's an odd shape and has a rather odd look to it. What is it for? Is it a blender, a grater, a separator, or a sifter of some kind? The one hint that we can give you is that it IS extremely handy when it comes to desserts and baked goods in general. Like nearly everything else on this quiz, its main feature is that it saves A LOT of time!

Question 29

Name this mighty mechanism

These babies are a mechanical marvel. This item combines the convenience of blending, chopping, slicing, etc. all in one! What more can a chef ask for when a new gadget can do the work of three or maybe even four. It saves time, it saves effort, and it saves almost everybody a whole lot of grief. No more needing to switch ingredients from one appliance to another... not when there's this little trinket. They're lightweight, easy to clean, and every kitchen should have one. Does anyone know what it is?

Question 30

Name this technological tool

Okay, okay... if there had to be one item in the whole quiz that truly revolutionized the modern kitchen... THIS would be IT (maybe that's why we saved it for last). This big ol' tool took almost all the physical work and strain out of baking. Suddenly, things weren't quite so tedious and people weren't quite as tired at the end of their stint in the kitchen. Of course, like most modern appliances, it comes in different speeds, models, and colors.

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