Only An '80s Kid Will Ace This Sitcom Quiz

Kids who were born in the '80s got to grow up with all the best sitcoms. They had TV writers figuring out all the tropes like the 'will they or won't they?' relationship before it was hackneyed and overdone and cliched. They had brilliant comedians like Garry Shandling and Jerry Seinfeld and Ray Romano and Tim Allen playing versions of themselves on television in some of the finest comedy series ever to air. Family sitcoms were teaching them lessons in ways that were actually funny and frank and relatable, and not just sappy and treacly and lame. Those were the best days ever for sitcoms. It was right after they had perfected the formula for them and just before they started to become trite and outdated and, well, terrible. Luckily, we still have these shows available on streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, and they're timeless, so we'll always have them out there to watch and rewatch and bask in. But only people who were born in the '80s will be able to answer all of these questions about the sitcom gems of the 1990s. Do you have the couch potato chops to do it? Take the quiz to find out!

1Who played Rachel in Friends?

The actress who starred in Friends on NBC as the lead character of Rachel Green is one of those rare TV actors to go on to be huge stars in the movie business. She starred in Bruce Almighty, which grossed more than $400 million at the worldwide box office and that’s unprecedented for a comedy movie, even one that stars Jim Carrey as a man who is given the powers of God. Who played Rachel Green in the show Friends?

2What kind of scientist is Ross Geller?

Ross Geller has always been the biggest nerd out of the cast of characters in Friends. He has either worked at a museum or a university for his whole career. He's an expert in a certain field of science and that's what he's built his entire life around ever since he graduated from college. He even created his own superhero character once called Science Kid (until a young Phoebe came and stole the drawings from him in a mugging incident). What kind of scientist is Ross Geller?

3Which '90s sitcom is often described as "a show about nothing?"

One of the biggest hits of the '90s on television was also often referred to as "a show about nothing." It starred a comedian playing himself and the idea behind it was to show how comedians get their material from everyday life. It would eventually evolve to become a darker and more cynical version of Friends in which the characters have no feelings or emotions for one another. The show even had a storyline where the characters pitched "a show about nothing" sitcom to NBC. How meta! Which '90s sitcom is often described as "a show about nothing?"

4What was Steve Urkel's catchphrase?

The character of Steve Urkel in Family Matters was only supposed to be a small supporting player who popped up every now and again over the years. It was supposed to be a show about the exploits of a blue collar working class family, but Urkel proved so popular that he eventually became the star of the show and the show became nothing but a shadow of its former self. Urkel was known for his popular catchphrase. What was that catchphrase?

5Which future A-list movie star made his name as The Fresh Prince of Bel Air?

Some movie stars get their start in TV. George Clooney was the star of the medical drama series ER before making the jump to the big screen. Bruce Willis was starring in a show called Moonlighting before he got called up to the worldwide stage of the silver screen and started in a little action movie called Die Hard. One star got his start in acting from this sitcom. Which future A-list movie star made his name starring in the hit '90s sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel Air?

6What is the name of Ray Barone's brother?

Thanks to all the brilliant and groundbreaking and classic shows that were on the air in the '90s, everyone had some serious competition when it came to the awards shows at the end of every season. Some of the best actors on television were not getting any recognition. Jason Alexander never got an Emmy for playing George Costanza, because he was always overshadowed by Brad Garrett playing the role of Ray's brother on Everybody Loves Raymond. What is the name of Ray Barone's brother on the show?

7What is Murphy Brown’s job?

Murphy Brown is one of the many, many shows from the ‘90s to be making a comeback with a new revival series. It’s joining Twin Peaks and Will and Grace and Roseanne and The X Files in a long, long list of such shows. The show stars Candice Bergen in a strong female lead role alongside her co-workers like Jim and Frank and Corky. It’s a workplace comedy focusing on the main character and her job. What is Murphy Brown’s job?

8Who plays Roseanne Conners’ husband?

Roseanne has had a very highly rated comeback recently as the show has been revived for another season, and then another one to come after that. Sure, it’s been controversial for its political leanings, but the show has been a ratings hit. The show was a trailblazer when it first started, since it gave a strong starring role to a woman and had many female writers, including Grace McKeaney, Lauren Eve Anderson, and Laurie Gelman. Who plays Roseanne Conners’ husband?

9What radio station does Frasier Crane work for?

Spinoff series are rarely successful. The characters who worked well as supporting players on another show might not necessarily work out as a main character in their own show. They might be able to carry a subplot, but maybe they can’t carry an entire show of their own. That does not apply, however, to the psychiatrist character from Cheers, Dr. Frasier Crane. He moved to Seattle and hosted a radio show in his spinoff. What radio station does Frasier Crane work for?

10Which soap opera did Joey Tribbiani have a role in?

Matt LeBlanc has said that he fitted into the role of Joey on Friends really easily, because the life of a struggling actor was his life prior to landing the gig on the show. The character eventually landed a recurring role on a soap opera playing a character named Dr. Drake Ramoray. But when Joey was foolish enough to diss the writers in an interview, they were so furious that they wrote him off the show and had his character killed off. And let that be a lesson to all the actors out there. Which soap opera did Joey Tribbiani have a role in?

11Which famous twins starred in Full House when they were kids?

A famous pair of twins appeared in the cast of Full House, one of the biggest TV comedy shows of the 1990s. For some unknown reasons, owing to some really ugly stuff that must have gone on behind the scenes, these twins are absent from the Netflix revival of the show, which acts as a sequel to the original and is called Fuller House (as in time has passed and now the house has become more full in that time and that's where we pick up with them I the show). Which famous twins starred in Full House when they were kids?

12What TV show did Tim Taylor host in Home Improvement?

Home Improvement was one of the biggest and most popular and highest rated shows of the 1990s. In fact, it had become so popular by the end of it that Tim Allen was the highest paid actor on television, tied with Ray Romano of Everybody Loves Raymond and Jerry Seinfeld of, well, Seinfeld with a salary of $1 million an episode. His character Tim Taylor is the host of a TV show about tools. What TV show did Tim Taylor host in Home Improvement?

13What city is the bar from Cheers in?

Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name, and they're always glad you came. And so goes the theme song from the iconic sitcom Cheers, one of the greatest and most influential shows of all time. Cheers was Friends before there was Friends. It was huge. The show was set in a bar and it was about the staff and patrons of that bar, but it was really about the relationship of Sam and Diane. That was the hook. That was what kept us coming back, week after week. We need another show like that. What city is the bar from Cheers in?

14Who is Jerry Seinfeld's neighbor?

Michael Richards played the neighbor of Jerry Seinfeld in the show Seinfeld about his life. This character was one of the most popular on the show and he was so iconic that even walking through a door could make the audience cheer, to the point where Larry David had to actually ask them to tone down their response when he entered. He was a master of physical comedy and had the gall to take whatever he wanted out of Jerry's fridge without asking. Richards won Emmy awards for playing this classic sitcom character. Who is the character?

15How many kids do Ray and Debra Barone have?

One of the best family sitcoms of the 1990s was Everybody Loves Raymond. All of the family exploits and dynamics in the show are more relatable and real than your average family sitcom. Ray Romano cracked the code and made a show that was more real than anything else on TV at that time, and what grew from it was a classic show that is timeless. Ray in the show has kids. How many kids do Ray and Debra Barone have?

16Which of these comedy legends was NOT in NewsRadio?

NewsRadio was a great sitcom about the employees of a radio station that was created by the great comedy writer Paul Simms. It was “the sitcom that broke all the rules.” It starred a lot of legendary comedians and comedy actors in its cast, including the guy who played Troy McClure in The Simpsons and the guy who played Flik in the Pixar movie A Bug’s Life (those are two different guys). Which of these comedy legends was NOT in NewsRadio?

17What line of work is Hank Hill in?

The closest thing we have to King of the Hill in today’s TV landscape is Bob’s Burgers. It’s a wonderfully funny animated series about a family, but not like The Simpsons or Family Guy where it’s over the top and absurd and full of celebrities playing themselves and ridiculous situations. The stories are real and relatable and the characters feel more like real people. The jokes come from story and character. What line of work is the character Hank Hill in?

18What does ALF stand for?

ALF ran for four seasons in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s and it’s about an alien creature who crash lands in a family’s garage in the suburbs and then lives with them for a few years. It originally ran for 99 episodes, which was just one shy of the most lucrative of syndication deals, so three one hour episodes brought the total to a cool 102. The name ALF is really just an acronym. What does ALF stand for?

19What is the name of the coffee shop from Friends?

Every sitcom that is about an ensemble group of friends going through their everyday lives have most of their scenes set in a coffee shop where they all hang out. The one from Friends is so famous that there are real coffee shops all over the world with its name and its basic interior design with a clientele of purely fans of Friends. It is a surprisingly huge market of people. What is the name of the coffee shop from Friends?

20Who played child doctor Doogie Howser?

The actor who starred in Doogie Howser, M.D. when he was a kid as a wunderkind doctor has continued to have steady work into his adulthood. He has played himself in all the Harold and Kumar movies and won praise as Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother. He is also Count Olaf in Netflix’s adaptation of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. Oh, and he once hosted the Oscars. He’s a big star. Who played child doctor Doogie Howser?

21Which Fresh Prince of Bel Air character does this iconic dance?

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air is best known for being the show that gave the star of the Men in Black franchise and movies like I, Robot and I Am Legend his start in the film and TV business. But it is also remembered for this character, who was played by Alfonso Ribeiro, and his iconic dance. Terry Crews did the dance on an episode of Brooklyn Nine Nine. Which Fresh Prince of Bel Air character does this iconic dance?

22How did Danny Tanner’s wife die?

The whole premise behind the iconic and beloved sitcom Full House is that a man named Danny Tanner loses his wife and then enlists the help of his rock star brother in law and his standup comic best friend to help him raise the kids. Bob Saget played the role of Danny Tanner in all of the episodes but the pilot, which he wasn’t available for. We don’t see his wife die, but it is explained. How did Danny Tanner’s wife die?

23What is the dog’s name from Frasier?

Frasier is a terrific show, and it’s even better when you consider that it’s a spinoff from another show and therefore has no right to be successful or good whatsoever. The show ended up lasting, remarkably, for as many seasons as its monster hit predecessor, Cheers. The dog in Frasier is one of the most beloved dogs in all of fiction. He’s included on all the lists of everyone’s favorite movie and TV dogs. What is the dog’s name from Frasier?

24Who is the gay one: Will or Grace?

Will and Grace has always been praised for making huge strides in the LGBTQ community in its representation of gay characters on a mainstream media platform. Even Joe Biden has said that it did more to educate the public on gay rights than anything else anyone has ever done. One of the two title characters is the iconic one that made a huge leap for the representation of the gay community on television. Which is the gay one: Will or Grace?

25Which Friends couple may or may not have been “on a break?”

There was a couple on Friends whose relationship was complicated from the very first moment (of many) that one of them uttered the words, “We were on a break.” They were on a break, and that’s why he slept with someone else, but “a break” doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re broken up or that they aren’t faithful to each other anymore. So, it is a moral dilemma to consider. Which Friends couple may or may not have been “on a break?”

26Which baseball team did George Costanza work for?

When George Costanza on Seinfeld decided to do the opposite of all of his natural instincts – in an episode that was aptly titled “The Opposite” – he managed to get the girl of his dreams and the job of his dreams. The girlfriend didn’t last, but the job did. He was the Assistant to the Traveling Secretary for a baseball team. His boss was George Steinbrenner, who was played by Larry David. Which MLB baseball team did George Costanza work for?

27Do the Taylor family have only boys or only girls?

When Home Improvement was number 1 in the TV ratings, Tim Allen had also written the top selling book, Don’t Stand Too Close to a Naked Man, and starred in the number 1 grossing movie, The Santa Clause, which is quite some achievement for just one man. The Taylor family in the show have three kids and they’re all the same gender. It’s just a question of what that gender is. Do the Taylor family have only boys or only girls?

28What is Al Bundy’s job?

Al Bundy, the lead character from Married...with Children, was the epitome of the working class man, the married man, and the family man all in one. Legendary and beloved actor Ed O’Neill, the guy who played Al Bundy on the show, is now better known for playing the closet empire mogul Jay Pritchett, the patriarch of the titular family in Modern Family. But he got his start as the lead in Married...with Children. What was his job on the show?

29Which pair of school sweethearts is Boy Meets World about?

Boy Meets World got a spinoff on the Disney Channel recently called Girl Meets World, with Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel reprising their roles from the original show as adults to now guide their young daughter through life. The show was a hit, but sadly not a big enough one to avoid getting canned after three seasons. The couple at the heart of Boy Meets World are more endearing than that of Girl Meets World. Which pair of school sweethearts is Boy Meets World about?

30Who was Niles Crane’s unseen ex-wife?

Throughout all 11 seasons of Frasier, Niles Crane longed to be with his dad’s carer Daphne Moon. But he did have another wife at one point. She would eventually be his ex-wife, and Daphne would eventually be his wife, but he used to be married to another woman completely. She was described as a cold and terrifying woman, which was made funnier by the fact that we never saw her. We had only our imagination. Who was Niles Crane’s unseen ex-wife?

31Which famous Martin’s show was Martin?

Martin is a very popular sitcom from the ‘90s that starred a celebrity named Martin who it was named after. He was the star of the show and it turned him into a movie star. This famous celebrity who goes by the name Martin is a standup comic who plays a version of himself named Martin Payne in the show and would go on to star in the Bad Boys and Big Momma’s House franchises of movies. Which famous Martin’s show was Martin?

32Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis starred in That ___ Show about what decade?

What’s kind of adorable is that Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are now married in real life, and they got their start together on TV years ago on this historically set sitcom. Kutcher and Kunis have both gone on to become huge movie stars with starring roles in movies and also other TV shows. But it all began with That ___ Show set during a certain decade. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis starred in That ___ Show about what decade?

33Who co-created Seinfeld with Jerry Seinfeld?

One of the creators of Seinfeld is, of course, the standup comic Jerry Seinfeld, who plays himself in the show. But the other creator has since become a famous name in his own right. He plays himself in the lead role of his own semi autobiographical sitcom, this one a lot edgier than Seinfeld. It’s called Curb Your Enthusiasm and it has run for nine seasons on HBO, with a tenth on its way. Who co-created Seinfeld with Jerry Seinfeld?

34Which ‘90s sitcom stars Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt as a married couple?

Paul Reiser, who used to be a star of the standup comedy circuit and made a splash in television with his own sitcom in the ‘90s, has made a bit of a comeback recently with his role in Stranger Things. Helen Hunt has never struggled to get work in films. She’s had a steady acting career ever since she stopped playing Jamie Buchman on this show. Which ‘90s sitcom stars Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt as a married couple who live in New York?

35Who was the neighbor in Home Improvement?

Every sitcom seems to have its own wacky neighbor character. It’s a classic trope of the television landscape. There’s a wacky neighbor for Jerry Seinfeld in Seinfeld, one for the Simpson family in The Simpsons in the form of Ned Flanders. In Everybody Loves Raymond, the premise is literally that Ray has the misfortune of having his parents living across the street from him. Who was the wacky neighbor character who spoke to Tim over the fence a lot in Home Improvement?

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