Only Bugs Bunny Could Name More Than 80% Of These Looney Tunes!

Warner Bros. is recognized for the widely favorited Looney Tunes. It aired its first cartoon in 1933, almost a century ago. The series accomplished momentous achievements that are owed to its characters and episode format.

Looney Tunes episodes are formatted in a series of short films. Many other shows take inspiration from the original Looney Toons animated series. The characters who debuted on this show continue to reappear in new works. Who could forget its zany cast of characters?

Cartoons today have higher quality animation, updated dialogue, and contain even more creative characters. Looney Tunes is voted the #1 series of all time at Just besting The Simpsons, and ahead of shows such as Tom and Jerry and The Flintstones, it ran from 1930-1969 and was revived in 1987.

It goes to show that an age-old show can still have a fan base. To see a new Looney Tunes animated series, anyone would want to watch New Looney Tunes (formerly known as Wabbit: A Looney Tunes Production during the first season). Without doubt, most could settle down with a classic Looney Tunes DVD collection and have a jolly ole time. Only Bugs Bunny could name at least 80% of the Looney Tunes!

Question 1

Name this Looney Tunes character!

She is one of the lesser known Looney Tunes characters due to only having appeared in a few episodes. Her most notable appearances happened in episodes in the early Looney Tunes years. Still, she continues to be revitalized in new Looney Tunes related series because she fits well and has ties to the other characters. She is often mocked for her old-fashioned ways and aloofness at times. Some may have difficulty with this teaser. Try to name this Looney Tunes character!

Question 2

Name the figure on the left of this screenshot!

Just like the fairytale, this character has a similar backstory in Looney Tunes episodes. Looney Tunes contains a ginormous amount of short films that included a surplus of hilarity. With parodies from classic fairytales and television series, Looney Tunes consists of some of the most intriguing stories. This scene contains two characters who appear in Looney Tunes. Many will likely recognize her since most of us have heard her fairy tale as a kid. Name the figure on the left of this screenshot!.

Question 3

Which Looney Tunes character is based off of a speedy animal?

His incredible speed, nearly faster than a bullet, makes him uncatchable by the determined Wile E. Coyote. By setting a series of traps, Wile E. Coyote attempts to catch this character who has no dialogue throughout the Looney Tunes episodes. Despite being a character who has dialogue consisting of short beeps, Road Runner has a significant part in the series and is liked by many. This character is based off a speedy animal. Can anyone name this Looney Tunes character?

Question 4

Who is Bugs Bunny's girlfriend?

She is the love-crush of Bugs Bunny and an influential character in Looney Tunes media. Many will remember her for the significant role she received in the movie Space Jam. Space Jam was a cross between a live-action and an animated film, which featured the prominent Michael Jordan. With Michael Jordan teaming up with the Looney Tunes squad, they saved the Earth by besting their fiendish opponents in a basketball game. We will never forget Looney Tunes because of Space Jam. Who is Bugs Bunny's girlfriend?

Question 5

Name this skunk from Looney Tunes!

This character is a skunk that has appeared in a bunch of episodes throughout the Looney Tunes series. At heart, this skunk character is a romantic who has issues finding love because of his smell and delusions. He would think as if he is a perfect example, but his unpleasant smell and other qualities prevent him from finding the romance he desires. He was first known as "Stinky," and was also known as "Henry." Name of this skunk from Looney Tunes?

Question 6

What is the name of this rooster?

This screenshot may remind many of Drumstick, the Rooster from Diddy Kong Racing for the Nintendo 64. His great appearance makes him stand out. Despite being a leghorn rooster, this character is pretty intelligent judging by his confident way of speaking. In total, this Looney Tune has appeared in 28 cartoons throughout the Golden Age of cartoons—pretty impressive for any cartoon character. All 28 cartoons were directed by Robert McKimson, this character's creator. What is the name of this leghorn rooster?

Question 7

What is the name of this prospector?

His Western theme makes him an ideal character for Looney Tunes. This whacky character is more violent than Bugs Bunny's other enemies including Elmer Fudd. His behaviour can be maniacal at times. One of the most epic episodes containing this character is perhaps the episode when he dressed up as a pirate and was the captain of a pirate ship. Bugs Bunny made an appearance in this episode and was caught in the middle of a gunpowder explosion. What is the name of this prospector?

Question 8

What is the name of this Looney Tunes character?

Early Looney Tunes episodes owe a significant amount of their popularity to the episodes containing this short character. Episodes included a combination of Bugs Bunny attempting to flee from his range and a story to go along with it. One wouldn't call him a skilled hunter, in fact, one may even say he is one of the least skilled hunters in cartoons. Judging by his constant frustration, he may not think he is a talented hunter either. What is the name of this character from Looney Tunes?

Question 9

What is the name of this Looney Tunes character?

This intergalactic tune is seen throughout the Looney Tune episodes. For many, he is a favorite because of his upbeat and comical personality. Unlike many aliens we see in movies and television, this character has an upbeat personality and can be hilarious at times. He is one of the evil antagonists in the Looney Tunes series. He is said to be much like the opposite of Yosemite Sam. His primary color is green. What is the name of this Looney Tunes character?

Question 10

Name the figure on the left side of this screenshot!

The character on the left side of this screenshot changes his appearance throughout various Looney Tune shows. A great deal of original Looney Tune episodes involves this character emerging from behind a Looney Tunes logo to exclaim, "'Th-th-th-that's all folks!' Putting aside that he is a loveable character in Looney Tunes episodes, his appearance at the credits makes him a widely famous Looney Tune who is ingrained in pop-culture. Can anyone name the figure on the left side of this screenshot?

Question 11

Name the Looney Tune on the right side of the screenshot!

Most of the time he is a friendly character, but when he gets the chance, he will attempt to eat Tweety Bird. He is a cat who is often seen with his owner, Granny. Because he is usually near Granny, he has limited opportunities to pounce on Tweety Bird. He is very persistent, and he won't give up until he catches his prey. Aside from trying to eat the Tweety Bird, He can be considered a good character. What is the name of this Looney Tune?

Question 12

What is the name of this Looney Tune?

Wild and maniacal, this character is possibly the most fierce Looney Tune. He is based on an animal like many other Looney Tunes characters such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, or Porky Pig. He does speak in episodes, yet he cannot talk that well. What is the name of this Looney Tune? This character is ferocious and has a short-temper. He is also dangerous, so do not attempt to cross this one. What is the name of this Looney Tune?

Question 13

Guess the name of this Looney Tunes character!

His antiques are as wild as his lisp. This character continually spits when he talks, and reminds many of that one friend they might have. This character is regarded as one of the best Looney Tunes characters and characters in cartoons period. The screenshot displayed on this question is from a more recent Looney Tunes episode. Even if one had not seen a Looney Tunes episode, he or she should surely be able to answer this question. Guess the name of this Looney Tunes character!

Question 14

What is the name of this bird?

This bird has a joyful personality and makes frequent appearances throughout the Looney Tunes series. Her innocent blue eyes and mild mannerisms make her very pleasant. Although Sylvester the Cat continually pursues this character to complete his goal of making this character his prey, this character maintains to be joyful, and she rarely notices that Sylvester the Cat is trying to eat her. What is the name of this bird who appears in the Looney Tunes episodes on numerous occasions?

Question 15

Name this Looney Tune!

He is not the fastest Looney Tune in existence, but he is undoubtedly one of the wildest of the Looney Tune characters. He has an obsession with tracking Road Runner to eat him. It is difficult to catch the Road Runner who can reach speeds that are exceeding miles per hour. It would seem as if he is smart, but his plans never seem to come to completion. Let's see if anyone can name this sly Looney Tune. Name this Looney Tune!

Question 16

Who is the mascot of Warner Bros. Entertainment?

Even though this character was first introduced in the late 1930s, he remains to be the most recognizable Looney Tunes. He has a personality that is described as sharp-witted and joyful. This rabbit character from Looney Tunes has enemies including Elmer Fudd, Gossamer, and Witch Hazel. He is often seen talking with friends or sitting back and relaxing to chomp on a flavorful carrot. Looney Tunes wouldn't be the same without this loveable rabbit. Who is the mascot of Warner Bros. Entertainment?

Question 17

Who is also known as the "The Fastest Mouse in all Mexico?"

Many characters in Looney Tunes are capable of reaching high speeds. Even characters such as Bug Bunny are capable of moving exceedingly fast if needed. He may not be the fastest character in the Looney Tunes media, but he would be a fierce competitor to Road Runner. In a small dash he would likely win, but in a long canyon blitz, Road Runner would surely be the victor. He is also known as the "The Fastest Mouse in all Mexico." What is the name of this speedy Looney Tune?

Question 18

What is the name of this person?

The old woman who frequently appears in various Looney Tunes episodes is one of the most gentle and compassionate human-beings whom we have grown to cherish over the years. Her many pets cause much of the foolery that takes place surrounding her. These pets act innocent whenever she is in the room, but usually act how they want whenever she isn't. Her pet Sylvester is possibly the most cunning and evil of her three pets. What is the name of this person?

Question 19

Name this big orange Looney Tune!

He is a monster in the Looney Tunes world who is known as a menace by other characters. Many would think he is hiding a body underneath his fur, but this character is made entirely of hair as revealed in Duck Dodgers and the Return of the 24½th Century. Due to appearing in such works as Tiny Toon Adventures, Frankenstein, Space Jam, and more, this character is one of the most fantastic figures in Looney Tunes. Can anybody name this Looney Tune?

Question 20

What is the name of this character from Looney Tunes?

He is one of the most popular charters in the Looney Tunes Universe because of his relationship with Ralph Wolf. Both characters have similar appearances to other characters, but different personalities. He has a significant amount of strength that is apparent while watching the show. He is big and burly, and capable of knocking out Ralph Wolf with a single punch. He even appeared in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. One must see Looney Tunes' films to truly enjoy What is the name of this character from Looney Tunes?

Question 21

Name this wacky Looney Tunes character!

He is one of the various characters in Looney Tunes who have quarrels with other characters. Animal characters in Looney Tunes have can have enemies. Their disputes can be entertaining and intertwined in plots, making each episode more engaging. Some would say that Looney Tunes has aged, but those people are all wrong. Looney Tunes are often regarded as the most iconic series of the Golden Age of cartoons. Let's see if anybody can name this wacky Looney Tunes character!

Question 22

What is the name of this Looney Tune?

A cartoon featuring a multitude of talking animals is not complete without the addition of a dancing frog. This frog character sings many songs while wearing a top hat and holding a cane. His aerobatic moves make him a sensation onscreen. He has performed songs such as "Hello! Ma Baby," "I'm Just Wild About Harry," "The Michigan Rag," and "Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone." His first episode appearance was in the 1950s. What is the name of this Looney Tune?

Question 23

Name this dog from the Looney Tunes series!

This dog proves to be problematic for many other characters in the Looney Tunes television series because of his short-temper and lack of intelligence. He is the dog of Granny who also owns a Sylvester and Tweety. As many could imagine, this dog attempts to spar with Sylvester on multiple occasions. Due to his robust size and muscle definition, he is a potentially hazardous Looney Tunes character. Let's see if anybody can name this dog from the Looney Tunes series!

Question 24

Name this duo from Looney Tunes!

This isn't just one character from the Looney Tunes Universe - it is actually two! These two characters are small and brown, and they have buck teeth much like the animals they are modelled after. Like many other Looney Tunes characters, these two fellows were created by Robert Clampett. Robert (Bob) Clampett also created characters such as Beaky Buzzard, Bugs Bunny, Tweety, Cecil Turtle, Charlie Dog, and Daffy Duck. Looney Tunes owes much to Robert Clampett's genius creations. Name this duo from Looney Tunes!

Question 25

What is the name of this turtle?

This character has an appearance that is similar to the protagonist of Franklin but has a contrasting personality. When it comes to Bugs Bunny's race, few opponents have had the satisfaction of winning. One of the only characters who can beat Bugs Bunny in his race is the turtle character on the left of this screenshot. To gain a victory on this quiz, one will have to answer this question correctly! What is the name of this turtle from the Looney Tunes series?

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