Only Barry Allen Can Name All These Characters From The Flash!

It was in 2014 when we first met Barry Allen in his own show, “The Flash,” and the Arrowverse fanatics were nothing but impressed. To date, its pilot is branded as the “second-most watched premiere” next to 2009’s “The Vampire Diaries” on The CW. Show creators Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, and Geoff Johns clearly did not disappoint.

Four years into the series, and we've been presented with countless villains and characters that mark the show’s success. Some of them became our favorites and some were just too annoying to even remember. Does the name 'Henry Hewitt' ring any bells? We know you’d love to forget that egocentric scientist who almost became the other half of Firestorm. Well, let’s just be thankful we have not seen him since Jax (Jackson) took the part.

Four years is quite a long journey with “The Flash” and we'd be quite impressed if you can name all the characters that Allen and his S.T.A.R. Labs team have met along the way. Especially if the crossovers and “Flashpoint” are to be considered.

So now, let’s put your Arrowverse memory to the test. Only Barry Allen can get a perfect score on this quiz. Are you up for the challenge?

Question 1

Who is he?

The Ray

In the world of DC Comics, this character was a regular guy on Earth One who absorbed his Earth X doppelganger’s light-based powers. But in the series, we were only introduced to his superhero transformation on CW’s crossover episode titled “Crisis on Earth-X.” In said episode, we saw him save the Arrowverse superheroes from the Axis Forces led by Oliver Queen’s doppelganger. We also discovered his love affair with one of the show’s all-time favorite villains turned superhero, Captain Cold.

Question 2

Remember him?

Captain David Singh

As Captain of the CCPD, he is understandably hard on Barry Allen for always being late and clumsy in the workplace. Ironically, he also doesn't believe in The Flash. He previously asked his agents to capture the superhero to prove that the speedster really exists. But when he witnessed The Flash in a street fight, he could no longer deny what he had seen with his own eyes. Fortunately, he warmed up to the man behind the mask as well and treated Allen with respect during the second half of the show’s first season.

Question 3

Do you recognize this lady?

Nora Allen

In Flashpoint, we saw Barry Allen living a life with this sweet and loving lady. We have never seen Allen as happy and as peaceful as he was here. But not all good things come to last. This woman died, despite everything that The Flash sacrificed to be with her again. And though it was the most agonizing thing Allen had to do as a superhero, he ordered her death at the hands of Eobard Thawne. It was such a painful episode to watch.

Question 4

Guess who he is!


He hailed from Earth-Two and the S.T.A.R. Labs team had the littlest idea that he would be the biggest threat in their city. This guy suffered a painful childhood. Having witnessed his father murder his mother, he lived on to be a serial killer. And when the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator exploded, he became a speedster just like The Flash of Earth-One. But this metahuman overused his powers and soon was imprisoned by the Time Wraiths, who turned him into Black Flash.

Question 5

Can you name her?

Thea Queen

We saw her in “The Flash” Season 2 when Barry Allen needed Team Arrow to help with a villain named Vandal Savage. As the maternal half-sister of the famous Oliver Queen and daughter of the League of Assassins’ Malcolm Merlyn, it’s no surprise why she grew to be an expert in archery. She is also skilled in stick fighting and demonstrates excellent dexterity with swords and knives. Her alter ego is Speedy, a code name given to her by her brother.

Question 6

Name this guy!

General Wade Eiling

Controlled by Gorilla Grodd’s psychic powers, this corrupt U.S. Army military general committed robberies until he was captured by The Flash. In S.T.A.R. Labs, the team found that he was being manipulated by Grodd’s mind-controlling abilities. He was then released from his manipulation with the help of Barry Allen. Before being a puppet to Grodd, this man had always been ruthless to humans and animals. He led experimentations and inhumane activities to form new weapons that could strengthen the U.S. Army.

Question 7

Remember this girl?

Linda Park

One of Barry Allen’s ex-girlfriends, this former news reporter had to leave Central City to protect herself from her Earth-Two doppelganger. She also worked with the S.T.A.R. Labs team in trying to capture Zoom. However, the plan didn’t work and it just compromised her safety. Thus, she had to fly to Coast City to start a new life. It seems nothing was keeping her in Central City as Allen broke up with her after learning about Iris West’s feelings for him.

Question 8

Do you know him?

John Diggle

Thanks to this man, Barry Allen and Iris West were able to finally exchange their vows. But in “The Flash” Season 3, we learned that his faith was hugely affected by Flashpoint. Allen revealed that in the original timeline, he had a daughter, not a son. It was not easy to accept at first but he was able to make peace with it. Fortunately, it didn’t affect his friendship with Allen and it was he who paved the way for the West-Allen marriage to happen.

Question 9

Name this girl!

Kendra Saunders

Cisco Ramon had grown fond of her before the S.T.A.R. Labs team learned of her history. She appeared to be an ordinary girl working at Jitters but her history tells us that she was never – and can never – be ordinary. It was Cisco who discovered that she is a special woman who once had extraordinary powers. She had to find who she really was and later joined Rip Hunter and the Legends. Her alter ego is Hawk Girl.

Question 10

Do you know this pretty lady?

Lisa Snart

She is beautiful and charming, but dangerous. This woman is Leonard Snart's sister. She is extremely skilled in using firearms. She used her sexuality to attract Cisco Ramon and kidnapped him to help free her brother from their abusive father. It turned out that she was not really a criminal and had real feelings for Cisco. However, her loyalty is with Snart who practically raised her since she was a child. She fled Central City with her brother, leaving Cisco with a kiss goodbye.

Question 11

Do you remember her name?

Laurel Lance

Star City mourned her death, as did Team Arrow and Team Flash. We saw her in an episode on “The Flash” where she revealed that she is the real Black Canary. She also told Cisco Ramon that she knew that Barry Allen is The Flash. Unfortunately, she died in a fight with “Arrow” villain Damien Darhk. But we still got to see her Earth-Two doppelganger, Black Siren, on “The Flash” Season 2. Black Siren has an incredible supersonic screaming ability.

Question 12

Can you name this man?

Jay Garrick

We met him on “The Flash” Season 2, a speedster who's also known as The Flash. He hails from Earth-Three. In a quest to play a hero on Earth-Two, Zoom captured him and took his place as The Flash. He was kept imprisoned in Zoom’s lair for many years until Barry Allen discovered his existence. He is Henry Allen’s doppelganger and became one of Team Flash’s loyal friends. He took Barry's place and sacrificed himself to release Barry from the speed force.

Question 13

Do you remember this lady?

Francine West

She left her husband and daughter because of her drug addiction. It took her almost 20 years before she finally had the courage to return. However, her former husband didn’t appreciate her return. It was only until they all knew she was dying that they started to accept and forgive her. This lady committed a lot of mistakes, including keeping the existence of their son from her husband. She succumbed to her disease soon after the secret of her son was revealed.

Question 14

Remember her?

Patty Spivot

She is a former police detective of the CCPD and worked directly with Joe West and Barry Allen. She soon formed a special bond with Allen and became his girlfriend. But with all the Earth-Two metahumans causing chaos around Central City, Allen started missing out on their dates. She then became skeptical about Allen’s whereabouts. It didn’t take long before she learned that her boyfriend is The Flash and asked him to confess. But Allen refused to do so in order to protect her.

Question 15

Do you know him?

Jullian Albert

He is a hardworking crime scene investigator of the CCPD. He specialized in metahumans and later became part of Team Flash. He was once manipulated by Savitar through a Philosopher’s Stone, which he found during an expedition. This guy had no idea that Savitar was in his head and unknowingly did the his bidding as Dr. Alchemy. Fortunately, he had help from S.T.A.R. Labs and was released from Savitar’s powers. He then joined Team Flash in defeating Savitar. However, he left Central City after Caitlin Snow didn't return his feelings for her.

Question 16

Do you know her?

Felicity Smoak

She surprised Barry Allen in “The Flash” Season 1 but she ended up being the one who was surprised by her friend’s super speed. She often visits Central City to work with Team Flash. This girl has no superpowers but is technologically gifted. Caitlin Snow and Allen believe that she is the world’s greatest hacker. She hails from Star City and is a member of Team Arrow. She is now happily married to Oliver Queen after years of their on and off relationship.

Question 17

Name this guy!

Ronnie Raymond

He is Caitlin Snow's former love interest and the original partner of Martin Stein as Firestorm. Snow was married to this man and we almost thought he would be a series regular. However, before “The Flash” Season 1 concluded, Eddie Thawne’s death caused a singularity to form. He insisted on helping The Flash in stabilizing the singularity and hoped that it could separate his body from Stein. However, his body just disappeared in the singularity and was never found again.

Question 18

Have you forgotten him?

Martin Stein

He is brilliant, exceptional, and an award-winning physicist. But after being affected by the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion, his life drastically changed. As the other half of Firestorm, he embraced the journey of being a superhero with Rip Hunter and the Legends. He was once the captain of the Waverider but he gave up the position to Sara Lance. He met his demise in a battle with the Nazis after the birth of his grandchild.

Question 19

Name this honorable man!

Eddie Thawne

The city owes its peace to this former CCPD police detective. He sacrificed his life so Reverse-Flash would never be born in the future. It is because of him that Central City was released from the chaos brought about by Reverse-Flash. He was the former fiancé of Iris West and was nicknamed Detective Pretty Boy by Joe West. This guy was a major character in “The Flash” Season 1 and he appeared in almost every episode of the TV series.

Question 20

Do you remember him?

Anthony Bellows

He is Central City’s former Mayor who’s now imprisoned in Iron Heights. It was revealed that he ordered his lackeys to kill Ralph Dibny, who knew that he was cheating on his wife. Dibny blackmailed him in exchange for cash, but the Mayor cheated and hired a hitman to kill him. Team Flash learned about this and successfully captured the Mayor to pay for his crimes. In Iron Heights, he met Barry Allen again when the latter was accused of killing Clifford DeVoe.

Question 21

Can you guess his name?

Gregory Wolfe

This character is a corrupt warden of Iron Heights. He worked with Amunet Black, who kidnaps metahumans for business. As the powerful supervisor of the metahuman wing in Iron Heights, it was easy for this guy to figure out that Barry Allen is The Flash. So, he captured Allen and other metahumans to surrender them to Black. However, his plan was jeopardized when Allen figured out a way to escape their cells. He was later killed by Clifford DeVoe together with other metahumans.

Question 22

Name this superhero!

Jesse Wells

This lady got her smarts from her father. But she has proven to be better than what her father expected of her. She gained her powers from a dark matter wave at S.T.A.R. Labs. She then became a speedster, which her dad disapproved of. However, she fought for her freedom to do what she wanted in her life, and her father eventually agreed with her choice. This girl hails from Earth-Two, but she lived in Central City for a while to spend time with her boyfriend, Wally West.

Question 23

Do you remember him?

Oliver Queen

We saw him in the pilot episode of “The Flash”, and we learned that he and Barry Allen are close friends. When Team Flash needs help, Allen always confides in him. He is not just a superhero who keeps Star City safe, he is a true and reliable friend. He is married to Felicity Smoak, a close friend of Allen's. We also want to note her unique friendship with one of Allen's super friends, Supergirl.

Question 24

Guess his name!

Clifford DeVoe

They call him The Thinker and he is unbelievably knowledgeable in just about everything. He uses his abilities to absorb metahuman powers, and take their identities. We first heard his name from Abra Kadabra in “The Flash” Season 3. Kadabra named him one of Barry Allen’s greatest enemies. DeVoe is formerly a history professor and his wife helps him fulfill his dark plans against The Flash. It remains to be seen how Allen can defeat this new villain.

Question 25

Have you forgotten about him?

Leonard Snart

Fans of “The Flash” and “Legends of Tomorrow” surely missed him when he died while saving Earth from the corruption of Time Masters. We never thought that this man would be a superhero because of his reputation as a notorious thief. But even though his Earth One doppelganger is dead, fans can still watch him alive and kicking on “Legends of Tomorrow.” As it turns out, his Earth X doppelganger is also a superhero and he has now joined the Legends as they travel through time.

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