Only Professor X Can Name All These X-Men Characters

Forget the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the X-Men movie franchise is the longest-running superhero film series ever. Since the original X-Men arrived in cinemas in 2000, there have been five more mainstream movies, three Wolverine solo movies and a Deadpool spin-off, with the sequel to this opening in cinemas this week. Those in the works include a sixth mainline entry, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, and another spin-off, The New Mutants.

Over the past twenty years, then, the X-Men franchise has brought an incredible amount of characters from the pages of Marvel comics to the screen. Professor X's team of heroic mutants has grown and grown as we have seen it in multiple incarnations over the years. The same can be said for their enemies - the militant mutant group the Brotherhood of Mutants and the many humans that are out to get them.

All in all, the number of major characters in the X-Men movies number into the dozens. So how many can you name? You'd have to have the mental powers of Professor X himself to get all 40 of the characters named below. Or would you? Prove that your mutant power is remembering X-Men trivia by taking our quiz.

1Name The X-Men Character

There's no hiding the fact that this esteemed bald gentleman you can see on your right is Professor X - we did put his name in the title of this quiz, after all! Besides that, he is the iconic mentor to the X-Men, a wise mutant who fights for a world where mutants and humanity can live in piece. Ok, so you know he's called Professor X - but what is his real name? Pick the right answer from the options below.

2Name The X-Men Character

Here's another character we can't pretend you won't know the superhero name of. In fact, you could say we can't pull the wool(verine) over your eyes. Yes, this is the most famous X-Man, Wolverine, as played by Hugh Jackman. But here's a slightly tougher question, though: what is his real name? This immortal character typically goes by only the one name as he does not remember his past. So what do Wolvie's friends call him? Pick the right answer from the options below.

3Name The X-Men Character

While Professor X believes that mutantkind and humanity might be able to coexist peacefully one day, his old friend turned enemy does not. In fact, he thinks that humans have had their day and the mutants should rise up and claim the world. That sounds pretty villainous, but he's just doing what he feels is right for his species. To him, humanity are the bad guys. So what supervillain moniker does this metal-controlling mutant usually go by? Pick the right answer from the options below.

4Name The X-Men Character

Here's another character you will likely recognize instantly. This is, of course, Mystique, the blue-skinned shapeshifting femme fatale that has been known to ally herself with both the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants. The depiction of Mystique in the original trilogy painted her as a straight-up villain, but the modern films - where she is played by Jennifer Lawrence - have made her a protagonist. So what is the birth name of Mystique? Pick the right answer from the options below.

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