Only People With Common Sense Can Pass This Movie Test

For many of us, it doesn't seem like those cold winter nights are going anywhere anytime soon. The snow keeps falling and temperatures just keep dropping. But what better way to combat the cold than to cozy up with a warm cuppa and enjoy some fantastic movies? There is just something so relaxing and heartwarming about sitting down with an excellent movie and losing ourselves in some of the best films Hollywood has to offer! And, luckily for us, there are just so many different movies to choose from nowadays. So no matter what someone's taste or preference, they can be sure there's something out there for them!

From romantic comedies to heart-stopping action flicks and everything else in between, there are plenty of fantastic films available for us to sit back and enjoy. However, in order for movie fans to be able to pass this quiz, they're going to have to be pretty well-versed in some of Hollywood's best movies and be able to remember some tricky trivia that only the most passionate of cinephiles could recite!

This quiz will put people's movie expertise to the test and help determine whether or not they truly know everything there is to know about these movies! It won't be easy, but we encourage everyone to see if they're as good as they think they are!

Question 1

What kind of dinosaur features as the main antagonist in Jurassic Park?

There are so many things to love about the very first Jurassic Park movie. Sure, we’ve come a long way with CGI technology and filmmaking, and now we have the more advanced Jurassic World movies with Chris Pratt starring as the lead. But when this movie was first released, it amazed audiences everywhere with its ultra realistic depictions of dinosaurs. According to IMDB, these dinosaurs were actually scale-size animatronics that were created specifically for the movie – there was no CGI involved! This is a pretty impressive little movie fact, considering how thrilling and awe-inducing the film’s main antagonist was to witness on screen! But just which kind of dinosaur was this villain?

Question 2

What is the name of the boy who owns all the toys in Toy Story?

One of the most heart-warming parts of the very first Toy Story film is watching the little boy who owns all of these wonderful toys interact with them. In the movie, we see him constantly sit down to spend an entire afternoon creating a whole new world for his collection, conjuring up impromptu scenarios and stories for them to all play out together. He even liked to dress as his very favourite toy, a cowboy named Woody, and would don the same cowboy hat so they could match. Indeed, this boy loved all of his toys, especially his new toy, Buzz Lightyear. But what is this kid’s name?

Question 3

What was the name of the princess in Aladdin?

For homeless Aladdin, living in a palace sounds like the ultimate paradise. He would love to just give up his penniless life of stealing from street vendors and instead live a life of grandeur inside a huge palace, complete with servants and people willing to wait on him. But, it’s not just the living conditions that appeal to him. After meeting the princess who just happens to live inside this palace, Aladdin knows he must become a prince in order to win her heart. So, when he comes into possession of a genie, he uses some of his wishes to turn himself into Prince Ali so as to impress her. But what is the name of this princess he is trying to woo?

Question 4

Who first told Harry he was a wizard in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone?

For the first eleven years of his life, Harry Potter had no idea he was anything more than just a regular human, like everyone else around him. Sure, he could somehow communicate with snakes at the zoo and sure, sometimes he was able to make things happen just by willing them to happen with his mind. But as far as he was concerned, he was nothing special. That is, until someone appeared at his door and told him that he was, in fact, quite special. He was a wizard! Who was this person who is credited as being the one to deliver such incredible news?

Question 5

What is the name of this character from Shrek?

In the animated movie Shrek, the title character is a brash ogre who happily loves a quiet existence away from humans inside a swamp. His happiness is disrupted when one man by the name of Lord Farquad banishes all fairy-tale creatures to this swamp, prompting Shrek to pay him a visit and demand he make them all leave again. In exchange for getting rid of the creatures, Lord Farquad requests that Shrek go and rescue a princess from a dragon-guarded tower to be his bride. Shrek agrees to the task, but once he meets the princess himself, he realizes perhaps he might be in love with her. What is the name of this princess?

Question 6

Where does the movie Twilight take place?

The very first Twilight movie sees Bella Swan movie from sunny Phoenix, Arizona to live in the dreary, rainy town where her estranged father is the police chief. While living there, Bella learns about the gorgeous but aloof teen named Edward Cullen who has no interest in any girls at their school. However, Bella intrigues him enough to strike up a friendship with her, though things soon turn serious when she realizes that perhaps Edward isn’t as human as he seems. Now caught up in a world of vampires, Bella finds herself falling in love with Edward while also evading an enemy vampire who is hunting her as his prey.

Question 7

What did Elliot dress E.T. as for Halloween in the movie E.T.?

It’s no secret that it can be a difficult task keeping an extra-terrestrial being hidden from the world, particularly if the person having to keep him concealed is a little boy still living at home with his prying mother waiting around every corner. When it came time to transport the title character in the classic movie E.T. and somehow sneak him out of the house, 10-year-old Elliot realizes the only way he could do this without raising any red flags in front of his mother was to disguise the alien. And so, Elliot put E.T. into an outfit that would successfully conceal his identity and left the house pretending it was actually his little sister with him.

Question 8

What movie is this character named Red from?

According to IMDB, actor Morgan Freeman played this character in a 1994 drama film about a man named Andy who is wrongly accused of committing a crime and is locked up as a result of this. While serving out his life sentence, Andy meets this fellow named Red who is self-described as the person “who can get things” into the institution – whether that be cigarettes, playing cards, or maybe even a poster or two. Red goes on to become Andy’s first friend while he is locked up and the two spend a lot of time together, sharing in stories and miseries about being where they are. But which movie does Red feature in?

Question 9

What is the name of this movie?

This movie centers on a group of teenagers who are forced to attend Saturday detention together. They include Claire, a popular girl, Andy, a wrestling jock, Bender, a burnout, Brian, a nerd, and Allison, a social outcast. Although they all enter the school library as strangers that day, a number of heart filled conversations helps them realize they’re not so different from each other. Sure, they come from different social backgrounds at their school. But at the end of the day, they’re all just teenagers trying to figure things out. They part as friends, and a few even strike up unlikely relationships with each other!

Question 10

Who played the character of the Joker in The Dark Knight?

According to IMDB, The Dark Knight is the second Batman film to feature actor Christian Bale as the caped crusader and is part of a three-movie series about the superhero. In this film, Bruce Wayne (AKA Batman) takes on his greatest enemy to date – a severely unstable clown-faced man who has a penchant for crime and a complete disregard for other people’s safety. He’s known simply as The Joker. Batman begins pursuing The Joker after he discovers he has been wreaking havoc around Gotham City, ultimately leading these two to face off in climactic battle against one another. The movie is a total thrill ride with lots of memorable quotes provided by The Joker, including “Do you want to know how I got these scars?”

Question 11

How did Dorothy defeat the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz?

Dorothy arrived in the land of Oz to find out that she had already inadvertently earned herself an enemy in the formed of the Wicked Witch of the West. This green-faced woman had it out for little Dorothy the moment her house crash-landed on another witch, and so she would spend the rest of the time in the movie The Wizard of Oz pursuing Dorothy and her friends and plotting her revenge. In the final act of the film, Dorothy and her friends have made their way into the witch’s castle and are facing off against in her in a climactic battle, at which Dorothy manages to do something that ultimately defeats the witch. But what does she do?

Question 12

What does Hakuna Matata mean in The Lion King?

The Lion King is an animated Disney film which follows the story of a young lion cub named Simba who becomes separated from the rest of his pack after losing his father, Mufasa. Now on his own, little Simba finds his way to the hilarious duo of Timon and Pumbaa – a meerkat and a warthog who take Simba in and teach him how to live the same way they do. They show him how to eat grubs, how to enjoy the jungle, and how to adopt the lifestyle of “Hakuna Matata” by singing about it with him. But what does this phrase actually mean?

Question 13

What is the name of Peter Parker's love interest in Spider-Man?

According to IMDB, the first Spider-Man movie featuring actor Tobey Macguire as the masked hero was released in 2002. In addition to Maguire, the cast also included such talent as James Franco in the role of his best friend Harry and Kirsten Dunst as Peter Parker (AKA Spider-Man’s) main love interest. In the first movie, we learn that this girl is Parker’s neighbor and schoolmate who he has had a crush on for years. He never quite has the courage to admit his feelings, but after becoming Spider-Man, he sees this as his opportunity to woo her. What is the name of this girl he is so in love with?

Question 14

What was the name of the man Rose met and fell in love with while aboard the Titanic?

In the film Titanic, we meet socialite and reluctant first-class passenger Rose DeWitt Bukater, a 17-year-old girl traveling with her mother and fiancé Cal who felt this so-called “Ship of Dreams” was more like a slave ship dragging her towards her new life with Cal. To say she was unhappy about the engagement is a serious understatement, so it was no wonder why she felt so drawn to a third-class passenger who convinced her there was more to life than what Cal was offering her. She winds up deciding to pursue a romantic relationship with this man instead, though the iceberg that the Titanic eventually collided with would definitely complicate things.

Question 15

Which flower does Beast keep inside a glass container in the film Beauty and the Beast?

The animated Disney film Beauty and the Beast tells the story of a prince who becomes cursed to appear as an unsightly beast for his arrogance, a spell which will only be removed when he falls in love and is loved in return. But he only has so much time to find true love before a flower kept under a glass container loses its last petal. A woman named Belle comes into his castle to find her lost father and discovers the Beast has taken him captive for trespassing. Belle offers to take his place instead, and becomes the Beast’s captive. As the two spend more time together, Belle comes to find that there is a kind and gentle man behind the monstrous façade, and soon falls in love with him, effectively breaking the curse.

Question 16

What did the robbers call themselves in Home Alone?

We can pretty much confidently say that the robbers featured in the classic Christmas film Home Alone were not the smartest guys around. In fact, when it came to actually successfully robbing the McCallister house, they were pretty much as bad as they could be. Time and time again they got outsmarted by eight-year-old Kevin, and ultimately ended up getting caught by the police before they could even take a single thing! This robbing duo was made up of the dimwitted Marv and his ill-tempered partner, Harry. However, at one point in the film Marv decides to come up with a pseudonym for them, but what was it?

Question 17

Who is this character from The Princess Bride?

Throughout the film The Princess Bride, we get to meet a lot of interesting characters. There’s the dashing hero Westley, a gentle giant, an arrogant criminal, and a snarky retiree. Out of all of these characters, however, there is one who has gone on to become a cultural icon, largely for his catchphrase which he repeats several times throughout the film. It is a phrase he vows to say to the man who was responsible for the untimely passing of his father. As he plots his own revenge, this character repeats the phrase to encourage his sword skills and keep the fire burning in his heart. What is the name of this character?

Question 18

What does Forrest say life is like in the movie Forrest Gump?

Some of Forrest Gump’s greatest lines are of things his mother has told him throughout his life, and which he has kept close to his heart. He once said that his mother had a way of explaining things that helped him understand them easier. When a young Forrest first meets Jenny on the school bus, she asks him if he is stupid to which he replies, “Mama says ‘stupid is as stupid does.’” Later in the film, after donating a portion of his shrimping boat earnings to a gospel church, a hospital, and to his late friend Bubba’s mother, Forrest cites his mother who said, “There’s only so much fortune a man really needs and the rest is just for showing off.” At one point, Forrest says his mother once had a saying about life, but what did she say life was like?

Question 19

What kind of car is the time machine from Back to the Future made of?

The movie Back to the Future sees a teen named Marty McFly successfully travel back in time to the 60s when his parents were in high school and help them first fall in love with each other at a dance. The only way he is able to go back in time is with the use of a time machine created by his friend and former famed scientist Doc Brown. It has no problem taking Marty to the past – the trouble comes when Marty realizes he doesn’t have the same elements available to help the car take him back to the future! But what car is this time machine made of?

Question 20

What is the name of the girl's group in Grease?

The musical Grease sees a new student arrive at Rydell High named Sandy Olsson who is surprised to find the boy she spent the summer with, Danny Zuko, also happens to go that school as well. Despite how sweet and charming he was during their summer romance, Sandy discovers that Danny acts like a completely different person around his friends and doesn’t like the guy he becomes with them. She goes on to evade him for a while, striking up a romance with another student, before eventually finding her way back to him once again. The movie ends with his group of male friends, known as the T-Birds, singing with her group of female friends. But what are they known as?

Question 21

What is Dom Cobb's totem in Inception?

Inception can be a pretty tricky movie to understand, but the entire film largely has to do with the concept of being able to travel inside people’s subconscious while they are sleeping and control their dreams. A man named Dom Cobb does this sort of thing for a living, albeit quite illegally, and understands how complicated the process of inception can be. It can also play tricks on someone’s mind, leaving them unable to tell the difference between real life and a dream world. So, in order to be able to determine what is real and what isn’t, Cobb uses something called a totem - something only he knows and only he could use to determine his state. But what is his totem in the movie?

Question 22

What is the name of the fictional planet from Avatar?

The movie Avatar follows a former marine named Jake Sully who is enlisted to take his late brother’s place in something called the Avatar program. After agreeing, he is flown to a distant planet where humans are seeking to form a respectful relationship with the inhabitants, known as Na’vi people, in order to roam freely on their planet. As it happens, this planet contains valuable minerals which the humans want to harvest, but once Jake becomes accepted into the Na’vi people, he turns against his own kind of help protect them and their precious resource. But what is the name of this planet?

Question 23

Which of the following is NOT a member of the Avengers?

As we learn in the very first Avengers movie, the so-called Avengers are an elite group of superbeings who are tasked to join forces and combine their powers to protect the world. S.H.I.E.L.D. is who first initiates this superhero task force in order to stop the tyrant Loki from gaining the power of an energy cube known as the Tesseract. Some of the members of the Avengers include a man named Hawkeye, Thor, and Captain America. There are several other members who make up this group, but which of the following superbeings was not actually a member of the Avengers?

Question 24

Who joined Ferris and Cameron on their adventure in Ferris Bueller's Day Off?

In the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, the title character of Ferris wakes up one morning and decides it is much too beautiful of a day to be stuck inside his high school. So, he feigns being sick in order to convince his parents he should be left at home, and then sets out to have his greatest adventure to date. He enlists the help of his actually ill friend Cameron to accompany him on his day off. Together they visit a museum, attend a baseball game, and crash a parade, just to name a few of their incredible activities. But who was the third person who joined Cameron and Ferris that day?

Question 25

Where did Nemo end up after being taken in the film Finding Nemo?

The animated film Finding Nemo sees a father fish named Marlin witness his son, Nemo, be taken from their home in the ocean by scuba divers. Most of the movie follows Marlin as he and an unlikely companion, a fish named Dory with short-term memory loss, set out across the ocean in an attempt to track Nemo down. The journey isn’t easy, and they come across several obstacles they have to overcome in order to keep going. They also make several friends along the way, like a group of friendly sea turtles who teach them how to travel via currents. In the end, they ultimately find Nemo, but where did he end up after he was taken?

Question 26

Who first gave Frodo the ring in Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring?

Every adventure that the characters in the Lord of the Rings trilogy had all began with one moment in the very first movie. According to IMDB, the first film, Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, was released in 2001. This movie began with a celebration that soon resulted in one hobbit named Frodo Baggins being given a legendary and powerful Ring known as the One Ring. It would be this Ring that would ultimately send Frodo on his tumultuous adventure, complete with battles, quests, and new friends as well as plenty of new enemies. But who gave Frodo the Ring in the first place?

Question 27

What colours are the two pills that are offered to Neo in the movie The Matrix?

According to IMDB, the first Matrix film hit theaters in 1999 and stars Keanu Reeves as Neo. In the film, Neo attempts to learn the secrets of the Matrix and comes to be introduced to a mysterious man named Morpheus. It is Morpheus who finally explains the details of the Matrix to him – the Matrix is an illusory world. He then offers Neo to different colored pills and explains one will end the story, letting Neo wake up and believe whatever he wants to believe. The other will help him “stay in Wonderland” and see “how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

Question 28

Which other competitor joined Katniss from District 12 in the movie The Hunger Games?

The entire premise of the film The Hunger Games revolves around one competition that takes place between 24 “victors” in a dystopian future. These victors are chosen from twelve districts, all overseen by a controlling city known as Panem, who then fight each other in an arena. Each district must give up two of its young inhabitants to fight in the games – one male and one female. In district twelve, Katniss Everdeen volunteers to take her sister, Primrose’s, place after her name was chosen for the games. But, in keeping with the rules of the games, another victor was picked from this district too. What was his name?

Question 29

What is the name of this movie?

This movie takes place during the summer of 1963 when a girl named Baby vacations at a resort with the rest of her family. There, she comes to admire the professional dancers who put on shows for the resort’s guests. Particularly, she is drawn to one dancer named Johnny. After his partner is unable to dance with him in a competition, Baby offers to take her place and soon Johnny is tasked with teaching her how to dance professionally. They gradually grow closer, but their relationship must be kept a secret, as guests and staff are not supposed to interact that closely together.

Question 30

What song did Patrick sing to Kat in 10 Things I Hate About You?

The classic romantic comedy 10 Things I Hate About You tells the story of Kat Stratford, an abrasive feminist who repels her fellow students and likes to keep it that way. She has a popular younger sister named Bianca who is forbidden by their father to date anyone unless Kat dates someone, too. In order to be able to date Bianca, another student decides to hire someone to go on a date with Kat. That someone happens to be outcast Patrick, who is initially only in it for the money but soon finds himself inexplicably drawn to Kat. In one scene, he attempts to win over her affections by singing her a song, but what song did he choose to serenade her with?

Question 31

What movie is this scene from?

According to IMDB, this scene is pulled from a classic movie and features actors John Travolta and Uma Thurman. In the film, Travolta’s character of Vincent Vega has been tasked with keeping a gangster named Marsellus Wallace’s wife, Mia, occupied and happy. In order to do so, Vincent complies with any and all of her requests, one of which includes going to a 60s-themed diner. While they are enjoying their dinner, Mia enters them in a twist-off competition. So, in keeping with his promise to Marsellus, Vincent gets up on stage with Mia and twists to the song, “You Can Never Tell.”

Question 32

Which one of his relatives took Charlie to the factory in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?

In the classic film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Charlie Buckets initially believes he has lost out on the opportunity to visit the infamous factory. After all, Wonka’s contest of receiving one of five golden tickets was rumored to have already found its five lucky winners. Besides, Charlie didn’t believe he really stood much of a chance of winning, anyway. That is, until he learned the final winner turned out to be a hoax and then he actually found the last ticket himself! Charlie excitedly showed his family his winning ticket, and one member agreed to be the adult who would accompany him to the factory for the tour. But who was that adult?

Question 33

What is the first rule of Fight Club, as outlined in the movie Fight Club?

In the movie Fight Club, a man with intense insomnia befriends a salesman named Tyler and the two create an underground club. The club is meant for other men living boring and mundane lives to come together and let out some steam while also participating in exciting fights together. Along with this club comes a set of pretty strict rules which the two founding members are adamant must be followed at all times. In fact, the first rule of this so-called Fight Club is so important that it also happens to be the second rule as well. But what is this incredibly important rule?

Question 34

Which law school did Elle Woods attend in Legally Blonde?

In the movie Legally Blonde, sorority sister and passionate fashionista Elle Woods is distraught when her boyfriend, Warren, dumps her before heading to law school. In order to win him back and prove she isn’t as unintelligent as he claims she is, Elle applies and gets into the exact same law school. However, it turns out Warren is already engaged to be married to someone else, and Elle realizes that no matter what she does, she will never be good enough for him. So, she turns her attention to becoming the best lawyer possible and garners great respect and praise from her fellow students and professors at this law school.

Question 35

Where did Cady move from at the beginning of the movie Mean Girls?

The movie Mean Girls depicts a teenager named Cady Heron who has just recently moved to the US after living in a completely different continent for most of her life. There she was homeschooled but now she decides she’s ready to join the rest of her peers at high school. However, the so-called “girl world” turns out to be much trickier to navigate than she originally thought. Soon Cady finds herself joining a group of popular girls known as the “plastics” and becomes wrapped up in lots of high school drama. To think, this could have all been avoided if she had just never left her previous home to begin with!

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