Only Boring People Will Fail This Pub Quiz

When it comes to pop culture and pub trivia, those two things go perfectly hand in hand. People love to ask questions and people also love having the right answers on deck within their minds. Our brains have the capacity to hold onto so much data and information. the best place to show our stuff and act a bit braggy about all the things we know is in a pub trivia situation. Being able to answer interesting questions about popular things in the media is always fun to do!

Boring people might struggle to ace a pub trivia quiz like this one that focuses on pop culture subjects of today but those of us out there who are interesting and in-the-know won't struggle at all. If we are able to identify movies, famous celebs, popular logos, game consoles, and more than we are in the first place to score super high!

Question 1

Identify this logo!

Question 2

Which actor plays the role of Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies?

Question 3

Who is this?

Question 4

What type of card game is Texas Hold 'Em?

Question 5

Who is Beyonce married to?

Question 6

At what location did the characters of Friends go to hang out?

Question 7

What are the fans of Justin Bieber often referred to as?

Question 8

Name this vampire movie franchise!

Question 9

Who is this?

Question 10

Which movie spurred the romance between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie?

Question 11

Identify this logo!

Question 12

Which of these burgers can be found at McDonald's?

Question 13

What is beer pong?

Question 14

Statistically, what is the most popular ice cream flavor?

Question 15

What channel did Miley Cyrus rise to fame on?

Question 16

What is this game console called?

Question 17

Who is this?

Question 18

What movie is this?

Question 19

Identify this logo!

Question 20

Who is this?

Question 21

What is this game console called?

Question 22

Who is the oldest of the Kardashian sisters?

Question 23

Identify this logo!

Question 24

Statistically, what is the most popular pizza topping?

Question 25

What movie is this?

Question 26

Identify this logo!

Question 27

What movie is this?

Question 28

Who is this?

Question 29

Identify this logo!

Question 30

Name this animated TV show!

Question 31

What movie is this?

Question 32

What is this game console called?

Question 33

Whose famous phrase is "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee?"

Question 34

Which Californian city would we go to for Disneyland?

Question 35

Identify this logo!

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