Only A Winchester Can Score 100% On This Supernatural Quiz

Calling all Supernatural fans! Has anyone seen every episode? Want to test the true power of Supernatural knowledge? Then we might have just what everyone is looking for. We have compiled a list of some of the most detailed questions about Supernatural to see who really is a Superfan!

Do you love all and anything Supernatural? Would everyone be willing to say they are a true fan of the show? This quiz is not for the somewhat fans that may have seen an episode or two. This quiz is hard, and packed with complex and detailed questions that even the truest fans will have to take a moment to think about! We think we can say with confidence that we have created one of the hardest Supernatural quizzes out there.

Can we call everyone who takes this quiz a true super fan? If the answer is yes, then ready those keyboard fingers and put on those thinking caps because we are about to give everyone a run for their money! This quiz will show who the true superfans are and who can only call themselves a fan of the show. Get ready, because we are going to enter the magical and mythical world of Supernatural trivia!

Question 1

What is Sam and Dean's last name?

Every Supernatural fan knows Sam and Dean. Many fans can list off each episode by name and detail exactly what happened in each one. Whether they are fighting demons, angels or something in between like vampires or wendigo's, these guys have seen it all. We decided to start this quiz off with an easy question to get your juices flowing and help you to remember all the awesome things that are and make Supernatural well Supernatural! Can anyone remember their last names?

Question 2

Who is this character?

This next question is also a fairly easy one. We figured we would work our way up to the harder ones. Who can recognize this character? She was gone but came back by the grace of God's sister. She is a dedicated mother to her two boys, who also happen to be the main characters of the show. We can give you a hint: her first name is Mary. Does this help anyone remember what this dedicated mother and hunter's name is?

Question 3

Who can name the original yellow-eyed demon?

Before Sam and Dean were even born, Mary made a deal with a demon. To be exact, she made a deal in 1973, which lead to her offing in 1983. On that fateful night that Mary passed, the demon went into Sam's nursery and gave Sam a dose of his own demon blood, which in turn makes Sam more strong than he ever imagined he could be. This demon was creating an army, and Sam was his main soldier. In the show, he is often referred to as Yellow Eyes, but what was his real name?

Question 4

What kind of car does Dean drive?

Anyone who loves old cars more than likely has a special place in their hearts for Deans car. Handed down through the family, this car is often referred to as Deans baby. He is very protective over it and spends a lot of time in the first few seasons taking care of it and even rebuilding it after a bad accident. The kind of life they live doesn't allow them to have many possessions, but this car is one of the few. What kind of car is it?

Question 5

Where did Sam go to University ?

Before the life of living on the road, cheap motel rooms, and gas station food, Sam was enrolled in University to become a lawyer. In the first episode of the first series, Sam can be seen leaving the school he is enrolled in. He didn't want to be in what they now call the family business, and never seen eye to eye with his father the way that Dean always did. He left home and went onto pursue his studies. Can anyone remember the name of the school?

Question 6

True or false, in the episode Bloodlust, Gordon's sister is taken by a vampire?

Supernatural has never been short on creative ideas and outstanding names for episodes. Bloodlust is just one of many examples of this creative touch. This episode is found in season two of Supernatural. Gordon plays the role of a Vampire hunter who had a sister that in one way or another came across a nest of Vamps and wasn't exactly lucky, to say the least. The outcome of her meeting with them leads to her ultimate downfall. But was it the Vamps that did it to her?

Question 7

What is the original licence plate of the Impala?

If you watch Supernatural's more recent episodes, the Impala's plate numbers are not the same as they first were in the beginning. The boys are always finding themselves in trouble with the law in the first few seasons and this leads them to have to change the plates on Deans most beloved item. To date, the plates have remained the same and only ever had to be changed that one time to avoid law enforcement, but whose memory is good enough to remember the original plate?

Question 8

True or false, Dean once said" I mean C'mon! Haven't you ever seen Pet Cemetery?"

Dean is one of those characters that you can't help but love. He's a damaged bad boy that knows how to make anyone, especially the ladies, laugh. Throughout the entire series, he can be found in almost every episode saying something witty, sarcastic or downright comical. To top that off, he always knows the perfect time to insert his comments and the face to make when he delivers them! Does anyone know if this is one of Dean's famous witty quotes?

Question 9

When Castiel first introduced himself, what did he say he was?

If there was ever an iconic angel character to love, Castiel takes the cake! When he first arrives on earth his people skills are quite rusty, to say the least. He makes so many situations comical and just downright hilarious with his lack of common and everyday human knowledge. Sam and Dean take him under their wing, (No pun intended!) and show him the ropes on how to be at least socially acceptable in public. This turns out to make for some funny episodes! Who knows how he introduced himself in the beginning?

Question 10

Who called Castiel "Cas" first?

To date, almost nobody calls Cas by his real name, Castiel. For quite some time now, he has always been addressed by most as Cas. The boys are the ones who started the nickname that has basically become his name and that's almost always how they refer to him now. Which is understandable given that saying Castiel in public might draw some weird looks! The boys started him with this nickname, but one of them said it first. Does anyone know the answer?

Question 11

True or false, Crowley used to be a crossroads Demon?

Oh, Crowley! He's just so darn funny! He always shows up at the most appropriate time and leaves when he knows he shouldn't. He makes everyone laugh with his sarcasm and quick but funny temperament. He's one of the most beloved demons on the show and as of late, is the king of hell. But that's his job after his promotion. Crowley wasn't always as powerful as he is today. He once was a much lower ranking Demon. But was it anything to do with the crossroads deals?

Question 12

How do one cure a Werewolf?

In the show Supernatural, nothing stays gone, usually. Unless you off it properly. We are first made to believe that this is true for Werewolves. The only way to get rid of them was to cut their heads off. But in later seasons, we learn that there is a way to in fact cure them from being turned, given that they haven't fed on human blood already. Supernatural always has the answer! Does anyone know how to cure a Werewolf?

Question 13

What are Crowley's nicknames for Sam and Dean?

Crowley is one of those Demons that has a quick and smart mouth. He always has a comeback for anything thrown at him, and if he doesn't like you he can snap his fingers and poof, you're gone. Such power! Of all the quirky characteristics of this Demon, one is his weird love for Sam and Dean. His relationship with them is complicated, to say the least. He doesn't hate them, but he can't bring himself to get rid of them either. He even has them in his cell phone under quicky nicknames. Can anyone remember what they are?

Question 14

Dean's favourite dessert is what?

Dean is in incredible shape. No one can really deny that. Its part of the job to be fit and be able to get away quickly from monsters if you want to live! However, for someone who is in such great shape, Dean doesn't eat like a health nut. Sam has adopted a much more healthy lifestyle, as he is always seen eating salads and egg whites, and anything healthy in general. It is very rare to see Sam eat anything that Dean eats. Dean loves his burgers and fries and anything fast food related, but what his favourite dessert?

Question 15

Who said "He full on Obiwaned me!"?

Ah, another classic Supernatural quote! The show is just full of them! Many of the cast members have had their moments were their true sarcasm and wit shines through. Its argued that Dean is one of the more funny characters in the show, But Cas certainly gives him a run for his money. Regardles, most of the characters have spit out a witty line somewhere along the way of the episodes. Can anyone name who said the above comical quote?

Question 16

What was Ellen's husband's name?

Ellen was one of those characters that you just can't help but love. She was smart and witty and sarcastic but was always there when needed and was also a great mom to Jo. She was strong and independent and what a lot of girls look up to as a role model. She once had a husband. He was offed long before we are introduced to her on the show. Does anyone remember the name of Ellen's late husband in the show?

Question 17

In what episode does Dean say, "It's gonna be a long drive"?

Let us get to a harder question. We all know that Dean is famous for his witty, sarcastic and downright hilarious quotes. But how many people can place each of his quotes to an episode? Don't worry, we don't expect you to remember every episode and what quotes were said! But we are gonna quiz you on this quote. Dean has said many things in many episodes throughout the long-running show, but what was the name of the episode that this quote came from?

Question 18

What is the name of the boys' motel in Usual Suspects?

One of the most familiar things to a Supernatural fan is the fact that they have stayed in a countless number of motels. Life on the road isn't easy and well let's face it, monster hunting doesn't exactly pay the bills. It makes sense that their go to is a cheap and sometimes run down motel. We have even seen them squatting in abandoned houses and sleeping in the Impala! But in the episode Usual Suspects, they stayed in a motel. Does anyone know the name?

Question 19

Who created Supernatural?

We have answered a handful of questions about the show so far. We have even looked into specific episodes and matched quotes to characters. Many people know a lot of fun facts and trivia about the show the characters and maybe even the stars off-screen lives. Some can name every character that was ever on the show and how many episodes they were in. Let's face it, there are some pretty dedicated fans out there! Let's see who knows the name of the shows creator.

Question 20

Who played this character?

Clearly, we all know that the show deals with some dark stuff, such as demons, etc. If anything, it makes you want to continue watching just to debunk why someone would want to watch a show like that!. Death was a character in Supernatural that was a hard act to follow. His character had this way about him that made him just fit the role perfectly. Now off-screen, his actual name wasn't Death; does anyone know what it is?

Question 21

Who played the character of God?

Given that the show is about well the Supernatural, it makes sense that when they introduced demons, that angels wouldn't be far behind. And if there are angels, then the next step would be a god of some sort. Now throughout the entire series, we see some different and mythical gods, but there is always the one god that is the main guy. The creator of it all so to speak. In the show, they call him God and he also goes by Chuck, but what is his off-screen name?

Question 22

Who is the girl that Dean lives with when Sam is in Hades?

Spoiler alert! Sam spends some time in hades, just like Dean did. If you haven't gotten that far in the show yet, well, your probably finding some of these questions hard to answer! While Sam spends time in the pit, Dean reunites with an old flame and they settle down together and actually live a normal and typical life for a while. She even has a kid that looks up to Dean in an almost father figure way. Who can remember this character's name?

Question 23

When is Dean's birthday?

A good show doesn't leave out the details. Even if they seem to be irrelevant. So on this show, the main characters have birthdays. Now we are not talking about the guy that plays Dean, we mean the character. Dean in the show has a birthday completely separate from his own. His birthday isn't even in the same year as his characters. The birthday isn't mentioned a lot in the show so this one might be hard to remember but who can say they do?

Question 24

Who was the demon that ended Jess?

He is more wildly referred to in the show as "yellow eyes" for the obvious reason of his glowing yellow eyes. He is a demon, or to be more specific, a knight of hell. He is the reason for Mary's passing, and years later, he is the reason for the passing of Sam's girlfriend Jessica. Both Mary and Jessica passed in the same way so Sam knew something was up. He was mostly called Yellow eyes, but he had an actual name. Can anyone remember it?

Question 25

When is Sam's Birthday?

Just like Dean, the character of Sam has a birthday in the show as well. And once again, we are talking about the character's birthday, not the actors birthday! Like Deans birthday, Sam's isn't brought up a lot in the show, but he has one no the less and it is mentioned at one point! His birthday is completely different from his actual actors birthday as well, so looking for the actors birthday wont give you the answer! Can anyone remember when Sam's birthday was in the show?

Question 26

How many seals had to be broken to free Lucifer?

From the beginning of the show, Lucifer was locked in the cage in the bowels of hades. But there were many steps put in place to ensure he couldn't escape the cage easily. They were put in the form of seals. Each seal had to be broken in order for Lucifer to be freed from his cage. But it wants just one or two seals, there were quite a few seals put in place to keep the Devil locked up. Can anyone remember the exact number?

Question 27

What happened to Bobby's wife?

One thing that stands true from the moment we are introduced to him in the show, is that his wife for whatever reason is no longer around. Now there could be any number of reason why someone's wife is no longer in the picture. But in this show, there is nothing vague about the reason behind her absence. We are told in one of the episodes what happened to her, but how many fans can recall the exact reason she is no longer around?

Question 28

Who is Abaddon?

Red hair and a personality as cold as ice! That's right, we are talking about Abaddon. She is a true depiction of what an evil character looks like. We can safely tell you that she is most certainly a monster, but we won't tell you the exact type. Don't let her pretty smile and warm voice fool you, she will stab you in the back, quite literally as soon as you turn away. Can anyone remember what this character was?

Question 29

What episode does Pamela disappear in?

Another spoiler alert! Sorry guys, but Pam doesn't make it. We shed a tear or two for her when we saw this scene because she really was a great and likable character. Plus she was psychic! So that is an amazing bonus. She had a fun and witty attitude and always had a sarcastic comment to lighten the mood. When we said she was great, we were not kidding, but many fans already know this! How many know what episode she dies in?

Question 30

Which angel had yet to appear in any episode?

Anyone who watches the show knows there is a lot of angels that have appeared throughout its long-running series. The most notable would be Cas. But there are many others. Heaven is full of angels when they are first introduced to the series, so a lot of names have come up throughout the years. But out of all the notable angel names that we have heard to be in heaven, one of them has yet to make an appearance. Does anyone know who that is?

Question 31

What kind of Monster was Benny?

Benny was a short-lived character, but a truly memorable one none the less. He was a monster as well. But he wasn't the normal type of monster that the boys typically encountered. He was good. He still had to eat like all other monsters of his kind, but he found a way to do it in a human way without hurting people. He and Dean became somewhat of friends and watched each other back all while he was around. Can anyone remember what kind of monster he was?

Question 32

What was Castiel's vessel's first name?

In Supernatural, an angel can possess a human, but the human has to give consent to the angel first. It is not like demonic possession were the demon can take whomever they choose. Since Cas is an angel, his vessel had to agree to let him in. Because of this we sometimes get to know the vessel more personally than we would with demonic possession. We actually are told quite a bit about Cas Vessels life. We know he has a family and a daughter and even what his house looked like. But can anyone remember his first name?

Question 33

True or false, Kevin was the only prophet to appear on the show?

In the show, they introduced Kevin. He was a prophet of the lord. He would deliver messages to humanity that otherwise they wouldn't get. He also knew how to decode the Demon tablet, as he could read the ancient language it was written in. This, however, did take some time! It was a really old language after all! So we know he was a prophet, but was he, in fact, the only one to ever appear on the show, or were there others?

Question 34

In season 6, what was Castiel doing in Heaven?

Cas is an angel, so like all angels, he goes to heaven from time to time when he is not down on earth. But in season 6, he basically spends the entire season up in heaven. Now, this is odd since he normally is only up there when he needs to be or more often than not, not at all. So it was weird for fans to have not just an entire episode but an entire season when he was always up in heaven, but what was he doing up there?

Question 35

What can take out a Wendigo?

One of the perks of being a true Supernatural fan is that they know how to get rid every kind of monster. Whether it's a ghoul or a ghost, the fans know how to handle it! The same stands true when it comes to Wendigoes. They are just one of the many types of monsters and mythical creatures we encounter in the show. And like all other monsters, there is a way to get rid of them. Who remembers how to take out a Wendigo?

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