Only People Who Were Actually Paying Attention Can Pass This New Game Of Thrones Quiz

There are few things that fit the words 'pop culture phenomenon' like HBO's Game of Thrones. Based on George R.R. Martin's fantasy saga, A Song of Ice and Fire, the series captured the attention of viewers almost immediately thanks to its intriguing characters, brilliant battle sequences, political drama, and fantastical elements.

The show has been going strong since 2011 and has only become more popular with each passing season. The world of Westeros and Essos is vast and dangerous, pulling viewers in and dropping their jaws simultaneously. Just like its source material, it features moments and details that may seem small, but have huge payoffs later down the road. Add on one of the biggest and most morally diverse group of characters on any television show, and it can be hard for some fans to keep track of everything.

The relationships of the great Houses in the Seven Kingdoms are so interwoven that some slights or connections may go over the heads of some viewers. And with almost every moment, character, or item holding some form of importance, it requires a great mind to keep everything in order. Only the fans who have been paying the closest attention to every detail could pass this quiz.

Question 1

What is the name of Jon Snow's Valyrian Steel sword?

Valyrian Steel swords are some the most valuable and powerful objects in all of "Game of Thrones." These blades came from Valyria, the Targaryen homeland that once was, and were forged using dragon fire. And since Valyria was destroyed by a volcanic eruption (and also since the remaining citizens had to flee), there aren't too many of these left in existence. It's fitting how rare they are since they're one of the only things that can slay a White Walker. Jon Snow is one of the few characters who owns one. It was given to him by the Night's Watch Lord Commander after Jon saved his life. What is its name?

Question 2

Who is the leader of the White Walkers?

Far North of the Wall lives an army of deceased reanimated by this villain. They were teased in the opening scene of the first episode, though not much was known about them until later. Where the undead are grunts, the White Walkers act as generals. They are much more skilled in combat and they answer only to this character. He's only been shown a handful of times, though each time brought catastrophic results for the heroes. By simply raising his arms, he can bring life back to any corpse around him. What is the leader of the White Walkers called?

Question 3

Who gave the order to behead Ned Stark?

The first season of "Game of Thrones" set the bar for what the show would perhaps become best known for. It taught viewers that what they expected to happen would not happen. The honorable Ned Stark was clearly set up to be the hero of the show, meant to take down the villainous Queen by fighting justly and doing what was right. But then he lost his head and viewers everywhere were shaken to their core (unless they had already read the books, that is). This was a defining moment of the show's first season that set up the wars to come. Who gave the order to execute Ned Stark?

Question 4

Which dragon does Daenerys ride into battle?

Daenerys Targaryen has had one of the most meteoric rises to power seen in the entire series. In the first episode, she was soft-spoken and did whatever her older brother asked of her. But her marriage to Khal Drogo gave her a sense of purpose and a desire to help others, which she used to amass the army she has now. The army is nice, but the dragons are nicer. Daenerys once had three dragons, but she has always ridden the same one into battle. It is the biggest and most ferocious of the three. What is the name of this dragon?

Question 5

What are the Night King's soldiers called?

The Night King is a force to be reckoned with. Though he's never been shown in action before, his ability to raise those who have fallen and make them fight for him is something that should frighten anyone. Most episodes that have dealt with the White Walkers have focused on how destructive a wave of these soldiers can be. They don't need to rest and they have been shown to swarm encampments, which has only added to the Night King's forces. Few things will stop them, though fire tends to work best. What are the Night King's resurrected soldiers called?

Question 6

Which of the following characters does NOT currently have a Valyrian Steel item?

As far as viewers know, there are only a handful of Valyrian Steel items in existence. Jon Snow has been using Longclaw since Season 1 and he's managed to keep it all this time. Valyrian Steel swords are typically passed down through the families that own them. However, after Ned Stark lost his life in King's Landing, his sword was taken by Tywin Lannister, melted down, and turned into two swords. Longclaw was meant to go to the Lord Commander's son, but he had brought dishonor on their house and was banished from Westeros. Which of these characters does NOT have something made of Valyrian Steel?

Question 7

Who burned the Hound's face?

Sandor 'The Hound' Clegane is one of the most complicated characters in "Game of Thrones," which is saying something. At the beginning of the series, he worked as the personal bodyguard of Joffrey Baratheon and was made to do the arrogant prince's bidding. But as viewers learned more of his story, they also learned that there was much more to him. As a child, his face was badly burned by someone he was close to. Having this happen at such a young age must have been traumatic as he became utterly terrified to be around fire afterwards. Who was it that burned Sandor's face?

Question 8

Which dragon does Daenerys lose to the Night King?

Over the course of the show, having dragons on her side brought immense confidence to Daenerys. It made her feel almost invulnerable as there was no way anyone would be able to stop a dragon. This confidence ran out in Season 7, however, when Daenerys learned that Jon and his companions needed help beyond the Wall. They had gone to capture a wight in order to convince everyone else that the Night King's army was real. Unfortunately for the good guys, the Night King was able to throw an ice spear through one of her dragons. And with his power, he was able to make it his own. Which dragon did Daenerys lose to the Night King?

Question 9

What is the sigil of House Greyjoy?

Westeros, though much smaller than the neighboring Essos, is still a gigantic continent. The seven kingdoms are home to many different people, but only the great families have last names and sigils. Sigils are emblems that are put onto the family's flags and armor. It is a symbol that has never changed once decided upon and it is always something that best represents that family. The Starks have a Direwolf as their sigil as it is a creature of the North. The Targaryen sigil is a three-headed dragon meant to represent Aegon and his sisters, who conquered Westeros. But what is the sigil of House Greyjoy?

Question 10

What folk song is about Tywin Lannister?

The world of "Game of Thrones" is rich with lore, stories, and songs. While books do exist to keep record of all events, the best way to add flare to any occurrence is with a song. The series has brought over several songs from the books that are known by all the citizens of Westeros. One of the most heavily featured was written about the Lannister patriarch, Tywin. The song tells of a time when another family brought great dishonor upon the Lannisters when Tywin was younger. And how he retaliated by wiping them out completely. What is the name of this song?

Question 11

What does Arya name her sword?

There are many swords in Westeros that have received name's from their owners, whether they be Valyrian Steel or not. In the second episode of the show, Jon Snow gave his sister Arya a sword fit for her stature. And despite everything that has happened to her since then, she's been able to hold onto it. It served as a physical representation of her ties to her family, especially to Jon. And even during her training when she was instructed to get rid if all possessions, she couldn't bring herself to part with it. What did Arya name her sword?

Question 12

Who took Jon Arryn's life?

The event that kicked off the entirety of "Game of Thrones" was the passing of Jon Arryn. This event causes King Robert Baratheon to ride North to Winterfell and ask Ned Stark to take over Jon's position as Hand of the King. And it's what leads to his demise. It was assumed (and said as such by his wife) that Jon's passing was due to poison because he was digging into the business of the Lannisters. Ned would pick up on his trail whenever he arrived, finding illegitimate children of the king and discovering Queen Cersei's dark secret. But who was the one who actually took Jon Arryn's life?

Question 13

What is the name of the Lannister home?

The Lannisters are certainly one of the proudest and most distinguished houses in Westeros. And their immense wealth has only helped matters. Members of the family would often speak of their home but, as they were always living in King's Landing, the Lannister home wasn't shown until Season 7. Daenerys sent Grey Worm and the Unsullied army to take this castle, only to find out that they had left it almost defenseless as a trick. The majority of the Lannister forces were off laying siege to High Garden, the home of Daenerys' ally. What is the name of the Lannister home?

Question 14

What is the name of Cersei and Jaime's daughter?

As Ned Stark would find out, all of Cersei's children were born out of incest with her twin brother Jaime. And it was revealing that he knew this secret to her that would land him in a cell and eventually executed. Cersei's eldest Joffrey was shown to be sadistic throughout his time on the show. But his younger bother Tommen was much different. He was kind but also easily manipulated. Their daughter had been sent to Dorne as an arranged marriage by Tyrion when he operated as Hand to the King in Season 2. But she would show up later once Dorne was finally shown. What is the name of Cersei and Jaime's daughter?

Question 15

Who fought for Tyrion at the Eyrie?

When Catelyn Stark suspects the Lannisters for being behind Jon Arryn's demise and also the plot to assassinate her son, Bran, she takes it upon herself to capture one of them when she runs across him on the road. With the help of Ser Rodrick Cassel and a few loyal soldiers, Catelyn takes Tyrion Lannister to the Eyrie to stand trial for his crimes. The Eyrie is the castle Jon Arryn was Lord over before he became Hand of the King. It's also where Tyrion demands a trial by combat to prove his innocence. Who is it that fights for Tyrion against Lysa Arryn's champion?

Question 16

How many new gods are there?

Religion plays a big part in the motivations of many characters on "Game of Thrones." There is the Lord of Light that Melisandre worships and brings with her from Essos. The Gods that the Northerners worship are too ancient and numerous to have names. But they are represented by weirwood trees, which have faces etched into them. These were the Gods worshiped by the Children of the Forest and of the First Men, which is why many Northerners still worship them. But the Andals, a different race of men, arrived in Westeros centuries after the First Men and brought their New Gods with them. These include the Mother, the Crone, and the Stranger. How many are there?

Question 17

Who flees King's Landing with Tyrion?

As Tyrion would come to learn, it seemed that almost his entire family was always against him. Joffrey's life was taken at his own wedding in Season 4 and it looked as if Tyrion had committed the crime. After going through a rigorous trial and an unsuccessful trial by combat, Tyrion was sentenced to execution. Luckily for him, he still had some friends left who wanted to see him live. His brother Jaime was the one to let him out of his cell, but there was another who helped him onto the boat to escape. This friend ended up leaving with him, but who was it?

Question 18

What is the name of this highly flammable substance?

Tyrion has always been shown to have a highly strategic mind. When Stannis began to attack King's Landing in Season 2 with a much larger army, Tyrion had one trick to level the playing field. He used a boat filled with this highly flammable substance and, with some help from Bronn and the special order of men who make it, blew up most of Stannis' fleet of ships. This substance would make a return in Season 6 when Cersei used it to blow up the sept in King's Landing, annihilating many of her most troublesome foes, including Margaery Tyrell. What is the name of this substance?

Question 19

Which of these is a place in Westeros?

Throughout the series, "Game of Thrones" has shown off some majestic locations. Some, like King's Landing and Winterfell, have been staples of the show ever since it began airing. Others, like High Garden and Pyke, have only been seen briefly. But each has served a purpose: to show that Westeros is a diverse place when it comes to the types of locations it can include. However, across the narrow sea lies Essos, a much vaster continent with sprawling cities and deserts. The show has been able to explore Essos through the majority of Daenerys' storyline. Which of these is a place that is in Westeros?

Question 20

What is Joffrey and Margaery's wedding referred to as?

There's no doubt that "Game of Thrones" is a dark show. Heroes have lost their lives while villains have thrived. Some fans may have though that Joffrey Baratheon, the spoiled and twisted king, would never get his comeuppance. But leave it to "Game of Thrones" to do what you least expect. In the 4th Season's second episode, Joffrey Baratheon was poisoned at his own wedding. While Margaery Tyrell was shown to be clever enough to manipulate him, there was undoubtedly danger in her future if someone hadn't stepped in to take care of Joffrey. This wedding would eventually earn a nickname due to the color Joffrey's face turned when he was poisoned. What was it referred to as?

Question 21

Where does Arya train to be a faceless assassin?

Arya Stark was a character whose family had underestimated her and expected her to act like the noble lady she was born to be. But if there's one thing Arya is, it's stubborn. Especially when it comes to proving others wrongs about her. After leaving Westeros at the end of the show's fourth season, Arya would travel to Essos in order to train with the Faceless Men. These are a group of assassins who have the ability to change their faces. They were based in the same city as her first sword instructor, Syrio Forel. Where does Arya train with the Faceless Men?

Question 22

What word does Daenerys use to command dragonfire?

Having dragons on the show leads to a lot of incredibly heroic moments. Daenerys has been able to grow with them as a leader but also uses them to their obvious strategic advantage. She taught them a command in the show's second season; a word in her native tongue, High Valyrian, that tells them to breath fire. And ever since then, whenever she has been upon Drogon's back, all she has needed to do is speak the word and rain fire down upon her enemies. She has done this both to armies of the living and of the undead. What is the word Daenerys says?

Question 23

Which character did NOT go beyond the wall with Jon?

An episode of Season 7 saw Jon Snow pull off one of his riskiest plans yet when he took a group of men beyond the wall. In order to convince everyone that the threat of the Night King was real, Jon knew he needed to provide proof and capture a wight. He also knew he would need some incredibly skilled warriors if he was going to pull it off. Luckily for him, Jon has known some pretty tough characters in his life and he had a group of volunteers ready to go. But which of the following was NOT one of them?

Question 24

What happens to Arya when she steals from the Many-Faced God?

In the show's fifth season, Arya's training at the House of Black and White was going well. Until a character from her past showed up and ruined it. Ser Meryn Trant, knight of the Kingsguard in Westeros, was responsible for taking the life of Syrio Forel. Forel gave his life to save Arya and seeing Trant in Braavos was Arya's biggest test in whether or not she could leave her old life behind. It turned out she couldn't, as she stole a face in order to find Trant and take his life. What served as Arya's punishment for stealing from the Many-Faced God?

Question 25

What do wildlings call Men of the Night's Watch?

One of the show's oldest conflicts is between the men of the Night's Watch and the Wildlings that live beyond the Wall. They have been at war for years and many believe that the Wildlings are the only real threat that the Night's Watch faces. But when they realized they shared a much more dangerous common enemy, Jon Snow was able to team up with the Wildlings and many of them were allowed to move south of the Wall. Due to their black attire, the Wildlings have a name for the men of the Night's Watch. What do the Wildlings call them?

Question 26

Where is Brienne from?

"Game of Thrones" has seen a multitude of strong female characters throughout its run. And one of the strongest is Brienne. She first appeared in Season 2 where she was loyal to Renly Baratheon and served on his Kingsguard, despite not being a knight. But after his untimely demise, she would go on to serve the Starks. And they're all lucky to have had her on her side. She's one of the most skilled fighters in Westeros, having been able to defeat the Hound in one-on-one combat. There are many characters on the show that understandably trust her with their lives. When she is spoken of, her home is also usually mentioned. Where is Brienne from?

Question 27

What was the name of Robb's direwolf?

Another way "Game of Thrones" went against what fans were expecting was with Robb Stark. After Ned had lost his life, viewers would have expected his heroic elder son to take up arms, rage war against the Lannisters, and come out on top. But sadly, that didn't happen. In the penultimate episode of the show's third season, Robb lost his life at the Red Wedding when Walder Frey and Roose Bolton betrayed him. There were many, many others who lost their lives there, including Robb's pet direwolf. Robb always took this wolf into battle with him, but what was his name?

Question 28

Which character was the first to take the life of a White Walker?

White Walkers are incredibly hard to defeat, as they should be. With an army of the undead usually surrounding them, it would normally be hard to even get near one of them. But before anyone knew how to defeat one, someone did. While they didn't know what they were doing at the time, a character found themselves as the only person who could defend someone he cared about. So he rushed forward with a dragonglass dagger and stabbed it in the back. This was the first instance that the show let viewers know these creatures could be defeated. Who was it that did this?

Question 29

Who has never been on Arya's list?

Arya Stark is one of the most vengeful people in Westeros. When she was too young to do anything about it, she lost her father. Afterwards, she created a list of anyone who had betrayed her family or wronged her horribly and decided that one day she would get revenge on them. Over the course of the show and through significant training, Arya has been able to use her skills to cross some names off her list. While there are still some names remaining, she's made some significant progress. But which of the following characters was never on Arya's list?

Question 30

Who created the White Walkers?

For a long time, it was a mystery how the White Walkers came to be. All that was known of them was that they were a nearly unstoppable army of zombies that swarmed their enemies and added them to their ranks. During the show's sixth season, however, Bran Stark began to train with the Three-Eyed Raven. This magical character taught him how to use his ability with weirwood trees and see the history of Westeros. By now, Bran has the entire history inside his head, but back then he needed to be shown where to look. And through one of these visions, he saw how the White Walkers were created. Who created them?

Question 31

In King's Landing, what is Lord Petyr Baelish master of?

Lord Petyr Baelish aka Littlefinger was one of the members of the Small Council when Ned Stark first arrived in King's Landing. As this group helps the King run the city and the seven kingdoms, each has a precise and important role to play. And though he may have been important, he wasn't necessarily respected as he also owned a brothel. Baelish would eventually become too power-hungry and would abandon his post when he teamed with Olenna Tyrell to take the life of King Joffrey. But in the show's first few seasons, he operated behind the shadows. What was Petyr Baelish master of in King's Landing?

Question 32

What animal is Lord Varys often referred to as?

Lord Ned Stark learns the hard way that he better be careful who he speaks to and what he speaks about in King's Landing. There are spies everywhere who will report back to who pays them. But one who is known as the Master of Whispers is Lord Varys. Originally from Essos, he worked very hard to get a position on the Small Council in King's Landing. His network of spies was so vast that he even had some on his home continent who could deliver messages to whomever he needed them to. Because of this, Varys earned himself a nickname. What was it?

Question 33

Where was Daenerys Targaryen born?

Towards the end of the Mad King Aerys' reign, he sent his pregnant wife and their young son Viserys to this castle for safety. This castle has always been important to the family as it is where Aegon Targaryen began his conquest of Westeros 300 years previously. During a massive storm, Rhaella Targaryen gave birth to Daenerys, earning her the moniker 'Stormborn.' Sadly, Rhaella would pass after giving birth, meaning Viserys and his new sister would be fleeing to Essos without her. When she finally did return to Westeros, this castle is where Daenerys landed. Where was Daenerys Targaryen born?

Question 34

Who chopped off Jaime Lannister's hand?

Many characters in "Game of Thrones" are vastly different now than how they started out. In the first season, Jaime Lannister was arrogant and self-righteous, but would go through a satisfying redemption arc that saw his character change for the better. Unfortunately, part of that arc included losing his dominant hand. This was a crucial wound to the knight and one that meant he would never be as good a swordsman as he once was. He lost his hand for defending Brienne while the two were captured together in the show's third season. But who was it that chopped it off?

Question 35

Who was the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch when Jon Snow first joined?

There are several characters still alive in the show that owe a great deal to this man. When Jon Snow first joined the Night's Watch, it was this man who served as the Lord Commander. He saw potential in Jon and made him his steward, ensuring that Jon would one day be able to lead. And when the Lord Commander decided to venture beyond the Wall to find out the truth about the White Walkers and a so-called King Beyond the Wall, Jon ventured out with him. Sadly, this character would be betrayed by some of his men in the show's third season. What is his name?

Question 36

What animal do the Dothraki worship?

Essos is filled with all manner of different people with varying religions and beliefs. Compared to Westeros, it is a much more diverse place. Instead of being ruled by a monarchy, each city is governed by the people who live there. Due to this, they have all become known as the Free Cities, despite the fact that there is a very successful slave trading economy. The first group of people in Essos that "Game of Thrones" introduces is the Dothraki when Daenerys is married off to Khal Drogo. The Dothraki have very different beliefs from the people in Westeros and they worship a certain animal. This animal can be seen in the form of giant statues at their holy city. Which is it?

Question 37

What sickness makes skin look like stone?

There is a sickness in the world of "Game of Thrones" that makes the skin of those afflicted resemble stone. That part isn't so bad, but what it eventually causes to happen is. If untreated, it can spread to their entire body, drive them mad, and eventually take the person's life. Many who have contracted the disease have been sent to live out their days in the deserted Valyria. Jorah and Tyrion unfortunately encountered these people in the fifth season. There are instances of survival with this condition. Stannis Bartheon's daughter was treated when she was a baby and the disease never spread. What is this disease called?

Question 38

What family does Maester Aemon belong to?

The blind Maester Aemon was one of the oldest members of the Night's Watch. He was also undoubtedly one of the wisest. Though he was far past his fighting days when the series began, he always sought to steer the Night's Watch in the right direction. He was the deciding vote when it came to making Jon Snow the new Lord Commander in the show's fifth season, though he sadly wouldn't live much longer past that. Out of every character who has passed on "Game of Thrones," he's the only one who passed from old age. In the first season, he told Jon Snow what great family he belonged to. Which was it?

Question 39

Where does Arya Stark meet Tywin Lannister?

As is to be expected, the show has had to make several changes from its source material. Some characters would be vital to the plot, but wouldn't be important until much later. The show would sometimes give them more to do to build up that character further. A prime example were the scenes between Arya Stark and Tywin Lannister in the show's second season. After being captured, Arya (under disguise as the boy Arry), would become Lord Tywin's cup bearer for his military meetings. The dynamic between the two was interesting and provided a lot of suspense for viewers who were afraid Tywin might find her out. Where did the two of them meet?

Question 40

What does "Valar Dohaeris" mean?

At the end of the show's second season, the face-swapping Jaqen H'ghar helped Arya and her friends escape from the awful Harrenhal. He left her with a coin and told her that if she ever met a person from Braavos, to give it to them and say, "Valar Morghulis." This helped her to escape Westeros at the end of the fourth season. These words would pop up multiple times throughout the show before they were revealed to be High Valyrian and their meaning. They are part of a call and response among certain characters, the second phrase being "Valar Dohaeris." What do these words mean?

Question 41

What is the name given to those who can control animals?

"Game of Thrones" is a dark political thriller that just so happens to take place in a fantasy world. The fight for the Iron Throne has always been the main plot point, but several fantastical elements have also been focused on. Bran Stark would eventually learn he had the ability to transfer his mind inside his direwolf, Summer, and control him. This ability is more common beyond the Wall, but is still a rarity. Bran's ability would grow so strong that he could control multiple animals at once and even people. What is the name given to those who possess this ability?

Question 42

What is the name of the Dothraki holy city?

For the most part, Khals lead their Dothraki hordes all across Essos in search of glory and a good fight. But they do have their own holy city. Many who cannot travel, such as the sick or elderly, reside there. But it also serves as a place of worship or great events when multiple tribes come together. Daenerys was seen there in the first season when she had to devour the heart of a horse. But she returned in the sixth season when she was captured by the Dothraki in an attempt to make her live out the rest of her days with the other Khaleesi whose Khals had passed. What is the name of this city?

Question 43

What group did Thoros and Beric belong to?

Beric Dondarrion was only briefly seen in the show's first season. He was sent by Ned Stark to capture Gregor 'The Mountain' Clegane' to answer for his crimes against a village. He wouldn't be shown again until the third season. And by that time, he had lost his life several times but brought back by Thoros of Myr, a priest for the Lord of Light. Together with a band of soldiers, Beric and Thoros were part of a group that wandered Westeros to defend those who couldn't fight for themselves. They belonged to no family, but instead operated on their own terms. What was the name of this group?

Question 44

Where did Samwell first find Dragonglass?

Viewers would have had no way of knowing how important dragonglass would come to be when it was first discovered by Samwell Tarly. In the show's second season, a group of Night's Watch men went out beyond the wall to discover why the Wildlings were gathering with a King Beyond the Wall. While digging latrines, Sam stumbled upon a parcel left by someone that contained several dragonglass daggers and arrowheads. It was a small moment then, but two of those items would be used to dispatch two White Walkers in later episodes. Where did Sam find this parcel of dragonglass weapons?

Question 45

Who gave Daenerys her dragons?

The most important moment in Daenerys' life came on her wedding day to Khal Drogo. Though she was entirely against the union, going through it meant receiving a gift that would help her out tremendously: three dragon eggs. Said to be stone and therefore would never hatch, Daenerys did the impossible when she climbed upon Drogo's funeral pyre and brought dragons back into the world. From then on out, these three dragons would not only be Daenerys' greatest resource for obtaining power, but her children as well. And it was with this birth that magic came back to the world. Who was it that gave Daenerys her dragon eggs?

Question 46

Which city did Daenerys free the Unsullied from?

Before her dragons were fully grown, Daenerys would need an army if she wished to return to Westeros and take her throne back from the Lannisters. She and her advisers traveled to a city known for producing some of the most ruthless warriors known to man. But these soldiers were also slaves, treated horribly while growing up in order to make them strong. Daenerys had agreed to trade one of her dragons for the entire Unsullied army, but chose to eliminate the slave masters and give them a choice instead. The unsullied would fight honorably for Daenerys in each subsequent season. In which city did Daenerys acquire this army?

Question 47

What character can make copies of himself?

After losing Khal Drogo, Daenerys and the handful of Dothraki that chose to follow her would find themselves at their lowest point as they wandered the vast desert of Essos. This journey would take them to Qarth, an Oasis ruled by thirteen merchants. In Qarth, Daenerys would meet a sorcerer who could make copies of himself. But he would also steal her newborn dragons from her as their return had made his magic grow stronger. It wouldn't take long for Daenerys to deal with him though, as she had recently taught her children the command for fire. What was the name of this sorcerer?

Question 48

What group tries to overthrow Daenerys in Meereen?

Daenerys' path to free the slaves of Essos would lead her to several locations. But the one she spent the most time in was Meereen. After freeing those in chains and taking vengeance on those who had put them there, Daenerys became the Queen of Meereen. But with this came conflict from those who wished for things to go back to the way they were. This vicious group would plan attacks on the Unsullied and were responsible for taking the life of one of her finest warriors, Barristan Selmy. The conflict of this group would come to a head when they attacked Daenerys at the fighting pits, but luckily Drogon was watching. What was the name of this group?

Question 49

What city is the Citadel located in?

Before Jon Snow would be betrayed by some men of the Night's Watch, he sent Samwell Tarly to the citadel to train as a maester and hopefully find something that could be used against the Night King. And as Sam had trained under Maester Aemon and strove to read every historical book he could get his hands on, he was honored. Sam would learn a lot there, but would have to leave in the seventh season when he chose to help Jorah Mormont with his greyscale problem when no one else would. What city is the Maester Citadel located in?

Question 50

Who is the prince/princess who was promised?

Prophecies can be a tricky thing. In "Game of Thrones," one speaks of a heroic figure in the religion of those who follow the Lord of Light. It is told that this person helped stop the spread of the White Walkers thousands of years ago with a flaming sword called Lightbringer. And that this person would be reborn to stop them again. For a long time, the red priestess Melisandre believed it to be Stannis Baratheon, but that turned out to be untrue. There are many who have thought it would be Jon Snow or Daenerys Targaryen who became the prince/princess who was promised. What is the name of this figure?

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