Only A True New England Patriots Fan Can Ace This Quiz!


The Patriots are a team that has quite a legacy. They have had many players walk on the field that have made quite a name for themselves and for their team as well since the beginning of their franchise. There has been a player that has played in pretty much every position that has become epic in one way or another and the wins they have are pretty undeniable. Not to mention that as controversial as Bill Belichick’s coaching style is, he must be doing something right with this epic team.

Do you know about their players from the past and present? What about some of the finer facts like what their colors used to be or what stadium they used to play in? Sure many people can claim to be big Patriots fans, but can you really hold your own when it comes to Patriots trivia? Take this quiz to see if you’re just another fan or if you’re an uber Patriots fan that would make the players proud. Just a fair warning though, some of the questions aren’t as easy as you might think.

Question 1

What was the New England Patriots' original name?

Although the Boston Bulldogs were the first football team to represent Boston in 1929 then came the Boston Redskins in 1932, they weren’t the same teams as The Patriots. The Redskins relocated to none other than Washington D.C. where they remain today. However, they also weren’t known as the New England Patriots in 1959 either. It seems as though this team has stayed true to Boston throughout its lifespan, but has its name also followed suit?

Question 2

Where did Tom Brady go to college?

Tom Brady wasn’t nearly the superstar he is today when he was in college. No one in their wildest dreams thought he ever become the Tom Brady that is lighting the world on fire season after season. In fact, he was pretty mediocre and was only a sixth round pick coming out of school in 2000 if you can believe it. I guess even the biggest stars have humble beginning too, but who would have thought that Brady would have been so underestimated?

Question 3

What was the team's original colors?

Today, the Patriot’s colors are navy, red, and silver, but they didn’t always have this color scheme. Their original color pallet was a little different then what it is today. Many teams go through rebranding and the New England Patriots are no different really. It seems like this color transition might have been because they wanted to have a more modern take on the older scheme. The new colors came into effect in 1993 when silver made an appearance on their helmets.

Question 4

For a brief stint in the '70s, what were the Patriots re-named?

There was a brief time in the ‘70s where the Patriots changed their name. Unfortunately, the name had an unintentional bad nickname that went along with it causing the team to quickly go back to the New England Patriots pretty quickly. It was an odd switch to begin with, however. The team was the eighth team to be added to the AFL and they kept their original name until 1971. It just was an abrupt change to switch things up.

Question 5

How many touchdown passes did Tom Brady throw in 2004?

Tom Brady was drafted by the Patriots in 2000 and has been a superstar ever since—we all know that. Did you know he was also the 199th draft pick and was picked in the sixth round though? Yeah…true story. He was a major underdog coming into the NFL, you would never guess it today, but straight out of Michigan, nothing thought much of him until they saw what he could really do like the amount of touchdowns he threw this season for instance.

Question 6

What did Bill Belichick sacrifice for the "spy gate" controversy?

Ah yes, spy gate. We all remember when Belichick was caught filming the Jets practice. It wasn’t a good time in his career and he was slapped with a pretty hefty penalty for it, but do you remember what it was? This penalty not only drastically impacted Belichick’s personal life, but it also impacted the wellbeing of the team as well. I’m sure it really made him think before he made a decision like this again.

Question 7

What point margin did the Patriots win Super Bowls XXXVI, XXXVIII, and XXXIX?

All three games were won by the same exact point value believe it or not. The losers of these games were the Rams, the Panthers, and the Eagles. These games were all pretty close nail biters throughout the entire game and kept fans at the edge of their seats even into the final seconds of the game. It made for great entertainment, but it was too close for comfort if you ask Patriot fans. Luckily they pulled it out in the end.

Question 8

What was the name of the stadium the Patriots called home 1971-2001?

Also known as Schaefer Stadium from 1971 to 1982 and Sullivan Stadium from 1983 to 1989, this park held a real place in the New England Patriot’s hearts for three decades. That’s quite a lot of history. Moving on to their new home, Gillette Stadium, was much needed, but of course came with a bittersweet sentiment since they were so used to playing at their former field. It’s just like moving from your old house to a new one at the end of the day.

Question 9

What season did they make their first Super Bowl appearance?

The New England Patriots have been in Super Bowl XX, XXXI, XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX, XLII, XLVI, XLIX, and LI, but what year did they make their first appearance? Sure they’ve been in a bunch and they have a bunch of rings to prove it too. No one is doubting their ability that’s for sure. With Tom Brady as their fearless leader, they’re sure to go to a lot more too. Yeah, these guys have been, are, and will continue to be a force to reckon with.

Question 10

How many Super Bowls did the Patriots win during the 20th century?

The Patriots made it to the Super Bowl twice during the 20th century, which isn’t so bad, but how many times did they win? The times they made it into the big game they played Super Bowl XX against the Chicago Bears and they played Super Bowl XXXI against the Green Bay Packers. The patriots are known for their Super Bowl rings and appearances especially in the era of Tom Brady, so were these games part of those victories?

Question 11

What rule allowed the Patriots to win their playoff game against the Raiders in 2001?

Brady pulled the ball down as he was being hit, which provided the call. The call was not your standard run-of-the-mill type of call either. The interesting thing though is if it would have happened two plays earlier, the game would have ended because the patriots had no timeouts left and they would not have been able to challenge the call. But what is this crazy rule called? It’s definitely not one that happens in your regular game.

Question 12

Who was the Patriots head coach that led them to playoff appearances in 1997 and 1998, but never to the Super Bowl?

This coach led the team from 1997 to 1999 after Rod Rust and Dick MacPherson coached pretty darn horrid seasons beforehand. Rust having a record of 1-15 in 1990 and MacPherson having an 8-24 record in 1991 and 1992. Although this coach turned things around for many teams after this stint, he did take them to some playoff games but didn’t get them to the big game. That wasn’t good enough for the owners so he got the ol’ heave ho.

Question 13

In the 2003 and 2004 seasons, the Patriots set a record winning streak; how long was it?

The streak started against the Tennessee Titans in 2003 and continued through the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2004—woo that’s quite a chunk of winning. The record beforehand was 19 games won in a row by 49ers, the Broncos, and the Dolphins. The Dolphins were the first team to set the record when they went 14-0 during a regular season then 3-0 during the playoffs. But the Patriots took that record and kicked it to the waste side with their new streak of wins.

Question 14

Who was the coach that lead the team to their first Super Bowl appearance?

Although the Patriots were always a force to be reckoned with, they didn’t make a Super Bowl appearance until the 1980s. The coach that led them to the big game had his one and only coaching job in this role, but he was a key member of the Baltimore Colts team that won two NFL Championships nonetheless. Not to mention that he also got inducted into the Hall of Fame as well. The years he coached the team was from 1984 to 1989.

Question 15

Which Patriot was the youngest player to win the Super Bowl MVP?

This answer might not come as a major surprise, but the receiver of the award was only a mere 24 when he got the award. He also got the award when he played in Super Bowl XXXVI when he played against the St. Louis Rams. This player really played his heart out during this game and deserved the award more than anyone on the field. This was only the beginning of a long slew of notoriety to come for this player and it is all well deserved too.

Question 16

Who are the Patriots players to have over 200 yards receiving in a single game?

There are two players that have over 200 yards receiving in one single game. As soon as you pick your jaw up off the ground, can you figure out who these two receivers are? One player in particular racked up 214 yards against the Cleveland Browns on October 3rd 1999, becoming the first Patriot to say that he’s achieved this insane amount of yardage in one game. He was actually averaging 16.5 yards per catch if you can believe that.

Question 17

How many career touchdowns did Curtis Martin have?

Curtis Martin has a nice round number when it comes to career touchdowns. When it comes to the amount that he got with the Patriots, he got 37 total. Martin was always a strong player on the field that the team could always count on when it came to getting the job done. In his 11 seasons played he ran a total of 14,101 rushing yards and 17,421 net yards, which is pretty flipping amazing. He also had 10 straight 1,000-yard seasons.

Question 18

Which Patriot holds the team record for most career receiving yards?

From 1977 to 1989, this player accumulated 10,352 career receiving yards, which still stands as the team’s record. He also got 67 touchdowns and a 534 reception, which was also a record that stood for 17 years. He also holds the single season receiving record for touchdowns at 12 during his 1979 season as well as yards at 1,491 during his 1986 season. He was in the Pro Bowl four times, and in 2007 he was inducted into the Patriots' Hall of Fame.

Question 19

Which player is the current New England Patriots' all-time leader in sacks?

This player is a Hall of Famer and spent his entire career with the New England Patriots from 1982 to 1993. He also ranks as number one in the team’s history with 100 sacks. He had a career high of 18.5 sacks in 1984, but many say his best season was in 1985 when he was a first team All Pro. He came close to the previous year in sacks at 16.5 and had four fumble recoveries too—one even went for a touchdown.

Question 20

Who is the only Patriot to ever lead the NFL in scoring in back-to-back seasons?

This player led the not only his team in scoring two seasons in a row, but he also led the NFL two seasons in a row in scoring. The first time he led the NFL with 115 points followed by a season with 129 points. That is just unbelievable. This Englishman actually went to the Pro Bowl after his second season of racking up all these points as well. Well, how could he not in all honestly?

Question 21

How many career interceptions does Mike Haynes have?

Throughout a seven-year with the Patriots, Mike Haynes was legendary. He had an ungodly amount of interceptions, and 1,159 yards on 111 returns, which is a 10.4-yard average. He was, of course, inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame in 1994 and his number was retired by the team because there is only one Mike Haynes. In all reality, there really was nothing like him, fans enjoyed watching him step on the field and the team enjoyed having him on the field.

Question 22

When did the Patriots get their first win?

The Patriots are known for having a ton of victories under their belt, but where they always the superstars we know them as today? July 1960 was when the Patriots kicked things off in the NFL and the team was pretty amped about it. Of course they would be, they’re a fresh team ready to take on the world. Why wouldn’t they be thrilled to step on the field. But when did they start winning is the question?

Question 23

What was their helmet logo in the 1960s?

We all know and love the star spangled “Flying Elvis” the Patriots wear on their helmets, but do you remember if it was always there? Was that always their logo, or was it something different? Sure, it’s going to pay homage to our wonderful country, but what the heck could it possibly be? It could have been something simpler but it also could have been something more complex. Maybe it was the “Flying Elvis” after all?

Question 24

In 1981, which Patriot offensive guard was named by Sports Illustrated as the best offensive lineman of all-time?

This player was a major BAMF and he played for the Patriots from 1973 to 1985. He was also a 1973 first round pick straight out of Alabama. Not only was he a stud right out of school, but he also was selected to play in nine Pro Bowls and was inducted into the 1991 class of the Pro Football Hall of Fame too. It’s safe to say that he just might have been one of the greats of the offensive linemen.

Question 25

How many players did the Patriots have on their first game roster?

Let’s start off by saying the roster limit for the season is 53 people, but the New England Patriots decided to be rebels and break the rules during this season. Of course they went over on plays, but how many did they go over by? The thing is they got a bit of a roster exemption for their first game, so for all intents and purposes it might not have been such a big deal at the end of the day, but those Patriots and bending the rules.

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