Only A True Trivia Master Can Hope To Get Over 60% On This Pub Quiz

We all love to think that we are the trivia masters of the world.

Who doesn't love to sit around with their friends and crush it at pub trivia while the others look on in awe- and let's be totally honest here- jealousy? Yup, when it comes to showing off some smarts, we are all a little guilty of loving that ego boost that we get from knowing the answer to a really tough question. We all love to think that we are trivia masters, but who really is one? We designed this quiz to help everyone figure that out!

These questions range from the obscure to the really tough, with categories like geography, the animal kingdom, and pop culture. You have to have a real knowledge of all different topics to excel at this quiz, so only the strong will survive! Who has the smarts to pass this quiz with flying colors? Who will be left in the dust? There is only one way to find out! It's time to put on our thinking caps (ha ha) and get started. Are you ready to find out if you're a true smarty-pants? Who will pass this quiz? Let's get started.

Question 1

What famous French cookie pictured here is a bakery fave?

If you've been to a bakery in the last couple of months, you've probably seen these colorful little sweet treats that are lighter than air. They have been popular in France for years, but recently came across the pond, and now you can find them in exotic and amazing flavors like lavender, honey, and swiss chocolate. Not to be confused with the coconut cookie that bears a similar name, these cookies generally have a tinge of almond to them and are totally addictive. Nobody can eat just one of these delicious cookies- and we dare anyone to try. What are they?

Question 2

How many legs does a spider have?

Spiders are truly amazing creatures. According to the Smithsonian Insider, their webs are tougher than steel for their weight. This allows crafty spiders to catch prey inside of them, and make it so their lunch or dinner does not escape! Although spiders like to keep to themselves, they will sometimes form vast colonies and make tons of webs all over the place. Talk about arachnophobia! Although they can be fearsome, spiders are actually very useful insects because they keep bigger and worse pests away. They also rarely attack humans unless provoked. How many legs does your friendly neighborhood spider have?

Question 3

What Italian fave combines Parmesan cheese, cream, butter and fettuccine noodles?

According to Mobile Cuisine, this dish was a favorite of old-time movie stars Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks who ate it on their honeymoon and began serving it to friends and family back home. It has its own special day- February 7- and was invented in Rome as a tasty alternative to regular spaghetti and meatballs. The trademark white sauce is flavored heavily with cheese and butter, making this rich dish the epitome of true comfort food. It is usually served over a bed of fettuccine noodles and sprinkled with just the tiniest bit of parsley. What is this dish?

Question 4

What is the name of the force that keeps us from flying into space?

We will go from creamy pasta dishes that inspired old Hollywood legends to recreate them at home to a force that affects us every day- even if we hardly ever think about it! Our planet is an amazing place to call home, and the reason that we can walk around on the surface without being flung out into space is a testament to this naturally occurring force that keeps us tethered to the ground. This force keeps people, objects and other things planted to the surface of the planet, and spaceships that leave the earth have to fight it to break through into outer space.

Question 5

What sea creature is pictured here?

The animals pictured here are incredible. According to National Geographic, they have been part of our oceans for millions of year and even were on the planet before the dinosaurs were around! The astounding longevity of these creatures does not take away from their brutal sting. Humans would do well not to get anywhere near these transparent creatures because their venom is more than unpleasant! They can be found just about everywhere in the ocean, existing in cold and warm water and in deep trenches as well as on coastlines. Who knows the name of the creature that is pictured here?

Question 6

What is the name of the person who leads the orchestra?

Although those of us who aren't classical music aficionados might not think about orchestras very often, they are a big part of our culture and our lives. Classic FM, which celebrates classical music, wrote an article about the importance of orchestras to our cultural landscape and even noted that the London Symphony Orchestra was almost aboard the ill-fated Titanic but backed out in the last minute. The London Symphony Orchestra certainly had a lucky break that day, and all members- including this orchestra leader- were surely relieved that they hadn't made the journey. Who knows the name of the orchestra leader?

Question 7

What is the popular Belgian dish pictured here that combines seafood and french fries?

We will give everyone a hint- the French name for this classic seafood is "Moules" although we've listed it below as the English version. This dish is very popular in Belgium and anyone who travels there should really check it out! It's a simple dish, combining french fries with this popular seafood in a garlicky, buttery dish that is totally delicious and addictive. What's more, it is light enough so that you can eat without getting way too full. There are plenty of places a little closer than Belgium that sell a variation of this amazing dish also. What is it?

Question 8

Where was the popular sitcom “Friends” set?

According to Mental Floss, there are copies of the popular Friends coffee shop- Central Perk- in cities around the world, but not one where the show is actually set, so, unfortunately, nobody can visit the home city of our favorite iconic friends and have a cappucinno where Ross, Phoebe, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, and Joey once sat and dished about their lives. Even so, there are plenty of iconic places in this city that anyone can visit to remind them of some of the best episodes of Friends. Who remembers all the way back to the 90s (or the episodes on Netflix) and can tell us the city?

Question 9

What musical instrument are these people playing in this picture?

This instrument is one of those things- people either totally love it or really dislike it! According to Soft Schools, it makes a sound that is similar to a flute but totally distinctive to anyone who has heard it played. It takes years of practice to be able to perfect the art of playing these instruments properly and they are a huge part of Scottish folklore as well as their traditional music! Who remembers the name of the iconic instrument that is being played by the people in this picture? Choose the right option from the four listed in this question.

Question 10

What emerald colored tea is famous all over the world?

Most of us have had a cup or two of this emerald-colored healthy tea at least once or twice in our lives. Once popular in China and other parts of Asia, it has now come across the pond and anyone can buy it at just about every grocery store in the world. Healthline considers it to be a superfood, explaining that it can lower the risks of certain health complications and cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, it may aid in digestive health and increase energy levels- as well as regulating mood. It really is a great beverage to try if you're getting healthier!

Question 11

Who wrote “Romeo and Juliet”?

According to Biography Online, this famous author wrote 38 plays and 154 sonnets over the course of his lifetime. He is widely regarded as the most influential and famous playwright in the entire world and his hometown of Stratford, England has many monuments to him and his accomplishments. Romeo and Juliet is one of his most famous pieces and we are all familiar with the love story! The big question is- who remembers the name of this iconic playwright and cultural influencer? Check out the four options listed here and give us your best guess. Who wrote Romeo and Juliet?

Question 12

What is the center of the Earth called?

The ball that we live on, also known as "Planet Earth", is composed of many different types of layers including the outside of the planet, the part right below the outside and the very center of the earth. Nobody has ever been there, but we know that it is made up of liquid metals like nickel and iron. The center of the earth is also supposed to be incredibly warm- although, since nobody has ever been there we might never know for certain! What we do know is that we'd have to travel thousands of miles to even get there.

Question 13

What is this Scottish piece of clothing seen here?

This garment, worn in Scotland for ceremonies, big days and sometimes even as regular dress, has a long history! According to Visit Scotland, this garment was originally untailored and several meters long. People who wanted to wear it had to wrap it around their waists to get the proper desired fit. Today, it is a little easier to put on. The colors and styles of this piece of clothing represent different Scottish families and many Scots wear them as a form of pride and to honor where they came from. Who knows the name of this important piece of clothing?

Question 14

What kind of animal is pictured here?

According to National Geographic, these beautiful black and white animals can be found mostly in the mountains of central China. They tend to live in bamboo forests, as that is their primary source of food, and sightings of them in the wild are really rare. Those who can't get to the remote mountains of middle China can still seem them at zoos and rescues all over the world. What is this cute and amazing animal? Check out the four options listed here and select the one that sounds the most accurate. Choose one now and prove some serious animal-related smarts!

Question 15

What do we call animals who only eat vegetables and fruits?

Speaking of animals, let's talk about those who only eat vegetables and fruits. People who eat plants and no animal products are often called vegetarians or vegans, but there is a special word for our friends from the animal kingdom who follow suit. These animals often do not have the ability to eat meat because their teeth are only suited to breaking down vegetable and fruit matter. Who knows what these animals are called? There are four choices and all of them refer to a type of food preference, so only the super smart will be able to choose the right answer.

Question 16

What is the longest river in South America?

According to Britannica, this river actually cuts across several different countries and is surrounded by some of the deepest, darkest jungle in the world. The animals that live in and around this river can't be seen anywhere else in the entire world. There are plenty of indigenous communities that live around the river's edge and eco-tourism is a new kind of activity that is growing up around the edges of the river. It is becoming easier and easier to get to this remote and beautiful part of the world! Who knows what the name of this majestic river actually is?

Question 17

Who played Willy Wonka in Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

Pictured here, this actor played Willy Wonka in the Tim Burton remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. According to IMDb, he has also appeared in a number of Burton's movies and is an actor that the director loves to use. He has an amazing singing voice that rivals his acting abilities and is known for portraying some of the quirkiest characters around. In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, he played the elusive and eccentric Willy Wonka, the greatest chocolate maker in the entire world whose factory was opened up to the lucky few children who found Golden Tickets in their candy bars.

Question 18

What is this superfood berry that goes well in smoothies and summer desserts?

The berry pictured here is known for its vibrant blue hue, slightly sour flavor and ability to go from summertime pies to delectable smoothies in a matter of minutes. It's a superfood- one that provides people with lots of different antioxidants and nutrients, and it is eaten and loved throughout much of the world. There is a great chance that just about everyone taking this quiz has had one of these tasty little berries in their lifetime. If not, get to the store right now and get on it! Who knows the name of this sweet little berry? Choose one.

Question 19

What is the biggest freshwater lake on the planet?

According to Live Science, this lake has two distinctions- it is the largest body of freshwater on the planet and the biggest of the Great Lakes. It can be seen from space and covers an impressive 160 miles with nearly 2800 miles of shoreline. This massive body of water sits right on the border between the US and Canada and was responsible for a lot of shipping before other methods of transportation became readily available. There are even songs written about the lake, one of the most famous being by Gordon Lightfoot about the maritime wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

Question 20

What ancient structures are pictured here?

According to Ducksters Education, these ruins were built to honor the Egyptian Pharaohs who ruled over the land and were honored by their people. They acted as the final resting place for the Pharaohs, who were usually interred there along with lots of treasure for the afterlife. There are several of these structures like Khufu and Giza and they are known as one of the seven wonders of the world. Today, anyone can travel to Egypt and see them for themselves. Who knows what these ancient Egyptian buildings are called? Check out the options here and choose the right one.

Question 21

Who starred in The Matrix franchise?

According to this iconic actor was not the only choice to play Neo- the lead of The Matrix franchise. Will Smith was also considered, but we could not imagine the films starring anyone but this famous actor. The Matrix really re-defined an entire generation, delivering big on special effects and a riveting, creative storyline propelled by this character's quest. Once he was pulled out of the matrix and into the "real world" it became apparent that his life's work is to free humanity from the matrix as prophesied by The Oracle. Who remembers which actor listed here played Neo?

Question 22

What classic Disney character is pictured here?

Don't let this adorable character fool you- beneath that cute blond hair and little smile is one of the sassiest faries in all of Disney lore! Created for the Disney film Peter Pan, she since has appeared in some of her own movies and animated series. She is a fan favorite and rivals some of the Disney princesses for popularity. Who knows the name of this cute little green fairy? Check out the four options that we've listed below and test out your Disney smarts by answering correctly. Is she Wendy, Esla, Peter Pan or maybe Tinkerbell? Tell us here.

Question 23

What is the name of the game pictured here?

Long before there was Cornhole, this game was dominating lawns all over the world. According to The Telegraph, it was created in the 17th century in London and that the original game has spawned many different versions that are currently played all over the world. Known for the trademark brightly colored balls are corresponding mallets, the objective of this game is to get each ball through the wicket and to the end first. Depending on the state of the lawn, it really is not as easy as it seems- but it's a fun challenge for any outdoor barbeque or get together.

Question 24

What famous landmark separated East and West Berlin during the Cold War?

We will give you a hint. The picture that we've included with this question is from the East Side Gallery in Germany and features a section of this landmark that has been painted with a mural. This landmark was not always a symbol of joy and unity. In the 1960s it was created to split Germany in two and according to Soft Schools, it separated East and West Berlin during the Cold War. This landmark was a symbol of the division until it was knocked down in the late 1980s and the country was united once again. What was it?

Question 25

What is the tallest mountain in the world?

Calling all adventurers! This mountain is the Holy Grail of athletic feats- a climb that many attempt every year, but only the luckiest and most physically fit are able to actually complete. According to All That's Interesting, the first people to reach the top of this iconic mountain were Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. They summitted it on May 29, 1953, and went down in the history books. Since their amazing climb, many more people have tried to duplicate their feat. These days, anyone who wants to climb this mountain needs a lot of athletic ability- and money- to make the journey.

Question 26

What Japanese specialty is depicted here?

Japan has some of the best food in the world and according to Trip Savvy, this iconic food (pictured here) started out as cheap fast food! Sure, when we think of fast food we do not think of gorgeous pieces of fish and rice, but the humble origins of this food have spawned a global obsession with the delicious fish. Now, creating pieces of this Japanese specialty is considered work that only the best artists can do- and places that serve this delicacy sometimes command extremely high prices for delicate bits of fish and rice. What is this Japanese delicacy?

Question 27

What do we call the colorful part of the human eye?

The human body is a magnificent thing- and our eyes are no exception. According to Lenstore, our eyes work like cameras, taking in the world around us. Humans can be born with many different eyes colors- and some of us even have more than one eye color, with each eye being different looking. Brown is the most common eye color on the planet. Whether the eyes are brown, blue, grey, hazel, green or even Liz Taylor purple, they all have one thing in common. The colorful part of our eye is known as one of the words that we listed here.

Question 28

Which answer below is NOT a type of cheese?

We know it. We love it. We eat it on everything from our scrambled eggs to our toasted sandwiches. Cheese makes one of the best dips in the world and we love to mix it up with a little bit of salsa for an amazing dip. Some cheese is even really good with sweet foods like jams or honey. We can't get enough cheese. We bet that everyone feels the same way! There are plenty of varieties of delicious cheese and we have listed three here- with one being an impostor that you would never find around the dairy aisle!

Question 29

What part of the egg is used to make meringue?

Meringues are known for being as light as air! They are sweet little confections, like the ones pictured here, that generally have a light flavor that is similar to almond or maybe honey. They can be dressed up and decorated, hardened into little cookies (like the pretty pastel ones pictured) or whipped into beautiful little peaks for the top of a lemon meringue pie or a baked Alaska. Yummy! Meringues are easy enough to make if we know the right techniques and ingredients, including this portion of the egg that makes the most absolute divine meringues on the entire planet.

Question 30

What classic athletic competition symbol is pictured here?

According to Education First, these games originated way back in the 8th century in Greece. These original games were not like our modern ones though. For starters, athletes competed unclothed and the games lasted for months and months on end. Today, athletes wear the logos of their sponsors and proudly compete for their different countries! There are both winter and summer versions of these games, with different activities being played in each. This global competition gets together the best of the best from all over the planet to compete for the gold, silver, and bronze- not to mention, the glory!

Question 31

What famous children’s character is pictured here?

This children's character is known for being a little shy and timid, but brave when he has to be. He's the best friend of Winnie the Pooh and joins him for many of his adventures in the Hundred Acre Wood. He is usually depicted as a cartoon, but there are also stuffed animal versions of him- and he is popularized on mugs, blankets and in books as well. It is time to think way back to your childhood and let us know what the name of this famous character is. We've listed four here, so pick the one that's right!

Question 32

What famous comedian starred in “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”?

Okay- so this movie is definitely not a kid's flick, although many of us will have seen it as children. It's a favorite Christmas movie that debuted in 1989 and according to IMDb, grossed $71,320,000 in the US alone. Since the late 1980s, it has become something of a cult classic, and we love watching the exploits of the Griswold family every single year! The head of the family was this famous comic who also appeared on Saturday Night Live and other National Lampoon movies, as well as comedy flicks like Caddyshack. Who remembers the name of this famous comedian?

Question 33

Who was Mario’s brother in the classic Mario Bros video game?

Most of us remember playing Mario Bros games as kids. Whether it was the classic game, Mario Bros 2 or Mario Bros 3- or any other spin-offs, we often had the option of playing as Mario or his little brother, pictured here as the guy in green. This secondary character was just as good as his big brother and sometimes we even preferred him when playing certain levels in Mario Bros 2! He was way better at running than Mario! Who remembers the name of Mario's little brother, who helped him on almost all of his various quests? Choose a name.

Question 34

What famous fantasy series featured hobbits on a quest?

Speaking of quests, let's talk about one of the most popular quests from literature and film. This epic book and movie series follows the exploits of two hobbits who are on a quest to rid the world of the One Ring, which is being sought by some very unsavory forces. The hobbies need to dispatch of the ring before it falls into the wrong hands. This quest spans several movies and contains some of the most memorable characters in literature and film- plus it is a deeply rich fantasy world that just sucks us into the story. What is it?

Question 35

Where could we find Ayers Rock, also known at Uluru ?

Finally, let's end with a tough one. We never promised that this quiz would be easy- so only those who really know their geography will be able to answer this one correctly! According to Sacred Sites, this massive landmark is located in the center of this country- far from its miles of coastline. It is known for being something of a sacred space and the only way to get there is to cross miles and miles of the outback. Fortunately, Ayers Rock- or Uluru- is a popular tourist destination so weary travelers will be able to find a good place to rest there.

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