Only Dudes Can Pass This Quiz. Can You?

This quiz is full of manliness, with testosterone levels far too high for the average dude. If you're looking to pass this quiz - let alone ace it - then you'll have to possess the skills and know-how inherent in any male.

This is not the time to back down. Because real men face challenges head on, even if - no, especially if - they have little to no chance of succeeding. Or you can man up and teach us a lesson for talking all this smack. We would love to see you try.

Do you have hair under your arms? What about on your back? Do you never ask anyone (ever) for directions when you're lost? Are your orbs made of steel? That's a good start - not nearly enough to guarantee victory, but a good start nonetheless.

Well then, let's get this show on the road. If you can pass this knowledge quiz, maybe you're not a complete beta after all.

1Who's this legendary athlete?

You'd have to be living under a rock if you can't recognize this legendary athlete. It's a good thing you've found your way to this quiz, otherwise you may very well have gone on continuing to be a beta without having yourself checked. When an athlete breaks as many records as this one did in his sport, he demands universal respect from all men everywhere, or at least the alphas. Do you know his name?

2What's this tool called?

A man needs to know his basics when it comes to tools, even if he doesn't really use them. You just can't imagine an alpha ever being in a situation where he needs to ask someone what a basic tool is called. The tool pictured here is certainly basic - fundamental even - so if you're scratching your head at this question, the chances of you being an alpha aren't so great. Let's see if you can give us this tool's name.

3And this one?

This next tool is a tad more obscure than the last, but still quite basic. When you need to perform a fast cut using a hand held power tool, this is one of your best bets. If you've never performed any sort of cut at all, how can you call yourself an alpha, really? If you want a chance at boasting such a title, you'll have to at least know what this tool is called. Otherwise we fear the worst.

4How do you cook spaghetti?

Historically, alpha males have always been too busy hunting wildebeest and fighting among each other to really cook anything. However, since we no longer live in history, even alphas have to figure out a way to provide their own sustenance these days. Thankfully, for those that really don't know how to cook, spaghetti lines the shelves of a store near you in all its calorific glory. If you haven't learned how to cook pasta by now, how much of a man can you possibly be?

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