Only Elena Could Pass This Vampire Diaries Quiz

The Vampire Diaries is a supernatural teen drama that aired on The CW from 2009 through 2017 for a total of eight seasons. The series revolves around a high school student named Elena Gilbert who recently lost both of her parents and is trying her best to move on with her life. When she goes to school one day and meets a new student named Stefan Salvatore, her life is changed forever. She no longer spends her days missing her parents and moping around the town or at her house. Instead, she starts to look forward to things again and grows closer and closer to Stefan.

The closer that Elena gets to Stefan, the more she starts to suspect that there might be something strange going on with him. As it's revealed in the series, Elena couldn't be more right. Stefan and his brother, Damon, are both revealed to be vampires who lived in the town over 150 years ago when they were humans. Elena finds herself twisted up in the world of the supernatural as the secrets of the vampires and other creatures that have been in her hometown for centuries comes to light.

Who thinks they really remember The Vampire Diaries? Get 100% on this quiz that only Elena could pass to prove it!

Question 1

What happened to Elena's parents?

When The Vampire Diaries begins, Elena is a totally normal high school student who has no idea that anything strange is going on in the small town she lives in. She's been there her entire life and her life is honestly pretty boring, all things considered. Everything changes after she meets Stefan Salvatore at her school. This change was definitely a welcome one for Elena who was struggling with the loss of both of her parents just before the series began. Elena and her brother had to move in with a relative after they lost their parents and the adjustment was hard for all three of them.

Question 2

Which supernatural creature does NOT appear in the series?

Vampires are the first creature that viewers are introduced to in The Vampire Diaries. Considering the fact that they appear in the title of this supernatural series, it's obvious that they're pretty important to the series as a whole. But, they're not the only supernatural creatures that are roaming the streets of the small town that this series is set in. Anyone who has watched the show will know that there are quite a few other supernatural creatures that make appearances in The Vampire Diaries. How many fans of the series can remember which of these creatures never shows up in The Vampire Diaries?

Question 3

Where is The Vampire Diaries set?

We can all agree that the characters in a TV show or movie are definitely the most important part, right? That's what keeps it interesting and makes us totally love the series. But, where the series is set is also really important. The Vampire Diaries is set in a small, historic town that has a long history of dealing with the supernatural. Because of this, there are a lot of people in this town that are well aware of vampires, werewolves, and witches. Still, that doesn't mean that they're all super comfortable with sharing their town with these creatures. Where is this show set?

Question 4

Which Salvatore brother is older?

The main character of The Vampire Diaries is a human high school student named Elena Gilbert. When the series begins, Elena recently lost her parents and is really struggling to move on with her life and go back to normal without them in her life anymore. When she meets Stefan Salvatore at school, her life seems to change and she finds herself looking forward to things again instead of focusing on how much she misses her parents. The more she gets to know him and becomes closer to his brother, Damon, the more she learns about the truth of their past in Mystic Falls.

Question 5

Which Salvatore brother was Katherine in love with?

When the Salvatore brothers were humans living in a newly founded Mystic Falls, they were close with a fellow resident of the town named Katherine. It's revealed later that Katherine isn't exactly the upper class mortal woman that she presents herself as and she's actually a vampire who's a few hundred years old and is on the run from an ancient vampire. Whoa! This is definitely something that Katherine kept a huge secret from everyone in Mystic Falls. For a while, she even kept it a secret from the Salvatore brothers until she turned them into vampires as well. Which of them was she in love with?

Question 6

What plant can protect humans from vampires?

Considering the fact that there are so many vampires roaming around the streets of Mystic Falls, it's safe to say that the humans living in the town definitely need to be careful with what they do. One way that humans can protect themselves is by either wearing or ingesting a certain plant. In the series, this plant is often put into food or drinks at social events because vampires can't ingest it or feed on humans that have ingested it themselves recently. This plant harms the vampires and therefor, it keeps humans perfectly safe until it wears off. Which plant is it?

Question 7

Who is this?

This character is a vampire who made her debut in The Vampire Diaries back in the very first season of the series. She's a vampire who was turned in the late 17th century and has been a best friend of Stefan Salvatore for a really long time. When the Town Council in Mystic Falls was trying to find the vampires that were roaming the streets and attacking the people that live there, Damon Salvatore convinced them that it was all the work of this vampire and reassured them that he took care of the problem. This character was the first one to point out the connection between Elena and Katherine.

Question 8

Who did Elena date prior to the start of the series?

Although much of The Vampire Diaries is definitely focused on the present day happenings in Mystic Falls, the series also goes back to the history of the town and some of the events that happened before the start of the series at different points. One thing that's revealed during the series is the fact that Elena had a pretty normal life before the series began and she became mixed up in the world of the supernatural. She even had a boyfriend who attended her school but the two of them broke up after she lost her parents. Who was Elena dating before the series began?

Question 9

Who called love "pointless and overrated"?

Whoa! It's obvious that whoever said this has had quite a long history of struggling with relationships. This character is often sarcastic in a really hilarious way, so it wasn't exactly a shock to any of us that are fans of this series to hear this character make such a blunt remark about how they feel about love. Luckily for fans of this super honest and sarcastic character, they did find love during the series and found out that it's not always as pointless and overrated as they were saying that it is when they said this. Who remembers who said this?

Question 10

Who sealed the Vampire's Tomb?

Because Mystic Falls has such a long history with the supernatural, the residents of this small town have also developed some longstanding ways to deal with the supernatural creatures that inhabit the town alongside the human residents. One major thing that some members of the Town Council did in order to try to get rid of some of the vampires in the 19th century was creating the Vampire's Tomb. This is a chamber that is located underneath the surface of Fell's Church that was meant to hold all 27 of the vampires that had been rounded up in the 1800s.

Question 11

Which character can speak to ghosts?

In The Vampire Diaries, there are a few different special powers that different characters and creatures have. The main one is the fact that vampires in this series have the ability to control other people's minds and convince them to do things. There's another character in the series that gained a special ability, too! Despite the fact that this character was a human throughout the series and not actually a vampire, witch, or other supernatural creature, they gained the ability to speak to people who had passed on to the afterlife. How many fans can remember which character could do this?

Question 12

Which of Elena's friends is a witch?

Luckily for Elena Gilbert, she has some pretty awesome friends. Even though her life prior to the start of the series wasn't easy and it definitely must have been tough to try to deal with learning that her boyfriend was a vampire, she always had her best friends by her side. Her two best friends throughout a lot of The Vampire Diaries are Caroline Forbes and Bonnie Bennett. One of them is a witch throughout the whole series while the other one starts out the series as a human and eventually becomes a vampire. Which of her friends is a witch?

Question 13

What is Katherine's real name?

Katherine Pierce is one of the central characters in The Vampire Diaries. When Katherine is introduced into the series, she's introduced as a vampire that Damon and Stefan had known when they were humans. The didn't initially know about the fact that she was a vampire and they both had strong feelings for her, something that she used to her advantage. Later in the series, it's revealed that Katherine actually has quite a long history in the world of the supernatural because of the fact that she was born in the 15th century and changed her name to Katherine when she moved to Mystic Falls.

Question 14

What was Tyler before he was turned into a Hybrid?

Even though The Vampire Diaries obviously has the word "vampire" in the title, anyone who has seen this series will know that they're not the only creatures in this series. The Vampire Diaries also features other supernatural creatures like werewolves, witches, and more! One super special creature that appears in the series is the Hybrid. This is actually a mix of two different supernatural creatures. Klaus is one Hybrid and after his arrival in Mystic Falls, he became determined to create more Hybrids. Tyler Lockwood is the first one that he created. What was Tyler before he became a Hybrid?

Question 15

Which of the following characters does NOT belong to a Founding Family?

Mystic Falls is definitely a town that's proud of their long history and the families that have made that long history possible. Even though the ancestors of the people living in Mystic Falls in the present day have long since passed away, save for the ones that have become vampires and have just reinvented themselves to fit into the present day, the Founding Families are still a huge deal in the town of Mystic Falls. Although a lot of the main characters come from one of the Founding Families, there are also a few in the series that actually don't!

Question 16

Who was not one of the Original Vampires?

Every vampire has to come from somewhere, right? Most vampires in The Vampire Diaries are turned into vampires through a special process that involves another vampire that already exists. But, anyone who is a fan of the show will know that there's a special group of vampires that were actually created in a special way. The members of the Mikaelson family are known as the Original Vampires because of the fact that the Original Witch turned them into vampires through the use of a curse over a thousand years ago. Which of these people is not one of the Original Vampires?

Question 17

Which Salvatore did Elena meet first?

A huge part of the plot of The Vampire Diaries is the fact that Elena finds herself somewhat torn when it comes to her feelings for the Salvatore brothers. At different points in the series, she finds herself having some pretty strong feelings for both Damon and his brother Stefan. This is pretty similar to how their relationship with Katherine went when they were still humans. One big thing that was revealed during the series was the way that she met the two brothers. Although it initially seems like she met one of them at school, it's revealed later that's not how they came into her life.

Question 18

Which of Damon and Stefan's parents was turned into a vampire?

Although the Salvatore brothers pretend that they're regular humans and newcomers to the town of Mystic Falls at the beginning of the series, it becomes obvious later on in the series that the two of them are anything but new to Mystic Falls. Instead, they actually lived there over 150 years ago when they were humans and were turned into vampires while living there. This was when the Town Council was focused on hunting vampires which meant that life wasn't easy for the two of them. It was definitely also not easy for one of their parents who was turned into a vampire as well.

Question 19

Which Salvatore brother was turned first?

When Stefan and Damon are introduced into the series, Damon claims to be Stefan's uncle who he lives with. Since the two of them can't exactly say that they're vampires, pretending to be an uncle-nephew duo that live together in their enormous house is a pretty good cover to tell the humans living in Mystic Falls. But, any fan of the series will know that the truth is that they're actually siblings! Any fan of The Vampire Diaries will already know that Damon is the older of the two brothers, but only a true fan will remember which of them became vampires first.

Question 20

Who turned Katerina?

When Katherine is first introduced into the series, she's known as Katherine Pierce and is one of the residents of the newly founded town of Mystic Falls. But as the series goes on, it becomes clear that there's more to her past than she's been letting on to the people living there. She was born in the 15th century as Katerina and she was forced out of her home after becoming pregnant. When Klaus, one of the Original Vampires, met her, he became convinced she was the key to breaking a curse that was put on him. Who turned her into a vampire while she was on the run from him?

Question 21

Finish this quote: "______ is different. He wants to be human."

In The Vampire Diaries, there are quite a few vampires that are perfectly content with being vampires. Let's be honest, it would be pretty cool. Being immortal and having special powers like the vampires in the series do? We definitely wouldn't be complaining. Still, there are some vampires that aren't exactly cool with being one of these creatures and long to be humans. Rebekah is one that talks about this wish a lot and mentions wanting to be a normal person quite a few times. At one point in the series, another character said this quote about one of the Salvatore brothers.

Question 22

Who is this?

Throughout the course of The Vampire Diaries, there are a lot of characters that were turned into vampires. Some even became werewolves, Hybrids, or learned that they come from a long history of witches that have lived in Mystic Falls. But in order to start off all those transformations, one character had to be the first one to be turned into a vampire. This character was the very first one in the series to be turned into a vampire. Damon turned her into a vampire in one of the earlier episodes, claiming that the reason he did so was because he was bored.

Question 23

Elena is Katherine's ____________.

After Lexi comes to Mystic Falls to visit her best friend Stefan, she meets Elena. Considering the fact that Elena and Stefan were growing so close by this point, it was a pretty big deal for Elena to be introduced to someone who Stefan has known for so long, even if Elena still had no clue that they were both vampires. While visiting, Lexi was the first character to point out the fact that Katherine and Elena share some pretty serious similarities. In fact, they're both played by the same actress to really emphasize their connection to each other! What is Elena to Katherine?

Question 24

What kind of creature is Hayley?

Hayley Marshall is a character from The Vampire Diaries and the spin-off series, The Originals, and is portrayed by Phoebe Tonkin. Hayley is introduced in the fourth season of The Vampire Diaries before becoming one of the central characters in The Originals. Hayley is an important character in the series because of the fact that she is the mother of Hope Mikaelson, Klaus' daughter and the very first naturally born Hybrid. The fact that the daughter these two had is a Hybrid means that Hayley is obviously not a vampire like Klaus is in the series. Who can remember what kind of supernatural creature she is?

Question 25

Who turned Caroline?

Caroline Forbes is one of the central characters in The Vampire Diaries. She is introduced as one of Elena's friends at the high school that the two of them attend and she's shown several times throughout the series to be a total overachiever at their school. During the very first season of The Vampire Diaries, Caroline is unfortunately in an accident that leaves her pretty hurt. In order to help heal her faster, Damon feeds her. Anyone who is a fan of The Vampire Diaries will know that this is one of the first steps to becoming a vampire. Who completed the process?

Question 26

True or false: werewolves are turned when they're bitten by another werewolf.

A vampire in The Vampire Diaries is turned after they're fed by an existing vampire and lose their life shortly after. In many works of supernatural fiction, a werewolf is created in much the same way. In those, werewolves are typically created after a human encounters and is bitten by a werewolf that already exists. Come the next full moon, they completely transform into one of those spooky creatures themselves. Talk about intense! There are quite a few unique aspects to the supernatural lore in The Vampire Diaries. Is one of these unique things the fact that werewolves are created in a different way?

Question 27

Who did Jeremy NOT date?

Jeremy is the younger brother of Elena Gilbert. Because of the fact that the series is so focused on Elena, the fact that her family members are pulled into all the supernatural happenings in Mystic Falls is definitely no surprise. At the beginning of the series, Jeremy was definitely struggling with the loss of his and Elena's parents, just like Elena was. This meant that he was into some pretty bad things throughout the earlier parts of the series. Eventually, he became aware of the supernatural world and he learned to deal with his loss in his own way. Which of these girls did Jeremy NOT date?

Question 28

Who is this?

This character is one of the Original Vampires. She's one of the central characters for quite a while in The Vampire Diaries after the entire Mikaelson family is introduced into the series and then, she went on to become one of the main characters in the spin-off series, The Originals. Like her siblings, this character was turned into a vampire by her mother, the Original Witch, through a curse that was placed on all of them. Unlike many of the other characters in the series, this vampire is one that expressed several times that she wished she had a normal, human life.

Question 29

Was the Sun and Moon Curse real?

There's a lot of myths and legends that are part of The Vampire Diaries. One of them is a curse that some of the characters learn about. This curse is called the Sun and Moon Curse. The story of this curse is that werewolves are bound to the moon and can only turn during the full moon while vampires are bound to the sun and cannot go out into the sunlight without becoming hurt by it. Klaus believed that in order to unlock his nature as a Hybrid, he needed to break the Sun and Moon curse and unlock his werewolf side.

Question 30

Who is this?

This character was introduced toward the end of the seventh season of The Vampire Diaries before becoming the main villain in the eighth and final season of the series. This character is close to 3,000 years old and was cast out of her home at a young age when it was discovered that she had psychic powers. She eventually came to an island where Arcadius, the first psychic, had once also been exiled. She was kept at the Armory in the 18th century where she gained the nickname of The Armory's Monster. How many fans of The Vampire Diaries remember her real name?

Question 31

What power do the vampires have?

In different works of vampire fiction, vampires have different special powers that set them apart from humans and even from vampires in other series. In The Vampire Diaries, vampires definitely have a special power that no one else has. This power allows vampires to control the humans around them. Vampires are able to control the minds of any human that they're in contact with, so long as that human hasn't ingested any Vervain lately, and they can manipulate the thoughts and feelings of that person. They can convince the person to forget something, think a certain thing, or perform a certain action.

Question 32

What is Caroline's mom's profession?

Caroline Forbes is one of Elena's best friends in The Vampire Diaries. She's one of the central characters in the series and her family is one of the Founding Families in Mystic Falls. Because of the fact that the Forbes family is one of Mystic Falls' Founding Families, her parents are definitely not accepting of the vampires that have been roaming the streets of Mystic Falls for centuries. This means that when Caroline becomes a vampire, it's really not easy for her to deal with because of the way that her parents reacted. Who can remember what her mom's profession is in the series?

Question 33

Was Elena adopted?

At the beginning of The Vampire Diaries, Elena is introduced as a high school student who recently lost her parents in an accident. She's seriously struggling to move past this and the details of exactly what happened to Elena during the accident and her life before it is something that comes up throughout the series. One thing that viewers learned more about is Elena's parental background. Elena grew up with Miranda Sommers-Gilbert and Grayson Gilbert, the people that raised her for her entire life up until they were in a car accident that took their lives. Was Elena adopted by these people?

Question 34

What is Katerina's daughter's name?

Before Katerina Petrova became Katherine Pierce, the vampire we all know and love, she was a woman living in Bulgaria in the 15th century. She was cast out of her home after she became pregnant with her daughter who not much was known about for a lot of the series. Later on in the series, her daughter came looking for her and it was revealed that she had been turned into a vampire as well and had spent a lot of the past 500 years trying to find her mother, Katerina, and reconnect with her. Who can remember what her daughter's name was?

Question 35

Who said "I'm not sad. I'm hungry!"?

Being hungry isn't easy for anyone to deal with! Being hungry can be distracting and can make us pretty cranky sometimes. Being a vampire who is hungry would be even worse because of the fact that it would mean that they're not looking to head to McDonald's to get a Big Mac and some fries. No, vampires get hungry for something much different than the rest of us and it definitely would not be as easy to deal with that hunger for a vampire as it is for us mortals. Who can remember who said this quote about being hungry?

Question 36

What year were Bonnie and Damon trapped in?

In The Vampire Diaries, there are a lot of different locations. Fans will know that most of the series takes place in Mystic Falls, but it's not the only place that the series has episodes in. Along with different locations, there are also different timelines that are featured in the series. The present day is a huge part of it but the past, when the Salvatore brothers were still humans and even when the Mikaelson family had yet to become vampires, is a part of the series as well. At one point, Bonnie and Damon find themselves trapped in the past in an alternate universe.

Question 37

Where did Meredith Fell work?

Meredith Fell is a member of one of the Founding Families of Mystic Falls. Because Mystic Falls has been a town for so long, there are a lot of locations within the town that are named after people like Fell's Church. Many of the characters that have families that have been around since the days when Mystic Falls was founded have family members that either currently are or once were part of the Town Council, a group that used to hunt vampires to try to keep them out of Mystic Falls. This means when Meredith Fell was introduced, it was a pretty spooky time for the vampires.

Question 38

Who was the first immortal?

Thousands of years before the events of The Vampire Diaries, there was a character who lived in Ancient Greece. This character was a witch who was in love with someone who was introduced into The Vampire Diaries as another central character. This witch longed to be immortal and wanted to be able to live forever in order to keep their power for all of time. They tried to make a spell for immortality and in the end, the person they were in love with was able to create one. They planned to take it together but this character stole it, took it themselves, and became the very first immortal in the series.

Question 39

Who won the Miss Mystic Falls pageant?

Mystic Falls is definitely not a town that tends to brush their long history under the rug. Instead, they're pretty open about the fact that they've been a town for quite some time and have a long history of certain families living in the town. Each year, they celebrate the Founding Families and have a pageant called Miss Mystic Falls. During the episode that features the pageant and the Founders' Day Ball, Caroline was one of the competitors in the Miss Mystic Falls pageant and commented on the fact that another competitor, Amber Bradley, was in it as proof that they allow non-Founding Families into the pageant. Who won?

Question 40

Who did Damon kiss instead of Elena in Season One?

At the end of the first season of The Vampire Diaries, there was a pretty intense moment between Damon and Elena. The two of them were outside Elena's house and they kissed! Considering the tension between these two had been building up for quite some time, this was a pretty huge moment for everyone that wanted these two to be together. Unfortunately, fans of Damon and Elena's relationship had to wait a little while longer because of the fact that Damon hadn't actually kissed Elena outside of her house. Instead, he had kissed someone else who was posing as Elena. Who was it?

Question 41

Who told Tyler that his family carries the werewolf gene?

In The Vampire Diaries, anyone can become a vampire. The same isn't necessarily true for werewolves, though! Although anyone can become a werewolf in many other supernatural series, there are some special requirements in The Vampire Diaries to become a werewolf. For one thing, the person has to come from a family that carries the werewolf gene. Then, the person has to perform a certain task that will awaken the gene and they will transform into a werewolf after that. The first character in The Vampire Diaries that we're introduced to that comes from a family with this gene is Tyler Lockwood.

Question 42

Who is this?

This character is a witch who is also known by the name of Tessa during modern times. This character is a very old one and is over 2000 years old when she's introduced into the series. Being alive for so long and being such a powerful witch in the world of The Vampire Diaries means it's definitely no surprised to any fans of the series that she's known for some pretty intense magical moments. She's so powerful, in fact, that she actually created the Immortality Spell that she was going to take with Silas before he betrayed her and took it with Amara instead.

Question 43

Who was a member of The Brotherhood of the Five?

The Brotherhood of the Five is a group within The Vampire Diaries that one of the central characters in the series is a member of. This group, also known simply as The Five instead of by their full title, is a group of five different people who are from Mystic Falls and have some sort of supernatural powers. These supernatural powers come in handy for these characters in a huge way when they come together in order to use them to hunt vampires. The group was brought together in order to fulfill Qetsiyah's wish to find Silas and take away his immortality.

Question 44

Who was Elena sired to?

Becoming a vampire takes multiple steps. In some other series, a person simply has to be bitten by a vampire and they will then become one themselves. In The Vampire Diaries, a person has to lose their life in some way while they have a vampire's essence in their system. This will cause them to be resurrected as a vampire instead of the human they were when they lost their life. The vampire who they had fed on prior to this happening is then known as their sire. Elena started the series as a human but becomes a vampire. Who was her sire?

Question 45

Which character did Elena see as a crow when she was in the cemetery?

After losing her parents, Elena tried her best to move on with her life and just deal with the loss. Anyone who has gone through a major loss in their life will know it's definitely not easy to deal with and Elena's struggle to move on was completely understandable! In the early parts of the series, Elena can be seen in the graveyard, writing in her diary as she tries to process the feelings she has about losing her parents. While in the graveyard, she sees a crow who is later revealed to be one of the main characters in the series in their animal form.

Question 46

Which character NEVER became a supernatural creature or had any powers?

When it comes to all the characters in The Vampire Diaries that managed to get some kind of power or become a supernatural creature, the list is pretty long. We would be here quite a while if we were trying to go through all of them. Some characters were introduced as vampires, witches, or people with the werewolf gene and some characters were introduced as humans but were later turned into vampires or got special powers in another way. But, despite the major changes all these characters went through, there is one character that stayed a regular human throughout the entire series.

Question 47

Who was the first Petrova doppelgänger?

Even though Elena started the series as a totally normal human, it became obvious in one of the earlier episodes of the series that she wasn't actually the completely average person that she believed she was. Instead, she was actually a doppelgänger of another character on the series named Katherine. Katherine is a pretty important character and the fact that she has this connection to Elena doesn't stop with the two of them. Amara is another doppelgänger that shares Katherine and Elena's face. Stefan also has a doppelgänger in Silas and how many doppelgängers are in each line is unknown.

Question 48

What was Elena's birth mother's name?

For Elena's entire life, she believed that her mother was Miranda Sommers-Gilbert. She was adopted by Miranda and Grayson and she was raised by them as if they were her actual parents. This is something that is revealed not to be the truth at one point in the series when Elena finds out that the truth is that she was adopted. This is a pretty major twist in the story of Elena's past and viewers were just as surprised to find out about it as Elena was! Then, the truth of who her parents were became another huge question. Who can remember her birth mother's name?

Question 49

How is Jenna related to Elena?

After Elena and Jeremy lost their parents, the two of them had to move in with someone else. They couldn't exactly just live by themselves considering the two of them were only high school students. It wasn't easy for Elena and Jeremy to go on without their parents but it wasn't easy for Jenna to suddenly have two high school students move in with her either. A central part of the earlier parts of The Vampire Diaries focused on the fact that the three of them were definitely struggling to get used to this new life. How is Jenna related to Elena?

Question 50

Who is this?

This character is one of the recurring characters in the seventh season of The Vampire Diaries. This character was born sometime in the mid-19th century and was a part of the Gemini Coven, a group of witches in The Vampire Diaries. Unfortunately for this character, they were not able to stay in the Gemini Coven because of the fact that it was revealed that she wasn't a witch after all but a Siphoner instead. A Siphoner is a type of witch that can do magic but cannot actually create magic on their own and instead need to take magic from others.

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