Only Real Fans Can Match The Exes To The Right Grey's Anatomy Characters!

Grey’s Anatomy is one of the best shows on television and has been on ABC for a whopping 14 seasons! Because it’s been on the air for so long, it has certainly cycled through its fair share of characters, both season regulars and guest stars. Though the show is about a hospital and focuses on the medical drama, romance is also a huge part of the storyline for all the doctors. In fact, we don’t think there’s a doctor on this show who hasn’t been in at least one relationship over the course of their time on the show.

We know certain characters like Alex Karev, Jackson Avery, and even Callie Torres have dated a lot of people during their time on the show, but do you remember all of the guest star romances that occurred? For example, do you remember the doctor Mark Sloan dated for a period of time, or the veterinarian Meredith Grey dated before she ultimately fell in love with Derek Shepherd?

If you call yourself a big Grey’s Anatomy fan and you think you know all of the romances that have happened on this show, then we think you need to give this quiz a shot. Test your Grey’s Anatomy romance knowledge right now!

Question 1

Who dated Dr. Stark?

dr stark

This one might be a tough question for fans who don’t know Grey’s Anatomy all that well, but we think you can get it right if you think hard enough! Dr. Stark joined the show back in Season 7 when he took over the pediatrics department from Dr. Arizona Robbins when she decided to oversee a program in Africa. He decided to pursue a relationship with one doctor in particular, but she didn’t necessarily replicate the same feelings. Who dated Dr. Stark?

Question 2

Who did NOT date Lexie Grey?

We miss Lexie Grey on Grey’s Anatomy so much! Lexie Grey joined the show way back in Season 4, if you can believe it! She told Meredith she was her half sister, which definitely came as surprise, but she quickly won the hearts of many men on the show. Though she was deeply in love with one character in particular, she did spend time dating a few other of the guys. Do you remember her many relationships? Who did NOT date Lexie Grey?

Question 3

Who dated Jason Myers?

We couldn’t forget this guy even if we wanted to! He was not our favorite guy. Jason Myers was a gynecology resident who worked at Seattle Grace for a brief period of time, or so it seemed. We are first introduced to Jason back in 9 and he begins to have a rivalry with Dr. Alex Karev. The rivalry got so bad, in fact, that Alex severely beat up Jason. Let’s just say it got super ugly. Who dated Jason Myers?

Question 4

Who dated Ethan Boyd?

ethan boyd

If you’re not a big Grey’s Anatomy fan you may not get this question right, but you should definitely give it a shot. Ethan Boyd was first introduced on Grey’s Anatomy back in Season 11. Ethan was an attending radiologist at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. He begins to get to know one doctor in particular over the course of a few episodes and he ultimately asks her out. Unfortunately they didn’t have a great connection and they didn’t do anything more than just the first date. Who dated Ethan Boyd?

Question 5

Who dated Denny Duquette?

Who could ever forget about Denny Duquette?! We absolutely loved this character and all that he brought to Grey’s Anatomy. For those who don’t remember, we first met Denny during Season 2. He joins the show because he is in desperate need of a heart transplant, but he ultimately falls in love with his doctor. Do you remember who it was? He also returns to the show in later seasons as a ghost. Who could forget that? Who dated Denny Duquette?

Question 6

Who dated Nurse Rose?

If you’re a Grey’s Anatomy fan and if you really love the early seasons of the show — especially season 4 and 5 — you will know who Nurse Rose is. Nurse Rose was first introduced to Grey’s Anatomy back in Season 4 and was also on the show on Season 5. She started dating one of the doctors while he was on a break with another doctor, and most fans were not very happy about the relationship. Who dated Nurse Rose?

Question 7

Who dated Nurse Olivia?

Let’s take it back all the way to the first season of Grey’s Anatomy. If you’ve watched the show since the beginning, then you’ll definitely know all about Nurse Olivia. In fact, she played a pretty important role in the first season because she quickly got involved with two of the doctors. But, she was actually only dating one of them, which caused a bit of an issue. Do you remember when she gave a certain doctor an STD?! Who dated Nurse Olivia?

Question 8

Who dated Stephanie Edwards?

Dr. Stephanie Edwards wasn’t on Grey’s Anatomy for a very long time, but we do miss her spirit on the show! She joined the show during season 9 along with some other fan favorites including Jo Wilson. She jumped into a relationship with one of the main doctors and they were very happy together, that is until he decided to leave her for his ex-girlfriend. That was quite the dramatic episode! She ended up leaving after she got injured in a fire. Who dated Stephanie Edwards?

Question 9

Who dated Julia Canner?

This name may be hard for Grey’s Anatomy fans to remember, especially if you’ve missed some of the seasons in the middle, but we think you can get this one right if you think hard enough! Julia Canner was first introduced to the show back in Season 8 when she met a certain doctor during a softball game. Julia was an ophthalmologist from Seattle Presbyterian Hospital and ultimately started a relationship with one of the doctors at Seattle Grace. Who dated Julia Canner?

Question 10

Who dated Leah Murphy?

OK, who could ever forget about Leah Murphy, right?! Leah Murphy was first introduced to Grey’s Anatomy at the same time as Jo Wilson and Stephanie Edwards, right around Season 9. She was unfortunately fired during her second year of residency because she was just not good enough to be a doctor. Sorry, Leah! However, she did strike up a sexual relationship with one of the doctors, which definitely caused some serious drama between everybody involved. Who dated Leah Murphy?

Question 11

Who dated Emma Marling?

Do you guys remember Emma Marling? We believe the big Grey’s Anatomy fans will remember this lovely lady, but if you don't, do feel too bad! Emma Marling was the head of Maternal-Fetal Medicine at Seattle Presbyterian Hospital, Seattle Mercy Grace’s rival hospital. She meets one of the doctors at Seattle Mercy Grace during a fundraiser all the way back during Season 10 and they began to have a relationship, but it is ultimately short lived. Who dated Emma Marling?

Question 12

Who dated Izzie Stevens?

We feel like this one should be easy for all you big Grey’s Anatomy fans! This doctor started on Grey’s Anatomy during Season 1 and was on the show until Season 6. She had many relationships during her time on the show, but she ultimately fell in love with one man in particular. She ended up leaving the show during Season 6 because she was diagnosed with cancer and wanted a big life change. Out of all the men listed below, who dated Izzie Stevens?

Question 13

Who dated Nurse Eli?

We know you’ve never forgotten about Nurse Eli, especially because he was a part of that amazing — and also quite strange — Grey’s Anatomy musical episode. Nurse Eli was introduced during Season 7 and struck up a relationship with an unlikely doctor in the hospital. Though his romance with this doctor was short lived, they did enjoy each others company for some time. He ended up leaving the show in Season 8 after the tragic plane crash. Who dated Nurse Eli?

Question 14

Who dated Rebecca Pope?

OK we’ll be honest, Rebecca Pope had a lot of aliases. She was also known as Ava and Jane Doe, but Rebecca Pope was her real name. She was involved in a ferry accident and was brought to Seattle Grace hospital, where she connected with one doctor in particular. They began to have a relationship, but she ended up having a lot of issues and it didn’t quite work out between them. We don’t know how we feel about her, but she was interesting. Who dated Rebecca Pope?

Question 15

Who did NOT date Callie Torres?

We’ve gotta say, we miss Callie Torres a lot! She was a huge part of Grey’s Anatomy and was such a vital member of the show. She had many relationships during her time on the show, with both men and women, but there were a few people she didn’t date. She also had two marriages while on the show, but she ended up leaving Grey’s Anatomy and moving out to New York. We miss ya, Callie! Who did NOT date Callie Torres?

Question 16

Who dated Eliza Minnick?


OK, we’re not going to lie — we were not fans of Eliza Minnick. Sorry not sorry, people! She came on the show during Season 13 and completely changed everything up. Most of the doctors did not like her, but she did begin a relationship with one of the doctors. They connected and had a great time together, but Eliza ultimately left Seattle West Mercy Grace Hospital and didn’t continue her relationship with the doctor. Yikes. Who dated Eliza Minnick?

Question 17

Who dated Matthew Taylor?

We’ll never forget Matthew Taylor, especially because he was a part of one of the most dramatic episodes of all time. Matthew Taylor was first introduced on the show during Season 9 and struck up a relationship with one of the doctors. The relationship was very serious and ended up in an engagement, but the engagement was broken off when she ran off with another doctor. Scandalous! Matthew Taylor also made an appearance during Season 14. Who dated Matthew Taylor?

Question 18

Who dated William Thorpe?

William Thorpe was brought on to Grey’s Anatomy during Season 12 as a guest star. He was a surgical oncologist at Bauer Army Medical Center and worked on a patient at Seattle Grace Mercy hospital with one of the doctors. They started to flirt and developed a connection, which then led to the two of them sleeping together after a few dates. Unfortunately, that’s about as far as their relationship went. Guess it just wasn’t meant to be! Who dated William Thorpe?

Question 19

Who dated Andrew Perkins?


How could we ever forget about Andrew Perkins? Andrew Perkins was a trauma counselor who was brought to Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital after the devastating shooting that occurred at the hospital during Season 6. He talked with all of the doctors who were involved in the shooting, and he began to have a relationship with one of the doctors. Unfortunately it didn’t work out between the two of them, but they had a good run. Who dated Andrew Perkins?

Question 20

Who dated Nathan Riggs?

Does anybody else miss Nathan Riggs, or where you happy when he decided to leave the show this season? Nathan joined Grey’s Anatomy back in Season 11 and it was quickly revealed that he was friends with Owen Hunt. He then started to have a flirty relationship with one of the doctors, which then lead to a true romance. Nathan and this doctor really liked each other, but things ultimately ended when it was revealed his former love, Megan Hunt, was still alive. Who dated Nathan Riggs?

Question 21

Who did Mark Sloan NOT date?

We miss Mark Sloan so much! Dr. Mark Sloan was first introduced to us back in Season 2 of Grey’s Anatomy because he was Derek Shepherd’s best friend. He was quickly dubbed McSteamy and began relationships with a lot of women in the hospital. While he had a few flings over the course of his time on the show, he fell in love with one woman until the day he left us — aka died. We’re still not over it! Who did Mark Sloan NOT date?

Question 22

Who dated Lucy Fields?

Dr. Lucy Fields was first introduced to Grey’s Anatomy in Season 7. She was an OB/GYN attending and a maternal-fetal medicine fellow at Seattle Grace Mercy West hospital. In fact, she helped Callie Torres when she was pregnant with her daughter Sofia. She also had a short lived relationship with one of the doctors, but it clearly didn’t last very long. In fact, Lucy ended up leaving Seattle Grace Mercy West to go work in Africa. Who dated Lucy Fields?

Question 23

Who dated Shane Ross?

To be totally honest, Shane Ross was kind of a forgettable character on Grey’s Anatomy. Sorry not sorry, people. We know some of you probably loved him, but he just was not on the show very long and didn’t necessarily leave a lasting impression. Shane was a surgical resident at the hospital, but he ultimately decided to leave Seattle to go practice medicine in Switzerland with another doctor. How could we ever forget about that departure? Who dated Shane Ross?

Question 24

Who dated Kyle Diaz?

There have been so many wonderful guest stars on Grey’s Anatomy, but Kyle Diaz is definitely one of our absolute favorites. Kyle Diaz, who was played by Wilmer Valderrama, was a patient at the hospital during Season 12. He came to the hospital because he was diagnosed with MS. He was a musician and started to develop a hand tremor. He then began to have a relationship with his doctor, but he tragically died after he was diagnosed with meningitis.

Question 25

Who dated Sam Bello?


If you are not watching the current season of Grey’s Anatomy you probably will not know who Sam Bello is. She was first introduced at the end of Season 13 as a brand new intern at the hospital. It was quickly realized that she had a previous relationship with one of the doctors at the hospital, but that was before either of them lived in Seattle. They’re currently in a relationship, though it’s not necessarily serious. Who dated Sam Bello?

Question 26

Who dated Penny Blake?

If you’re a fan of Grey’s Anatomy, there’s a good chance you probably don’t really like Penny Blake. She was first introduced during Season 11 and was involved in the death of Dr. Derek Shepherd. We’re not going to say it was her fault that he died, but fans certainly blame her! She then started dating one of the major characters at Grey Sloan Memorial, which definitely caused controversy. We’re glad she’s gone for good, but she was good for the drama! Who dated Penny Blake?

Question 27

Who dated Henry Burton?

Again, there have been so many wonderful guest stars on Grey’s Anatomy, but Henry Burton has a special place in all of our hearts. We miss Henry so much! He first came onto Grey’s Anatomy during season 7 because he suffered from Von-Hippel-Lindau syndrome. He was in need of surgery, but didn’t have insurance, so he ended up marrying one of the doctors so he could get insurance. Sadly, he ended up passing away due to a tumor. Who dated Henry Burton?

Question 28

Who dated Carina DeLuca?


We’re still not sure how we feel about Carina DeLuca, but she is an interesting addition. Carina was first introduced to Grey’s Anatomy in season 14 as Andrew DeLuca’s sister. She is an attending OB/GYN at the hospital and is doing research on the female orgasm. She also begins to have a relationship with one of the doctors, but she then starts to have a sexual relationship with another one of the doctors! She’s all over the place. Who dated Carina DeLuca?

Question 29

Who dated Finn Dandridge?

We’ll never forget about Finn Dandridge, especially because he got in between one of the most beloved couples of all time. He was first brought onto Grey’s Anatomy during Season 2 because he was a veterinarian taking care of one of the character’s dogs. He then began to have a relationship with one of the other doctors, but it sadly didn’t last very long. We really liked Finn a lot — he was so sweet! — but he just wasn’t the man for this specific doctor. Who dated Finn Dandridge?

Question 30

Who dated Erica Hahn?

We’ll never forget Erica Hahn, that’s for sure! You’ll especially know who she is if you watched the middle seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. This character made an appearance on the show during Season 2, but she had a major storyline during Season 4. She started to have a new and exciting relationship with one of the doctors on the show, but it didn’t last very long. Her role on the show was short lived, but it was entertaining. Who dated Erica Hahn?

Question 31

Who dated Tucker Jones?

It has been a long time since Tucker Jones has been on the show, and he was not on it very much, but if you’re a fan of the early seasons you will remember this character. He was especially prominent in the first three seasons or so. But, here’s a hint — he was not a doctor! He had a relationship with one of the doctors at Seattle Grace, but it ended after a few seasons. Who dated Tucker Jones?

Question 32

Who dated Andrew DeLuca?

Dr. Andrew DeLuca was first brought on to Grey’s Anatomy during Season 11 at the very end, but he wasn't exactly introduced as a doctor. He began as an intern at the hospital, but he quickly developed a relationship with an attending during Season 12. They had a good run together, but they ended things pretty amicably. His sister, Carina DeLuca, joined the show during Season 14 and began to have a relationship with Arizona Robbins. Who dated Andrew DeLuca?

Question 33

Who dated Megan Hunt?

For those who do not remember, Megan Hunt is Owen Hunt’s sister. Though she has only been on the show for a couple of episodes, she played a big part in Owen’s storyline. In fact, Megan was missing for over 10 years and Owen had assumed she was dead. She served in the U.S. Army as a trauma surgeon at the same time as her brother and two other characters on Grey’s Anatomy. She was found to be alive and ended up getting back together with her former love. Who dated Megan Hunt?

Question 34

Who did Owen Hunt NOT date?

Some Grey’s Anatomy fans love Owen Hunt and others are not huge fans, but regardless he is a big part of the show. He first joined the show back in Season 5 as a trauma surgeon and quickly jumped into a relationship with one of the doctors on the show. Owen loves hard, what can we say! He ended up having another marriage, which unfortunately ended, and a few relationships. He’s basically dated everybody. Who did Owen Hunt NOT date?

Question 35

Who did April Kepner NOT date?

We love April Kepner, she was a great addition to Grey’s Anatomy. April first joined Grey’s Anatomy when her hospital, Mercy West, joined Seattle Grace’s staff. They then created Seattle Grace Mercy West and she came over with Dr. Jackson Avery and a couple of other residents. She has not been in a ton of relationships while on the show, but she did get married to one of the doctors. Unfortunately they got divorced. Who did April Kepner NOT date?

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