Only Cristina Yang Could Possibly Ace This Derek And Meredith Quiz

The one person who knows Meredith better than she knows herself must be Cristina Yang, right? Well, maybe that is debatable since Meredith had a one of a kind relationship with McDreamy. McDreamy is Derek Sheppard. He is a hunky neurosurgeon who moved from New York to Seattle. And there, he met a girl in a dive in Seattle - Meredith Grey.

OK, so he wasn't all that honest with Meredith when they first met and he went home with her. He forgot to mention a minor detail about him being married... There is no denying that these two doctors fell head over heels for one another. Sadly, Derek actually didn't pick Meredith in the begining...He picked his first wife, Addison.

Nevertheless, he came to his senses and after many ups and downs they finally got married. Yes, it was just on a blue post-it note at first. Although, a real fan knows that they actually got married legally. This was also to help with the adoption of their daughter, Zola.

We were all hoping to watch their "happily ever after" unfold on the TV screens, however Shonda decreed that it wasn't meant to be and that Meredith would have to start over. Still, while we had them they were the cutest! Who can ace this quiz?

1Where did Meredith and Derek first meet?

The place where these two doctors met became an iconic landmark in the series. Although the first time they appeared on TV together they were actually recovering from a night out and a night on the lounge floor. They met soon after in the hospital when Meredith needed a doctor to chat to her patient's parents. The doctor who was looking after her was removed from the case and Dr Sheppard was the new attending. The look on Meredith's face when she saw Derek was classic!

2True or False: Meredith once said that she hated Derek

Everyone says things that they don't really mean or say things in jest. Sometimes these things can be very hurtful and the person it's aimed at may struggle to forgive and forget. The question here is, did Meredith ever say that she hated Derek? Would anyone ever say that about someone they loved? It seems absurd to even consider the option, yet anything is possible on our favorite medical drama. But given their rollercoaster relationship, absolutely anything would be possible.

3True or False: Cristina and Meredith both wanted Derek

These two, Cristina and Meredith, have been joined at the hip for quite some time. It's a real blow to the show when Cristina leaves to work with Preston Burke overseas, leaving Meredith back in Seattle. That being said, these two did have some pretty epic feuds throughout the course of the series. Lots of women can get into it over a guy, but who remembers if Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd was ever at the center of a love triangle with these two?

4Who built Meredith and Derek's house first (the candle house)?

Once these two finally sorted out their love life they moved on to bigger issues, like living together. This is a huge step for any couple and can be challenging. Nevertheless, they figured it out. Who built there first house? Was it Meredith with the candle house? Was it them living in her mum's old house? Did they just buy a house which was already built? Alex actually bought Meredith's house from her at some stage as well, didn't he?

5Where did Derek propose to Meredith?

This is for the fans who can cast their minds back a few seasons and try to remember this intricate detail. With these two having such a difficult relationship it's surprising to consider that they actually managed to get married! But, to reach that point someone had to pluck up the courage to propose marriage to the other. Was it Derek who proposed or was it Meredith? Nonetheless, where did this alleged proposal actually take place? Select the answer below.

6Did Derek and Meredith ever get legally married?

Now we know that it was Derek who proposed to Meredith. He did so by sticking up copies of all the scans of patient's that they'd worked on together. He stuck them up inside an elevator in the hospital. Isn't it amazing what happens in these elevators; proposals, open heart surgery and so much more! Derek and Meredith actually signed their vows on a blue post-it, but did they ever legally get married? Afterall, the post-it was just super cute!

7Who offered themselves to Gary Clarke to save the other?

These doctors have some relationship goals that other folks can only hope to achieve one day. How many folks would actually offer their own life up if it meant that they could spare their loved one's life? There are a few who may raise their hand and step up to this if given the choice, but there are also many who would turn a blind eye and look the other way. Which of these doctors offered up their own life to save their partner's?

8What is Meredith and Derek's first child's name?

Meredith and Derek actually have three children together. Sadly, he never got to meet the last born child. But he did spend much time with his other children before he passed. Derek and Meredith adopted a young girl from Africa as well. They really have a diverse family. Picking a name for a baby can be a challenge sometimes, afterall it will literally be their identity for the rest of their lives. What was the name of their first child?

9How many times was Meredith Pregnant with Derek's child?

Meredith and Derek have three beautiful children together. Sadly, he never got to meet his last born before Patrick Dempsey left the show. That being said, perhaps the logical answer is three. But Meredith and Derek also have one adopted child... This changes things a little bit. And to complicate things even more, Meredith had trouble conceiving in first few seasons - but who was the baby's father? Could it be Derek, or was this another man's child? Select the answer below.

10Who saw Meredith and Derek together in the car?

While these two lovebirds where still trying to decide if they were gonna hook up or not, the rest of us were cheering them on from the side lines. Then, Izzie threw a small party at Meredith's house for her friends to meet her boyfriend, Hank. This turned out being a massive party that looked like something out of a college movie. Derek eventually showed up and he and Meredith decided to spend some alone time together in the car.

11True or False: Meredith and Derek went to prom together

Richard's niece came in to the hospital as she was ill. She was admitted and treated there by our favorite doctors. They were also all on their best behaviour as it was the Chief's niece. He also ordered them to arrange an unforgettable prom night for her. They also had to attend the dance, no excuses. At this point in the series, they were a little on again, off again, so who remembers whether or not they actually attended the prom as dates?

12Who was the 'other' girl at Joe's?

Just when things couldn't get any more complicated, there was another girl in at Joe's. This almost threw a massive spanner in to the works for team Meredith and Derek. Luckily nothing much came of this young lady in a romantic fashion, because that would have been very awkward. Who was this almost lucky young lady? She eventually found her own love to pursue, thankfully it wasn't McDreamy. Was it the lovely, Lexie? Could it have been Cristina, the mixologist?

13Who was the nurse Derek went out with?

When things between Meredith and Derek were not great they both decided to date other people. Which was fine, except that Derek decided to date a scrub nurse who he worked with for ages but didn't know her name. He made an effort to remember her name after that! Even Meredith had to get to know her name, since she was now the enemy. Things also became a tad uncomfortable since mixing business and pleasure is not always very wise.

14Where did Derek live when he first met Meredith?

When these two first met they were both going through some radical changes in their lives. Meredith's mum was ill and in a new home. Meredith had just moved from Boston to Seattle and was about to start her surgical internship. Derek had rushed away from New York in an attempt to get away from his cheating wife. Neither of them were living in five star, or luxury, accommodation but at least they both had a roof over their heads.

15What did Derek do with the ring he bought Meredith?

This couple went through so many ups and downs it actually became a challenge to keep track of what was happening. They also had an on-again off-again relationship which made it more challenging for everyone watching. But, at some stage there was a ring. A ring which Derek had gotten to propose to Meredith. Even one of his patients knew about the ring. But by the time Meredith found out, things had gone South for Derek, and he went dark and twisty.

16Who planned Meredith and Derek's wedding?

These two are not really the 'planning' type. They also don't really do big events with loads of people - like weddings. So Meredith happily let the reigns go, and allowed another lady to step in and help with their wedding planning. There were dresses to be chosen and fitted on, there were even suits that had to be considered. Then there was decor and cake, invites and so much more! But who was the lucky one planning this event?

17Why did Derek need to be bailed out?

The last thing anyone would expect from a brain surgeon is that he would end up behind bars... But Derek McDreamy Sheppard surprised us all. He'd already landed in jail briefly for a similar offence, and Meredith was there to bail him out - literally! But then he did it again... And Meredith wasn't going to allow any of it this time. She went to the holding cell where he sat and she collected the wedding bands, leaving him behind.

18Whose wedding did Derek miss while in jail?

As we mentioned, Derek was left in jail by Meredith since she believed that he needed to learn a lesson about his offence. He wasn't thrilled about the idea, but what choice did he have in the matter? The real tragedy though was that his actions resulted in him missing out on a wedding where he was also a part of the bridal party. We're not sure if Meredith achieved the goals she did by leaving him in the cell.

19Where was Derek offered a job?

This may have been the beginning of the end for this beautiful couple. They'd finally found their niche and settled in. Then, things changed and the dynamic shifted when Derek got that call. He was offered a new role, in a new town. This turned things a little upside down. There was a constant back and forth which Meredith and Derek found themselves struggling with. Eventually, a decision was made. This put some strain on their marriage and general relationship.

20Complete this: Pick me. Choose me. __________ ___.

This was a speech like nothing Grey's Anatomy viewers had seen before. This speech by Meredith, to Derek, was so touching and heartfelt. This was after Meredith found out about Addison. Basically Derek needed to get divorced in order to be in a healthy relationship with Meredith, but was he ready to make the choice? It didn't seem that way since he hesitated with signing the divorce papers. This was another thing Meredith and Derek had a big fight about.

21What does Meredith do in a crisis?

Meredith wasn't the only one who could stand up and give a speech when the moment called or it. In fact, most of these doctors had wise words to share at some stage of the game. The speech about what Meredith does in a crisis was actually given by the one and only, Derek Sheppard. He described who and what she is, as well as how she acts and reacts to various situations. But what does she do in a crisis?

22True or False: Derek told Meredith he was married

Derek left New York in a huff because he caught his wife, Addison, with his best friend, Mark Sloan. That situation would mess with anyone's head. So when Derek was living in Seattle he let loose and got involved with a new young lady. He wasn't wearing a wedding ring, but did he bother to mention this small detail to the girl at Joe's? Then, suddenly, out of the blue, Addison arrives at the hospital, and introduces herself to Meredith.

23Finish this sentence: Don't get me wrong. I like the...

This scene comes from the first season, episode two. A young lady comes in, and she was wearing the same shoes as what Meredith wore that day. She was not in a good state at all. Meredith and Derek are standing outside the patient's room when he approaches her. He mentions that they are not dating. They discuss what he needs to bring should this elevator moment happen again and Meredith actually tells him to 'Shut up'. They are interrupted when the patient crashes.

24What nickname is given to Derek?

Everyone has a nickname. Some of them are cool and others can be cruel. Some nicknames we earn and others are just given to us. This was the case with Derek Sheppard. He was given a nickname he didn't even know about. Initially it was almost like a secret code, but soon enough the nickname was told to Derek. A similar nickname was given to his BFF, Mark Sloan. Some folks would easily confuse the two, but not Cristina Yang.

25Who did Meredith and Derek give their wedding to?

So we have established that Meredith and Derek did not plan their own wedding ceremony or reception. This was done by none other than Izzie Stevens. Izzie planned everything, down to the very last detail. And then, after everything she did, Meredith and Derek gave their wedding away to someone else anyway. It wasn't deliberate though, it was just the best decision for them to make at the time. Who did they end up giving their special wedding day to?

26True or False: Derek got down on one knee to propose

Every girl dreams of a perfect proposal with her knight in shinning armor. But Meredith Grey isn't like every girl, in fact she is very much the opposite to most. This is probably a good thing since Derek is also a little different - but good different! His proposal to Meredith is also a little unorthodox, after all he did propose in an elevator. The question is, did he actually get down on one knee, like tradition prompts, and propose?

27The first time Meredith and Derek meet at work she says their relationship is...

Ah, that awkward moment when one realizes that their last date is actually their boss's boss... This is the exact situation Meredith finds herself in on her very first day at work. Derek is thrilled, one can tell by the look on his face. Meredith is not impressed and she yells at Derek about their so-called 'relationship'. He finds the situation pretty amusing and turns everything she says in to a joke. Eventually Meredith storms off and leaves him behind.

28Who did Derek choose first?

Who wouldn't expect a man like Derek to be spoiled for choice when it comes to the ladies. This is exactly the situation McDreamy finds himself in when he realizes that he needs to pick between Meredith and his wife, Addison. His choice isn't all that surprising to being with. But we were glad to see that he came to his senses eventually. Leaving your wife after many years cannot be an easy choice, so he also took his time deciding.

29What is Meredith and Derek's second child's name?

This happy couple actually had more than one child together. In fact, they had three children. One of these was the sweetest little girl from Africa which they adopted. She came through to Seattle as one of Alex's patients who had medical condition and needed treatment. They also had two other children eventually. Was their second born a boy or a girl? What did they decide to name their second born child? Did they use a family name or not?

30How did Meredith deliver Derek Bailey Shepherd?

After Derek and Meredith were able to conceive in Meredith's hostile uterus, she was also able to carry to term. Of course, when the baby was ready to be delivered it had to come out one way or another. There are only two options when it comes to delivering a baby - natural birth or c-section. Bailey actually delivered her baby with George's help, but she had a natural delivery. What type of delivery did Meredith have with her first biological child?

31Meredith dated a vet. What was his name?

When Meredith decided it was time to start dating other people she included a veterinarian. He was the vet who helped look after Meredith and Derek's dog. We are not sure if it was love at first sight, but they did seem to have a few good times together. Of course, Derek was less than impressed when he discovered they were dating, which is ironic since he had moved on with his own love life by staying with Addison too.

32What was the name of the dog Meredith and Derek had?

Every dog needs a cool name, after all they become a part of the family. So this little guy was also given a name. This dog was a menace in some people's eyes, but he was a sweet heart for others. Izzie and George used to try and hide away from him since he seemed to make their lives difficult. Meredith was of a different opinion and she also loved the dog dearly. Sadly, he got ill and had to be put down.

33What is the name of Meredith and Derek's last born child?

And then there were three. Just before Derek's accident, he told his wife that he wanted to have another baby. Little did they know that they'd already be pregnant when Derek passed away. After he passed, Meredith took her children and left town, just like her mum did when she was a child. When she gave birth she had listed Alex as her next of kin, so he arrived soon after to meet this little bundle of joy. What was the baby's name?

34What relationship is Maggie to Meredith?

Shonda Rhimes seems to really enjoy having characters discover long lost friends and family. It can get a little bit confusing with so many of these characters coming and going. However, after losing Derek, this character as well as a few others, were really there for Meredith and her children, who definitely needed all the help they could get. However, how exactly was Maggie related to Meredith? And we do not necessarily mean in the familial sense. There are all kinds of relationships!

35Which of these people has not ever lived in Meredith's house?

Meredith's house became a hub of activity early on. This isn't surprising since medical students don't exactly have tons of cash to throw around on lavish apartments and their own digs. In the first season, she has two of her fellow interns move in with her to help with making ends meet, but throughout the series many people come to live at her place. Which of the people below NEVER moved in to the Grey residence? It may not be the most obvious choice.

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