Only Geniuses Can Pass This Pub Quiz. Wanna Try?

We all like to think that we could master just about any pub quiz, but very few of us would be able to rise up to the challenge that is conquering the ultimate pub quiz- especially if that pub quiz was for geniuses only!

We have put together one of the toughest quizzes that anyone will ever take full of questions that cover a whole spectrum of topics from the animal kingdom to pop culture. We even get a little bit into Greek and Roman mythology. This pub quiz is not for amateurs and even people who dominate the local pub quiz scene will find this one to be a little on the challenging side. Everyone has been warned! If you think that you're up for the ultimate pub quiz challenge, take a few minutes and try your skills against these genius level questions that separate the smartest people in the room from us mere mortals. Are you mensa-level smart? It's time to prove it by acing this ultimate pub quiz and getting bragging rights for years to come. Who is ready to show off some serious brainpower? Let's see what everyone's got and get started with this ultimate pub quiz!

Question 1

What famous actor played ‘Jack’ in Titanic?

According to Wealthy Gorilla, this megastar is currently worth $245 million dollars, but he wasn't always so popular. In 1997 he starred in a movie that would skyrocket his movie star fame and make him a household name. The film was a little-known gem called Titanic (kidding- it was the most popular and acclaimed movie of the entire year) and he played the iconic Jack Dawson, one of the love interests of the movie. Who is the actor that we knew as Jack Dawson? Choose the correct actor from the options that we have listed. Pick the right answer now!

Question 2

What is the fastest land animal in the world?

According to Big Cat Rescue, this animal is no joke! It is the quickest land animal in the world and can gallop at speeds of up to 70 miles per hour. This speed demon is a great sprinter but loses some steam after going about 300 yards. Even so, nobody would want to get into a foot race with this creature. They would be left in the dust for sure! They are known for being friendly and are one of the most curious big cats out there. Who is this spotted wonder pictured here? Choose the right answer from the options listed.

Question 3

Who is the Greek god of the sea?

According to Greek Gods and Goddesses, this sea god is known for controlling the oceans and also having reign over other natural elements like storms and earthquakes. Even though they are land-dwelling creatures, he also has dominion over horses. This watery god is known for his fiery temper and is often depicted as throwing tantrums when he feels like he hasn't been worshipped sufficiently enough. These tantrums generally manifest themselves in storms or tsunamis. Clearly, this is one diety that we do not want to upset! Who remembers the name of this Greek god of the sea? Pick one now.

Question 4

Which TV show from the 1990s featured Mulder and Scully?

We first learned that the "truth was out there" back in the 1990s when this show debuted. Featuring Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, it was one of the most popular shows of the decade and even spawned a movie of the same name. According to Mental Floss, Dana Scully is responsible for getting girls interested in STEM work and acted as one of the most positive role models on television for aspiring female scientists and researchers! Who remembers the name of this iconic television show? We have listed four potential options but only one of them is correct. Pick now.

Question 5

What is the capital of the Czech Republic?

This beautiful city is one of the highlights of the Czech Republic and anyone who visits the small Eastern European country should absolutely not miss it. Situated right on the Vltava River, this city is known for its fabulous architecture and glorious skyline. It also hosts the famous Astronomical Clock which dates all the way back to medieval times! Have we mentioned the food? This classic city has some of the best food in the region and serves up hearty portions in many of its restaurants. Who knows the name of this city? Let us know the correct answer here.

Question 6

What animal is this?

According to DOI, these sociable little creatures are found all over the world and come in two varieties- sea and river. Many of them are found in forests and colder climates and they are a protected species. These cute little animals have faces that always seem to be smiling and the sea variety has the thickest and warmest fur of any animal alive. All we can think about is how warm and cuddly they must be. Who knows the name of these adorable little animals? Are they manatees? Perhaps they are squirrels or otters? Or are they panthers? Choose now.

Question 7

Which Spanish artist is considered the father of the Cubist Movement?

This is a tough one, but we never said that we would go easy with this quiz! According to Your Dictionary Biography, this artist was born on October 25, 1881, in Malaga, Spain and went on to become one of the most famous influencers in the art world. He is known for inventing cubism- a style of painting that reflected a changing world. Many people copied his unique style, but nobody could hold a candle to his work. Today, many serious art collectors would love to get their hands on one of his signature pieces. Who is this famous artist?

Question 8

What freshwater fish is known to be carnivorous?

These little fish might look innocent, but they are actually fairly aggressive and their razor-sharp teeth can actually inflict some serious damage if we are not careful. According to Live Science, these Amazonian fish have a reputation for ganging up on their prey in a big group feeding frenzy that can rip unlucky fish or mammals into tiny shreds. Pop culture will tell us that they are capable of taking down a human, but that's largely the stuff of Hollywood. Still, we would never want to get into the water with these fish! Who knows what their proper name is?

Question 9

How many degrees does a circle have?

It's time to go back to high school Math class with a question that pertains to degrees. Who thought that they would never use anything they learned in Math class? It looks like your tenth-grade teacher was right about Math being applicable in the real world! Take a look at the accompanying pictures. Each one of those brightly colored circles has one thing in common- they are all made up of the same amount of degrees. Who remembers how many degrees are in a circle? We have provided four options, so just pick the one that sounds most correct to you!

Question 10

How many colors can we find in a rainbow?

According to Serious Facts, rainbows are actually pretty spectacular phenomena. They are caused by light reflection in the sky and are comprised of beautiful bursts of bright color that splash across the horizon. Essentially rainbows occur when it's raining in one spot and sunny in another. This beautiful weather phenomenon manifests itself in a variety of colors. Who knows how many colors are in a rainbow? It's time to show off how smart everyone is by picking the right answer. We have listed four options below to tell us if a rainbow is made up of twelve, five, one or seven colors.

Question 11

What mountain range is Mount Everest in?

According to Scholastic, Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world at five and a half miles above sea level. If you multiply the height of the Empire State Building by twenty, you'd get close to how high Mount Everest is! 4,000 people have attempted to climb this massive mountain but only 660 have actually reached the top. Clearly, getting to the top of Mount Everest is a massive feat, but where would we have to go to take on the challenge? What mountain range is Mount Everest located in? Check out the options listed and choose the right one.

Question 12

What do we use to find out what direction North is?

There is nothing more stomach-churning than the thought of being stuck in the woods with no idea of how to get out. Fortunately, we have a small tool that allows us to be able to get out of the deepest woods with no problems- as long as we know how to use it. People have been using variations on these tools for centuries to figure out which way North is. The best part is, once North is determined it's easy to figure out the other directions as well. Suddenly- we are not lost anymore! What is the name of this tool?

Question 13

What type of colors are red, yellow and blue considered?

We love all of the colors of the rainbow but red, yellow and blue are considered to be a special subset of colors. These colors are known as the ones that are the building blocks for other colors. Want green? No problem- just mix up blue and yellow for the perfect green hue. Looking for a sumptuous purple? Red and blue will make that magic happen! Red, yellow and blue have a special name that we have hidden in the four options listed here. Who knows what that name is? Tell us the proper name for these three special colors.

Question 14

What large mammal is pictured here?

According to Earth Rangers, this animal is taller than a horse and clocks in a massive 1300 pounds. That is one big land mammal! With huge horns and a recognizable face, this animal is very common to see in parts of The US and Canada- specifically northern areas. They can cause major problems for motorists if they wander onto country roads, especially at night and it is advisable to keep an eye out for them if driving at dusk or early in the morning. Who knows what the name of this large creature is? Choose the correct one from the options given.

Question 15

Who wrote the Lord of the Rings?

"The Lord of the Rings" is a popular saga that covers several books and movies. It details the quest of Frodo, a hobbit- and his friends in the Fellowship of the Ring. Essentially, Frodo is tasked with the dispatching of the ring before the primary antagonist of the story can get their hands on it. The ring has mysterious powers and a hold over those who encounter it and Frodo's story is one that is filled with adventure and unique characters. Who remembers who wrote these epic books? Check out the options we've offered and choose the one that sounds correct.

Question 16

What is the largest ocean in the world?

According to Soft Schools, this ocean was named "peaceful sea" by Ferdinand Magellan who discovered it in 1521. Although some would take issue with the idea that this ocean is peaceful, we still use Magellan's name today. This ocean is massive and is larger than all land masses combined. It stretched from the coast of Canada and the US all the way to Australia and Southeast Asia and is home to some of the most interesting marine life in the world. Who knows the name of this giant ocean that was considered to be so peaceful by Magellan? Pick now.

Question 17

What cards are used to tell the future?

According to Astro Yogi, these cards are one of the most popular ways to peer into the future and are used across the world. They have been around for centuries and sometimes can reveal things that we are hoping for- and other times we get a glimpse into a future that is less than pleasant. These cards often have depictions on them that seem to be opposite of what the cards actually indicate, so they are best read by someone who knows what they mean. Who knows what the name of these cards is? Choose the proper answer from those listed.

Question 18

What is this instrument?

These instruments have a mellow sound and are popular in orchestras all over the world. They are generally an octave below the viola, according to Sheet Music Plus, and have a unique sound that is soothing and haunting at the same time. Most people would know the music from this instrument if they heard it- it is really unique and lovely. These instruments are on the larger side and need to be balanced upright and played with a bow. Yo-Yo Ma, a world-renowned musician is known for playing this instrument. Who knows what it is called? Show off some smarts and answer correctly.

Question 19

How are library books classified?

According to Encyclopedia, this system was created by Melvil Dewey and is a reference system that uses numbers to logically identify where certain items are located. It is a good way to sort library books because they can be designated to specific topics and then further cataloged. Anyone who has ever been to a library has inadvertently used this system to find the book of their choice. Who knows what it is called? Is it the Doctor Britannica System? The Library Protocol System? Perhaps it is the Dewey Decimal System or the Universal Classification System? Choose the correct option now.

Question 20

What famous Disney movie features a malevolent sea witch?

This character is a fan favorite and even though she was not the Disney Princess we couldn't help but root for her (sort of). She made a pretty compelling case for why she should rule the seven seas instead of her brother and had some of the best scores in the movie. Along with her two henchmen, this sea witch hatched a plot to take back what was "rightfully" hers. Who remembers what Disney featured this malevolent diva of the deep? We've given everyone four potential options but only one of them is correct. Which one is it? Pick now.

Question 21

What do people use to cook pottery?

According to Infoplease, pottery is an ancient craft that has been used for centuries to create both practical serving devices and art. Some of the oldest artifacts that we have ever discovered have been made out of pottery. Humans have been shaping clay for much of our existence, but there is a special method that we need to employ to make it set properly. More specifically- we need to cook the pottery. There is a special device that is used to cook the clay into solid, usable items. Who knows what it is? Choose the correct option from those listed.

Question 22

What US state is Disney World in?

Who doesn't love Disney World? They were not kidding when they called it the "happiest place on Earth". Disney World is the place where we can find Mickey Mouse and the fabled place where dreams really do come true. Plus there are some really amazing rides and lots of delicious food to enjoy as well! Disney World is the best- but what state do we have to visit to see this amazing amusement park? Check out the options listed and tell us where the Mouse House is located. Pick now and show off some serious smarts. Who knows the right answer?

Question 23

What vegetable, in addition to carrots, is coleslaw made out of?

Everyone loves coleslaw. It is one of the most delicious foods in the world- made with creamy mayo, just the right amount of spices, a splash of vinegar, carrots and this other vegetable that makes coleslaw sing. According to Delishably, this last green ingredient is what makes coleslaw so crunchy and addictive. It counterbalances the sweet carrots and stands up to the vinegar. Plus, this food is actually quite good for us so we can snack on coleslaw (mostly) guilt-free. Who knows the name of this additional ingredient? Let us know your best guess from the four options listed here.

Question 24

What are the five massive lakes that separate the US and Canada called?

These massive lakes can be seen from space and are known as being some of the largest freshwater bodies of water in the world. They were formed by glaciers and act as a natural border between the US and Canada. They have a special and specific name that identifies them as a group- as well as individual names. Whether we are talking about Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Ontario or Lake Erie- we are referring to a lake that is part of this collective. What is the special name we call all of the five great lakes together?

Question 25

What was Marilyn Monroe’s given name?

Marilyn Monroe is probably the most famous actress that ever lived, but her given name wasn't actually Marilyn Monroe. According to Medium, Marilyn had a bit of a rough start to her life with an absentee father, a persistent stutter and a stint in the orphanage as a child. She also went by this name that is a little less old Hollywood glamour and a little more pedestrian. Who knows what the fabulous Marilyn Monroe used to go by? We've given everyone four options but only one of the name on this list is correct. Who knows which one it is?

Question 26

What animal is pictured here?

According to Live Science Habitat, these black and white striped creatures live in several different countries of Africa. They thrive in the grasslands that cover much of the continent and are docile, smaller creatures that are curious or even human-friendly when they interact with people. Their distinctive look makes them a very unique and exotic animal- and in addition to several different countries on the African continent, they can also be seen in zoos and preserves all over the world. Who knows what these fascinating striped creatures are called? Prove some smarts and choose the right answer out of the four provided.

Question 27

What old school famous camera brand was used before picture-taking cell phones?

Today anyone with a decent cell phone also has a great camera at their fingertips. We are so used to being able to snap photos at will that we can sometimes forget that it wasn't always this way! Not so long ago the cameras on cell phones were less than desirable if they existed at all. Flip phones might seem ancient but they were super popular at the beginning of the 2000s! The old school cameras that we're referencing are still used by some photographers who appreciate the process of taking pictures the "old fashioned way". What are they called?

Question 28

What is the common name for one thousand years?

This phrase refers to a common way that we use to measure time. A thousand years is a huge chunk of human history, so it gets its own special name. Hint- when we were on the cusp of 2000 we were experiencing a shift into a new one of these. 80s babies and early 90s babies will remember the Y2K Panic when we were crossing over from 1999 to 2000 for the first time! It was a momentous occasion for sure! We've given everyone four options, so choose the correct common name for one thousand years and we'll reveal whether you're a genius or not!

Question 29

What famous television show featuring Rod Serling was the “original Black Mirror”?

Before there was "Black Mirror" this show was the last word in science fiction television. According to Mental Floss even though this show went off the air fifty years ago Rod Serling still has the power to captivate us through reruns. Most of the series is available on Netflix so get it in the queue right away because this show is the real deal. Focusing on science fiction with deeper themes of family, happiness and the human condition, this show was renowned for its excellent writing and witty storylines. Who remembers the name of the granddaddy of science fiction television?

Question 30

What language is traditionally spoken in Ireland?

According to K International, 1.77 million people still speak this traditional Irish language in Ireland itself and other places all around the world. It has even been spoken in space! Although it is not as prominent of a language as Spanish, French or English, many people still think of it as the traditional language of the Emerald Isle. Who knows what the original language of Ireland is called? Check out the four options that we have provided and tell us which one is correct. Is it Hieroglyphics or Arabic? Do they speak German or Gaelic in Ireland? Pick one now.

Question 31

What famous dessert is essentially custard covered in hardened sugar?

Anyone that has sampled this dessert fully understands the unique pleasure of cracking through the crispy sugar topping and enjoying the creamy custard underneath. It is one of the most popular desserts all over the world, and pretty much any fancy dining establishment features it. Traditionally this dessert is vanilla flavored, although some restaurants have thought outside the box and offer different versions from persimmon to lavender honey. It's also a close cousin of flan- which features soft caramel instead of hardened sugar. Who knows what this tasty concoction is called? Choose the right answer from the four offered here.

Question 32

What language, aside from English, is commonly spoken in Montreal?

According to Keep Exploring, Montreal is one of the best cities to visit if you love architecture and rich history. This beautiful jewel of the north is a UNESCO city of design and is an exceptionally beautiful place to walk around. While Toronto gets a lot of the credit, Montreal has its own sweet charm and charisma. It is also famous for being a bilingual city where English and this other language is spoken. Who knows what Montreal's second popular language is? Is it Spanish or Latin? How about French? Maybe it is Mandarin? Who knows the right answer. Tell us!

Question 33

Where can we find the city of Kyoto?

According to Wander Wisdom, Kyoto is one of the oldest cities in the world and is steeped in culture and history. It is also undeniably breathtaking. Famous for its Shinto temples and amazing views of the mountains, Kyoto is a must-see destination for people who want to visit this country. Who knows what country Kyoto is located in? We've provided everyone with four options but only one of them is actually correct. Who can guess which one that is? It's time to prove that you're a pub quiz genius by letting us know which country is home to the beautiful Kyoto.

Question 34

What is the name for these sorts of crafts in the sky?

There are those who firmly believe that we are not alone in the universe and that sometimes beings from other planets will make their way down to earth to visit us. When this happens they arrive from the skies in certain types of crafts that are immediately identifiable because of their signature circular shape and glowing lights. Some people swear that they have actually been visited by these creatures! Who knows the name of the craft that appears from above the clouds and occasionally returns with human beings as unwilling passengers? Choose the correct three-word acronym from the options here.

Question 35

What popular flavoring tastes like sweet almonds?

Finally, let's end on a sweet note. According to Livestrong, this sweet almond flavoring is generally high in carbohydrates and offers very little in terms of vitamins and minerals, but we're really not consuming it for the nutritional qualities. This yummy flavoring is great when added to coffee. It can also be added to cakes for a new level of flavor that will really compliment certain flavors, like vanilla. Some people find its taste compelling and fresh. Others think that it is a little too cloying. Who remembers the name of this popular flavoring? Choose the correct answer from those provided.

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