Only Girly Girls Can Remember 100% Of These Movies

Movies are one of the best forms of entertainment, especially in the scenario involving a group of girls, a table of snacks, and some comfortable loungewear. All of the films that will be featured in this quiz would, without a doubt, be included on any “Must-watch list.”

But what makes a movie “girly?” The easy answer would be that it’s a film that incorporates love, female friendships, and perhaps some comedy intertwined in them. There are the movies that girls watch to remind them of their own strong bonds with their closest friends, where there is less of a focus on relationships/love and more on the importance the people who always have your back no matter what. There is, of course, the typical romantic love story that also falls into the category of girly movies. These are the ones where the two characters are usually from two separate worlds (i.e. he’s a bad boy and she’s a good girl) but against all odds the two fall in love. Other’s are simply more feel-good and don’t involve a lot of seriousness or drama and are just two hours of laughter.

Regardless of the type, only girly girls can name every single one of these movies—from the classic rom-com to the teen drama.

Question 1

Name this romantic comedy:

This movie features a girl who wants nothing more than to be older. She’s scoured magazines, watched movies, and dreamed of the day she’d no longer be a teenager. During a birthday party her best friend gifts her a doll house with some wishing dust and suddenly she wakes up over a decade later. At first she was a little panicked about the fact that she was a grown woman in a strange apartment she’d never seen, but gets excited she has gotten everything she’s ever wanted. Such as the dream job working as an editor for her favorite fashion magazine.

Question 2

Name this movie that stars Matthew McConaughey:

This movie features two strangers who end up starting a relationship that wasn’t necessarily because either of them was looking for love. The female lead is a journalist looking for her big break, and she believed she had found it. She picks the male lead to be her experiment in seeing what things a woman does early in a relationship that deters a man. Little did she know that this male character had also selected her as part of a bet with his colleagues. He believed he was capable of getting any woman to fall in love with him in just over a week.

Question 3

Name this girly film:

This movie is about a woman who is under the impression that the universe is out to get her, and it all started when her best friend got engaged. While he life wasn’t necessarily perfect, it begins to fall apart even more. She is kicked out of her apartment and forced to move back in with her mom, her romantic life is not the greatest, not to mention she loses her job as well. To make matters worse, every event in her best friend’s wedding is taken over by another woman who had placed a wedge between the two friends.

Question 4

Name this musical comedy:

This movie is about a college student who ends up joining an acapella group despite the fact she had no intention of auditioning. After one of the upper year girls hears Beca singing in the shower, she pleads for her to try out. Even though she did the audition her own way, she was still selected, along with a lot of more unconventional girls. Beca quickly learns that she doesn’t have much say in the music selection, and that duty lies with the leader Aubrey. She takes matters into her own hand in the middle of a performance so they’d have a chance at winning.

Question 5

Name this drama:

This movie is about a young woman who returns home to in the south and believes there needs to be some changes. It all starts when she gets a job working for the newspaper for a housekeeping column and seeks some advice from the maids who work for wealthy families. From there, it sparked into a story she wanted to write from the perspective of these women who work day and night with little gain. She publishes the book anonymously and never expected it to be a big hit, but she and the women sold many copies. Despite losing friendships and relationships, she knew it was a necessary step in the right direction.

Question 6

Name this romantic comedy:

This movie is about a single woman who is always the one attending weddings to help, and is never actually the bride. It begins with her attending two individual weddings and a curious reporter witnessing the entire thing. After finding her day planner he believes her life may be the ticket to a promotion. As a result, he ends up being the writer for her sister’s engagement to her boss that she just so happens to be in love with. Due to the fact that she’s doing all the planning for her sister, she and the reporter end up spending a lot of time together.

Question 7

Name this teen romance:

This movie is about an extraordinary girl who gets gifted with the power of obedience when she was a baby. Thus, all her life she’s always done everything she’s told despite trying to find her way around the “punishment.” When her father remarries, she and her two daughters move into their small house. It doesn’t take long for one of her new sisters to discover her unique ability to always do what she’s told—and decides to use it to her advantage. The protagonist decides to track down the fairy who gave her the gift and have her take it back.

Question 8

Name this friendship film:

This movie is about two teenage best friends who learn they’re going to be separated. One evening after a treacherous storm, they come across a mermaid who has washed up on shore. She offers them one wish if they’re able to help the mermaid prove to her father that love exists. She chooses one of the popular boys in town, but being that she’s not from land, she is quirky in her attempts to pursue him. Luckily the girls know a lot about the guy that they’re able to arrange a date. When the mermaid’s time is up, it is revealed that her friendship with the girls proved that love exists.

Question 9

Name this teen comedy:

This movie is about a high school student who finds herself in an awkward position after discovering she’s pregnant. Being that she’s only a teenager and still has much to learn about the world, she comes up with the idea to give up her baby for adoption. Although her parents are slightly disappointed, they support her decision nonetheless. She and her best friend come across a couple in the newspaper and after meeting the two, the main characters believe they’ll be a good fit. As the pregnancy progresses the father-to-be begins to question if he’s ready to be a dad.

Question 10

Name this romantic comedy:

This movie is about two colleagues who end up spending the weekend together to convince the government they’re engaged to be married. The female protagonist is the editor of a publishing company that had learned she’s about to be deported because her visa is expired. With some quick thinking she reveals that she and her assistant are actually engaged to be married, which would allow her to stay. Having to make it official (and believable), the two travel to an out of state location to visit the man’s family and get to know each other better. Little did they expect that they’d actually fall in love.

Question 11

Name this teen romance:

This movie is about a high school student who longs for the day she’s able to move out of her house and attend university. Ever since her father passed and she’s been under the care of her step-mother, the main character has been treated poorly and taken advantage of. When she wasn’t running errands for her step-sisters of step-mother, she was working late shifts at the family owned diner. The only thing that kept her going was the secret boy she’d been messaging who was planning to attend the same university as her. When she learns that he’s the most popular guy in school, everything seemed to fall apart.

Question 12

Name this dance film:

This movie is about a high school student who moves from a big city and into a small town that has a lot of rules that he doesn’t want to abide by. One of them includes the law against public dancing and listening to loud music. Although his uncle tries to steer him from getting into trouble so quickly, he doesn’t believe it’s fair to have such regulations in place. He and the rest of his class at school decide to go up against those who enforce the laws of the town to petition for a school dance. Although they’re unsuccessful, they manage to find a loophole and have their dance on the border of town.

Question 13

Name this comedy:

This movie is about a young woman who finds herself getting kicked out of the only place she thought of as a home. Then she stumbles upon a college campus and ends up volunteering as a “house mother” for a sorority. Unfortunately, the sorority was not performing as well as it needed to be, and without a certain number of pledges, they were going to have to disband. Luckily the main character has a lot of expertise when it comes to perfecting the female image, and helped the girls promote themselves and ended up getting a flood of potential pledges.

Question 14

Name this romance film:

This movie is about a young woman who becomes a widow and is unsure how she’s supposed to move on. It had been weeks that she locked herself in her apartment, mourning the man she didn’t expect to lose so soon. That is until on her birthday she receives a message from him “from the beyond.” He explains in this first message that he’ll be sending her letters frequently that will help her not only get off the couch and back into the world, but to also help her deal with the loss and put herself out there once more.

Question 15

Name this best friend film:

This movie is a part of a franchise that was highly popular in the 2000 decade. The main character is a cheerleader who was in her prime—but sadly loses everything when she is forced to move to a “bad part of town.” At her new school, she’s the odd girl out, but decides to make the most of it when trying out for their cheerleading squad. She proves that she has the right moves, but her loyalty is put into question when it’s revealed that her old squad and her new squad will be competing against each other in a tournament.

Question 16

Name this romantic comedy:

This movie is a romantic comedy that depicts a series of relationships that all connect in some way or another. The main relationship (which started as a friendship) is between Gigi and Alex. Alex is the owner of a bar and this is where he meets Gigi, an eccentric woman who has a tendency to scare men away. He takes pity on her and decides to share his expertise so she can find (and keep) a man. However, being the romantic that Gigi is, she takes his kindness and friendship to be something more, and puts everything they have together in jeopardy because of it.

Question 17

Name this musical film:

This movie is about a teenage girl who is finally able to attend a summer camp because her mother is going to be the cook there. When she arrives she learns that a lot of the other members all come from wealthy families, and decides to lie about what her parents do so she can fit in. The popular girl group decides to take her under their wing, and for a while she likes it. That is until she learns that the leader is not a nice person, and treats the rest of the girls like they’re less than she is.

Question 18

Name this romance film:

This movie is about two people who fell in love when they were teenagers, and end up reuniting with each other years later as adults. As teenagers, the two main characters were high school students and ended up getting together despite the fact that they were from two separate worlds. He came from a bad family that were notorious criminals and she was a from a wealthy family that didn’t approve of their relationship. After a tragic accident on prom night, he ended up getting arrested and their relationship fell apart. They were brought back together after losing a man that was important in both of their lives.

Question 19

Name this musical:

This movie is about a young woman and her search for her long lost father. With her wedding approaching, Sophie stumbles upon her mother’s diary where she learns three suitors could potentially be her father. She decides to invite the three of them to her wedding with the hope she’d be able to figure out which one of them is her dad so they could walk her down the aisle. Her mother discovers they’re back on the island, and luckily has the support of her two childhood friends to get through reacquainting with them. By the end Sophie is okay with the idea that she can consider all of them her dad.

Question 20

Name this teen romantic comedy:

This movie is about a high school student who puts her matchmaking skills to the test so that it could benefit her education. When that pans out, she decides to challenge her abilities with a new student who was a bit odd. Taking this girl under her wing, she and her best friend give a makeover and she quickly becomes popular, even more so than the main character. The protagonist begins to question what she finds important in life, and ends up spending more time with her ex-step-brother Josh, and by the end the two end up falling in love.

Question 21

Name this teen comedy:

This movie is about a quirky girl who wants to date the new boy who has moved to town. She doesn’t have much experience in the relationship world, and always ends up doing something embarrassing in front of him. The two begin a friendship and spend some time together because the main character’s best friend ends up dating his older brother. She seeks some advice from her brother that involves going out with one of his friends in order to make him jealous, but that ends up backfiring in the end. By the end of the film the two end up together.

Question 22

Name this comedy:

This movie is about a young woman who finds herself single after her boyfriend states that he needs a woman who is smarter and more sophisticated. Determined to prove to him that she can be those things, she studies hard and ends up being admitted into the same law school as him. While she was expecting for them to get back together, she’s left upset once more when she sees that he’s moved on. From that moment she dedicates her days to becoming a better lawyer to the point she’s selected to be one of the interns for an upcoming case.

Question 23

Name this teen drama:

This movie is about a quiet, reserved high school student that has been hiding a very dark secret from his family. It begins with the new school year and him feeling very lonely and that his only friendship was with his English teacher. However, after attending a school event he befriends some quirky upper-year students and they sort of take him under his wing. He opens up to them by telling them he lost his best friend not too long ago, which leads to them inviting him into their inner circle. Unfortunately, a short romance that ended badly leads to him being on the outs again.

Question 24

Name this romantic comedy:

This movie is a romantic comedy where the two main characters are not technically friends but end up becoming the new parents for an infant child. These two characters were the best friends of a married couple who end up losing their lives in a tragic accident. Little did they know their friends had decided in the event of something like this happening, they wanted their young daughter to be raised by their own best friends. They decide to see if they can make it work, and although it was a little rocky to begin with, the pair end up getting the hang of it. Not to mention that they end up developing feelings for each other.

Question 25

Name this romance film:

This movie is a romance where the two main characters are from two separate worlds but end up falling in love anyway. The female protagonist is an art student who has worked very hard to get where she is, including an upcoming internship that means a lot. The male protagonist is a bull rider who had a major injury but is slowly recovering and making his way back to the top. On their first date they end up saving an elderly man who crashed his car, and the female protagonist learns a lot about love, life and sacrifice from him.

Question 26

Name this science-fiction film:

This movie is a science-fiction where an alien race had invaded planet earth and there were only a few survivors left that were still in control of their own bodies. The aliens, unable to survive in their true form, were implanted in the humans and took over their bodies. However, there were certain humans who were strong enough to fight against the alien invading their body, such as the main character. She had sacrificed herself so that her younger brother and boyfriend could get away. Despite the alien inside of her, she was able to converse with the alien and managed to track down her family.

Question 27

Name this romantic comedy:

This movie is about two adult best friends who are extremely different but somehow their friendship still works. Out of the blue, the female protagonist decides she wants to start a family, and will do so with a donor because she wasn’t in a relationship. While attending her party, he ends up switching the donation with his own contribution, but ends up forgetting the whole thing. After years apart with her raising her son outside of the city, she returns home and he begins to piece together what happened that night—starting with how he was the father of her child.

Question 28

Name this cult classic:

This movie is about a high school girl who never attended a real school, and for the first time in her life is learning all about the harsh attitude of female students. Being the new student she attracts the attention of three popular girls who consider her to be pretty. However, she had already acquainted herself with a couple of misfits and they genuinely seemed nice. Together the three of them devise a plan where the new girl will pretend to be friends with the popular girls so she could learn their secrets and wreck their lives. It was never the plan for her to end up one of them though.

Question 29

Name this fantasy film:

This movie is based off a Disney classic animation film, and has actually been the inspiration for a number of teenage films. It begins with a girl losing her mother, and then eventually her father. She had no choice but to be raised by her step-mother who was very unkind, as well as her two step-sisters. They made her take care of everything in the house so they could continue to live their lavish lifestyles. Everything changed when they receive an invitation to the ball, which was being held by the prince with the hope he could meet the girl from the woods.

Question 30

Name this romance:

This movie is about a popular high school boy who has had everything handed to him. He had developed quite the reputation, but after upsetting one of his peers who had unique magical powers, she decides the only viable punishment is taking away the thing he loves the most: his looks. His father decides to send him away temporarily, where his only two companions were his caretaker and home school teacher. However, he manages to have one of his old high school peers live with him after making a deal with her father that involved her safety. The only problem was she wasn’t happy with their arrangement.

Question 31

Name this comedy:

This movie is about a girl who attends an interview for an assistant job with one of the most prestigious fashion magazines in the world. Despite the fact she has little to no knowledge on the fashion industry, the editor-in-chief (who is known for her harsh attitude) ends up hiring her anyway. For months the character struggles with proving herself at the business, and even contemplates quitting on a number of different occasions. Until one day the editor starts to favor her over the other more qualified assistant, and she ends up attending a lot of fancy events and parties.

Question 32

Name this romantic comedy:

This movie is a romantic comedy that depicts the lives of three family members and focuses on their differing views of romance and relationships. The father is still coming to terms with the fact that he and his wife are separated, to the point he still sets a plate for her at family dinners. The daughter is a little more cynical when it comes to love, where she doesn’t actually believe it exists. This is partly due to the fact that she witnessed the falling out between her parents. Her brother has a different perspective, where he’s considered to be more of a hopeless romantic.

Question 33

Name this romance movie:

This movie is about an engaged couple who decide to go on their honeymoon prior to their wedding because the husband-to-be was in the process of opening up his own restaurant. They decide to travel to Italy, not just to spend time together but so he can meet with some business partners to discuss the restaurant. The female protagonist decides to go sight-seeing herself when she stumbles upon a group of ladies who collect letters every day and write back as the “secretaries of Juliet.” Being that the protagonist is a journalist, she believes there is a story to be written.

Question 34

Name this teen romantic comedy:

This movie is about a college girl who has been raised by her father for many years and as a result, is a bit of a tomboy. But that doesn’t stop her from attending the same college as her mother, where she becomes an immediate pledge for a sorority. However, she finds herself on the outs of the sorority because of her personality, as well as the fact that the leader does not appreciate her befriending her ex. With nowhere else to go, she ends up living in a house with a bunch of different outcasts, and ends up making friendships that would last a lifetime.

Question 35

Name this teen movie:

This movie is about a seemingly ordinary girl who generally likes to keep to herself. Everything seems to change though when her grandmother comes to visit and reveals a huge family secret: that she is the queen of a small country and that the main character is next in line to rule. Still adjusting to the wild news, she undergoes a huge physical transformation, one that sparks an interest in her peers at school. Not only that, but she takes on new responsibilities, including “princess lessons” from her grandmother and council. Unfortunately this new fame does not bode well with her friends.

Question 36

Name this romance film:

This movie is about a blooming romance between two very different people. The main protagonist is an English literature student who ends up taking her roommate's place in interviewing a billionaire. Despite the fact that he could get any woman he desired, he seems strangely interested in her. He tells her that he’s no good for her, and that they should stay apart, but the moment he learns she’s in trouble he comes running to her aid. It was from this moment that he decides to open up to her about his unconventional beliefs when it comes to romance and relationships.

Question 37

Name this dance movie:

This movie is about a romance between two characters that come from very different worlds. The male protagonist has a bad habit of always getting into trouble, the most recent of which lands him to doing community service at the local school of arts. The female protagonist is a student at this school who has been preparing for an upcoming performance in dance. After her partner gets injured and she is unable to find a replacement, he offers up his services in addition to his community service. Just when he was beginning to enjoy himself, her old partner returns and takes back everything.

Question 38

Name this romantic comedy:

This movie is a romantic comedy where the female protagonist tells a simple lie that turns into a wave of them. She finally gets fed up with her best friend constantly nagging about her relationship life that she ends up lying about a guy she was supposedly with. Unfortunately a fellow student overhears said lie, and the rumor spreading begins. After ending up in detention, she begins talking with a boy and decides to help his social life by lying once more. It ends up being a success, but from there more socially unaccepted boys turn to her for the same support, and it ends up tarnishing her reputation.

Question 39

Name this romance movie:

This movie is a romance film where two characters who had contrasting personalities end up becoming friends which inevitably leads to them falling in love. The male character is a typical bad boy who is forced to partake in certain extracurriculars as punishment for his behavior. Here he begins to talk with the female protagonist, who voluntarily participates in the after school activities. He asks for her help in the upcoming school play so he doesn’t make a fool of himself, and she agrees only if he promises he won’t fall in love with her. He agreed at the time because he didn’t think he would.

Question 40

Name this fantasy movie:

This movie is a romance between two characters who were not supposed to fall in love. The male character is a local small town boy whose only escape is in the books that he reads and his morning runs. Everything changes for him when a new student arrives at school, and there are rumors she’s dangerous just like her uncle. Although she knew she wasn’t supposed to get involved with anyone, the two end up secretly spending time together, and she tells him that she’s a caster and on her birthday she’ll either be claimed by the dark or by the light.

Question 41

Name this teen romantic comedy:

This movie is a romantic comedy where the female protagonist is left feeling defeated when she discovers the girl’s soccer team had been cut. She feels even worse when the boy’s coach wouldn’t even let them try out. Determined to prove to the boys that she’s just as capable as they are, she comes up with a plan to pose as her brother while he was out of town. Everything had gone according to plan until she was drafted as a second string, and wouldn’t be playing against her old school. Luckily she strikes a deal with her roommate to help her prepare in exchange for relationship advice.

Question 42

Name this best friend film:

This movie is about a strong friendship between four best friends who, for the first time in their lives are going to be separated over the summer. One of the girls is going on vacation to Greece where he family is from, and she ends up developing feelings for one of the local boys. Another one of the girls is travelling far from home to attend a prestigious soccer camp where she too meets a guy. Another also goes to spend time with her family, while the remaining best friend is stuck at home working and is all by herself.

Question 43

Name this teen romance:

This movie is about a girl who was under the impression that she was one of the best female snowboarders, especially since she was a part of an elite team who always own the competitions. Little did she know that the only reason she was winning was because her father owned the resort and was essentially paying for her to win. She ends up befriending one of the snowboarders who was not participating in the competition because of an injury he had the previous year. After a little persuading he agrees to teach her how to properly snowboard so she can earn a medal for once.

Question 44

Name this teen comedy:

This movie is about a mother and a daughter who end up getting waking up in each other’s body. The two characters do not always see eye to eye, especially since the daughter is part of a rock band that the mother doesn’t agree with. However, while the two of them were out at a restaurant one evening, one of the employees decided to use a little bit of magic and switch the two so they could learn to understand each other. Of course this means that the mother has to pretend she’s her daughter and attend high school again.

Question 45

Name this romantic comedy:

This movie is a romantic comedy where the main protagonist is a girl who hasn’t had much luck when it comes to romance and relationships. While out celebrating her sister’s upcoming wedding, she discovers that she has a high number when it comes to romantic partners. After reading an article that says she’s one away from reading the “limit” of those who will stay single forever, she believes one of her exes will be her future husband. She makes a deal with her neighbor to use his skills of researching to find her old boyfriends, and in return she’ll allow him to use her apartment as a hiding place.

Question 46

Name this comedy:

This movie is about a woman who ends up staring a relationship with a man, and surprisingly things were going really well. That was until one evening she arrives at his house with the intent to surprise him only to discover he’s actually married. To make matters worse, the wife then shows up at her work to confirm her suspicious and makes a huge scene. Although she thought she handled the situation, the wife then goes to her house and together the girls decide to get their revenge. While spying on him they find out that there is a girl number three, who also joins in on their plans.

Question 47

Name this teen romantic comedy:

This movie is about two high schools students who meet over winter break and bond while playing karaoke. Fast forward to the return of school, the female protagonist ends up transferring to the school that he attends. Although he’s happy to see her, he realizes that his teammates (and the rest of the school) might find out that he has other interests outside of basketball. Taking a risk, the two of them accept the role in the school musical despite the fact that they didn’t really audition. Both have to make a decision if it’s what they really want to do.

Question 48

Name this fantasy film:

This movie is about a girl who seemingly ordinary and moves back in with her father to a small town where everyone knows everyone. As the new kid in school, she attracts many friends, most of which are intrigued by her. She notices a group of beautiful people arrive in the cafeteria and learn that they’re a family of adopted siblings from the town doctor. One of the siblings in particular is drawn to the protagonist, despite his many attempts to stay away from her. Eventually she discovers that he’s secretly a hundred year old vampire as are the rest of his family.

Question 49

Name this romance film:

This movie is about a soldier who stumbles upon a picture of a woman while out on a tour, and ever since he ends up avoiding a lot of unexpected accidents. Upon his return home, he decides he will find the woman in the picture so he could thank her for saving his life on a number of occasions. When he finally meets her face to face, he’s unable to find the words and ends up staying in town for a while until he can. This does not bode well with her ex-husband who is also the sheriff, and doesn’t like the fact that he’s always around her and their son.

Question 50

Name this romantic comedy:

This movie is a sequel about the main protagonist who is characterized as a quirky, awkward, humorous woman. It begins with her being in a happy relationship with Mark, although she begins to suspect something may be happening with his assistant, who is strikingly beautiful. This leads to a series of arguments, one of which ends their relationship permanently. She decides to go on a vacation with a friend and an old fling of hers for a professional event involving their work. Unfortunately she ends up getting into trouble, that of which Mark surprisingly comes to the rescue and bails her out.

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