Only Real Comic Book Fans Will Know Which Of These Villains Went Against Spider-Man Or Batman

Spider-Man and Batman have two of the biggest and most varied rogues' galleries in all of comics. Even though Superman has been around longer, he does not have nearly the stable of villains that Spider-Man and Batman boast. Everyone has their favorite Spider-Man and Batman enemy, and everyone can name a few of the goofy villains in their rotation. Though both comics have a long history of making original characters and villains, the two heroes have often used similar villains. This comes from the creators' love of using characters and themes from both classic and pop culture in making their villains.

Batman has been published for over 75 years, and Spider-Man is over 50 years old. In that time, they have both fought at least one villain a month. Each hero has starred in multiple comics per month since nearly their first appearance, and they are always the first heroes in the company to be used in crossover events. This has only added to their prolific villain's list. They say that heroes are only as good as their villains, but the question is: how hard is it to identify their villains? Will sharp-eyed comics fans know immediately if these villains fought Batman or Spider-Man?

Question 1

Which hero does the Joker fight?

Starting this quiz off with an easy home run. The Joker has been featured prominently in almost every single iteration of this hero. He has been portrayed by Heath Ledger, Jared Leto, Jack Nicholson, Mark Hamill, and Cesar Romero, among others. He is the polar opposite of the hero, signifying everything that our hero fears and hates. In fact, the Joker once famously said the hero was one really bad day from becoming a supervillain. Does the Joker fight Batman or Spider-Man?

Question 2

Which hero does the Green Goblin fight?

The Green Goblin has been a huge thorn in our heroes side. In fact, this villain has supposedly been offed multiple times but keeps coming back. This villain has done many horrible things to the hero, including ending the life of his girlfriend, taking over S.H.I.E.L.D and the Avengers, and framing the hero for a crime. Even when this villain is really gone for stretches, his son, who is the hero's best friend takes up the mantle and causes problems. Which hero does Green Goblin fight?

Question 3

Which hero does the Vulture fight?

The Vulture was this hero's second supervillain in the comics. Five different characters have held the mantle of Vulture, but the most famous version was Adrian Toomes. Though Toomes appeared to be a frail old man he was able to almost defeat the hero on many different occasions. Toomes was an electrical engineer who created a flying suit that helped him commit crimes. Once, Toomes figured out a way to make himself young again, but he still couldn't beat the hero. Which hero does the Vulture fight?

Question 4

Which hero does the Black Cat fight?

The Black Cat and the hero have a very strange relationship. Though she is a jewel thief and criminal, she has also helped out the hero many times. This is especially true whenever a worse supervillain threatens the city. In fact, the hero has dated Black Cat in the past, and almost married her. Though she is often shown as an ally for the hero, you never know when she will decide to steal something new. Does Black Cat usually fight Batman or Spider-Man?

Question 5

Which hero does the Riddler fight?

The Riddler was not originally considered one of this hero great villains. He was only in three comics before he was portrayed by Frank Gorshin in live action. After that, this character's popularity skyrocketed. Known for leaving riddles at all of his crime scenes, this villain has a compulsion to prove he is the smartest person on the planet. In some stories, the Riddler starts a detective agency and helps the people of his city against other supervillains. Who does the Riddler fight?

Question 6

Which hero does the Rhino fight?

The Rhino has never been known for his brains. In fact, he is often thought of as one of the least smartest members of this heroes rogues gallery. For everything he lacks in brains, he more than makes up for in muscle. Aleksei Sytsevich was an enforcer for the mob who became fused to an experimental rhino suit that gave him super strength and super durability. He is much stronger than the hero, but luckily the hero can out think him. Who does the Rhino fight?

Question 7

Which hero does the Penguin fight?

The Penguin is one of the most ruthless villains that this hero fights. Though the Penguin wants to be considered part of the upper crust of society, his actions make him one of the vilest and revolting people in the city. At different times in his history, he has been an out of shape middle aged man, all the way to a deformed mutant. In every story, though he is cunning and manipulative, which can cause problems for the hero. What hero does the Penguin fight?

Question 8

Which hero does Mr. Freeze fight?

Mr. Freeze was a very forgettable villain until the story Heart of Ice was written for a '90s cartoon show. This episode revamped this villain backstory and added his desire to cure his ill wife. This characterization of the character added much-needed depth to his motivation and would go on to define him for years. He was portrayed in live action by Arnold Schwarzenegger in one of the poorly rated superhero movies ever made. Does Mr. Freeze fight Batman or Spider-Man?

Question 9

Which hero does the Jackel fight?

The Jackel is also known as Professor Miles Warren. He is a crazy scientist who accidentally turns himself into a hairy monster. Though the character had many storylines with this hero, he will always be remembered as the catalyst for the Clone Saga. The first clone story was beloved by the fans but in the '90s every story with this hero involved clones. The Clone Saga became one of the most disliked storylines in this hero's long history. Did the Jackel fight Batman or Spider-Man?

Question 10

Which hero does the Beetle fight?

The Beetle has had some very different looks during his career. Seven different characters have worn the Beetle armor and used it in fights. However, the most famous person to wear it was Abner Jenkins. The first version of the armor had long suction cup fingers the Beetle could use to get incredible grips on people and objects. He first fought a different hero, but would soon switch his attention to his most famous enemy. Did the Beetle fight Batman or Spider-Man?

Question 11

Which hero does Solomon Grundy fight?

Solomon Grundy is based on an old nursery rhyme. In comic books, he is a re-animated mobster known as Cyrus Gold. He was a zombie at a time where zombies weren't allowed in mainstream comics. He is very strong and very durable, but he is usually depicted as being very dumb. He has fought most of the heroes in his universe, but his origin is most often tied into a specific hero's home city. Which hero does Solomon Grundy fight the most: Batman or Spider-Man?

Question 12

Which hero does Kingpin fight?

Kingpin has become the main villain of many different heroes, but he started his career tormenting one hero specifically. The Kingpin seldom fights heroes on his own, instead, he prefers to hire other villains to bug the hero. However, when push comes to shove, Kingpin has proven to be a physical match for almost any hero he fights. He is a mountain of a man who is more muscle than fat. Does the Kingpin try to end Batman or Spider-Man?

Question 13

Which hero do The Enforcers fight?

The Enforcers started off as a three-person supervillain team. Its first line up consisted of Fancy Dan who was a martial artist, The Ox who was the team's strong man, and Montana, a master with a lasso. It would later add, and swap in Snake Marston a contortion expert, and Hammer Harrison a boxer with steel gloves. The characters would bug the hero, and though they sometimes seemed silly, they were always able to cause the hero problems. Which hero did they fight?

Question 14

Which hero does Catwoman fight?

Catwoman and the hero have a very odd relationship. She was the hero's second supervillain. Though she is a criminal and a jewel thief, she has also helped out the hero many times. Especially whenever a worse supervillain threatens the city. In fact, the hero has dated Catwoman in the past, and even almost married her. Though she is often shown as an ally for the hero, you never know when she will decide to steal something new. Does Catwoman usually fight Batman or Spider-Man?

Question 15

Which hero does Two-Face fight?

Two-Face was originally a friend and ally of the hero. He started out as a District Attorney in the hero's city, but after an attack, his face became scarred. With the scarring, Harvey Dent developed a split personality and an obsession with the number 2. Two-Face flips a two-headed coin for all his decisions. One head is normal, but the other has scars on it. The character has appeared in many different forms of media, including movies, cartoons, tv shows, and comic books. Does Two-Face fight, Batman or Spider-Man?

Question 16

Which hero does Killer Croc fight?

When he first appeared, he was mostly human, with a skin condition that allowed him to appear in a circus sideshow. Even in his the first appearance, he did some heinous things, but he still looked mostly human. As this character has developed, he has become less and less human. He has taken on more crocodile characteristics while becoming stronger. The most current iteration of this villain is more monster than man. Which hero did Killer Croc fight: Batman or Spider-Man?

Question 17

Which hero does Sandman fight?

Sandman is a name used by many different characters in comics. There have been heroes, villains, and gods that have this identity, but for this question, the focus falls on Flint Marko, a man who devolved the ability to turn his body into sand. He can control how dense the sand is, so he can become as strong as bricks, or he can slip through fingers like sand. He is most often a villain, but he has worked for the good guys at times. Which superhero does Sandman fight: Batman or Spider-Man?

Question 18

Which hero does Poison Ivy fight?

Poison Ivy has had a few different alter egos in her long comics career. Pamela Lillian Isley and Lillian Rose are the two names she uses the most often. She has gone from understanding how planets work and using their poison, to being able to control plants. Currently, Ivy herself is part plant, and she is stronger than ever. The character was inspired by the short story, Rappaccini's Daughter, written by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Which hero does Poison Ivy fight: Batman or Spider-Man?

Question 19

Which hero does the Chameleon fight?

The first supervillain that this hero ever fought was the Chameleon. He was a master of disguise and could hide in plain sight as almost anyone. He was so good at disguise, that he could even fool close friends of the people he was impersonating. This villain was never the most powerful, but because of his skill, he often caused the hero a lot of trouble. He was a founding member of the Sinister Six. Who did the Chameleon fight: Batman, or Spider-Man?

Question 20

Which hero does Clayface fight?

Clayface is a supervillain persona that nine different people have used. The characters powers have ranged widely from the ability to use makeup to disguise himself, all the way to being a large clay monster who can shape change at will. Sometimes Clayface can create weapons out of his or her body. Every version of the character is able to change their forms to various degrees, and so they can often hide from the hero in plain sight. Which hero does Clayface fight: Batman or Spider-Man?

Question 21

Which hero does Bane fight?

Bane is a mastermind, who enjoys using a substance called Venom to make himself stronger. He is one of the most dangerous members of this heroes rogues gallery. He is one of the few characters who are both physically stronger than the hero and mentally sharp enough, to be a real threat to the hero. Bane has had some big wins against the hero, but in the end, the superhero always beats him. Which hero does Bane fight: Batman or Spider-Man?

Question 22

Which hero does Kraven the Hunter fight?

Kraven the Hunter was a big game hunter who decided it was time to stalk the most cunning game of all, superheroes. He wants to add a mask to his trophy cases and goes to great lengths to accomplish this. Though he is thwarted many times, he does eventually get the upper hand against the hero. Kraven decided to bury him alive. Then he takes on the identity of the superhero. In a shocking twist, Kraven takes his own life. Which hero does Kraven the Hunter fight?

Question 23

Which hero does Anarky fight?

Anarky appears to be a fully grown adult, but in one of the biggest surprises in comics, readers find out that he is actually only a twelve-year-old kid. His costume makes him appear to be much older. In later stories, Anarky is aged up, but he continues to be a problem for his hero. Sometimes Anarky is described as an anti-villain because though he does evil things, he has a very strict code. What hero does Anarky fight against: Batman or Spider-Man?

Question 24

Which hero does the Hobgoblin fight?

The Hobgoblin is a persona used by six different villains. Characterised by his cartoonish mask, hood, and glider, this character stole many of his gimmicks from another powerful villain. He even had his own versions of the pumpkin bombs. He was super strong, and super fast due to a chemical formula he bathed in. Though this villain would have many storylines, he never became as popular as the villain he was imitating. Which hero did the Hobgoblin fight: Batman or Spider-Man?

Question 25

Which hero does the Mime fight?

The Mime grew up as the daughter of a fireworks salesman. Hearing fireworks her whole life made her hate loud sounds, and so she decided to study the art of Mime. She would eventually go broke in this pursuit and turn to a life of crime. She likes to steal things that make noise, like bell clappers and speakers. Her main weapon is her shock gloves that could knock out her enemies. Which hero did she fight: Batman or Spider-Man?

Question 26

Which hero does Carnage fight?

Carnage was created when the spawn of an alien symbiote attached itself to a madman. The new villain had many of the same powers and weaknesses as its parents, but it had none of the restraint or moral code. Carnage loves to turn his symbiote into weapons and end anyone he can get his hands on. He is one of the most insane villains that our hero faces. Unlike many villains, Carnage delights in causing senseless destruction. Which hero does Carnage fight: Batman or Spider-Man?

Question 27

Which hero does Cluemaster fight?

The Cluemaster (center) was a failed game show host who turned to a life of crime. He loves to leave clues at the sites of his crime, and this compulsion often leads to his defeat. Cluemaster is always trying to figure out his main opponent's identity because he feels that is the ultimate question. He is probably most famous for his daughter, Stephine Brown who would become the costume character Spoiler. Which hero is the Cluemaster known to fight: Batman or Spider-Man?

Question 28

Which hero does The Kangaroo fight?

The Kangaroo is the name of two different costumed supervillains. The first Kangaroo was from Australia and had learned how to jump by living with Kangaroos. He would become a renowned boxer, but he would get in legal trouble and flee to America where he took up a life of crime. His powers would be enhanced by a scientist, and he would try to defeat the hero again, though he would ultimately lose. Which hero did the Kangaroo fight: Batman or Spider-Man?

Question 29

Which hero does the Mad Hatter fight?

The Mad Hatter is a supervillain based off the Lewis Carrol character with the same name. Jervis Tetch creates mind control devices. He is obsessed with the book Alice in Wonderland and often makes his victims play act as characters from the book. The Mad Hatter will also speak in rhymes. It has been theorized that this helps him cope with some of the hideous acts he has been known to partake in. Does Batman or Spider-Man fight this mind control menace?

Question 30

Which hero does Dr. Octopus fight?

Dr. Otto Octavis was a brilliant scientist who created a set of four metal arms to help him conduct his experiments safely. After a lab accident, he decides to use his extra arms to commit crimes. He is the first villain to ever defeat the hero. Dr. Octopus would become one of the heroes greatest enemies, and he would even one day take over the hero's body. As the hero, however, Octavis actually becomes a hero himself and he helps save the world. Does Dr. Octopus fight Batman or Spider-Man?

Question 31

Which hero does Man-Bat fight?

Man-Bat is a scientist named Dr. Kirk Langstrom who experimented on himself with Bat DNA and became a monster. As the Man-Bat, he flies around the city causing havoc in his wake. When Langstrom becomes the bat creature, he loses his intelligence and reacts in very animalistic ways. Over time, Langstrom does find a way to keep some of his intelligence after the transformation, and he starts to help the heroes when he changes. Which hero does Man-Bat fight: Batman or Spider-Man?

Question 32

Which hero does Mysterio fight?

Mysterio was a supervillain identity used by 4 different people. Mysterio had no superpowers, even though it often seems like he did. He was a Hollywood special effects artist and stuntman. He would use his skills to convince people of many strange powers he claimed to have. Using his illusions, he would commit many crimes, but he was always defeated by the hero. Mysterio is famous for having a bad costume, that looks like he is wearing a fishbowl on his head. Who did Mysterio fight: Batman or Spider-Man?

Question 33

Which hero does Venom fight?

Venom started out as a villain, but over time, he has had heroic moments. Though the alien symbiote that gives Venom his powers is fairly twisted, it does seem to really want to protect people. It just has a very strange definition of protection. He has fought the hero often, but the two sometimes keep an uneasy alliance, especially to beat bigger and worse threats. Venom is very tough and is only weak to fire and sonic waves. Which hero does he clash with: Batman, or Spider-Man?

Question 34

Which hero does Victor Zsasz fight?

There is something very creepy about Victor Zsasz. Whenever he takes a life, he cuts himself to add a scar to his collection. He is a lunatic even by the standards of most supervillains on this list. Though he will end people for pay, he is known for enjoying it. He has ended the lives of many people for free. Zsasz sees everyone as a deceased person that he has or will end. Which hero is in charge of ending Zsasz's spree: Batman or Spider-Man?

Question 35

Which hero does Silvermane fight?

Silverman was an aging mobster who would do anything to live a longer life. To that end, he took an experimental substance to try and regain his youth. This failed, and he had to turn himself into a cyborg in an attempt to live longer. The cyborg additions did work, but eventually, his life of crime gets him offed when a competitor drops his cyborg body into a trash compactor. This is the comics though, so he may one day come back. Was Silvermane a Batman or a Spider-Man villain?

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