Only People With True Common Sense Can Get To The Very End Of This Quiz

Ah common sense, a bit of an elusive thing nowadays some would say. Some people think that as soon as we started letting computers do most of the thinking for us we lost all manner of common sense. Others would say it has nothing to do with computers or technology, and that some people just don't have it, or in other situations people just... over think things. But what is common sense? A text book definition will say that common sense is "good sense and sound judgment in practical matters". So say, you are making yourself a cup of coffee or tea, and you pour it into your cup. You seem the steam rolling out from it and you know that the liquid inside is hot and so the cup must be hot too right? So, common sense would tell you to pick up the cup from the handle verses the body of the cup to avoid getting burned. But what if the cup was one of those insulated ones that cup your beverage hot but keeps your hands from being burned? What if you are wearing oven mitts? Is common sense something that changes based on the situation and variables that arise, or it a constant and consistent answer? Maybe I'm also over thinking things and showing a real lack of common sense.

But maybe you're one of the only souls left with common sense. Take this quiz and see if you can make it all the way to the end!

Question 1

What goes up and down but never moves?

Some people would say that a part of being alive is about being able to adapt to change. It is something that early humans had to do, they had to learn to change and adapt to new environments in order to survive. We still do it too, once the weather starts to drop we bring out the heavier and warmer clothing to protect us from the cold. But are there some things that never have to change? This questions seems to suggest that. What goes up and down but never moves?

Question 2

Before Mount Everest was discovered, what was the name of the tallest mountain in the world?

Mount Everest, most people have probably heard of it. It is the highest mountain in the world, above sea level. The mountain's name came from a guy named Andrew Waugh, who was the British Surveyor General of India in 1865. He named it after the surveyor that came before him, Sir George Everest Imagine... the mountain might have been called "George" at one part. But, before Mount Everest was discovered, what was the name of the tallest mountain in the world?

Question 3

Read This Carefully

Jimmy marries Carrie and they are married for twenty-eight years and have four children named Susan, Don, Jim and Tiffany. He dies at the age of fifty-nine. His funeral is attended by his wife and children, the rest of his remaining family and all of Carrie's family, which includes her sister Mary. Mary is divorced and has three children named Larry, Barry, and Terry. They are cousins to Jimmy's children Susan, Don, Jim and Tiffany. Would it be legal for Jimmy to marry Carrie's sister Mary?

Question 4

What breaks but never falls, what falls but never breaks?

There are some common sense questions that have been around for ages. Maybe that is a sign that common sense has been elusive since the beginning of humankind? Or maybe it is just a really tricky question to answer? Try it yourself, maybe the key to this answer is to not think too hard about it at all. What breaks but never falls, what falls but never breaks? Do you know the answer to this question? Is there even an answer to this question?

Question 5

How many months have 28 days to them?

The months of a year, there are twelve of them and together they add up to 365 days. Sometimes 366 on leap years. Everyone has a month they particularly favor don't they? Mine is February. And I know students usually like the months of June, July and August since they let out for summer then. December is another really popular month because of Christmas, and winter breaks. A month can seem to go by so slow depending on how busy your schedule is. They days can just drag on by sometimes, seemingly endless. How many months have 28 days to them?

Question 6

Read This Carefully

Dave has a dad named John and a mom named Dominique. Dave's dad has six children with Dominique. Five of the children are named, Dale, Danny, Diana, Danielle, and Daniel. Dale is a fireman, Danny is a professional basketball player, Diana is a businesswoman and Daniel is a stay at home dad. John is a retired cop and Dave followed in his footsteps and become a cop as well. Dave has a wife and two kids, named Sasha and Thomas. What is the name of John's sixth child?

Question 7

At what time were the survivors buried?

At 6:15 pm, a commercial plane took off from an airport in Paris, France and was headed to Madrid, Spain. At 7:15 pm the plane crashed on the border of France and Spain. It took the authorities ten minutes to get to the sight of the crash and it took them twenty minutes to rescue all of the surviving passengers on the plane. The story of the plane crash was aired in both countries at 9:30 pm that night. So, at what time were the survivors buried?

Question 8

How is Jerry able to go without sleep for eight days?

I have this friend named Jerry. Jerry has a pretty amazing ability. He can go without sleep for eight days at a time. And he even manages to do it without seeming tired! And Jerry has a full schedule, he has a daughter who he takes to school every morning at 8 AM, and then he goes into work at 9 AM to 5 PM. He even cooks dinner for him and his daughter around 6 PM and helps her with her homework and gets her to bed by 8PM. Do you know how Jerry is able to go without sleep for eight days?

Question 9

Read This Carefully

Though, traveling by plane is a popular and relatively affordable mode of transportation, people still use trains. I myself use a train to travel as I am afraid of heights. Whenever I want to visit my family I order a ticket and then go to the train station. Traveling by train can be a pretty comfortable and pleasant experience, especially with their padded seats and WiFi. If an electric train headed to Philadelphia was traveling at 120mph and the wind was blowing at 10mph, in what direction would the smoke of the train be blowing?

Question 10

Which hole has the most dirt in it?

A mother has three sons, Charles, Robert and Andrew. The three boys love to play out in the yard. The thing they love to do the most out in the yard is dig holes. They each even have their own shovel, Charles' shovel is red, Robert's is blue and Andrew's is green. Each boy starts to dig their own hole one afternoon. Charles has a hole that is 2 ft deep, 3 ft long and 4 ft wide. Robert's whole is 5 ft deep, 2 ft long and 2 ft wide and Andrew's hole is 1 ft deep, 6 ft long and 5 ft wide. Which hole has the most dirt in it?

Question 11

She put 12 apples on the table and I picked up 3 of them. How many apples do I have?

I love apples, do you love apples? There are so many different brands and three different kinds of apples. Red apples are really crisp, and yellow apples are the sweetest of all of them, and green ones have a sour tang to them. I personally like yellow and red apples the best. I like apples so much that my mom brought over 12 apples for me the other day. She put them on the table and I picked up 3 of them. How many apples do I have?

Question 12

What did the rock become when it was tossed into the Red Sea?

Bianca has always loved the country of Egypt. Ever since she was a little girl she has loved the country's history and culture and always dreamed of visiting there. Last summer her parents took her on a trip to Egypt fulfilling her dreams. They saw many of the country's sights and decided on their last day of the trip they would go and see the Red Sea. On the way to the Red Sea, Bianca found a blue rock and decided to toss into the Red Sea. What did the rock become when it was tossed into the sea?

Question 13

How many times can you subtract 450 for 3000?

Math, it is something that we use every single day. When it comes to figuring out how much time we have for a shower before we have to leave in the morning, or how much we get paid at work. As much as we use math, it is one of the subjects in school that gives students the hardest of times. I know I was one of those students. I guess I would get overwhelmed looking at all those numbers and my brain would kind of freeze up, even on the simplest of questions. Like say this one, how many times can you subtract 450 for 3000?

Question 14

6 quails in a tree. The hunter shoots 3. How many are left in the tree?

Victor likes to go hunting, but he especially likes to hunt for quail. Every season he goes to his favorite spot to hunt quail. And he doesn't do too badly, he manages to bag at least a bird or two every season. This season at Victor's hunting spot, he saw a sight he hadn't seen before- there were six quails all in one tree! Not one to let an opportunity pass him by, Victor took aim and managed to shoot down two of the birds. How many birds would be still be in the tree?

Question 15

The 4th of July is a big day in America, but is there a 4th of July in England?

One of the most popular holidays in the United States would have to be the 4th of July. It is our day of Independence, and just about every where you can find the colors of our flag decorating store windows, to lawn ornaments and everything else under the sun. Many people choose to grill out because of the time of year and many historical places around the country have a fireworks display celebrating the birth of our nation. But here is a question for you, the 4th of July is a big day in America, but is there a 4th of July in England?

Question 16

Before the game starts, Andre guesses the score of the game. He gets it right every time. How?

Andre and his best friend Travis love soccer. When they were growing up they collected memorabilia of their favorite soccer stars and played the sport from the time they were in little league up to high school. Now that they are grown they still love the sport and their sons are in teams of their own, which each father coaches. Andre has this little routine, where every time their sons' team face each other he guesses what the score will be before the game starts, and he's right every time. Is that possible?

Question 17

There are 4 days in a week that start with the letter 't'. Is that correct?

How are you doing on this quiz about common sense? Still going strong or has a few of the questions thrown you for a loop? Well if you are looking at this question you will have 34 left to go, if you make it past this question that is. I hope you're having fun regardless of whether you are doing well or not. Because that is the biggest point of this quiz, is to have fun. Here is your next question, are there 4 days that start with the letter "t"?

Question 18

Whether a book is a digital copy or a physical copy, you can't read a new book twice. Right?

Are you a fan of books? I don't have a lot of time to really read, but I do still like to read when I can. There is a little bit of a debate on whether it is better to have a digital copy of a book or a physical one. With digital copies you can really take them anywhere, and with handy additions to them like lights and glare proof screens, they make reading easier. And you can have thousands of books on one tablet. But physically copes still have their charm. The smell of the pages and ink, the satisfying feeling of cracking open the spine are enjoyable. But, whether it is a digital copy or a physical copy, you can't read a new book twice. Right?

Question 19

Morgan's classes all start with the same letter of the day they fall on. Can you guess what class she has on Sundays?

My friend Morgan has a very interesting class schedule. Her first subjects of the day always seems to share the same first letter as the days of the week! On Mondays, she has Music. On Tuesdays and Thursdays she has Trigonometry. On Wednesdays she has Writing, and on Friday she has French. We both think it is really funny how that has worked out. Now, I have a question for you. Can you guess what class she has on Sundays?

Question 20

Is this true or not, 2015 pennies are worth less than 1950 pennies.

Here we have another math problem, there has been quite a few so far in this quiz hasn't there? And there are possibly many more to come. Even if math isn't my strong suit. But do you know what I like, money. Not just the kind you spend, but the kind you collect. I'm talking about collectible coins. I especially like pennies. Really old pennies are worth quite a lot of money you know, and newer ones not as much. So tell me if this is true or not, 2015 pennies are worth less than 1950 pennies.

Question 21

The game doesn't end in a tie but no man wins at the end of the game. Is this even possible? True or false?

There are 4 friends. Their names are Jenny, Sam, Alice and Meg. All of them love to play basketball, and are star athletes on their school's basketball team. Last weekend, they all decided to get together and play a game. They split off into two teams, Jenny and Alice on one team and Meg and Sam on the other. The game doesn't end in a tie but no man wins at the end of the game. Is this even possible? True or false?

Question 22

Apparently in every single dictionary, there is a word spelled incorrectly. Is that true or false?

If you are as bad as a speller as I am, auto correct and spell check has probably been a both a lifesaver and the bane of your existence. Do you remember what it was like before we had these two handy pieces of technology available? If you wanted to make sure you were spelling something right, you had to go and get a dictionary and look up the word. It was such a hassle wasn't it? And apparently in every single dictionary, there is a word spelled incorrectly. Is that true or false?

Question 23

A blizzard hit in Africa. A farmer had 2 cows, 3 goats and 6 chickens. How many animals did he lose during the blizzard?

Last winter was a pretty cold one wasn't it? And we had quite a few days where it snowed. A little bit of snow every now and then isn't bad, but there were places that had gotten hit with snow pretty hard. And it isn't even just the snow to worry about during the blizzard. You have to worry about the wind and the freezing temperatures you had to worry about too. During weather like that you should stay inside. I read about a farmer in Africa during that time, he had 2 cows, 3 goats and 6 chickens. Do you know how many animals he lost during the blizzard?

Question 24

Which letter of the English alphabet, sings, flies, and stings?

Are you tired of all of this questions dealing with math? Me too, so I figured I would give you all a little break. This question has an answer that is so simple that if you don't get it you will be really shocked. But it just might slip past you if you think too hard on it. But, I believe in you! I believe that most, if not everyone who sees this question can answer it right, so here we go. Which letter of the English alphabet, sings, flies, and stings?

Question 25

How many sides does a circle have?

Did you ever take geometry in school? I did, I don't really remember much accept you dealt with shapes and finding the area of a square and circle and what not. I also recall the word rhombus, though I don't know what one is. But anyway, maybe remembering some of the stuff from geometry will help you out on this question. Or maybe it will confuse you even more, sometimes you really can over think things. But, how many sides does a circle have?

Question 26

Read This Carefully

This is a scenario that I hope no one ever has to go through. Let's say you are out camping with some friends one day. You all decide to go on a hike, but you get separated and lost from everyone else. On your way to try and either find one of your friends or the campsite, you find an old abandoned cabin. You head inside, because it's getting dark out and you don't want to walk around the woods in the dark, but find its almost as dark inside the cabin! All you have on to make a light is a match, but you manage to make out three things in the room; an oil lamp, some newspaper and some kindling wood. Which do you light first?

Question 27

Julia threw a ball 10 ft away and it came right back. How?

There once was a little girl named Julia. Julia loved baseball. She loved to watch baseball on tv and go to baseball games. She even collected baseball cards and had every card of her favorite players and teams. She even had her whole room decorated with a baseball theme. But the thing that Julia loved to do the most was play baseball. She had joined the team at her school and she was the happiest during baseball season. And she was really good at it too, she played as the pitcher for the team. Julia often said that she had developed a little "trick" to throwing the ball. She was able to throw the ball really far, up to 10 ft away and have it come back to her! How is this possible?

Question 28

A wall needs to be taken down. It would take 10 men 12 hours to build a wall. How many hours would it take to build the wall?

A construction company is hired to repair and renovate an old historical building for a city. The contractor in charge goes to inspect the building and to see what needs to be done. One of the things that he determines that needs to be done, is that one of the walls on the first floor needs to be knocked down and built from the ground up. He thinks about how many of his workers he would need to get the job done and the next day 10 of his men come in and build the wall in 12 hours. How long would it take 5 men to build the wall?

Question 29

Andrew is the father of Billie, Blake and Brennan, but none of the three are his sons. Is that possible?

There once was a man named Andrew. He had a best friend named Alice. Andrew and Alice had known each other since they were kids and were always in the same class, from elementary school to high school. They started dating in high school and once they graduated, they got married. By the time they were both twenty-two they had their first child named Billy,. Had their second child named Blake at 24 and their last child, Brennan at 27. Andrew is the father of Billie, Blake and Brennan, but none of the three are his sons. Is that possible?

Question 30

A purple one storey house has everything purple. Even their dog and cat were purple. carpets, chairs, even the garden. What color were the stairs?

There was an old couple that lived in a one storey purple house. The house was made of purple bricks and the walls were pained purple. Everything in their house was the color purple; purple drapes, purple couches, purple carpet, purple pillows. They even had a dog and a cat, both purple! They only planted purple plants in their garden. Their garden was filled with violets, lilacs, pansies and wisteria. The couple just loved the color purple! What color were the stairs?

Question 31

Read This Carefully

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, there was a thief. One day the thief was caught and taken before the King. Because of his crimes, the thief was sentenced to die. The King brought the thief to a room that lead to three other rooms and made him pick one. Behind the first door was a room covered in spikes, where the walls would close in and impale the thief. The second room had 20 of the kingdom's greatest marksmen and they would shoot the thief with arrows. And the third room was filled with man-eating lions, who hadn't been fed in 2 years. Which room is the safest for the thief to pick?

Question 32

How many times you can fold a piece of paper in half with one hand?

Paper is probably one of the greatest inventions of humankind. It really changed not only the way we wrote things, but it made books a lot more available and less expensive, allowing for more literacy. Imagine how reading might be today if paper hadn't be invented? We might not use paper for writing letters as much today, but it is used in many different things, especially in crafts. From paper airplanes to footballs we have found all types of things to use paper for. You've probably folded paper for one of these crafts or for another reason, so do you know how many times you can fold a piece of paper in half with one hand?

Question 33

If you divide 20 by half and add 5, what do you get?

Here is another math question! But this one is an easy one. A very simple problem that shouldn't be too hard for most people to do, Maybe, maybe because this problem is so simple it is easy to get wrong? Sometimes you can over think things, or get confused by all those different numbers staring you right int he face. I know that is what usually happens to me when it comes to math. But anyway- if you divide 20 by half and add 5, what do you get?

Question 34

Blood is blue inside your body, true or false?

Blood plays a pretty important role to the human body. Blood circulates through us through our veins and arteries, carrying with it the oxygen our cells need. It also acts as a way to carry out all the waste our cells make. For a very long time, there was a myth that blood was blue when it was inside of the body. The myth says that veins are blue because of this reason, because it is carrying "de-oxygenated" blood, and that blood turns red when it hits the air. But is that true? Blood is blue inside your body, true or false?

Question 35

Read This Carefully

I think that most of us can agree, that a common sense "tip" would be to always be aware of your surroundings. You never know what might happen, and keeping alert can very well keep you out of a dangerous situation. They guy in this story should have probably done the same thing. One day a man leaves his home, he goes a little way and then turns a corner, goes a while and then turns another corner. Soon after that, he turns one last corner. On his way back home, he sees two masked men. Who are they?

Question 36

True or false? Ponies are baby horses.

Ponies, you may have asked for one at one time for your birthday. Or even ridden on one. It is often said that ponies are just baby horses. Looking at one, it is easy to see how someone would come to think that. Ponies do look like they are the babies of horses with their smaller size and stubbier legs. But, ponies can tolerate cold weather better, and they have generally higher endurance than most "adult" horses. So is it true or false, ponies are baby horses.

Question 37

Read This Carefully

Traveling the sea on a luxurious ship sounds like a dream vacation to most people. You get to see the beautiful ocean and smell the wonderful salty sea air. Though you might not enjoy it if you get motion-sickness easily... or if the ship is sinking. Imagine that the worst thing happened, the ship is sinking and you are trapped on it. To make matters even worse, there doesn't seem to be any life boats around. And even worse, surrounding the ship are sharks. Lots and lots of hungry sharks, so what do you do?

Question 38

Is there a difference between the word CIVIC and CIVIC?

Words are rather remarkable things aren't they? They are letters stringed together to describe not only physical things, but abstract concepts such as thoughts and emotions. In the English language, the twenty-six letters in the alphabet make up the hundreds of thousands of words we use. We have multiple words that mean the same thing, even words that sound the same but are spelled differently. And there are words that are spelled the same but have different meanings! Maybe this word is one of them? Is there a difference between the word CIVIC and CIVIC?

Question 39

Which is heavier, a 200 lb bag of feathers or a 200 lb person, what would be your answer?

One of the age old riddles, which I remember from my years in preschool and elementary school alike, is which would hit the ground first if you dropped them from the top of a building: a 20 lb bag of feathers, or a 20 lb bag of bricks? When handled separately, each brick quite obviously weighs more than each feather, so it stands to reason that the feathers would be lighter and float to the ground slower. Right? This question is similar to that. If asked, which is heavier, a 200 lb bag of feathers or a 200 lb person, what would be your answer?

Question 40

Which room did the police officers put out first?

In a house, a family keeps all of their important things in separate rooms. One room is filled with all of their money, as they do not trust banks. Another room is filled with all of their important documents, birth certificates, titles to property, etc. A third room is filled with priceless family mementos that has spanned generations. One day, the house catches on fire and threatens to engulf and destroy everything in those three rooms. Which room did the police officers put out first?

Question 41

What does water turn into when you freeze it?

Water, it is everywhere. It is even in the air! The human body is even made up of a lot of water. It is estimated that an adult human body is made up of about sixty-percent water. Water is very important to life in general, from the tiniest plant to the largest animal. Water hydrates us and acts as a transport for the many essential nutrients needed to keep our bodies going. Water can also do some pretty amazing things outside of the body. With enough pressure it can cut through rock, and if you heat it up high enough it'll boil and turn into vapor! What does water turn into when you freeze it?

Question 42

Are Narwhals Real or Fake?

Can you guess what unicorns, dragons, and mermaids all have in common? The answer is- they are not real! Those three are some of the few creatures that have been apart of many lore of different cultures. These fantasy creatures can be good or bad, some in all shapes and sizes and symbolize many different meanings. They have fascinated people for years, and they still do today as there are tons of movies and other media surrounding them. With all the mythical creatures out there, do you know if narwhal, looking a little like a cross between a unicorn and whale, are real or fake?

Question 43

The Sun is the largest star in the galaxy. True or false?

Space is, as some would call it, the final fronter. Even in ancient times, people have looked up to the skies and saw the stars, shining above them and wondered about them. It was not too long ago in human history that we were really even able to begin to investigate those questions. There are still many mysteries about the universe, and even about our own solar system, the Milky Way. But there are a few things that science has answered for us, and one of those things is that the Sun is the largest star in our galaxy. Or is it?

Question 44

What causes the tides to change?

We all know that there is a lot of water on Earth. You might not have known this, but the Earth is made up of about seventy-one percent of water. And with all the lakes, rivers and how big our oceans are, that makes pretty good sense. Did you know that ninety-six percent of the water is held by our oceans? That is a lot of water! Which would mean, a very powerful force would have to be behind the reason the tides change. What causes the tides to change?

Question 45

It is pouring rain and a man is soaking wet. Every inch is soaked but his hair. How is this possible?

One afternoon, a man goes outside while it is raining. He goes to get a cup of coffee at the cafe around the corner. Goes to the pharmacy to pick up a magazine and his prescription, and then goes to the store to pick up something for lunch. He is gone for about an hour or so, and all of his clothes are dripping wet. But, he does not have a drop of water in his hair, and he hadn't gone out with an umbrella or a hat. How is this possible?

Question 46

One day, there was a huge gust of wind that traveled through the forest. Which way did the leaves on the evergreen blow?

In the middle of a deep and dark forest, there sits an evergreen tree on top of a hill. It is the only living tree in the forest, as the forest is thought to be cursed. The rumors that it is cursed are made even more believable by the kind of creatures that live in the forest. All manner of ghosts, ghouls, monsters and witches call the forest home. One day, there was a huge gust of wind that traveled through the forest. Which way did the leaves on the tree blow?

Question 47

Read This Carefully

In 2013, it was estimated that a pedestrian, who "is a person walking along a road", was hurt to some degree every eight minutes and killed every 2 hours. It is a horrible type of accident, that is sometimes caused by avoidable situations where common sense would have been greatly appreciated. Like say were bright and reflective clothing at night if you are walking along the road. In this story a woman walks down a back road in the country, dressed in all black from head to toe. Suddenly, a black car, without any lights on comes around the corner and screeches to a halt. How did the car see her?

Question 48

What word starts with IS, ends with ND and has LA in the middle of it?

You are almost to the end! Congratulations, was this quiz a breeze for you or a particularly hard one? I am sure you tried your best on every question. This question is not a hard one, unless you over think it. You just have to figure out what word is being asked about. That does not sound too hard now does it? What word starts with IS, ends with ND and has LA in the middle of it? Do you know that answer?

Question 49

The capital is usually the biggest city in the country. What is the capital of the United States of America?

Every country in the world has a capital. The capital is where you will usually find all, if not most of a country's government offices. It is often the meeting place for most governmental issues such as making laws, and discussing international matters. You can kind of think of it as a "symbol" for a country's government. Most of the time it is the largest city within the country itself, but that isn't always the cause. The US is a prime example of that cause. What is the capital of the United States of America?

Question 50

Read This Carefully

This question requires you to become a bit of a detective. Common sense is most definitely every good detective should have, so good luck. A man is found dead one Sunday morning. The police are called and an investigation is started, with the police questioning everyone that was present in the house. The only people that were in the house were his wife, daughter and son. His wife tells the police that she was upstairs taking a shower. His daughter tells the police she went outside to grab the mail. And his son tells the police that he was in the den, watching TV. Who was the murderer?

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