Only Half The People Taking This Pokemon Quiz Will Pass. Can You?

We advise all amateur trainers to steer clear of this quiz. Just like the tall, wild grass out there in the Pokemon world, this virtual safari can be quite dangerous if your Pokedex has not progressed far enough. One wrong turn here, and you might get caught in a bear hug by a Machoke. You'll need your own Pokemon for self defense at the very least, and you'll definitely need a head full of knowledge in order to make it out of here with a decent score.

If this isn't your first rodeo, then welcome aboard! As we hinted above, you've just landed on one of the most difficult Pokemon quizzes on the internet - in fact, our early projections have shown that only half the people taking this Pokemon will pass. Do you think you're up to the challenge?

Of course you do. We can see the determination in your eyes. Apologies, but our quiz will surely vacuum that determination right out of you if you underestimate it. Regardless of how much of a seasoned Pokemon veteran you think you are, we advise caution as you make your way through this labyrinth. Good luck, and may Arceus be with you.

Question 1

Who's this Pokemon?

Although this is definitely one of the more challenging Pokemon quizzes on the internet, we're not so rude as to start you off with an impossible brain buster. No - rather than plunge quiz takers into impossibility right at the onset, we prefer getting you settled in before throwing the hard questions your way. If you consider yourself a fan of Pokemon, there's really no excuse to get this one wrong. Here's a fully evolved Pokemon from gen 1 - what's its name?

Question 2

What type of Pokemon is Charmander?

As we all remember from our days spent playing Pokemon Red and Blue (or watching the first season of the Pokemon anime), this 'mon is one of the starter Pokemon offered by Professor Oak to young trainers starting their journeys. Since this little guy is (arguably) the coolest, most fierce looking selection of the three, there's a good chance that he was your choice when first starting out. In any case, since Charmander is so well-known, you should know its type.

Question 3

Which of these attacks is super effective against Squirtle?

Squirtle might be an innocent looking Pokemon, but don't let your guard down when facing it in battle. As all seasoned trainers know, this little 'mon is capable of generating an inordinate amount of water pressure - enough to poke a hole right through a mountain! However, despite its amazing potential for generating Special, water-based moves, Squirtle does have a weakness. The same can be said for all Pokemon, of course. Out of the following moves, which is super effective against Squirtle?

Question 4

What's a Critical Hit?

Pokemon's battling system follows a number of rules. There aren't an overwhelming number of rules to keep in mind (unlike the Yu-Gi-Oh card games, for instance), but they can't really be bent or broken, so it's worth getting to know them intimately. For instance - Critical Hits play an important role in battle, and they can even determine the outcome of a match in some cases. If you're a seasoned Pokemon veteran, you'll have no trouble getting this one right.

Question 5

Which of the following is NOT a Pokemon type?

There are plenty of Pokemon types, as all trainers know, and the creators of the Pokemon series are always free to keep adding types to the roster as the years and Pokemon generations go by. For instance, the Fairy typing was just introduced last generation, in Pokemon X and Y, and the Steel and Dark typings were introduced way back in Pokemon Gold and Silver. With that in mind, take a look at the following typings, and choose the one that does NOT belong in Pokemon.

Question 6

What does Leech Seed do?

Leech Seed is a move that was introduced way back in the first generation of the Pokemon games and, due to its uniqueness as an option, has survived in competitive play all the way down to the current generation. That says a lot about the Pokemon series creators - even when they first introduced Pokemon to the world, they had an idea of how the battling system would eventually sort itself out. Let's see if you can figure out what Leech Seed does in battle.

Question 7

Which of these attacks is super effective against Electabuzz?

Electabuzz is one of the most iconic Pokemon in the entire roster - a title he'll always share with the members of the original 151. Since his introduction in the first generation of the games, Electabuzz was gifted with both an evolved and pre-evolved form, rounding out its evolutionary chain quite nicely. All members of the chain share the same typing, which gives them the same types of strengths and weaknesses. So, which of these attacks is super effective against Electabuzz?

Question 8

What type of Pokemon is Weezing?

Weezing is another, super famous member of the Pokemon world, though he's given a significantly more nefarious rep than Electabuzz, and with good reason. After all, Weezing has been an instrument for Team Rocket's diabolical plans for years now, both in the Pokemon anime series and in the games themselves. Weezing's personality, attacks, and typing seem to be a great match for Team Rocket, for better or worse. Speaking of that typing, let's see if you can figure out what Weezing's is.

Question 9

Which Pokemon does Rattata evolve into?

Back when first starting your Pokemon adventure in the Red and Blue games, you'll inevitably run into a certain little rodent in the tall grass outside Pallet Town, before getting to Viridian City. Although it might have been quite exciting, seeing this as your first Pokemon in the wild, you'll quickly grow bored of Rattata as it keeps showing up while you're trying to get to places. If you catch one, however, you might eventually see its evolved form. Which of the following does Rattata evolve into?

Question 10

What are the names of the three Legendary Flying type Pokemon introduced in the first generation?

No true trainer has gone through the Pokemon Red and Blue games without catching at least one of the Legendary Flying type Pokemon in them. These Legendaries are strewn about the Kanto region - you're bound to run into one of them on Victory Road (if you take the right turns), but you'll have to go out of your way to find the other two. Either way, let's hope you at least know what these Legendary bird Pokemon are called.

Question 11

What are the names of the two Legendary Flying type Pokemon introduced in the second generation?

Since we're past the first 10 questions now, we think you're ready to move on to further generations of the game. Of course, unless you've stopped paying attention in 1998, you'll know that there's more than one generation of Pokemon - for instance, there's Pokemon Gold and Silver, the second generation. If you'll recall the two poster Pokemon of the games, you might remember that they are Legendary birds, just like the subjects of our last question. What are they called?

Question 12

How does Pikachu evolve into Raichu?

Pikachu is an adorable, iconic Pokemon in its own right, but it's important to remember that he isn't the final step of the 'chu evolutionary line - he's not even the first one! He's the middle segment of the chain, with Pichu before him. Eventually, the little mouse evolves into Raichu. Of course, a certain set of circumstances need to be present in order for the evolution to take place successfully. So, how does Pikachu evolve into Raichu? Do you know?

Question 13

Which Pokemon is the pre-evolved form of Gyarados?

Here is Gyarados, in all its aquatic might. This Pokemon has been famously labeled as "atrocious" right from day one, and it's quite easy to see why. For example, taking one look at this atrocious Pokemon, would it be the first creature you'd want to encounter if stranded out at the sea? No, that's not likely - in fact, Gyarados might be the last Pokemon you'd ever want to meet, under any circumstances. What Pokemon evolves into this beast, anyway?

Question 14

What type of Pokemon is Starmie?

Starmie is another famous Pokemon that you might recall from the first generation of the games. In case you need a refresher, try remembering that she was the strongest Pokemon that belonged to Misty back in the first season of the Pokemon anime, as well as in the Pokemon Red and Blue games. Starmie also remains competitively relevant to this day, due in part to its unique typing. If you're a real trainer, you'll surely know what that typing is.

Question 15

Which Pokemon is the first entry in the National Pokedex?

The National Pokedex is the Pokedex used for all of Japan (the fictional Japan depicted in the Pokemon games and anime) and not just its specific regions. In other words, the National Pokedex comprises all the Pokemon released throughout each generation. Now that you know what it is, here's the difficult part - in order to get this question right, you'll need to tell us which Pokemon is the very first entry of the National Pokedex. Who is number 001?

Question 16

Which Pokemon is known for mimicking others?

Each Pokemon are special in their very own way, there's no doubt about that. However, some Pokemon happen to be more unique than others. For instance, Oddish is a small, peaceful Grass type Pokemon, much like Bellsprout. However, the Pokemon we're talking about here is truly one of a kind. While there are some other Pokemon who have access to the Transform attack, this Pokemon is known for its aptitude in mimicry more than any other. Let's see if you know which 'mon we're referring to.

Question 17

Which of these attacks is super effective on Houndoom?

In battle, Houndoom can be an incredibly effective Pokemon. It has access to incredibly powerful Dark and Fire type attacks, as well as the ability to raise its Special Attack stat with a move called Nasty Plot. However, Houndoom isn't very good at taking hits, making him more of a glass cannon than anything else. Specifically, if Houndoom is hit with a super effective move, it may very well be lights out for the hound. Which of these attacks is super effective on Houndoom?

Question 18

Is this the fully evolved form of a starter Pokemon?

Pictured here is a certain Pokemon, though we won't say which it is. Come on, now - if you're any sort of trainer at all, you should definitely know this one. Real trainers have at least played through the first three generations of the games, which means they've inevitably run into this creature at one point or another. We're not asking for very intricate information about it - we just want to know if it's the fully evolved form of a starter Pokemon.

Question 19

What type of Pokemon is Scizor?

Scizor doesn't let up in battle, and all seasoned competitive trainers know that. Its pre-evolved form, Scyther, is incredibly potent, so that should already tell you how strong Scizor is. With its access to Bullet Punch and U-Turn coming off its enormous Attack stat, no amount of preparation can ready a team to face it. Also, due to its unique typing, Scizor is only weak to one move. Let's see how much you know - tell us what Scizor's typing is.

Question 20

Which of these is NOT one of Eevee's evolved forms?

Eevee is a very special Pokemon in the history of the mythology, being the first Pokemon to feature more than one evolutionary option. There are various forms that Eevee can take on based on its trainer's inclination - even personality type, one can argue. Of course, since it would defeat the whole purpose of the challenge, we can't list Eevee's evolved forms for you here. Instead, we'll put a number of options below, and you can tell us which of them is NOT one of Eevee's evolved forms.

Question 21

What's Groudon's special ability?

Groudon is an especially ferocious beast even when looking at the entire spectrum of Pokemon ever released. With its incredible stats, vast move pool and unique ability, it's easy to see why this Pokemon was instantly banned to the ubers tier as soon as it was introduced to competitive play. Simply put, normal Pokemon - even some of the stronger Legendaries - would never stand a chance against it in battle. This is partly due to its ability. What might that be?

Question 22

What's Kyogre's special ability?

Like its counterpart from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, Kyogre was also insta-banned to the ubers tier the moment it was available as a competitive battling option. Think about it - one Choice Scarf Hydro Pump from this beast is enough to send most Pokemon straight to the moon. That sort of force can break a meta game right in half. Again, part of this Pokemon's strength comes from its incredible ability - let's see if you can choose the correct one below.

Question 23

What's this Pokemon especially known for?

This second generation Pokemon might not have the most powerful stats in the world, and it's typing might only be Normal - pardon the pun. However, as any seasoned trainer knows, this Pokemon is not especially known for its brute strength or stamina in battle. Actually, it has enormous potential to wreak havoc upon an opponent's team, which is something you know if you've either faced it or used it in battle. So, what makes this Pokemon so darn unique?

Question 24

What type of attacks are Psychic type Pokemon resistant to?

Psychic type Pokemon have always been iconic in the mythology of the Pokemon universe. After all, Mewtwo is a Psychic type, and reaching him is one of the ultimate goals in the original Pokemon Red and Blue games. Speaking of the original games, the retro Pokemon battle mechanics in them meant that Psychic types reigned supreme, far above all others. Things are much more balanced these days, but Psychic Pokemon are still incredible threats. What type of attacks are Psychic type Pokemon resistant to?

Question 25

What type of Pokemon is Raikou?

If it isn't Raikou - one of the great, Legendary beasts of the second generation of Pokemon games. If you've played through either Pokemon Silver or Gold, and you've stuck at it for long enough, you might eventually run into this beast in the tall grass, randomly, depending on where you are. It instantly runs away, of course, so the trick is keeping it around long enough to catch. Of course, the trick with this question is guessing Raikou's typing.

Question 26

Is this the fully evolved form of a starter Pokemon?

It looks like Zangoose is ready to pounce, and we definitely don't want to be at the receiving end of this attack - especially if the beast charged itself up with a Swords Dance attack! Given its sheer strength and incredible potential to sweep an opponent's entire team in battle, one might be led to believe that Zangoose is on the right side of an evolutionary chain - maybe even a starter Pokemon's evolutionary chain. Well, what do you think?

Question 27

How many heads does Diglett's evolved form have?

It looks like we have a Diglett problem, but there's no need to call an exterminator just yet. These little critters might just be poking their heads out of the ground to see what's going on - we're sure they don't mean much harm to anyone. However, if this were Diglett's evolved form, and twas here for a battle, we might be in a lot of trouble. After all, Diglett's evolution is ultra strong in battle. How many heads does it have, again?

Question 28

How many heads does Exeggcute's evolved form have?

We've taken care of our Diglett problem, but now it seems like an Exeggcute has wandered into our yard, and each of its heads looks incredibly confused. We won't blame Exeggcute for wandering here, though we have to say that we're tempted to make an omelette right about now... anyway, to help us change our train of thought, let's see if you can answer this one. Exeggcute has an evolved form, and it also has multiple faces and heads. How many might that be?

Question 29

Which of these attacks is super effective on Gengar?

Gengar was introduced to us back in the first generation of the Pokemon games, and it's been a solid competitive option ever since. Considering its stats, solid typing and move pool, there's no wondering why Gengar has retained its relevancy even after so many years. However, despite how reliable it is in battle, Gengar is a bit of a glass cannon - it can be taken down by one strong hit, especially if it's super effective. Which of these attacks is best to use against 'gar?

Question 30

Is Noctowl part of the original Pokemon roster?

It looks like Noctowl has come flying down from the great skies above, probably just to see what's up. Or, who's there - if you know what we mean. This owl has been a classic figure ever since it was first featured in a Pokemon game, that's for sure. Its design definitely points to it being an original beast, but is Noctowl really part of the original roster? Or was it released in later generations? Only a Pokemon scholar would know.

Question 31

What were the first Pokemon games to be released?

If this image looks familiar to you, that's probably because it reaches way back, deep into your childhood - if you've played the games, that is. If not, then you might not recognize the still pictured within that Game Boy Color. Should that be the case, you wouldn't know that it pertains to one of the original Pokemon games. At any rate, let's hope you know something about the original games, otherwise you might have some trouble with this question.

Question 32

What type of Pokemon is Sharpedo?

Sharpedo has proven itself to be an incredible threat in battle, through multiple tiers. Although its defenses leave much to be desired, that impression is washed away significantly once you look at its stats, ability, and typing. All in all, this Pokemon was built to take down as many creatures on the opponent's side as it can before being taken down itself. Part of its power comes from its incredible typing, and you'll have to click it below in order to get this one right.

Question 33

How does Machoke evolve into Machamp?

If ever you happen to find yourself in the Pokemon world, and you need some help moving furniture around, there are few better Pokemon to catch than this Fighting type right here. It's big, strong and willing to help out with heavy lifting if it can. Of course, its evolved form, Machamp, is several measures stronger - but you obviously knew that already. What you might not know, however, is how exactly one might evolve Machoke into Machamp. We're talking about the in-game rules, specifically.

Question 34

How many Pokemon are in the original Pokedex?

Here's a picture of Quagsire in someone's handy dandy Pokedex. Quagsire is a solid Ground and Water type Pokemon with a docile personality. In battle, it can be quite annoying to face if you don't have any Grass moves on your team. However, we don't want to focus on Quagsire in this entry - instead, we're more curious about your Pokedex knowledge. Let's see if you have any - tell us how many Pokemon are in the original Pokedex. Do you know?

Question 35

Which of these attacks is super effective on Sableye?

Sableye is an extremely unique Pokemon, and a bit of a prankster if we're honest. You can probably already guess that judging by its facial expression in this picture - or, you knew it already if you're somewhat of a Pokemon master. If that's the case, you should know that Sableye is an incredibly resilient Pokemon, weak to only one type of attack. Choose the right one below, and we'll reveal how much of a Pokemon trainer you really are. Ready to see your final score?

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