Only Edward Will Be Able To Answer These Secondary Twilight Character Questions

Whether one loves it or dislikes it verily, Twilight and the fandom that it brought with each book and film release is here to stay. Though the fanfare has quieted down since the release of the final film of the series, dedicated fans continue to create and share fan fiction, rewatch the films, and return to the beloved books that shaped a decent chunk of their formative years and adolescent lives.

Though Twilight was, unfortunately, the object of an undeserved flurry of negative commentary from people outside of its demographic, it is still one of the biggest young-adult franchises to date and beloved by many people around the world to this day. In the end, the fandom won and those who sought to end it had no choice but to return to the sordid depths of the internet from which they came and direct their negativity towards other things. If one does not like a certain piece of media, one has no obligation to consume it and should allow those who do enjoy it to do so freely without negativity or judgment.

But this quiz is not for them. This quiz is for the kids who kept Edward and Jacob pin-ups in their lockers and bedrooms. The people who saw every movie in theatres and stayed up late to finish the books as quickly as possible. The people who wept when the battle was one and wished that they could find a love that made them yearn for forever as well. This quiz is for the Twi-hards of the world.

Question 1

Which Forks resident was taken by Victoria?

Fun fact: The IMDB page for the film "Eclipse" states that the date printed on this characters missing person poster is incorrect due to the fact that it is dated only a month before the film was released though it claims that this character has been missing a year. However, it is important to note that the date on the poster is correct due to the fact that the film "Eclipse" was set in 2011 (a year ahead of the time which it was released.) The reason that the film was set in 2011 was because of the fact that the second half of New Moon, all of Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn Part 1 all occur within the same calendar year and the date on the wedding invitations reads '2011."

Question 2

Name one of the other members of Maria's coven

The southern vampire territory wars are some of the most fascinating aspects of the Twilight lore. And let's be honest, regardless of what one thinks about the series itself one has to admit that the lore is truly fascinating and very well-executed and explored. The southern vampire wars were entirely the result of numerous vampires competing to see who could commander the largest area and claim it for themselves. It did not go well, the Volturi swept in to put a stop to things before they got out of hand, and the humans began to notice that something was a miss.

Question 3

Name one of the Volturi wives

Sometimes the most fascinating characters are those who are barely mentioned within the series. The ones that are briefly referenced in passing but never fully explored, These characters exist within a veil of mystery for the lack of information about them allows the reader to fill in the blanks for themselves. This is the best way in which to create a minor character that is meant to exist in a darker role. Do not give the audience too much information. Just enough so that they know the characters role butt allow their minds to wander freely in order to fill in the rest.

Question 4

Who did Angela Weber date in the films?

One of the more peculiar changes that exist between the books and the films of the Twilight Saga is the fact that the films literally changed who Angela Weber ends up dating during her high school years. Yes, Angela does go to the dance with one boy but chooses the other in the end but the films decided that Bella's friend group was big enough as it was and cut Angela's book beau from the cast entirely. And it is understandable as the character that was cut from the films truly did not add anything new to the plot that could not be provided by the other boys in the gang.

Question 5

What is the name of Bella's step-father?

One of the things that is wonderful about adapating a book to the screen is that we get to give a face to the characters that have lived exclusively within our heads for so long. The other great thing being that one can consume a beloved story in under two hours rather than the week it usually takes to finish the book. This character is one of those characters that is only introduced through stories and references within the book but that we actually get to meet in the films. And though the meeting is kept quite brief, it is still a wonderful moment.

Question 6

Who is the woman in this image?

Though not directly involved with the plot of the Twilight Saga, this character is one of the more important figures in the series all the same. After her husband is taken from this world in the second installment of the series, this character is saddled with the task of raising her two teenage children all on her own. She must also take her late husband's place on the elder council and learn the things that were never meant to be shared with anyone other than those who were directly affected by their consequences. But, in spite of it all, she remains as kind and gentle as ever.

Question 7

Who was Rosalie's mortal friend? (on the right)

Though never shown in the films, this character was a very important figure in Rosalie Hale's mortal life. Back before her engagement was unexpectedly canceled due to actions beyond her control, Rosalie was living the dream and had every single thing that she had ever wanted. Except for the love that her friend shared with her own husband and the beautiful child that they raised together. In fact, these two things were the only things that Rosalie was ever jealous of as she already had everything that she could ever want. What was the name of this lucky mortal friend?

Question 8

Who is the leader of the coven from Egypt?

When the Volturi decides to recruit the more powerful members of the Cullen family in the most intense way possible, the family seeks help from fellow creatures across the globe. These creatures possess some wonderful powers that truly become an asset in the trials and confrontation that lies ahead of them. The coven that resides in Egypt contains one of the most powerful vampires in the entire Twilight Saga. This vampires name is Benjamin and he has the power to manipulate and control the elements of the Earth. Seriously overpowered. But is he the leader of this coven or does that role belong to someone else entirely?

Question 9

Who did Jared imprint on?

The concept of imprinting is a fascinating one. Basically, in the Twilight world, soulmates are a very real thing and every type of creature on this Earth has their own version of said thing. For werewolves, their version of true destined love is imprinting. They see the one and suddenly the world moves and their sole purpose for existing becomes dedicated to making that one person happy. This may take the form of platonic or romantic love as the choice to pursue either path is up to the person in which the werewolf imprints upon. But the idea of the fates designing and providing one with their perfect match is not something one could easily give up.

Question 10

Which half-vampire saves the day?

It became very clear very quickly that Aro was not going to be swayed by any evidence provided by the Cullens nor their witnesses. Aro finally had the nail he could use to pin down the Cullens and collect their more powerful members for himself and he was not about to give that advantage up. It literally took Alice traveling the world and finding the one person that could dispute each and every one of Aro's false claims for him to finally give up and retreat. Though the vampires from Romania were not pleased with how things ended, avoiding the conflict altogether seems like the best possible outcome.

Question 11

Who changed first: Quil or Embry?

Though we often encourage our children to forge their own path and to never go along with something simply because everyone is doing it, we often forget how unpleasant it can feel to be on the outside looking in. It can feel totally isolating and like one is losing all of their friends at once. Which is why the members of the wolf pack were so torn about whether or not they should be excited as more of their friends joined their ranks. Is being reunited once again something to celebrate? Does it outweigh the cost that comes with the transformation?

Question 12

Which mean girl was cut from the series?

It goes without saying that not every character in a book series will end up in the film adaptations that eventually find their way to the big screen. Sometimes there is just not enough screen time to dedicate to a full character and their lines can simply be either cut from the film entirely or given to another character with whom their personality overlaps. Such is the case with a certain mean girl that was part of Bella Swan's human circle of friends. Unfortunately, there was just not enough time to fit her into the film and her lines were given to the girls that made the cut.

Question 13

Who created the forged passports in Breaking Dawn?

When Alice realizes that Aro is not going to let the Cullens get off scot-free in this confrontation, she knows that she has to travel the world in order to find the proof needed to show the Volturi that Renesmee can exist in peaceful secrecy like the rest of their kind. But she needs to privately prepare Bella for the possibility that her daughter may be the only person who makes it out of that field- a hard thing to have to break to anyone. Alice does this by providing Bella with the contact information for a person who creates perfect forged passports. What was his name?

Question 14

Who comes to witness the Volturi confront the Cullens?

The Volturi was not going to show up to that field empty-handed. No, they needed the most backup they could find. And that meant that some people who never left their home base were going to have to shake the dust off of their vampire figures and head down to Forks. Since these specific people did not directly interact with the conflict and merely stood there while it all went down, their presence seems to only be necessitated as a bit of an intimidation tactic. There is literally no other reason for them to be there other than to attempt to intimidate the Cullens into joining Aro's little club.

Question 15

Who forbid travelling into the Spirit World?

In the third installment in the series, Bella is invited to attend a council meeting in which the legends of the werewolves are shared and we learned about how the tribe gained the ability to transform into such impressive creatures. One of the legends is centered around a chief whose body was stolen while he explored the spirit world in his non-corporeal form. Chaos ensues and the chief decides to outlaw the excursions entirely to prevent a similar thing from happening to future members of the tribe. What was the name of the chief who outlawed the spirit world visits?

Question 16

Which vampire catches Bella writing to Renesmee?

Though the Cullens seem convinced of a positive outcome to the oncoming conflict, Bella knew that Alice wanted her to be prepared for all possible outcomes. But Bella is a character defined by her need to protect all of those around her and she decided to keep these preparations secret. And she succeeded until a certain vampire wanders into her home, unwelcomed, and catches her writing a letter to her daughter for her to read in case things go south and she is the only one who makes it off of the field. Who is the vampire that calls her out for this perfectly reasonable back up plan?

Question 17

Which vampire lures in humans for the Volturi?

Think of this character as the Volturi's version of PostMates. They have a big castle and they just do not have the time to go out and fetch a snack for themselves every time that they are feeling a bit peckish. After all, they are tasked with keeping the entire immortal world in line and that is a lot of work. So they have hired someone whose sole job is to travel out into the mortal world and find unique and creative ways to lure the people back to the Volturi so that they can get their snack on in peace.

Question 18

Which dark-haired female vampire lives in Denali?

When planning a wedding, it can be a bit of a task figuring out who to invite. Some people are just a recipe for drama when placed together For Bella and Edward, they decided that the issues that existed between them and the Denali coven due to the fate that befell Laurent were not pressing enough to warrant a boycott of the family entirely, especially considering the long history that exists between the two families. Though not everyone agreed with said conclusion as Irena had a bit of a meltdown halfway through the reception and stormed out like the drama queen she is.

Question 19

Which Volturi member was sent after Jacob and Renesmee?

When trying to take down an entire coven of vampires plus every single one of their friends, it is important to have a strategy and stick to it. When the conflict turns sour and things get a little out of hand on the field, the Volturi begin sending each member of their ranks after individual members of the opposition as the best thing to do when battling a well-organized team is to dive and conquer. But the Volturi did not count on the opposing team being as organized as they ended up being and such things did not work out for them in the long run.

Question 20

Who lost control of his van in first film?

Ah, the van incident. One of the pivotal moments from the first film. The moment that cements the connection between Edward and Bella and shows that fate has decided that she is meant to become a vampire and it will continue putting her is unfavourable situations until Edward gets with the program and changes her already, Edward assumes that the accidents keep occurring because he is a bad guy and Bella was marked for the end just by associating with him and never considered that Alice was right, that she was fated to become one of them, and that the accidents were just giving him numerous opportunities to make the change.

Question 21

Which Volturi vampire has the power to end relationships?

If we are being honest, the majority of the people on this Earth have the power to end relationships though very few act on them. However, the power that this vampire possesses is different than the drama-inducing abilities that the average person has. In essence, the vampire has the ability to literally dissolve the relationship of her choice by eliminating the love and weakening the bonds between them. That is a chaos-inducing power that knows no bounds. The Volturi better keep a close eye on her. One can only assume that Aro uses said power to make vampires more likely to leave their covens and join his ranks.

Question 22

Who is one of the most powerful Volturi guards?

There is a reason that the Volturi remained in power for so long despite having broken many of the very rules that they enforce with an iron fist. And that reason is the absurdly powerful members of their guard. Aro collected/recruited each and every member of the guard with direct intent. He knew that these were the most powerful creatures around and he did everything that he could to ensure that those powers were on his side rather than against him. And he will stop at nothing until every powerful vampire is on his side. Even if that means breaking even more laws.

Question 23

Name these two ancient vampires

These vampires have beef with the Volturi that extends back for centuries. They are the most classic vampires that exist within the Twilight world and their appearance is both welcomed and fascinating from the audience's perspective. There is something just so wonderful about seeing truly classic vampires in a world created around a revisionist version of the ancient supernatural beings. Though the more modern vampires in the Twilight world are fascinating in their own right, there is just something so fun and exciting about getting a brief visit/interaction with these more classic versions of these famed creatures of the night.

Question 24

Which helpful human wants to give Bella the tour?

Being a new student at a new school is hard enough already without the added pressure of having to find one's place within the social sphere of said school. One needs to figure out the layout, find each and every class, figure out their schedule, and adjust to an entirely new social environment as quickly as possible. And that is easier said than done for shy and socially awkward kids like Bella Swan. The last thing shy kids want is to be the centre of attention but that can be hard to avoid on one's first day at a new school.

Question 25

Who leads the coven from Ireland?

When the Volturi decides to descend upon the Cullens for a less than friendly visit, the Cullens spend the fall of 2011 doing everything they can to gather as much back up as possible. Though there is no guarantee that there will even be a conflict, having people not only be able to provide statements assuring that Renesmee is nothing but wonderful but also stand by the Cullens so that the Volturi can not get away with anything less than nice in the privacy of that empty field is ideal. Who knows how that would have gone if there was no one to witness the interaction?

Question 26

Name the female members of the coven from Egypt

Though the international vampires did not receive that much screen time, they were all equally important members of the witness team. Introducing dozens of new characters to a franchise in the final film of the series can be a tricky task to carry out. But the filmmakers who created the final film of the Twilight Saga did a brilliant job. These new characters were given just enough screen time for us to know that they were all present while not giving them so much focus that it ends up becoming overwhelming to the film. They did an amazing job and that should be applauded.

Question 27

Which vampire can rob others of their sight?

The international vampires have some of the coolest supernatural abilities that it hardly seems fair that Carlisle was only gifted with an otherworldly sense of compassion. Some of the abilities that belong to the international vampires are the ability to manipulate the elements of the Earth, being able to detect when one is being lied to, producing an electric current through one's body that will surprise anyone who comes into contact with said vampire, and having the ability to rob a selected individual of their sight and project a chosen image in their mind which replaces their tangible surroundings in the vision centre of their brains.

Question 28

Who created the Denali's immortal child?

When Irena sees Renesmee playing with her mother, she assumes jumps to conclusions, and that does not go well for anyone involved. When she sees this tiny child with supernatural powers, she does not stop and ask herself if her eyes are mistaken her. She simply decides that the Cullens have clearly broken one of their societies core laws and must be reprimanded for such things. Though we all know that Renesmee is not an immortal child, Irena jumps to conclusions because of how touchy the subject of immortal children are to her and her family. If she gave Bella two seconds to explain, so much nonsense could have been avoided.

Question 29

Who is the male Denali coven member?

The modern Denali coven is mostly comprised of female members. Though they have had many temporary additions over the years, the majority of the newcomers end of finding their lifestyle too restrictive and leave their ranks after a decade or two. But out of the core members of the Denali coven, there is one male member (not counting the possible additional male that may have joined their ranks at the end of the final film.) This vampire is able to recognize the powers that other vampires possess and exists as a calm and necessary voice of reason within his own coven.

Question 30

Which newborn's life was cut short by the Volturi?

Though most of the Seattle newborns had their immortal lives ended by the Cullens before they truly began, this one character is different. She did not know what she was doing, what was happening, and did not participate in her creator's plans. She hid out during the Forks conflict and was granted asylum by the Cullen elders. Unfortunately, the Volturi overruled their offer of peace and ended her immortal existence on their own. Fans loved this character so much that Stephenie Meyer (the author of the series) penned a short novel dedicated to the life of this brief addition to the series.

Question 31

Which vampire knows when someone is lying?

One of the best powers in the vampire world is having the ability to tell if someone is lying. Sure, the overpowered and otherworldly powers can be useful but they are not the more practical powers out there. Being able to tell if someone is lying is the best practical power with every day uses. There are endless positive possibilities promised by and contained within this power. One could never lie to someone with this power and forcing everyone around said person to speak nothing but the truth would be an adjustment at first but better for everyone in the end.

Question 32

Who nearly ended Rosalie?

This character is truly one of the most unsavory characters in the entire franchise. He is not a powerful vampire that manipulates his power nor someone who is seeking to end the Cullen line for petty revenge. No, he is nothing more than a mortal man who never learned the meaning of the word no. As a man who has been given everything that he ever wanted in life, the idea of being denied anything that he felt entitled to was far too much for him to comprehend and things went south from there. Luckily, Rosalie was able to return the favour.

Question 33

Which of these siblings were NOT in the films?

Though one does not need to read every single book and consume every single film pertaining to a certain franchise in order to be considered a fan of said thing, it is important to note that not doing so can result in some fans missing out on some elements of the series. For example, those who never read the books might be unaware of the fact that the character of Jacob Black is not an only child. He actually has two older sisters who frequently played with Bella during her childhood trips to Forks. Though never met directly in the books, they are mentioned several times.

Question 34

Name Jasper's nomadic friends

Though the southern vampire conflict in which Jasper was raised was not the most optimal place to develop a friendship or start a new relationship (due to the tense atmosphere and high turnover of immortal beings,) Jasper was able to connect with one other creature while he did Maria's bidding. This other creature was also growing weary of life in the south and sought to be free of Maria and her ways. He escaped and returned only to inform Jasper of the world outside of the south and how the other creatures of the night were living. He convinced Jasper to leave all he ever knew and make a life of his own.

Question 35

Which character appeared in the first movie, but NOT in the book?

Sometimes when adapting a story from the page to the screen, certain characters get left behind as there is just not enough time to include them all. And sometimes there is the perfect space needed to bring new characters into the story that can add a new layer to the existing plot. This character was not present in the books though adding him into the movie allowed the film to build a sense of unease around the oncoming nomads rather than having them seemingly appear out of nowhere, as they did in the books. Such things work well in a book but a film requires a bit more foreshadowing and integration than that.

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