Only Hopeless Romantics Can Name Over 80% Of These Films

Does anyone here think of themselves as a true romantic? It is true that the romance genre may not be for everyone, but to some of us, there really are no better stories to tell. In romantic movies, we get love stories of course, but we also get so much more. We get emotions and vulnerability. These movies are relatable and usually quite captivating. That is why we have decided to devote an entire quiz to these amazing films and the fans who love to watch them!

Today's quiz is all about love! We are going to list images and descriptions to 50 of the most romantic films of all time, and all everyone here has to do is name them each correctly. If everyone is, in fact, the romantic they claim to be, there should be no problems with this one. Some of these films may be a bit older, while some may have just been released last year. We are looking for the fans who have watched them all! We are willing to bet that even the most hopeless of romantics struggle with a few of these. The good news? We will all leave here with a few new movies on our "to-watch" list!

Question 1

Try picking out the right answer

The moment Jackson saw Ally perform for the first time, he knew he had just witnessed something magical. Ally had just about given up on her dreams of making it big, but Jackson knew he would be able to get her the fame she deserved. He had been in the spotlight for years and was ready to step aside for a new star. Jackson was run down and fighting many of his own personal demons, but watching Ally blossom before his eyes, made all of his issues seem smaller. This was the case for a while anyway. We can't run from our troubles forever.

Question 2

Pick out the right title

Our leading lady here was a girl who enjoyed marching to the beat of her own drum. She was very different from all of the other girls in her school, and that was how she liked it. That being said, she never actually planned on being the pregnant girl in school. Even still, these things do happen, and she found herself in quite a pickle. After deciding she was going to keep the baby and give it up for adoption, she began the hardest and strangest 9 months of her entire life. Can anyone figure out the name of this one?

Question 3

Which of these titles is right?

Just when we think we have reached a point in our lives where everything seems to have worked out perfectly, the rug gets pulled out right from under us. Liz thought she had seen all of her dreams come true. She was married, she owned her dream home and her job was exactly what she had always wanted. However, once a divorce was on the table, everything Liz thought she wanted suddenly changed. Not knowing what her goals and dreams were anymore, she decided to go out looking for some. She will be searching in Italy, Bali and India! Anyone familiar with this one?

Question 4

Name this romantic movie

Louisa was a woman full of life. Even though she had never had much to her name, she loved all of the possibilities that came along with starting each new day. Nothing was ever able to bring her down, even the odd jobs she had to continuously work to make ends meet. After taking on the job of caretaker for a wealthy man who had been paralyzed, Louisa's optimistic attitude was put to the test. The rich and spoiled Will had not adjusted to his new life well at all. He was downright determined to break his and everyone else's spirits. Or he was, until he met Louisa.

Question 5

Match this movie to its title

Sometimes it can be the smallest little change that winds up turning our whole life upside down. At 32 years old, our leading lady decided to make a simple yet proactive change in her life. To get a better understanding of her own feelings and thoughts, she decided to start keeping a journal. Never thinking it would contain anything too exciting, she is now finding that her own journal is the most controversial book she has ever read. With this one simple change, she wound up opening up a hundred different doors of possibilities! Pick out the right title of this movie!

Question 6

Pick out the right answer

Even though Henry was an all-around good guy, he never put much effort into relationships. He had big dreams and goals for himself, so settling down was just never a top priority for him. After bumping into the beautiful Lucy while out for breakfast one morning though, he began to think maybe a relationship wouldn't be so bad. Returning to the same spot the next day hoping to see her again, he was downright surprised when she had no idea who he was. That's when he learned she had no short-term memory, and therefore would never remember him. Name the film!

Question 7

Name this movie

When Tim turned 21, everything he thought he knew about his life changed forever. As a birthday gift, his father decided to let him in on a little family secret. Once hitting the age of 21, all of the men in Tim's family come into a time traveling power. They can go anywhere at any point in time, and easily come right back to the present whenever they please. Clearly this came as a bit of a shock. While his father did tell him he could use this power for great things, Tim is thinking he will first use it to find himself a girlfriend!

Question 8

Which of these titles is correct?

Donna had done a spectacular job at raising her daughter all on her own. Sophie loved her mother and appreciated all of the things she had done for her over the years, but now that she was getting married, she couldn't help but feel as though a father figure should be present. Not wanting to upset her mother before the big day, Sophie rummaged through her mom's old diaries and discovered three possible men. To avoid inviting the wrong one, Sophie decided to ask them all to attend the event. What could possibly go wrong? Can anyone name this popular movie?

Question 9

Which of these titles is right?

When they first met, Jamie was only trying to persuade Dylan into leaving L.A to take a prestigious job at the company who had hired her as a recruiter. During this encounter, the two of them actually really hit it off. She used this new budding friendship as a way to convince him to stay in New York and to take the job. It worked, and the two continued on being friends. Or at least they did, until they brought things to the next level. Looking at the given options, can anyone pick out the right title of this movie?

Question 10

What is the name of this movie?

When Mia and Sebastian first met, they couldn't believe their good fortune. While he was an aspiring pianist, and she a hopeful actress, their dreams for fame completely lined up with one another's. They got along on a personal level, but the fact that their plans and dreams for the future were the same, made them an unstoppable couple. Or at least they were unstoppable for a time. Once the fame they had been so desperate for arrived, they found it tough to keep the love alive while also juggling their destinies. Is anyone here familiar with this romantic movie?

Question 11

Pick out the right title

When it comes to business, there are always conditions that come along with making a deal. When Margaret found out she was facing deportation, she knew she had to act fast. She informed officials that she was engaged to her assistant Andrew. Of course once it came time to inform Andrew of this tiny fib, she was going to have to get him to agree to the whole charade. Andrew was fine with the arrangement, but had a few rules of his own. If Margaret wanted a fake husband, well she was going to have to be a fake wife right back!

Question 12

Which of these names is right?

From the day they were born, Elle and Lee were inseparable. They were the closest pair of best friends anyone had ever seen. When asked how it was possible to keep such a strong friendship alive through the years, their answer was simple. They had a list of friendship rules, and as long as the simple rules were followed, they had absolutely nothing to fight about. While it was these rules that held them together for so long, once Elle started crushing on Lee's older brother, these very same rules started to threaten their life-long friendship. Name this Netflix original film!

Question 13

Match this movie to its title

Rachel always thought of herself as fairly ordinary. Nothing about her life was too extravagant or glamorous, but she was smart, hardworking and full of love. These were the things that attracted Nick towards Rachel in the first place. She was just so different from the people he had grown up around. Of course, when he told her this, she did not realize he meant that his family and friends were all billionaires. Now that Rachel is flying off to meet Nick's family, she is starting to worry that Old Navy wardrobe may not cut it. Can anyone name this one?

Question 14

Which answer is correct?

This romantic movie is set up a little differently than most of the others. At the beginning of this film, we see hopeless romantic Tom get his heart shattered by the girl of his dreams. He and Summer had been dating for over a year, and he figured everything was as perfect as when they had first started out. Throughout the rest of the film, we see Tom reflect on his year with Summer, trying to figure out exactly where everything went so wrong. While doing this, he comes across a passion he thought he had lost long ago. Any guesses?

Question 15

Does anyone recognize this movie?

It was no secret that Chris had not been the most popular kid in his high school. Even though his best friend Jamie had always been right by his side, high school had not been a happy time for the kid. Chris wanted more out of his friendship with Jamie, but she never looked at him that way. When graduation rolled around, Chris swore to everyone in his town that he would leave for L.A to become famous and would never return. While he did do a great job at becoming successful, he spoke a little too soon about never returning ...

Question 16

Pick out the right answer

Kumail was a pretty modern guy. His family was very traditional, but Kumail had bigger priorities in his life than tradition. He was working part-time as an Uber driver, trying to get his stand-up material off the ground. He also enjoyed going out and meeting his own dates, though his mother much preferred arranging women for him. When Kumail met Emily at one of his gigs, the two of them hit it off in spectacular fashion. They developed a relationship, even though his family would simply never approve of her. To be fair, he never considered what her family may think of him ...

Question 17

Name this romantic film

We all know that relationships take compromise. That being said, how much compromise is needed before a couple realizes that they may actually be giving up too much? William was a bookstore owner who enjoyed his routine and easy way of life. Anna, on the other hand, was a famous Hollywood movie star. When the two met on a chance encounter, neither could believe how much they liked each other. The sparks were flying, but it wasn't long before they realized nothing about their daily lives matched up at all. Can anyone pick out the correct title of this film?

Question 18

Which of these answers is right?

Tom needed exactly one year with his girlfriend Violet to know that she was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. On the eve of their first anniversary, Tom planned out the most romantic proposal he could think up. While he did get the "yes" he was hoping for, the proposal did not go to plan at all. Not thinking much of it at the time, after every attempt at setting a wedding date goes wrong, the couple begins wondering if the proposal had actually been a pang of bad luck. Can anyone name this one?

Question 19

Does anyone know the name of this movie?

Hazel Grace and Gus met at a cancer support group for teens. Even though he was in remission, he attended to support his friends. Hazel Grace had not wanted to go to the support group at all, but with her condition worsening every day, her mother wanted her to meet as many people her age as possible. After meeting, the two kids found themselves in the most loving relationships of their young lives. They understood each other on a level nobody else would have been able to. That being said, when the love is that strong, saying goodbye is even harder.

Question 20

Name this film

Neither Pat nor Tiffany were exactly "well adjusted". Pat had just been released from a medical center where he was being treated for his Bipolar Disorder. He had never known about his condition, but after an epic meltdown, the doctors figured out why his emotions were so all over the place. Tiffany had never had trouble with her emotions in the past, but after losing her husband, her entire life span out of control. Even though they both had bigger things to deal with than relationships, meeting each other turned out to be a better medicine than anything the doctors could have prescribed.

Question 21

What movie is this?

Harper and Charlie were both very committed to their jobs. Even though their work kept them extremely busy, they knew they were working towards their dream lives. That being said, with so much overtime being put in, they both started to feel like they could use a little breather. After running into each other randomly and discovering they were both in the exact same boat, they decided to come up with a solution together. They would both keep their dream jobs, but they would set up their bosses. With any luck, their bosses would fall madly in love and maybe back off a bit.

Question 22

What is the name of this movie?

Emma and Adam had been best friends for so long, that neither of them had ever looked at the other with any kind of love in their eyes. However, once they both reached a point where they simply could not have their hearts shattered anymore, they decided to try something new. These two were going to have a little innocent fun with each other, but no feelings, expectations or commitments would be involved. Since they were such close friends, this kind of arrangement had to work, right? Looking at the four options, can anyone here pick out the only correct title?

Question 23

Which answer is right?

Henry was a simple man. He worked as a librarian and he never seemed to settle down with anyone. What people did not know about Henry though, was the fact that he had a very rare genetic disorder. This disorder did not make him ill at all, but instead made him travel through time uncontrollably. Henry had no say over when or where he went, he just had to deal with the outcome. On one of his excursions, he met the love of his life. That being said, finding her in a new year every other week was not exactly going to be easy ...

Question 24

Pick out the right title

Harry had never met a woman he couldn't win over. He had spent his whole life challenging himself to win a date with the youngest and most attractive woman in any given room. That is how he met his new girlfriend, Marin. Marin was young enough to be Harry's daughter, but age is just a number, right? On a weekend trip away, Harry and Marin ran into her mother. Obviously not approving of the match, Marin's mother decides to stick around to see how much she could learn about this aging bachelor who seemed so interested in her daughter. Name the film!

Question 25

Try selecting the right name

Paige and Leo were the happiest pair of newlyweds the world had ever seen. They had their whole lives in front of them, and they couldn't wait to share them together. Their happily ever after hit a huge snag though, when Paige wound up in a coma after a car accident. Leo waited by her bedside every day and night until she finally woke up. To his surprise, after waking up, she had no memory of him whatsoever. The last thing Paige could remember, was being engaged to an entirely different man. Does anyone know what movie we are talking about?

Question 26

Does anyone recognize this movie?

When Eva first met Albert, she was pretty surprised at how much they actually had in common. They were both divorced, single and raising children. Eva had been worried for a while about her daughter heading off to college, so a new friend was exactly what she needed in her life. There was just something about Albert. He could make her laugh harder than she had in years, and when they were together, she seemed to forget about all of her worries. However, after one quick meeting with Albert's ex wife, Eva is left feeling like maybe she had been wrong about him.

Question 27

Which of these title is right?

When Peter's relationship first started out, things had been really excellent. That being said, after diving deep into the comfortable routine of a relationship, he didn't seem to notice when his girlfriend became unhappy. After breaking things off, Peter was forced to accept the truth. Heart still shattered, he headed off to Hawaii with hopes that a vacation would clear his mind and mend his heart. A really good plan in theory, but pretty much impossible now that he is on the same resort as his ex and her new boyfriend. Yikes! Can anyone pick out the right title of this movie?

Question 28

Pick out the right answer

Tom and Hannah were as close as a pair of best friends could be. They were very different, but that's exactly what made them the perfect duo. Tom was a commitment-phobe who preferred a life filled with casual dates, while Hannah had been planning her dream wedding since she was just a girl. Tom should have been thrilled for Hannah when she told him about finding her Mr. Right, but instead he felt a strange feeling in his stomach that he did not recognize. It didn't take long after that for him to realize he had in fact been in love with his best friend this whole time ...

Question 29

Match this movie to its title

Amy had always had a hard time committing. The way her father had talked about relationships while she was growing up, really stuck with her through the years. She had met plenty of men who wanted to date her in the past, but she always managed to run away before things got too intense. Although, after meeting a funny sports doctor while writing an article about him, she was shocked by how much she wanted to see him again. He seemed to share the same feeling, but Amy never learned how to date. Picking up this life skill at her age is naturally going to make things a little rocky.

Question 30

What is the title of this movie?

Sophie could not even express how excited she was about her upcoming trip to Rome with her fiance. Of course when she had been imagining it, she thought her fiance would actually be around to spend time with her on the trip, but it now seems like he is too busy with work to pay her any attention. Not to worry! Sophie is heading out to do some sightseeing on her own! While off adventuring through Italy, Sophie came across a beautiful sight. What she found at this spot, changed not only her trip but her entire life. Any guesses?

Question 31

Pick out the right name

To the world, Melanie was a famous fashion designer and girlfriend to the mayor of New York City's son. Having her boyfriend finally propose was the last piece of the puzzle for Melanie. All of her dreams had now officially come true. However, before getting married to the man of her dreams, she is first going to have to go back home and divorce the man she had thought was her soulmate back when she was in high school. How tough could a simple divorce be, right? Looking at the options, can anyone here pick out the only correct title?

Question 32

Select the correct answer

Josie had never been the most successful when it came to dating. That was okay though, because she had just landed her dream job, so who cared about silly boys? However, when her boss informed her that her first project was going to be infiltrating the "it" crowd of a local high school, Josie found herself right back in the place she had lost all of her dating hopes in the first place. While she is great a pretending to be a teen, things get a little tricky when she falls for her high school English teacher. Guess the right title!

Question 33

Try naming this movie

Even though his prom date with Mary never happened, Ted always kept her in the back of his mind. He didn't know why, but he was certain she was the one who had gotten away. Now that he was older and more established, he hired a man to track her down and find out whatever he could about her. Ted was determined to win her over after all of these years. That being said, when the investigator he hired falls for Mary as well, his information becomes less and less reliable. Who will win her over first? Name this movie!

Question 34

What is the name of this movie?

Belle was more beautiful than any other girl living in her small town. Even so, she was never able to find the love she so desperately wanted. Belle would not be happy settling down with just any man. Belle wanted adventure, romance and passion. When her father went missing one day, Belle went out to find him. Little did she know, while on this hunt, she would also find the love story of her dreams. It is impossible to know where each day will take us, but if we dream hard enough, eventually one of them will take us to where we need to be!

Question 35

Which of these titles is correct?

Jenna wanted more than anything else to be a popular girl. At the age of 13, nothing was ever going to be more important than being an "it" girl. She figured she would win over the cool kids by throwing the hippest birthday bash ever. Her plan did not work at all, and Jenna wound up spending her birthday alone in a closet. While in this closet, she made a wish. She was over being 13 and wanted to fast forward time. Clearly, Jenna forgot that a birthday wish is the most powerful kind of wish in the world ...

Question 36

Pick out the right answer

Had they not made the ginormous decision to uproot their lives to a new planet, Jim and Aurora would have never met. They were just a couple of the thousands of people who decided to take their chances on a new thriving home planet. While the trip was supposed to be effortless, something went very wrong on the ship that was bringing them to their destination. Everyone else on the ship remained in the artificial sleep they were supposed to be in, but Jim was awake. He had two choices: spend the rest of his days alone, or wake up someone else ...

Question 37

What movie is this?

Nothing is more difficult than learning about love and heartbreak for the first time. The two leads of this film were going through just that. While our leading man was trying his best to mend his shattered heart after his first ever girlfriend broke things off, our leading lady was trying to distance herself from all of the lying men in her life. Obviously neither of these kids were in any place to start up a new relationship, but there was one love lesson they still had to learn. The strongest love always finds us when were are not looking for it at all.

Question 38

Does anyone recognize this movie?

John and Savannah shared the kind of love that many never get to experience in their lives. They were connected by an invisible bond, and while their friends and family couldn't understand it, they knew it was unbreakable. Keeping this kind of romance alive is no easy thing, and it becomes even harder when one of the pair heads off to fight in a war. For seven years, John and Savannah kept in touch through letters only, but neither of them would have changed a thing anyway. Does anyone here know what movie we are talking about in this question?

Question 39

Try naming this film

Liz and Emma had been best friends since childhood. They spent most of their youth playing pretend wedding and planning out every possible detail of their future big days. By the time they were both in committed relationships, they had every aspect already planned out. Even with all of this organization and planning, neither of them accounted for the possibility of their weddings landing on the exact same day. Their friendship had made it through many trials, but this one may be the final straw. Can anyone here pick out the correct title of this film? Try taking a guess!

Question 40

Pick out the right answer

After three tours of duty in Iraq, Sgt. Logan returned home. While this should have been a happy time for him, he was weighed down by his PTSD and survivors guilt. Willing to try anything to get his life back on track, Logan came up with a plan. While he had been away at war, he had come across an old photo of a beautiful girl. He did not know who she was, but now that he was home, he thought finding her would be the perfect distraction for his troubled mind. Who here knows which of these titles is right?

Question 41

Which title is right?

Natalie is a hard worker and a great friend, though she has a real chip on her shoulder when it comes to love. She would much rather put all of her energy into her job as an architect, even though her boss still doesn't even seem to know her name. During a classic New York City mugging, Natalie hits her head pretty hard. This would have been traumatizing enough, but now that she is awake, she is figuring out that her life has somehow turned into a cheesy romantic comedy! What could be worse?! Try picking out the correct title!

Question 42

Select the correct answer

In this movie, it's the dogs that run the show. We meet several different dog owners, who are all going through some form of a rough patch. While they each try and figure things out for themselves, they are unknowingly being lead down the right path by their beloved companions. This movie just goes to prove that we may not always know what is best for ourselves, but if we listen to those who love us the most, we should be able to figure things out. Looking at the listed options, can anyone here pick out the only correct title of this movie?

Question 43

Name this romantic movie

Ronnie could have picked a million different things she would have rather done with her summer vacation than spend it with her father. Being just a teen though, she really had no control over the matter. Ronnie and her brother were being sent to their father's home whether they liked it or not. While things started off just as miserable as she had expected, after meeting a cute local boy, things did start to turn around for Ronnie. Is this ringing any bells? We have listed four possible titles, but only one of them matches to this romantic film! Any guesses?

Question 44

Pick out the right answer

Stacey was the kind of girl who lived by her day planner. She did not like surprises, as she much preferred to have every minute of her life planned out ahead of time. However, when her best friend entered her as a contestant in a world famous baking competition, she really had no choice but to go along with it. Thinking she could plan out the trip perfectly and with any hopes win the whole competition, she did not plan for there being a princess there who shared her face exactly. Can anyone here name this Netflix original film? Take a guess!

Question 45

Match this movie to its title

Renee was never a girl with high self-esteem. Even though her friends would tell her how beautiful she was every day, she always refused to believe them. While she didn't consider herself ugly, she definitely didn't see herself landing any modeling gigs in the near future. That being said, after hitting her head in an accident, Renee seems to have woken up in an entirely new body. To her friends and family, she looks the same as always, but in her mirror, she is the most beautiful girl in the whole world! So then, can anyone here name this popular film?

Question 46

Which of these titles is right?

When we are young, even the simplest decisions can seem difficult and overwhelming. The choices young Mia Hall had to make though, would have been tough for even a grownup to make. While debating between pursuing her musical dreams at Juilliard and following her rockstar boyfriend on tour, Mia and the rest of her family wound up in a car accident. Now Mia is stuck between the real world and the beyond, and she is going to have to decide which she wants to be a part of. Can anyone here name this emotional film? Try picking out the right title!

Question 47

What movie is this?

Jessica was a pretty remarkable girl. She was an aspiring playwright living in magical New York City, and there was a unique edge about her that really made her stand out amongst the other girls in the city. Even though this was all true, her uniqueness did not prevent her from getting her heart shattered. While trying her best to deal with her predicament, Jessica encountered a man named Boone. Boone was in the exact same boat as she was, so maybe paddling it together would help them out of it quicker? Can anyone correctly name this romantic movie? Any guesses?

Question 48

Does anyone recognize this film?

Drew was going through a pretty hard time when he met Claire. He had just lost his job, his girlfriend had left him, and his father had just recently passed away. All of these things combined, naturally put his mental health in rough state. While on a flight back home for his father's funeral, he met optimistic flight attendant Claire. She saw all of his struggles painted across his face, and was determined to help him find the light at the end of the tunnel. Is this ringing any bells? Try picking out the only correct title of this film!

Question 49

Pick out the right title

Even though Maddy was smart, imaginative and very beautiful, she was limited. Due to an illness she had been born with, she was unable to leave the hermetically-sealed environment inside of her home. As one could imagine, this made regular 18 years old things pretty difficult for her. After meeting the cute boy next door Olly, the two of them began sharing glaces through windows and sending text messages back and forth. It wasn't a traditional relationship, but as their love grew for each other, so did their willingness to risk everything. Can anyone here name this movie correctly? Take a guess!

Question 50

Name this romantic movie

To the outside world, Dean and Cindy were the perfect pair. Sure their life wasn't overly glamorous, but they seemed to share a very deep connection. However, it is always hard to tell what is truly going on behind closed doors. If we were to look a bit closer, we would see a man with little to no ambition, and a girl with a list of old habits that keep rearing their heads. Slowly but surely, these things begin tearing small holes in a once love-filled marriage. Does anyone here know what movie we are talking about in this question?

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