Only A True Wrestling Fan Knows Which Of These Stars Competed At The Most WrestleManias

At the time of this writing, WrestleMania 34 is nearly upon us. With a whole host of star-studded matches lined up to take place at this most recent edition of the WWE's Showcase of the Immortals, hope is high for a 'Mania for the ages.

In its lengthy history to date, WrestleMania has featured some absolutely barnstorming matches, some true classics, and some hugely memorable bouts. Literally hundreds of wrestlers have competed at Vinny Mac's Grandaddy of Them All, and certain superstars are synonymous with the annual WrestleMania show. For instance, Shawn Michaels is known as Mr WrestleMania, whilst the famed Undertaker is beloved for his iconic undefeated 'Mania streak; a streak that has sadly now ended.

What we have here though, is a quiz that's looking at the amount of time a superstar has competed in a WrestleMania match. All we're doing is pairing up two grapplers and asking you to identify which wrestler has had the most 'Mania matches. Pretty simple, right?

It goes without saying, but all of this doesn't include 2018's WrestleMania 34 because, well, y'know, that event hasn't actually happened yet. So, up to and including WrestleMania 33, which of these superstars have competed in the most matches when it comes to the Showcase of the Immortals?

Question 1

Hunter or HBK?

Triple H and Shawn Michaels are famously longtime bestest buds going all the way back to the mid '90s. They also both happen to be two true legends of the game who have won pretty much all there is to win, from singles titles, to tag team titles, to Royal Rumbles, and anything and everything in between. When it comes to the Showcase of the Immortals, though, is it Hunter Hearst Helmsley or the Heartbreak Kid who have made the most appearaces?

Question 2

'Taker or Kane?

WWE Undertaker vs Kane

The Brothers of Destruction are often thought of as two of the very best - if not THE best - 'big men' wrestlers of all time. In addition to that, both have decimated opponent after opponent after opponent as they've won title after title. Interestingly, both have also been freshened up at several points over the past couple of decades in order to reinvent their characters. Which of Undertaker and Kane, however, has competed in the most WrestleMania matches, though?

Question 3

Bret or Cena?

To many, Bret Hart is seen as the greatest grappler to ever lace up a pair of boots. Then there's John Cena, who has led the charge as the poster boy of the WWE since the dawn of the Ruthless Aggression days. Both talents would have a great shout of being included on any wrestling Mount Rushmore, and both have their fans and their detractors. If you take WrestleMania in to account, though, is is John Cena or Bret Hart who's had the most matches

Question 4

Orton or Hogan?

Randy Orton famously targeted Hulk Hogan when the Viper was in the midst of his Legend Killer gimmick. Despite Orton getting the best of the Hulkster in the build up to their match, it would be Hulkamania that ran wild when the pair finally did battle in the squared circle. Yep, a fresh, young, vibrant Orton did the J.O.B. to the old and busted-down Hogan because... well, because Hulk Hogan, that's why. Which of these two has had the most 'Mania matches, though?

Question 5

Savage or Flair?

Not only have Randy Savage and Ric Flair competed at plentiful WrestleManias, the pair also competed against each other for the WWF Title at WrestleMania 8. As to be expected from two such legendary performers, that bout was fantastic - with the Macho Man managing to best Flair and take the championship from his grasp. Sadly that match was shunted from the main event spot in favor of Hulk Hogan vs Sid Justice, but did Savage or Flair have the most 'Mania matches?

Question 6

Billy Gunn or Road Dogg?

The New Age Outlaws are often revered as one of the best tag team tandems in wrestling history. In addition to being a great collective unit, Billy Gunn and Road Dogg would both have a fair amount of success in individual competition; both superstars holding the Intercontinental Championship and Hardcore Championship, with Billy also famously winning the 1999 King of the Ring tournament. When it comes to WrestleMania matches, though, which of the New Age Outlaws has competed in the most?

Question 7

Edge or Christian?

Throughout this quiz, you'll likely find many a legendary tag team pairing featured. And right here, well right here we have another much-loved tandem. Canadian 'brothers' Edge and Christian made a huge name for themselves in the late '90s thanks to their battles with the Hardy Boyz and then the Dudley Boyz. Both, of course, would go on to become World Champions in their own right, but was it Edge or was it Christian that competed in the most WrestleMania matches?

Question 8

Bryan or Punk?

Daniel Bryan CM Punk WWE

As of this writing, neither Daniel Bryan or CM Punk are an active in-ring performer for the WWE - which is something that makes many a wrestling fan extremely sad. There's hope that Bryan may finally be cleared for an in-ring return, and there's even hope amongst some that maybe, just maybe, Punk will one day find his way back to the WWE. Both instances are huge 'ifs' right now. Either way, which former World Champ clocked up the most 'Mania matches?

Question 9

Jarrett or The Miz?

For the longest amount of time, Jeff Jarrett held the record for the most Intercontinental Championship runs in WWE history. That record, however, has seen been bested by Chris Jericho - who has held IC gold a whipping nine times. Second in the list of most Intercontinental Title reins these days is none other than the current (as of this writing) IC Champ, The Miz. Out of the pair of Double J and Miz, though, who has the most 'Mania matches?

Question 10

Diesel or Razor?

Scott Hall and Kevin Nash

Having toiled away in WCW during the early part of the '90s, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall would make huge names for themselves as Diesel and Razor Ramon, respectively, after switching to the then-WWF. Of course, both would go on to be a huge part of the Monday Night War after returning to WCW under their real names, but that WWF stint saw them compete at the Showcase of the Immortals. So, did Diesel or Razor have the most WrestleMania matches?

Question 11

Warrior or Rude?

The Ultimate Warrior and Rick Rude famously clashed at WrestleMania V, with Rude shockingly defeated the Warrior to become the Intercontinental Champion. That win, of course, had quite a lot to owe to the underhand tactics of Rude's manager, Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, but still, Rude managed to shock the world by defeating the unrelenting, frenetic Warrior. Both would compete at several WrestleManias, but was it "Ravishing" Rick Rude or the Ultimate Warrior who had the most 'Mania matches in total?

Question 12

Mr Perfect or Brutus Beefcake?

For a certain generation, Mr Perfect is THE Intercontinental Champion. Curt Hennig was a truly magnificent bad guy - and a pretty good babyface, to be honest - and his stints as the IC Champ remain some of the most talked about reins in the title's history. Then there's Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake, another former Intercontinental Champion who also had the prestige of becoming a Tag Team Champion, too. Out of the Perfect and Beefcake pairing, whom had the most 'Mania bouts?

Question 13

Bulldog or Owen?

Tragically, the British Bulldog and Owen Hart are both no longer with us. Two staples of the WWF in the '90s, the pair were taken far, far too soon. During their in-ring careers, of course, both were hugely successful stars who won both singles and tag gold - even becoming Tag Team Champions together. Both flirted with the WWF Championship but never quite managed to win the 'big one', but was it Davey Boy or Owen who notched up the most WrestleMania matches?

Question 14

Martel or Santana?

You may remember Rick Martel as The Model, you may remember Tito Santana as El Matador, but before those gimmicks the pair were teaming as Strike Force; a tandem that won the WWF Tag Team Championship. Of course, both were impressive singles stars before this forming, but as Strike Force they became one of the hottest acts on WWF programming at that point. When it comes to WrestleMania matches, though, is it Martel or is it Santana that has the most

Question 15

Bradshaw or Faarooq

Whether you know them as Bradshaw and Faarooq or JBL and Ron Simmons, the Acolytes pairing were hugely successful. In fact, both can lay claim to being a World Champion; Bradshaw in the WWE, Simmons in WCW. In addition to their individual and combined success, of course, both would compete on the Grandest Stage of Them All at several points. Thinking back, did Bradshaw or Simmons have the most WrestleMania matches when all was said and done with their careers?

Question 16

Angle or Lesnar?

Not only have Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar competed at several WrestleManias, the pair have actually battled each other at the Showcase of the Immortals. In that battle, Lesnar would be victorious as he defeated the Olympic Hero to become the WWE Champion. The duo had a legendary rival and some truly stunning matches together over the years, and both are just about still active in the WWE right now. Which of these legit badasses has had the most 'Mania matches, though?

Question 17

Seth or Shane?

Right now, Seth Rollins is one of the very best wrestlers in the world. Then there's Shane McMahon, a figure who is pretty lame in the ring but who is showcased heavily on WWE programming thanks to his on-screen position as the SmackDown boss. Despite his authoritative role, Shane also happens to step between the ropes himself at times, regardless of how awful his rabbit punches look. Out of Seth and Shane, though, whom has had the most 'Mania matches?

Question 18

Benoit or Eddie?

Tragedy took both Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero away from the world, but the tragedy in both cases was vastly, vastly different. Before said tragedy stuck, both Benoit and Eddie were viewed as two of the absolute best in-ring talents in the wrestling world - if not THE two best talents. Famously, WrestleMania XX saw the pair embrace and celebrate as WWE Champion and World Champion, respectively, in one of the most emotional 'Mania moments ever. Which of the pair had the most 'Mania matches, though?

Question 19

Roman or Batista?

While Roman Reigns is currently seen as THE guy by Vince McMahon, so too was Batista at one point in time. Upon Batista returning to the company and winning the 2014 Royal Rumble, The Big Dog and The Animal would face-off several times over the ensuing months as The Shield did battle with the re-formed Evolution. Both Roman and Batista have successfully won World Championships at the Showcase of the Immortals, but which competitor has appeared in the most WrestleMania matches?

Question 20

Foley or DiBiase?

"The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase is one of wrestling's very best bad guys, with his smug persona fitting in perfectly with the escapades of the late '80s and in to the '90s. Then there's Mick Foley, another legend of the game who made a name for himself as the everyman of the then-WWF. Both are clearly iconic figures, and both men are part of the WWE's Hall of Fame, but is it Foley or DiBiase who's competed in the most WrestleMania matches?

Question 21

Rock or Piper?

Do we really need to include a picture of The Rock? You know the guy - rugged good looks, charismatic as hell, built like a house. Then there's "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, arguably the greatest wrestling villain that there ever was. Both Rocky and Piper have had huge WrestleMania moments, with The Great One headlining three times against Steve Austin, while Piper was instrumental in the early years of the Grandest Stage of Them All. Which of the pair has the most 'Mania matches, though?

Question 22

Steamboat or Mysterio?

Let's face it, taking the whole Dragon nickname far too literally was a pretty awful idea when the then-WWF had Ricky Steamboat breathe fire on his way to the ring. Still, there's no denying that Steamboat is one of the all-time greats. So too, though, is Rey Mysterio. Both are rightly viewed as revolutionaries of the wrestling world, and both have also competed at the WWE's flagship show, WrestleMania. Is it the Dragon or the Master of the 619 who has the most 'Mania matches, though?

Question 23

Muraco or 'Quake?

Don Muraco and Earthquake were both pretty huge deals at certain times in the WWF - quite literally so in Earthquake's case. Muraco was a powerhouse star of the '80s who became Intercontinental Champion, while 'Quake was a monster performer who decimated jobber after jobber as the '90s rolled around. The pair of these superstars were both great heel performers of their respective times, but was it Magnificent Muraco or the unstoppable Earquake who had the most WrestleMania matches in their careers?

Question 24

Crush or D'Lo Brown?

This could prove quite the tough one, right? Both Crush and D'Lo Brown had modest careers for themselves as midcard talent at various points in the '90s. While Crush - aka Brian Adams - would venture off to WCW, D'Lo would enter the WWF and start to win several piece of championship gold. Neither guy particularly broke the mold, but both were great at what was needed from them in relation to their place on the card. Whom had the most 'Mania matches, though?

Question 25

Ziggler or Rougeau?

For Jacques Rougeau, he had success three times over - first as one half of The Fabulous Rougeaus, then in solo action as The Mountie, and then as one half of The Quebecers. That's quite the impressive career right there. And then there's Dolph Ziggler, who seems to have been floating around in the WWE for years by this point in time. When it comes to WrestleMania, though, is it the The Show-Off or the one-time Mountie who has the most appearances?

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