Only Real Fans Can Match The Exes To The Right Grey's Anatomy Characters!

Grey’s Anatomy is one of the best shows on television and has been on ABC for a whopping 14 seasons! Because it’s been on the air for so long, it has certainly cycled through its fair share of characters, both season regulars and guest stars. Though the show is about a hospital and focuses on the medical drama, romance is also a huge part of the storyline for all the doctors. In fact, we don’t think there’s a doctor on this show who hasn’t been in at least one relationship over the course of their time on the show.

We know certain characters like Alex Karev, Jackson Avery, and even Callie Torres have dated a lot of people during their time on the show, but do you remember all of the guest star romances that occurred? For example, do you remember the doctor Mark Sloan dated for a period of time, or the veterinarian Meredith Grey dated before she ultimately fell in love with Derek Shepherd?

If you call yourself a big Grey’s Anatomy fan and you think you know all of the romances that have happened on this show, then we think you need to give this quiz a shot. Test your Grey’s Anatomy romance knowledge right now!

1Who dated Dr. Stark?

This one might be a tough question for fans who don’t know Grey’s Anatomy all that well, but we think you can get it right if you think hard enough! Dr. Stark joined the show back in Season 7 when he took over the pediatrics department from Dr. Arizona Robbins when she decided to oversee a program in Africa. He decided to pursue a relationship with one doctor in particular, but she didn’t necessarily replicate the same feelings. Who dated Dr. Stark?

2Who did NOT date Lexie Grey?

We miss Lexie Grey on Grey’s Anatomy so much! Lexie Grey joined the show way back in Season 4, if you can believe it! She told Meredith she was her half sister, which definitely came as surprise, but she quickly won the hearts of many men on the show. Though she was deeply in love with one character in particular, she did spend time dating a few other of the guys. Do you remember her many relationships? Who did NOT date Lexie Grey?

3Who dated Jason Myers?

We couldn’t forget this guy even if we wanted to! He was not our favorite guy. Jason Myers was a gynecology resident who worked at Seattle Grace for a brief period of time, or so it seemed. We are first introduced to Jason back in 9 and he begins to have a rivalry with Dr. Alex Karev. The rivalry got so bad, in fact, that Alex severely beat up Jason. Let’s just say it got super ugly. Who dated Jason Myers?

4Who dated Ethan Boyd?

If you’re not a big Grey’s Anatomy fan you may not get this question right, but you should definitely give it a shot. Ethan Boyd was first introduced on Grey’s Anatomy back in Season 11. Ethan was an attending radiologist at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. He begins to get to know one doctor in particular over the course of a few episodes and he ultimately asks her out. Unfortunately they didn’t have a great connection and they didn’t do anything more than just the first date. Who dated Ethan Boyd?

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