Only Hardcore Quentin Tarantino Fans Can Name These Characters


Quentin Tarantino is an American film director, writer, and actor. His films are always very popular and always seem to develop a cult fan following. The movies often involve controversial subject matter and feature graphic violence. He's highly regarded for his use of dialogue and is widely considered among the best filmmakers of his generation.

Tarantino started his career as an independent filmmaker with the low budget movie Reservoir Dogs which was extremely well received. It was later named the "Greatest Independent Film of All Time" by Empire Magazine. He then made Pulp Fiction with John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, and Uma Thurman, which was another runaway success. He followed up the neo-crime drama Jackie Brown three years later. His next story, the tale of a woman out for bloody revenge, was set over two films; Kill Bill Vol 1 and Kill Bill Vol 2. Between 2007 and 2012 he released another three films; Death Proof, Inglorious Basterds, and Django Unchained. His latest movie The Hateful Eight hit the cinemas in December 2015.

Quentin is known for creating diverse, colorful characters and it's one of the reasons he has so many fans. If you consider yourself to be a true fan then you should be able to name all these Quentin Tarantino movie characters.

Question 1

What was Steve Buscemi's code name in Reservoir Dogs?

This character comes out of Quentin Tarantino's debut film. In the movie, he was part of a gang involved in a diamond heist. Things go bad when the police show up but he manages to get away. He doesn't trust anyone and always acts like a professional thief. At the beginning of the movie, he is given a codename by the man who hires him and a few other men for the job. He doesn't like the name but he has no choice. Do you remember his name?

Question 2

Who does Uma Thurman play in Pulp Fiction?

Quentin Tarantino loves this actress and has used her for three of his films. She always portrays a strong female character and in this movie, she's married to a gang boss. Her husband is out of town and he arranges for her to go out with one of his henchmen, just to keep her company. She has a little bit of an addiction problem that nearly lands her and the henchman in serious trouble. They end up in a drug dealer's home where he needs to perform a terrifying medical procedure on her.

Question 3

Which character has only one eye in Kill Bill Vol 1 and 2?

The best type of characters are those who can really put up a fight. This Quentin Tarantino creation definitely falls into that category, even though she only had one eye. She was part of a group of assassins who decided to murder one of their members who tried to leave the organization. Things did not work out quite as she planned because the mark survived and woke up from a coma four years later, thirsty for revenge. The two of them eventually have an epic confrontation.

Question 4

Who was the lead in this crime flick?

In this movie, an air hostess is involved with a gun runner. She works for him smuggling money from one place to another. When she gets arrested for having drugs in her bag the feds offer her a deal. If she helps them catch the gun runner then she gets to go free. But she has another plan; she wants to betray both the feds and her boss and steal the money for herself. Luckily she finds someone that can help her with her scheme.

Question 5

Who wants nazi scalps in Inglorious Basterds?

Quentin Tarantino started his career making crime movies and this film was his first war-themed offering. The part of this character was played by an actor who has recently been in the news following a split from his actress wife. In the movie, the character asks his reports to bring him a personal memento from each of their kills. He has a particular dislike for a certain group of people and has been chosen to carry out a covert and dangerous operation.

Question 6

Which despicable character does Leonardo DiCaprio play in Django Unchained?

If you're a true Quentin Tarantino fan then there's no way that you would have missed this flick. He's known for covering controversial themes in his movies and this one was no different. This character was a rich man who classed himself above others and had a sadistic streak. He organized disgusting fights and ran a brothel. He also owned a large plantation which he named after himself. He considered himself to a gentleman but didn't act accordingly. His evil deeds eventually catch up with him.

Question 7

Who doesn't want to hear the word "what" one more time in Pulp Fiction?

This character starts the movie as a hitman but during the film, he becomes convinced that he witnessed a miracle and decides to retire from a life of crime. He is famously remembered for an explosive monologue which contains biblical verses. Toward the end of the film, he and his partner go out to breakfast where they end up becoming involved in a daylight robbery. He refuses to give up one of his personal items and takes control of the situation by taking one of the would-be thieves hostage.

Question 8

Which bail bondsman helps Jackie Brown Out?

This crime flick revolved around an elaborate plan to smuggle dirty money into the United States. The main character was an air hostess who gets arrested after officials discover drugs in her bag and convince her to work with them in an undercover sting. But she has plans of her own and this character, a bail bondsman, develops feelings for her and decides to help her steal the money for herself. They meet when he comes to bail her out of jail following her arrest.

Question 9

Who was the queen of the Tokyo underworld?

This powerful character had quite the backstory and it helped to explain her ruthless nature. When she was only nine years old, her family was viciously murdered by a group of Yakuza assassins right in front of her. This terrible incident filled her with the desire to seek revenge and two years later she killed the Yakuza boss. She went on to become an assassin herself and worked her way up in the crime underworld, eventually becoming the leader of a powerful underworld organization.

Question 10

Which character shows up with a watch in Pulp Fiction?

This film is remembered for it's mixed up timelines so you need to watch carefully to understand the entire story. It consists of multiple stories which all blend together. This character ties in with another character who is a boxer. He appears in a flashback scene where he arrives to deliver a watch to a young boy. Before giving him the watch he tells the child the history of the watch and elaborates on what the child's father went through in order for him to have it.

Question 11

What's the name of the make-up artist in Death Proof?

Like many other Quentin Tarantino films, this one contains two separate storylines that are connected by the villain. In this movie, the bad guy stalks groups of beautiful young women and tries to kill them. This character appears in the second half of the film and according to the storyline, she is a makeup artist working on a movie set. Her friends that are traveling with her are working on the same movie and they all have a couple of days off together.

Question 12

What was the name of the Bride in Kill Bill Vol 1 and 2?

This character is a world class assassin trained in martial arts. She works with an elite group of mercenaries led by a man that she is also romantically involved with. But when she finds out that she is pregnant she decides to leave the group and start a new life. But they aren't about to let her go so easily. They show up at her wedding rehearsal to kill her and everyone in her wedding party but it doesn't go according to plan.

Question 13

Who owns the deadly stunt-car in Death Proof?

This movie revolves around a car but it's not just any car. This car is special because it's designed as a stunt vehicle but the owner doesn't use it for that purpose. He uses it as a tool to kill the young women that he stalks. He gets away with murder at least once before he meets a tough group of young girls who give him a taste of his own medicine. He likes to hang out in bars but doesn't drink there.

Question 14

What's the name of the gangster husband in Pulp Fiction?

This character was a gang boss known for his ruthlessness. He's married to a beautiful woman and has many people working for him. He expects people to follow his orders and doesn't handle betrayal very well. He meets one of his enemies towards the end of the movie and the man runs him over. The two of them end up having a fight and bursting into a pawn shop. The owner of the shop takes them both hostage and that's when things get really weird for this villain.

Question 15

Who pretends to be a hangman in The Hateful Eight?

This character is from Quentin Tarantino's latest film. When two bounty hunters and their bloodied female prisoner arrive at Minnie's Haberdashery they find this character among the guests already staying there. This well-dressed man introduces himself and says that he is a hangman. But the truth is that he is part of a notorious gang who took control of the lodge to wait for them. They are led by the prisoners brother and plan to help her escape from the bounty hunters.

Question 16

Who would stop at nothing to get his wife back?

This character starts the movie as a slave. He meets a dentist turned bounty hunter who buys him from his master because he has information about a person he is looking for. The bounty hunter then offers him his freedom in exchange for his help. He accepts and together they find the criminal and collect the bounty. The bounty hunter then agrees to help the newly freed slave find his wife. They track her down to a cotton plantation and pose as wealthy slave buyers to get close to her.

Question 17

Which nazi villain did Christoph Waltz play?

This scary SS Colonel took great pleasure in his job, which involved hunting down Jews in France during WW2. He has a very calm and charming demeanor which hides his ruthless nature. At the beginning of the movie he goes to a house looking for a family, but one of them, a young girl, manages to escape. Four years later he meets her again but this time she has a new identity and he doesn't recognize her. She hasn't forgotten what happened and wants revenge.

Question 18

Who dances to "Stuck in the Middle With You" while torturing a cop?

This character's backstory is that he just got out of prison after serving a four-year sentence. He goes back to work for his old crime boss and gets offered a job ripping off a diamond wholesaler with a group of other thieves. During the heist, the police show up and he takes one of cops hostage and manages to get away. Later on, at the hideout, he ties the cop up and starts to torture him while a classic 70's track plays in the background.

Question 19

Which french femme fatale owned her own theater?

This female character had a hard start in life. She is a young Jew on the run with her family, trying to invade the SS. She has to make a run for her life when they show up and her family gets killed. But she manages to get away and obtain a new identity. She inherits a film studio and this brings her in contact with the German military again when they decide to use her theater for a new movie premiere.

Question 20

What was the name of the ex-gangster played by Tarantino himself in Pulp Fiction?

Quentin Tarantino often appears in his own films in minor or uncredited roles. In his second movie, he played the part of an ex-gangster married to a woman named Bonnie. He becomes involved in the story when two other gangsters accidentally shoot someone in their car and go to his house to avoid detection. He helps them because they used to work together but he really doesn't want them in his house because he is worried that his wife will come home and find them there.

Question 21

Who finds herself stuck on the hood of a car in Death Proof?

This character has just arrived in America from New Zealand and the first thing that she wants to do is drive a certain American muscle car. She finds a man who is selling one and convinces him to let her test drive the car along with two of her friends. When they get out on the road it becomes apparent that she doesn't just want to drive the car, she wants to perform a dangerous, high-speed stunt. But she doesn't realize that a killer is hunting them down.

Question 22

What is the name of the nazi sniper turned film star in Inglorious Basterds?

This young soldier is both a war hero and a film star. According to his backstory, he is a German sniper who killed 250 enemy soldiers during a single battle. The Nazi's were so impressed with him that they decided to make a film about his actions and cast him in the leading role. He meets a young woman who owns her own theater and tries to flirt with her but she doesn't reciprocate. He then convinces his superiors to change the venue of the film premiere to this young woman's theater.

Question 23

Which character shows off John Travolta's dance moves in Pulp Fiction?

This film was highly controversial because it depicted a character using illegal intravenous drugs. This characters boss asks him to take his wife Mia out for dinner while he is out of town. The two of them go to a restaurant called Jack Rabbit Slims and they participate in a twist dance contest. But things start to go wrong when they go back to her place and she overdoses on his heroin. He panics and instead of taking her to the hospital he heads to his drug dealers house.

Question 24

Who dies during the diamond heist in Reservoir Dogs?

In this movie, Quentin Tarantino plays a small role as a professional thief only known by his code name. We see him in the opening scene of the film eating breakfast with a group of men at a diner. He is involved in a plot to rob a diamond wholesaler with them. He is given a code name by the crime boss. On the day of the heist, he gets killed in a gun fight when the police show up minutes into the robbery.

Question 25

Who has a reputation for killing German officers?

This character was a German enlisted man who turned against his own side. His claim to fame is that he managed to kill thirteen members of the Gestapo and most of them were Majors. He gets rescued by a covert group of American soldiers who ask him to join their ranks. The reason they decide to rescue him is that they heard about his killing skills. This small elite group is led by a man who demands that his soldiers bring him the scalps of the Nazi's they kill.

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