Only Jon Snow Could Name All These Game Of Thrones Characters!

Game of Thrones is the biggest hit series on TV. And why shouldn’t it be? It has honorable and cunning heroes, captivating villains, and a tale full of twists and turns that defy every convention of storytelling. From the epic clashes of steel blades to the fire-breathing dragons, there is no shortage of action, while the relationships portrayed cover the full spectrum of romantic interactions.

Since the show first aired in 2011, Game of Thrones has become one of the largest cultural phenomena in the world. It turned the author of the book series, George R. R. Martin, into a household name, and it ensured the fantasy genre was taken seriously by mainstream audiences for the first time.

For all the amazing things going on, the greatest aspect of the series is its cast of characters. From everyone’s favorite Khaleesi and the honorable sword-wielding warriors to the most malicious of villains, Game of Thrones has the best cast of characters around. Real fans who take this quiz should have no trouble identifying the different characters, be they northerners with direwolves on their banners, Lannisters who always pay their debts or members from across the sea in distant Essos. Those who take the quiz either will prove they have knowledge worthy of the Iron Throne, or that they know nothing. Which is it?

Question 1

Name this silver-haired Khaleesi.

One of the main characters of the show from the very beginning, this silver-haired ruler has grown up in front of our eyes from her very first appearance as little more than a girl to the powerful woman leading armies and nations at this point in the show. With dragons, a Dothraki horde, and legions of Unsullied at her disposal, she is able to tear through her enemies. Known as “the Breaker of Chains” and “the Mother of Dragons,” she is perhaps most often referred to by the Dothraki word for Queen: “Khaleesi.” Who is this imperious and benevolent monarch?

Question 2

What is this sharp-tongued character named?

He is by far one of the most popular characters in the series. Indeed, this character has proven that a sharp tongue and sharp wits are sometimes more biting than the blade of a knight’s sword. He is prone to speaking his mind to others whose minds aren’t nearly as sophisticated as his, and he is generally (and unfairly) despised for either his dwarfism or for being part of a less-than-honorable noble family. To cope, he seeks company of a more mature nature, or else turns to the fruit of the vine. He also repeatedly demonstrates empathy and compassion when few other characters do. Who is he?

Question 3

Real fans know this character who knows nothing.

This is the iconic hero of the series, an almost cookie cutter fantasy hero who is both born to the privilege of a noble family but an outsider who is condemned for his illegitimacy of birth and his place as a part of the Night’s Watch. He wields the Valyrian steel longsword named Longclaw and is accompanied wherever he goes by his loyal direwolf Ghost. He has taken a vow to remain chaste, but failed to keep it a couple of times with beautiful intelligent women, one of whom, Ygritte, repeatedly told him he knew nothing. What is this heroic leader named?

Question 4

Identify this skillful swordswoman.

One of the most agile and dexterous warriors in the series, this character was trained from a young age in the martial art of Braavosi water dancing, a fencing technique which employs speed, swift maneuvers, and adaptability to overcome an opponent. Of course, when training broke down during her first perilous encounter, she remembered the most basic element of sword fighting: stick them with the pointy end. Since then, she acquired quite the body count, bringing down skilled soldiers across two continents, and even training to become a Faceless Man. It has been said that a girl has no name. Prove them wrong. What is this girl’s proper name?

Question 5

Who is this honorable nobleman?

This nobleman is the main character of the first part of the series. He was honorable, disciplined, and refused to stoop to the level of his enemies. Unfortunately, all of this cost him his head. One theme of the series is that an honorable person cannot survive and win on honor alone, but must respond to the realpolitik of the circumstances around them. During his time in the spotlight, he sparred with words and steel, kept his word, taught his children right from wrong, and made hard choices because he believed in the rightness of his actions. Who is this Northern lord?

Question 6

What is this villainess named?

Few villains have captivated audiences quite like this femme fatale. At the start of the series, she was married to King Robert and was from the rival family that had been enemies of the Starks for centuries. As a mother and a woman in an unhappy marriage, she was someone we could sympathize with (even if how close she was to her brother might disconcert some). However, there are few people quite as ruthless as she is, and we have repeatedly seen her petty capacity for vengeance cost countless lives. Name this Machiavellian madwoman who has brought such misfortune to so many.

Question 7

Name this Northern noblewoman.

This character has really grown over the years, which is good, as she started out in dire need of some character growth. Self-obsessed, petulant, vain, entitled, and bratty during the first season, she was engaged to Prince Joffrey Baratheon, and even sided against her own family to protect the child sociopath after he hurt innocents. Then things went bad for her. Joffrey ruined her life and had several members of her family offed. She was held against her will in King’s Landing, then smuggled out by Littlefinger, and twice married to people whom she had no desire to ever be around. And amidst the struggles, she learned to adapt. Who is this Northern noble?

Question 8

Who is this handsome and vain knight?

When this character made his first appearance, he had a winning confident smile and a willingness to do anything for love. Of course, this love—and the things he does—reveal his villainy. He fights against most of the heroes, and duels with Ned in one intense clash of blades after having Ned’s men put down. Time and again, he proved quite handy with a sword. But after Vargo Hoat insisted he relinquish his right hand, the character was forced to grow. He eventually becomes an honorable and respectable man worthy of the gold cloak he wears as a knight of the King’s Guard. Who is this man?

Question 9

By what name is this greenseeing Northerner known?

Magic is all over the series. It is, after all, a fantasy series. Of course, the start of the story was more or less absent fantastical elements, what with the dragons being rendered extinct due to the wars of humankind and with the White Walkers all but forgotten. However, the Stark family have a gift for magic, it seems—or at least some of them do. This Stark has the ability to take possession of other people, get psychic visions, and to journey through his dreaming trancelike state across time and great distances. He is named after one of the great heroes of the past who built the Wall. Identify this character.

Question 10

Identify this pirate smuggler-turned-knight.

This common-born character was raised on the sea where he worked as a pirate smuggler before eventually being granted a pardon and given a knighthood by Stannis. Stannis is not the most forgiving or lenient of people, though, so he took something from this master of the high seas. Over the series, we see this character repeatedly work to improve himself and act honorably in the service of Stannis, defying the Red Woman for the sake of giving the best possible advice to his liege. He survived the War of the Five Kings and Jon’s march north of the Wall to capture a wight. He has repeatedly proven to be worth his salt. Who is this brave man?

Question 11

Identify this skillful knight who lives by her word.

Strong women feature prominently throughout the series. When asked about this in a 2012 interview with George Stroumboulopoulos, creator George double-R Martin said the creative reason he chose to include such diverse portrayals of strong women is because, as Martin put it, “I’ve always considered women to be people.” One of the strong women is this knight whose features are far from the classical aesthetics of beauty valued by so many in her society, but who is one of the toughest knights in the realm. She is skilled with a sword, but her word is even stronger than the armored plate she wears. Identify this bold knight.

Question 12

What is this malicious character called?

Of all the villains in the show, none have had their ending cheered quite so readily as this child tyrant. He was entitled, petulant, and on the best of days he had all of the decency and mercy of Caligula. In a series where people are afraid that the White Walkers will lead an army of the unliving to take over the world, this blonde villain is basically the argument that the living are not worth saving. In just one of many scenes, he grants an innocent man “mercy” via removing his head. In another scene, he orders one woman to strike another with a mace for his amusement. No one should be able to forget this guy.

Question 13

Who is this warhammer-wielding monarch?

When the series began, the King of the Seven Kingdoms was Ned’s best friend, a loutish besotted man who is ruled by his ever-burning rage, consumed by enmity for enemies he defeated nearly twenty years ago. He is a an of great exuberances, a lover of food and drink and hunting, but also of pretty much any woman who is not his wife. On the battlefield, he wielded a warhammer, and in one famous battle at the three forking streams called the Trident, he struck Prince Rhaegar so hard in the chest that he knocked the rubies from the prince’s breastplate. Who is this king that took his own throne but lacks the patient to rule wisely from it?

Question 14

What is this beautiful and charismatic noblewoman named?

Beauty is a virtue to those who honor the chivalrous traditions of the court in Westeros, but it can be as biting as a dagger. And it is like a dagger that this noblewoman wields her stunning looks, cutting through the bureaucracy and backstabbing machinations of King’s Landing in her meteoric rise to the top of the powers of the land, first marrying the king’s brother, then becoming the beloved who is engaged to the new king, and then to his younger brother. It does not hurt that her family is also rich in agriculture. Who is this blonde beauty?

Question 15

Who is this scholar?

This character was sent to the Night’s Watch, forsaking his noble titles and inheritance. The moment he entered combat, he was revealed to be both incompetent and afraid of even the bluntest of practice swords. He even admitted to being a coward. However, he also told his reason for joining the Watch: his father would ensure he had a “hunting accident” if he didn’t. Despite all this, he grows over the years, studying as Maester Aemon’s apprentice and eventually going to the Citadel to study to become a maester himself. Who is this portly but intelligent member of the Night’s Watch?

Question 16

Identify this mother and advisor.

This character first appeared in the role of mother and wife in the Stark household. This quickly became grieving mother after her son Bran was injured. However, she quickly became so much more. She began to manipulate the opinions of others to serve her family when she first visited King’s Landing and conducted intelligence work there, then captured Tyrion Lannister at an inn on the King’s Road and redirected the search, before finally becoming the advisor and representative to her son Robb during the War of the Five Kings. With her last breath, she fought for her family. Name this strong-willed clever noblewoman.

Question 17

What is this translator named?

Traveling through the kingdoms and great grassy expanses of Essos, Daenerys encountered many cultures and many languages. She became reliant on advisors to help support her with diplomacy and translation work wherever she went. No advisor has proven more loyal or more useful in her knowledge than this woman. She loves Daenerys and is honored to serve the Khaleesi who freed her from captivity, often negotiating with foreign dignitaries on Daenerys’s behalf. When Daenerys had to meet with the Wise Masters, this woman was Daenerys’s main representative. Furthermore, she has formed a romantic relationship with Grey Worm, despite his inability to fully reciprocate on every level. Who is this talented translator?

Question 18

By what title is this character referred to as?

This grizzled knight is ugly, on the inside and the outside, but despite that he’s hard as steel and has a temper which burns hotter than the fire which scarred him as a child. He has a contentious relationship with his brother (to put it lightly). Notably, despite his incredibly hostile attitudes toward, well, everyone, he still takes time to supervise and mentor both of the young Stark girls, helping Sansa to navigate the intrigues of King’s Landing while mentoring Arya in the hardships of living by the sword out in the wilderness. Who is this salty scarred knight of the realm?

Question 19

Tell us who this charismatic leader is.

This lordling has been called many things: charismatic, intelligent, dashing, and flamboyant being just a few such phrases. One thing people aren’t calling him is brave. That is his tragic paradox: that he is suited to make men love him and want to follow him, but he lacks the courage to lead them through battle. He is particularly close to Loras Tyrell, despite being married to Loras’s sister, and he wears a crown shaped like a wreath of antlers upon his brow, symbolizing the stag on his family’s coat of arms. Who is this charismatic nobleman that inspired others to follow him?

Question 20

By what name is this priestess of R’hlor known?

This femme fatale is one of the more original characters of the show, a powerful and knowledgeable advisor to King Stannis who gets her goals achieved by using a mixture of sorcery, diplomacy, religious dogma, and immolation of nonbelievers. She was romantically involved with Stannis (with the blessing of his wife, who actually believed in the powers and motivations of this woman). After Stannis was defeated by the cavalry of the Boltons (and Brienne), this fiery priestess used her magic to resurrect Jon Snow, considering him (and not Stannis) to be the true messianic harbinger of the Lord of Light. Who is this devoted follower of the Red God?

Question 21

This is the leader of one of the Great Houses.

There is no shortage of villains in Game of Thrones. Some are monstrously cruel or cold and calculating. Others are literal monsters. One of the most noteworthy antagonists in the whole series is this callous patriarch. The head of his family (and one of the Great Houses), he has plans for the legacy of his family and will not let anything—even their happiness—get in the way of that. He tries to marry one daughter off against her will—TWICE—and orders one of his sons to be tried for a crime he didn’t commit (for which a capital sentence is the ultimate result). And he always payshis debts. Name this imperious nobleman.

Question 22

What is this malicious villain named?

One of the creepiest villains ever to appear on TV—or in any book, for that matter—this man is truly a nightmare made flesh. He takes great delight in the little things in life. Things like taking the joys of others and turning those forms of happiness against them in the most excruciating and ego-shredding of ways. He likes to let others know just how thin-skinned they are. And he is very good at doing this. Of course, there are other things he enjoy too, such as his dogs and a good hunting expedition. His hunting dogs appreciated him back, right to the very end. What is this madman called?

Question 23

Identify this awesome Dornish spearman.

Few characters have proven quite as passionate as this Dornishman. He is a lover of life, and a lover of love. He loves a good argument. He loves a good fight. And yet it is said that love and its opposite are just two sides to the same coin, and this man is full of a fiery passion for vengeance that defines everything he does. He was sent to King’s Landing as a diplomat on behalf of his brother, Doran, who is Prince of Dorne. But if Doran is a wise and cautious ruler, the younger brother is the opposite—a rash fearless warrior who seeks justice with a spear point. Who is this passionate provocateur?

Question 24

This reaver was unmanned over the course of the series.

In life, there are brave men and there are cowards. This character thought himself the former, yet every time he was tested, he proved of insufficient mettle. He grew up as a vassal in Winterfell, held by the Starks after his father tried invading Westeros as a form of insurance against future actions occurring again. Once he gained his freedom, he attacked Winterfell, then was captured by Ramsay Snow, who cut him down to size. Some of the hardest scenes to watch in the whole series involved these two interacting. He has since gained freedom again, for what that’s worth. Who is this Ironborn reaver?

Question 25

What is this sellsword called?

This mercenary was first introduced when Lady Catelyn Tully captured Tyrion Lannister on the Kingsroad with the support of several of the inn’s patrons. Among the patrons were a handful of bannermen loyal to Catelyn’s father, a minstrel, and this man: a sellsword who went from siding with Catelyn Tully to supporting Tyrion, even fighting a duel as a champion for the nobleman. He might not have fought with honor, but he won the fight. Afterward, he and Tyrion spent years as friends, and when Tyrion fled the country, he befriended Jaime. He even grew into a semi-decent person. What is this sellsword named?

Question 26

Identify this spymaster.

This character was not born in Westeros, but across the Narrow Sea in Essos. Bald and plump, he is perhaps best known for his soft voice and a certain attribute which he is lacking. Many have underestimated him, and many have paid the price for doing so, as this spymaster has intelligence on all the happenings in the wider world, as well as on developments closer to home. He refers to his spies as “little birds,” and they whisper to him, even winging news to him from distant Essos. While his agenda was a mystery for much of the series, eventually it is revealed that he’s a Targaryen loyalist. Who is this intelligence master?

Question 27

Who is this reaver from the Iron Isles?

One of the bravest and most loyal characters on the show, this reaver from the Iron Isles is skilled at both sailing and combat. She tried to rescue her brother during his hour of need. She also tried to become Queen of the Iron Isles. Both of these unfortunately failed. However, it was with her ships that Daenerys finally crossed the Narrow Sea into Westeros, bringing an army and transporting it from harbor to harbor. The fleet of ships she had eventually succumbed in a naval battle with her uncle, and is now at the bottom of the waves. Who is this Ironborn reaver?

Question 28

This elderly nobleman has a huge family.

An elderly ill-tempered man, this is the leader of one of the noble houses. He is noted for having married many times and had many, many children with each of his wives, with it being said that just his family would be enough to populate an entire army. His household live in the Riverlands, where they used to serve the Great House Tully. However, after the Tullys lost favor and had their lands seized by the Lannisters, this man’s Lannister alliance had them turn his household into the next Great House of the Riverlands. However, he is best known for hosting a particular party: the Red Wedding. Who is this elderly nobleman?

Question 29

Who is this fiery wildling?

This wildling woman is a skilled archer with long red hair who entered into a relationship with Jon Snow. She was close to the red-bearded Tormund who seemed to favor her in a fatherly manner. When wildlings scaled the wall, climbing over to raid south of the great heights of the icy battlements, she was among those who scaled this massive fortification. She managed to tempt Jon Snow into breaking his vows, and frequently, she would remind him of his ignorance of the world by saying he knows nothing. She tragically fell while besieging Castle Black. Name this brave wildling.

Question 30

This Stark bannerman has been resurrected multiple times.

This character first appeared in Season 1 of Game of Thrones as one of Ned Stark’s bannermen. When the Mountain was sacking the Riverlands, this character was ordered to rally a hundred men to apprehend the Mountain. It did not end well. Thankfully, he got better, receiving the happy ending few characters can expect, and even being resurrected multiple times after that. He converted to the religion of the Lord of Light, rallying warriors as he formed the Brotherhood Without Banners to protect the common people, using his flaming sword to defend them. He also ventured north of the Wall with Jon Snow to capture a wight. Who is this recent convert?

Question 31

Identify this influential Dornish poisoner.

This woman was introduced along with her paramour, the Dornish nobleman Oberyn Martell. She has had several children with him, and the two are known to share an additional partner or two when the mood suits them. However, she is so much more than a beautiful face on his arm. Like Oberyn, she is a fighter. And like him, she is a master of poisons. When Jaime Lannister tried to reclaim his daughter/niece Myrcella from the Dornish, this woman gave the girl a parting kiss with poison on her lips. Later, when she was taken captive with her own daughter, this character watched Cersei pay her back in kind. Name this Dornishwoman.

Question 32

What’s this princeling called?

Three hundred years before the start of the series, one the noble house of Old Valyria came across the Narrow Sea with armies and dragons and Valyrian steel to conquer Westeros, their silver and black marking them as the royalty of the Valyrian Empire before the Doom came upon the land. This empire burnt its enemies to cinders and beat their swords into the Iron Throne. Then the Mad King—last ruler of that line—was defeated by the armies of King Robert. The last of the Valyrian nobles fled across the sea back to Essos. This young man is one of the last of that lineage, a thin waifish man with a fiery draconic temper and all the entitlement of a spoiled princeling with none of the cunning. Still, he eventually got his golden crown. Who is this princeling?

Question 33

What’s this wildling named?

Some wildlings are tough hardened warriors who have been conditioned through the long winters of the far North and constant raids to survive in any conditions. Others are not so suited to a life of steel and hardship. This character was one of the wives of Craster, the wildling who lives in a house north of the Wall and gives offerings to the Old Gods. While there is a weirwood tree in front of his home, he chooses a different set of Old Gods: the Others. This wife of his escapes with Sam Tarly and the Night’s Watch. Later, she and Sam have a relationship together, despite his vows. Who’s this wildling.

Question 34

Who is this disciplined warrior and commander?

One of the Unsullied who Daenerys bought from the Wise Masters in the city of Astapor. All of the Unsullied are skilled warriors, incredibly disciplined as they have been trained from an early age to do nothing but fight in battle, and who have all been unmanned so that they might not be distracted from the discipline of their office. This Unsullied warrior is a leader of his unit, and becomes a personal advisor to Daenerys. He is a gifted spearman who commands phalanxes to fight in tandem but at least once showed a difficulty combating asymmetrical warfare. He also ended up in a romantic relationship with Missandei. Name this Unsullied warrior.

Question 35

Name this handsome and skillful knight.

One of the handsomest knights in the Seven Kingdoms and also among the most skilled in fighting with a sword or lance, this young man is the firstborn son of one of the Great Houses. During the Tourney of the Hand, he showed his favor to Sansa by giving her a rose and competed against the Mountain. He served Renly during the War of the Five Kings, and he had won Renly’s affections, though it was his sister who was wed to Renly. Called the Knight of Flowers, he is as thorny as he is comely. What is this knight from Highgarden named?

Question 36

This wildling leader made an alliance with Jon Snow.

One of the strongest and jolliest characters in the series, this wildling was a close friend to Mance Rayder and a fierce warrior who raided beyond the Wall. He was close to Ygritte and he showed a strong affection for Jon Snow, despite not trusting Jon. In the books, he also has many nicknames, such as Horn-blower, Tall-talker, Speaker of the Gods, Husband to Bears, Thunderfist, and Father of Hosts. All of these titles seem to have been earned through some great exploit or another, and indeed, any time spent with him will quickly show he is worthy of the titles Tall-talker and Thunderfist. What name is he best known by?

Question 37

Identify this Faceless Man.

This is a Faceless Man, so we may never know his real name or anything true about who he is. That said, this much we do know. When Arya was going north with a group of the Kingsmen, he was among a group of three people who were caged and being sent North to the wall as part of their sentence after being released from the dungeons of King’s Landing. At the fortress of Harrenhal, he offered three names to Arya as gifts to the Many-Faced God. When she sailed across the Narrow Sea to Braavos, she trained under him to become a Faceless Man. A girl may have no name, but what is this guy called?

Question 38

What is this giant of a man called?

Some heroes use swords and fight in epic battles. Others hold the door. So it was that this character met his heroic end, holding a door against a tide of the unliving as they rushed through the fortified dwelling where Bran had once lived and studied under in the ways of greenseeing. Bran took possession of this man’s body and mind, forcing him to do this task. He was a simple man who—as a boy—had lost many of his faculties without explanation and could only say one word again and again, but could understand enough to follow directions. Who was this large man?

Question 39

Name this wildling woman.

Introduced in the first season of the series, this character was a wilding who raided south of the Wall and tried to take the possession from Bran Stark. All of her compatriots were put down by Robb and Theon, but she was spared and made a vassal of the Starks. Despite being held in Winterfell under duress, she seemed to get along amicably with the Stark children there, in particular with Bran. She even went to great lengths to keep him and Rickon safe, doing whatever it took to help them. Who is this wildling woman that did so much for the Starks?

Question 40

What is the religious leader of Westeros called?

There are several major religions in Westeros. The Old Gods used to be worshipped throughout the Land, but the weirwood trees were all cut down in the south when the Andals came over the sea with their knights and horses. Recently, the Red God has become popular as its converts spread through the land. However, Westeros has one religion most prominently featured, the Faith of the Seven—another thing the Andals brought with them. The septims and septas who are a priestly order are devotees of the Seven. This man in his simple attire is the leader of the Faith of the Seven. Who is he?

Question 41

Who was the King in the North?

Before the coming of the Targaryens and their dragons, there was not one united realm but Seven Kingdoms. The largest of these kingdoms was the North, and the King in the North reigned over it. At the end of the first season, one of the characters decided to become King in the North and let the other six of the kingdoms do without the North. This is the start of the War of the Five Kings, in which Renly and Stannis rebelled against Joffrey and the Iron Isles tried to secede again. The King in the North was a brave fighter and skillful tactician. Who was this courageous leader?

Question 42

What is the Mountain’s real name?

The Mountain that Rides is not a nice man. In the Tourney of the Hand, he lanced one opponent through the gorget, then unsheathed his greatsword to attack another knight with whom he was jousting after losing the match. He then pillaged the Riverlands on behalf of his liege, Tywin Lannister. He famously fought the Dornishman Oberyn Martell in single combat, as Oberyn accused the Mountain of various offenses committed against the Dornishman’s family during the war against the Mad King. Though the spearman managed to bring him down, he still won the fight, and Cersei hired a master to preserve him as a loyal zombie servant. What is the Mountain’s real name?

Question 43

Tell us who this master of manipulation is.

This man is no knight, nor is he from one of the Great Houses. He is a commoner from the spits of coastal land called the Fingers, where he grew up as a little lad. As such, he is nicknamed Littlefinger. However, his skills are not insignificant. He is a financial genius, skilled at financing the realm and performing banking chicanery to manipulate the debts and keep off debt collectors. That’s not all he’s good at manipulating. He has tricked many people into doing his bidding, often bringing them down for trusting him. Who is this member of the king’s Small Council?

Question 44

Identify this charismatic dueling instructor.

This man was formerly the First Sword of Braavos. He was hired by Ned Stark to teach his daughter Arya how to use a sword. However, this Braavosi was not a knight of Westeros, but a water dancer, skilled at the fluid movements his dueling stance requires rather than the hacking and hammering of longswords that make up the martial styles of knights in Westeros. He once told Arya that there was one god, that of unlife, who must be denied. He told her this again while defending Arya, taking out multiple members of the city guard with just his wooden practice sword before being defeated by their steel. Who is this water dancer?

Question 45

This is a member of a group of immortals living in Essos.

In the second season of Game of Thrones, Daenerys travels through Essos to the city of Qarth, where she encounters numerous scandals, intrigues, and people interested in manipulating or using her for her dragons. One of the groups in this city is comprised of slender bald-headed men with lips stained blue from drinking a rare beverage called shade of the evening. They live in the House of the Undying, a labyrinthine illusion-filled building in the city. One of their members, Pyat Pree, introduced himself to Daenerys at the party thrown by Xaro Choan Daxos in the second episode of Season 2. Which powerful group includes Pyat Pree?

Question 46

What is this elderly teacher and vassal of the Stark family called?

The Starks have many vassals in their retinue. Some are tough warriors like Jory Cassel or wise advisors such as Maester Luwin. Others are just members of the household, such as Hodor, who does not have any special skillset but who is still a valued and loyal retainer. One of the members of the group comprising Winterfell’s loyal followers is this elderly woman who watched over the Stark family children, caring for them, teaching them, and telling them stories. One such story was about the Long Night in ages past when the snows piled monumentally high and the White Walkers roamed the land. Who is this elderly Winterfell resident?

Question 47

Name this wizened advisor.

This elderly man has gone blind in his later years, but he still works in Castle Black to attend to the ravens and keep up with the books and messages in the fort. At the end of Season 1, he reveals to Jon Snow that he is actually a member of the Targaryen family, and that when he was already an old man he was tested in his vows when he learned that his family was being set upon by Robert’s armies. He spent the rest of his life serving the Night’s Watch, and trained Sam Tarly to replace him. Who is this elderly councilor?

Question 48

Who is this young baker?

In a show of brave warriors, magic users wielding powerful spells, nightmarishly merciless villains, and winged dragons that rain fire down on the helpless human hosts below, it is nice to know that characters can exist just by being kindly and caring individuals who take delight in the small things in life. This character is a friend of Arya’s who she met in Season 2, and who was seized with her while en route North where both were dragged off to Harrenhal. This portly boy is a lover of baking who once made a delicious bread in the shape of her family sigil. What is this lad called?

Question 49

This villain rules an army of the unliving beyond the Wall.

The real villain of the whole series is seldom seen in the early parts of the show. He is not human, but is practically a primordial force of nature, manifesting as the winter cold and the very taboo of unlife. With blue eyes and blue skin and a sword whose blade is an elongated shard of ice, he is a formidable and fearsome opponent. He seems committed to wiping out life. Despite this, he and his kind were once human beings, changed by magic to become what they now are. Who is this icy blue villain that rules north of the Wall?

Question 50

Who is this elderly magic user?

This character lives far, far north of the Wall, residing inside an underground home below a massive weirwood tree. When Bran first meets this elderly man, the young Stark boy finds the character hanging in a knotwork of roots of the weirwood. This character teaches Bran about how to use his powers of the greensight to look back into the past and understand the events of the world. He lives with some Children of the Forest, who also help Bran, and who reveal how they actually created the Others. This is all brought to an end when Bran accidentally removes the protective enchantments from the weirwood and the place is attacked. What is this greenseeing sorcerer called?

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