Only Good Moms Will Score Over 75% On This Toddler Quiz

Little ones represent the future of the human race, and they should be treated as some of the most valuable resources we have in our society. Therefore, the raising of these children is something that must be done professionally and with meticulous care. Lots of people like to think they know all about raising kids, but they might be in for a rude awakening after taking this quiz. But don't feel too bad - New child raising techniques are being invented every few years, and things change all the time. What we thought was acceptable a few decades ago, we now know to be harmful, and vice versa.

If you really think you have what it takes to be a good mom, go ahead and take this quiz. But even if you don't do as well as you thought, you might just discover some valuable new information about raising toddlers you never knew before. There are so many aspects to this essential part of life. Raise your kid the right way, and they'll have a strong foundation from which to leap into their adult life. But raise them badly, and they'll have to struggle needlessly. Are you a good mom? Take the quiz to find out...

Question 1

True Or False, In The First 5 Years Of A Child’s Development, The Brain Develops Faster Than At Any Other Age

A toddler's brain is a miraculous thing. In this period of a child's life, their minds learning so much new information and new tools. It's totally up to the parents in terms of how much the toddler actually learns, but the brain is automatically developing at a breakneck speed. That's why it's so important for parents to take this opportunity to help their kids at this important stage in their lives. But is it true that at this stage, the brain develops faster than any other time?

Question 2

When Should You Expect Your Child To Be Walking?

When your child take their first steps, it can feel like a major event and a source of pride. The wait until that magical moment can feel like it takes forever. Parents might actually get impatient about this, and worry about why their child isn't walking. In order to feel most assured about their child's development, it's important to know what stage your child should be walking. Then you'll know if something is wrong. But when should you expect to see your toddler walk?

Question 3

What Is The Best Way To Encourage Your Child To Develop The Use Of Language?

Another important moment in your toddler's development is spoken language. Language is one of the many things that separates us from most animals, and if you think about it the spoken word is really an amazing and magical thing. The moment when your child speaks their first word is the moment when they start to really connect with other people on an intellectual level. But how can you make this day come sooner? What can you do to encourage your child?

Question 4

True Or False, For The First Three Years, Children Understand A Lot More Than They Can Say

Some people make the mistake of underestimating toddlers' intelligence, although they are often much more intelligent than they might appear at first glance. Toddlers probably understand a lot more than you might think. But when it comes to language, speaking to them can sometimes feel like an exercise in futility. What's the point in talking to a baby that appears to understand nothing that you say? But is that even true? Is it true that for the first three years, babies understand more than they can say?

Question 5

It’s Important To Encourage Your Child To Talk In Past And…

After your toddler says their first word, a whole new world opens up to them. They will begin to speak more and more frequently, and their vocabulary will grow exponentially. But the parent can't just be merely encouraging at this point. The parent must also push their toddlers to speak more efficiently and use a wider range of words. They will progress at a much faster rate as a result. But can you finish this instructional phrase in raising toddlers?

Question 6

True Or False, “Babbling” Is Harmful To Language Development And Should Be Stopped

Babbling is one of the most hilarious things a baby can do. These little tykes love to say all kinds of nonsensical words to their delight. Inside the mind of toddlers, the word they're saying totally make sense. It's almost as if they're talking in their own special language. Babbling is often laughed at by people and considered to be a cute thing toddlers do. But is it actually beneficial? Is it true that babbling is harmful to babys' development and should be stopped?

Question 7

When Can You Expect The First Words To Appear?

We all know that when a baby says their first word, it's a major event. This is a time that you'll remember for the rest of your days as a parent. The child won't even remember saying their first word, but it's a major moment in the development of their minds. Many parents start freaking out about this, though. Some think that their child should be talking much earlier than they actually should. But when should you expect the first words?

Question 8

Language Delay May Be An Indicator Of What Disorder?

But what happens if your baby is not speaking even after 12-18 months? This is an indicator of a possible language delay. This is especially true if your toddler is still not talking after 18 months, or even into 2 years. Obviously, there is something wrong if this happens, and you should probably take your toddler to be examined by a qualified doctor. Language delay might also be an indicator of a particular disorder. But which actual disorder is that?

Question 9

True Or False, By Two Years Of Age, A Child Should Be Able To Use About 50 Different Words

It's stunning how quickly toddlers progress, and you'll hardly be able to catch your breath before they're using long sentences and making you feel like they're going to be a future child prodigy. But rest assured, most children should be rapidly expanding their vocabulary at this point in their lives. If you're child is using a certain amount of different words regularly, you know that they're progressing at the right rate. But how many different words should they be using by the age of two?

Question 10

Which Gender Is More Likely To Experience Language Delay?

We know by now that language delay is a serious issue and can be an indicator of worrying disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, among other conditions. But in terms of language delay, it seems that both genders were not created equal. You see, one gender is actually a lot more likely to experience language delay, and this should be something that you keep in mind as you are raising your toddler. But which gender is more likely to experience language delay?

Question 11

True Or False, A Child Is Usually Ready For Toilet Training When They Can Walk And Sit For Short Periods Of Time

Toilet training is another huge step that you'll be embarking upon as a parent. Most parents view this with a kind of mixture between excitement and apprehension. After all, a toilet trained toddler means that you'll no longer have to change their diapers. Toilet training means that they'll learn to be more independent, which will make your job much easier. But with toilet training comes a major challenge for you as a parent. Is it true that toddlers are ready for toilet training when they can sit and walk for long periods?

Question 12

Other Than A Toilet, What Can You Use For Toilet Training?

As the name implies, toilet training involves primarily your toilet (duh). But when you're training your child to use the toilet, sometimes certain substitutes can be used to supplement this difficult educational process. It doesn't always have to be a lesson that involves your toilet. Using only a toilet might be something that you only use in the lessons sometimes, as the beginning of these lessons can get quite messy. But what other than a toilet can you use for toilet training?

Question 13

Why Is Making Sure Your Child Eats Fiber Important To Potty Training?

Fiber is a really important thing for all people of all ages, and it's proven to be a very healthy choice that prevents all kinds of ailments, including cancer. But if you know anything about raising a toddler, you know that it's especially important for the diets of small children. And it's even MORE essential of a dietary factor when you're potty training your child. But why could this be? What is so important about fiber when it comes to potty training?

Question 14

When Wiping Your Child’s Bottom, Which Direction Should You Go?

Before your child is potty trained, however, parents must get through the rather difficult stage of putting diapers on their toddlers and small children. And of course, it's not just about putting diapers ON toddlers, it's also about taking them off... Again, and again and again. Pretty soon you'll be a natural at this, but there are some simple steps that you must follow when changing diapers. For instance, you must always wipe your child's bottom in one direction. But which direction is this?

Question 15

After How Many Years Should All The Baby Teeth Arrive?

Another exciting moment in the life and development of your child is the arrival of baby teeth. Before their teeth arrive, they simply have a mouth full of gums, just like an old man or woman. But pretty soon they start growing teeth, and that's when you know that your toddler is taking some of the first steps away from being an infant, and towards being a child. This means that they will be able to eat harder foods. But when can you expect this?

Question 16

When Do Adult Teeth Start Replacing Baby Teeth?

While the arrival of baby teeth can be an interesting and exciting development in your toddler, what's even more of a landmark is the arrival of adult teeth. You'll hardly get used to your toddler having their baby teeth before they start falling out seemingly right after they appear. This happens to make way for the adult teeth that will be with them (hopefully) for the rest of their lives. This is an exciting development, but when can you expect this to happen?

Question 17

True Or False, You Should Use Fluoride Toothpaste As Soon As The Baby Teeth Arrive

Fluoride is something many of us take for granted in our day to day lives. It's in almost all of the toothpaste that is commercially available, and it's also in the water supply of many areas, specifically in the US. This chemical has long been touted as a beneficial chemical that keeps our teeth clean and free from cavities. When you go to the dentist, you are often given fluoride treatment. But should you use fluoride toothpaste on your baby as soon as the baby teeth arrive?

Question 18

True Or False, Toddlers Grow Faster Than Babies, So They Need More Food

For some parents, one of the hardest things about raising a toddler is getting them to eat. No matter how hard you try, no matter how much you coax them into taking a bite, they never seem to want to eat much. But for other parents, they have the opposite problem, and their toddler seems obsessed with eating as much food as possible. Toddlers need to eat just like everyone else. But is it true they need more food that babies because they're growing faster?

Question 19

When Weaning Your Child Off Breastfeeding, Should You Stop Feeding At Night Or During The Day First?

Breastfeeding is an integral part of raising a child. There are so many nutrients that are essential to a child's development, and breast milk is going to help them with things like strength and even IQ. But there comes a time when every child must stop breastfeeding. This can be a hard time for both parents and toddlers, as there is an immense bond formed between mothers and toddlers. But when weaning, should you stop feeding at night or during the day?

Question 20

How Much TV Should A Child Under 18 Months Watch Per Day?

Television is going to be a major influence on your child in most situations, at least if you don't prevent your child from ever watching television. And in most cases, this never happens. Television can have a major effect on your child's upbringing and self-identity - perhaps more than we would like to admit ourselves. Small children watching television is a slightly controversial subject. People are split about how much TV their child should be watching. But how much TV should a child under 18 be watching?

Question 21

What Are The Best Types Of Apps/Games A Child Can Play?

We are living in a rapidly advancing world, technologically speaking. Things that we never had access to as kids are going to be second nature to toddlers these days. Things like iPads, smartphones, and video games are going to be as familiar to kids these days as a pen and paper. Maybe even more so. But how should we govern the use of these devices when it comes to our children? What are the best types of apps/games that a child can play?

Question 22

What Types Of TV Shows Should You Avoid Showing Your Child?

Although kids under 18 months should not be watching ANY television whatsoever, chances are you'll let your children watch some television shows when they reach a certain age. This might be a slightly controversial topic, but most parents agree that television is a big part of our culture, and in certain cases it can be beneficial and education to our young ones. However, not all TV shows are created equal. Which TV shows should you avoid showing your young one?

Question 23

When Teaching A Child To Read, You Should…

Teaching a child to read can be one of the most rewarding experiences that you can have with your toddler. It won't just feel good to you, either. If you do this right, your toddler will develop a love for reading that will provide them with endless joy for their rest of their lives. And more importantly, it will give them access to vast swathes of knowledge that will give them an advantage in life. But can you finish this sentence?

Question 24

What’s A Fun Way To Aid In Your Child’s Literacy?

Literacy is a very important skill when it comes to toddlers, and it might just be the most important thing you teach your kids as they get older. This is the thing that's going to make their lives easier and more successful as they get older, and it's something that you should invest a lot of time into. There are many different methods to aid in your child's developing literacy. But what's one way you can make it fun for them?

Question 25

What Types Of Books Are Best For Learning To Read?

There will come a time when your child starts to get more and more excited about reading, and this can be very exciting. Soon you'll find yourself building up a whole library of books specifically for reading with your children. These books are of a very specific genre, and they're designed for kids and their learning styles. Many of these books have very particular features that children tend to enjoy. But what types of books are best for learning to read?

Question 26

What Is The Most Common Cause Of Death For Children Under 5?

Deaths in toddlers are rare but the do happen. It can be the most crushing blow a person can ever face in their lives, so most parents do everything they can to make sure it doesn't happen to them. There are a wide variety of things you can do to make sure that your toddler doesn't die a premature death, but perhaps the best thing you can do is educate yourself about the statistics. What is the most common cause of death for children under 5?

Question 27

True Or False, Toddlers Can Drown Even In Extremely Shallow Water

By now, we've established that drowning is actually the number one cause of death for children under the age of five. Now that you know this, you can start planning ways to mitigate this risk. There are all kinds of things you can do to help. Always make sure that you don't leave any water sources where the child can reach them. Toddlers are top-heavy, so it's hard for them to pull themselves out of water if they fall in. But is it true that they can drown even in shallow water?

Question 28

How Do You Make Blinds Cords Safe?

Along with drowning, another source of danger and potential death for toddler is something that is present all over most houses. This is something that a lot of parents miss, because they seem like such innocent and harmless items. We are talking of course about blinds cords. These hanging strings on your blinds pose a major threat, as toddlers can become tangled in them and actually hang themselves on the cords. But how can you actually make blinds cords safe?

Question 29

What’s A Good Way To Prevent Your Child From Getting Injured By A Dog?

While dogs might be man's best friend, toddlers might just have an even stronger relationship with canines. Many of us remember growing up with a family dog, and the bond between dog and toddler can be one that is almost as strong as that of a sibling. Some toddlers love dogs so much! But if you're not careful, dogs can actually pose a danger to toddlers, especially if they're not familiar with them. How can you prevent your child from injury by dog?

Question 30

Where Should A Child Never Hug A Dog?

Dogs are fun creatures, and toddlers love them because they're just so cuddly. The first instinct for a lot of kids out there is to give a dog a big hug, just like they would a human being. But what parents AND toddlers always seem to forget is that dogs aren't people. They abide by a very different set of social rules, and what might be acceptable to us might seem threatening to a dog. Where should a child never hug a dog?

Question 31

True Or False, Children Older Than 5 Should Take Regular Daytime Naps

Napping is something many people love to do, not just toddlers. A nap can be a great way to catch up on some sleep and provide a new boost of energy to get you through a tough day. Kids are famous for taking naps, however, and because they're growing so much they need plenty of time to rest and let their bodies recharge. But what about kids older than 5? Is it true that they should be taking regular daytime naps?

Question 32

What Shouldn’t You Do If Your Child Is Having A Night Terror?

Night terrors are something that not every child experiences, but those who do have them do not forget them. These are episodes of deep psychological trauma, and it's not exactly clear what triggers these events. Some researchers believe it's a result of a child not getting enough sleep. There are many things you should do when your child is having one of these night terrors, such as be there to console them when it passes. But what SHOULDN'T you do?

Question 33

How Can Separation Anxiety Manifest During Sleep?

Separation anxiety is another troublesome thing that can manifest itself during sleep. Separation anxiety is exactly what it sounds like - the tendency for some children to become distressed when you leave their side. This is the thing that drives a lot of parents insane because it keeps them up at night. One the one hand, it's easy to understand this level of anxiety. But on the other hand, it can be very frustrating. But how can separation anxiety manifest itself during sleep?

Question 34

What Should You NOT Do If Your Child Continues To Call Out To You During Sleep Time?

We've established that when children experience separation anxiety, they often call out to you as parents and ask you to come to them and console them. This is the thing that keeps parents awake at night, and it drives many parents to the brink of insanity. Kids can be quite insistent and very loud in these situations, and it's sometimes not clear what exactly you should do. The key is making it stop. But what should you NOT do when your child calls out?

Question 35

Which Of These Is NOT A Sign That Your Toddler Is Tired?

Toddlers are living a mile per minute, and as a result they can often get very tired very quickly. Their energy levels might be at peak levels on minute, and then dropped down to about zero the next minute. But sometimes it's hard to tell whether your child is even tired. They can be deceptive little creatures at times. However, there are some easy ways to tell if your little one is actually tired. But which of these is NOT a sign?

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