Only A True LoTR Fan Can Tell Which Film These Scenes Are From

How big a fan are you of The Lord Of The Rings trilogy? This Oscar winning epic directed by Peter Jackson may be one of the most popular and biggest fantasy film franchises in the world, and it certainly deserves those accolades - from start to finish, this film brings together incredible actors, amazing scenery, and of course, the brilliance that is J R R Tolkien's original story.

However, that story is certainly not a simple one! It may seem like a straightforward quest on the surface, but it soon starts to weave together multiple storylines as the various characters spread out over Middle Earth to fight the battle against the evil Sauron on all fronts, and the films jump between the threads of these stories to bring everything together.

How well do you remember the storylines of the films, and what takes place in each one? Can you correctly identify the film from a screenshot and a description of a scene, or will you be left shaking your head, only just about sure that that did, in fact, happen in The Lord Of The Rings? After all, it has been a long time since the films were released, they're extremely long, and you could be forgiven for not knowing every single scene... although you won't be able to call yourself a true Lord of the Rings fan unless you can get at least half of these right!

Question 1

Which film saw Aragorn and Eowyn marching together?

Aragorn and Eowyn are an almost-love story in Lord of the Rings, as Eowyn falls for the true king of Gondor... but his heart will always belong to another. When they are walking with the evacuation of Edoras to Helm's Deep, they talk briefly about this, but at the time, Aragorn believed that Arwen was sailing to the Undying Lands, and he would never see her again. It gives Eowyn hope... which is (sadly for her) still dashed in the end.

Question 2

Which film saw these three team up to search for Merry and Pippin?

For one film in the trilogy, the Fellowship was together, intending to follow Frodo all the way to Mordor... but by the end, almost everyone has been separated (or died), and the Fellowship is broken. In one of the three films, Merry and Pippin have been kidnapped by orcs, and Legolas, Aragorn and Gimli decide to team up and hunt down the orcs to save them. They spend most of this film as a trio, after tracking them across the plains and to Fangorn Forest.

Question 3

When did Gandalf fight the Balrog?

Gandalf is the first to leave the Fellowship, when the intrepid questers are in the Mines of Moria. They have come this way after finding the pass over the mountains impossible - and are shocked to find that all the Dwarves are dead, and the mines are infested with orcs... and something worse: a Balrog, a giant fiery creature. Gandalf is able to make sure the rest of the Fellowship gets out, but only by taking on the Balrog himself.

Question 4

Which film features the battle at the Black Gates?

The Black Gates are the entrance to Mordor, and the scene of one of the (many) massive battles in The Lord Of The Rings. Aragorn leads his army to the Black Gate in this film in order to try and draw the attention of the Eye of Sauron, so that Frodo might be able to get through Mordor undetected, and throw the One Ring into the fires of Mount Doom. It seems like a battle that cannot be won, but of course, they manage it anyway.

Question 5

When was Boromir tempted by the One Ring?

The temptation of the One Ring is incredibly strong - even for the best and wisest of men. It's not too shocking, then, that one of the Fellowship is tempted, and tries to take it from Frodo by force. Boromir, son of the Steward of Gondor, wants to take it for himself and to help his people... an admirable goal, but obviously, the Ring can twist even the best of intentions, and Boromir's attempt leads to Frodo setting out alone.

Question 6

When did Frodo reach Minas Morgul?

Frodo sees many things on his journey from the Shire to the fires of Mount Doom (and back again, of course) - and sadly, most of them are not pleasant. From the Dead Marshes, full of corpses, to the cave of Shelob, to Minas Morgul, Frodo must pass horrors that no one else would want to see. He comes to this great black and green castle of the Nazgul on his way to a secret staircase that will allow him to sneak into Mordor.

Question 7

When were Frodo and Sam passing through the dead marshes?

One of the other places that Frodo passes through is the Dead Marshes, a swamp which was once a battlefield. Here, Sam, Frodo and Gollum must carefully pick their way through the bog to find the only safe passage to the other side, or risk sinking themselves. To make it worse, the waters are full of the dead, and spirits which glow, tempting Frodo to dive down with them... where he would never return from. Luckily, Gollum is able to pull him back before it is too late.

Question 8

When did Eowyn kill the Witch King?

Eowyn is one of the best female characters in the Lord of the Rings, a shieldmaiden of Rohan who hates being underestimated because she is a woman. She knows how to use a sword, and when she is told that she cannot fight in the battle, she disguises herself and rides out anyway... and it's a good thing, to, because it is there that Eowyn is able to kill the Witch King of Angmar, plunging her sword straight through his helmet.

Question 9

When was the Fellowship formed?

The Fellowship of the Ring originally consisted of Frodo (obviously), Sam, Merry and Pippin, as well as representatives of the other races of Middle Earth. Gimli, the Dwarf, Legolas the Elf, Boromir and Aragorn representing the kingdom of Men. And of course, Gandalf, who brought them all together at the Council of Elrond to decide what should be done about the One Ring. Which film saw this band of adventurers brought together to protect Frodo in his attempt to destroy the Ring for good?

Question 10

Where were the Hobbits enjoying a well-earned drink?

The Hobbits are big fans of ale - and when they first go to the Prancing Pony, they are thrilled to discover that outside of the Shire, you can even buy it in pints!! This scene, however, is when the four have returned to the Shire at the end of their journey, and are celebrating being home. It is also the moment when Sam finally gets up the courage to go ask out Rosie Cotton, the woman that he has been in love with since the start.

Question 11

When was Gollum's past as Smeagol revealed?

Gollum appears in every film, albeit only in a very small way in one of them. In one of the films, we also get to see Gollum before the Ring twisted him beyond all recognition, when he was one of the Riverfolk - a race very like the Hobbits. This flashback shows Smeagol fishing with his friend, when they discover the Ring on the riverbed... and his immediate obsession with it leads to him killing his friend and being driven away as a murderer.

Question 12

When was Frodo recovering in Rivendell?

Frodo has recovered in Rivendell twice, using the healing magic of the elves to deal with grievous injuries... so only the most eagle eyed of fans would recognize the difference between the two scenes! This scene happened after he was nearly destroyed - and after Gollum bit off one of his fingers to try and get the Ring for himself. Thankfully, however, the healing magic of the elves was still up to the task, and Frodo recovered as much as he could.

Question 13

When did Frodo reach Mordor?

The Lord of the Rings is, start to finish, the story of Frodo's epic journey to take the One Ring to Mordor and destroy it in the fires of Mount Doom - but when it is that he actually gets there? Even when he does, things don't go smoothly - first, Frodo gives into the temptation of the Ring at the last moment, then Gollum (who is always lurking nearby) attacks him and bites it off his finger, before falling to his doom!

Question 14

Where does Galadriel's mirror appear?

Galadriel herself appears in more than one of the Lord of the Rings movies, but this is her longest scene. In it, the Hobbits have arrived at her home of Lothlorien, where she gives them somewhere to rest and recuperate, as well as gifts to help them on the rest of their quest. At night, she also shows Frodo her 'mirror', a basin of water that can show possible futures, and in which Frodo sees the Shire being utterly destroyed.

Question 15

Which film saw Gandalf free Theoden?

Gandalf uses his magic throughout the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and in this scene, he uses it to break a spell that has been placed on Theoden, King of Rohan. The King is slumped on his throne, with milky eyes and mottled skin, basically unaware of anything that goes on around him as Grima tells him what to say... however, Gandalf is able to break this spell of Saruman's, and restore Theoden to his former glory (not to mention banishing Grima).

Question 16

When did Gandalf save the day at the battle of Helm's Deep?

One of the biggest battles in the Lord of the Rings trilogy is the battle of Helm's Deep, where the forces of Rohan and the elves stand up against Saruman's massive army of orcs and Uruk-hai. It seems for a while as though they are simply overwhelmed by the numbers of the enemy, but at the final moment, Gandalf appears in the East with all the men of Rohan who were soldiers banished by Grima when he was in control.

Question 17

When did the Eagles appear?

We see a single Great Eagle earlier in the trilogy, when Gandalf was able to call it to him in order to escape imprisonment at Isengard, but this is the first time that we see a flock of these enormous birds. They are being guided by Gandalf to find Frodo and Sam, who are trapped on a rock, surrounded by the eruptions of Mount Doom, and assuming that this will be their death... but the Eagles carry them to safety.

Question 18

When did Legolas offer Gilmi a box to stand on?

Legolas and Gimli start off as enemies, both distrusting the race of the other, but as the journey continues, they become close friends. They hold a standing contest to see who can kill the most in battle, and continually joke with each other - including a fan favorite joke when they are waiting for battle to commence on the battlements... which Gimli cannot see over. Legolas asks him if he would like the scene described... or if Gimli would rather Legolas found him a box!

Question 19

When did Aragorn raise an army of ghosts?

Aragorn, as the true King of Gondor and the heir of Isildur, is able to do something that no one else could - command the Army of the Dead. He journeys into the Dimholt to find this cursed army when Elrond tells him that the numbers his side currently have are simply not enough to beat the forces of Mordor, but that he can win if he is able to bring the Army of the Dead over to his side.

Question 20

When do Frodo and Sam capture Gollum?

Frodo and Sam meet Gollum for the first time (although Frodo has glimpsed him once before) when they are lost in the mountains, attempting to find their way to Mordor. Frodo knows that they are being followed, so they pretend to be asleep to wait for Gollum to come down, and then are able to trap and rope him. Eventually, they decide to turn him into a guide, rather than a prisoner, and the three travel the rest of the way together.

Question 21

Which movie sees Grima in Theoden's court?

Grima Wormtongue is one of the biggest traitors in the Lord of the Rings - a man who used to serve in King Theoden's court at Edoras, but who goes over to the side of Sauron and Saruman, using his influence to cast a spell on the King and put him under the White Wizard's control. He did this because he was promised that when the war was won, he would be 'given' Eowyn as a prize - even though she hated him.

Question 22

Where was the council at Rivendell?

When Gandalf discovered that the Ring Bilbo had found all those years ago was in fact the One Ring, he called together a council at Rivendell, and guided Frodo there with the Ring. The people of Middle Earth were brought together to try and decide what to do with the Ring, and how to destroy it once and for all. This council includes many people that we only see in this scene, as well as the various people who would become members of the Fellowship of the Ring.

Question 23

When did the fellowship go through the Mines of Moria?

After leaving Rivendell, the Fellowship pass through many other places of Middle Earth, including the Mines of Moria. This was not their first choice, though. Saruman made it impossible for them to go over the mountain, and even when they first entered the Mines, they nearly turned back... but found that their path out again was blocked when a monster rose up from the lake just outside Durin's Door. They decide to try and pass through the mines as quickly as possible, but not all make it out the other side.

Question 24

Which movie features a battle at Minas Tirith?

Minas Tirith appears in more than one of the films in the trilogy - and is even the place where Gandalf first rides to research the Ring at the very beginning. However, Minas Tirith is most heavily featured in this film, when it becomes the site of the biggest battle yet, as the forces of good and evil clash for control of Middle Earth. One of the Fellowship even becomes a Guardian of the Citadel, when he impulsively pledges his loyalty to the Steward.

Question 25

When did the hobbits hide from the Nazgul?

The Nazgul were originally the men that Sauron gave rings of power to, corrupted beyond recognition. They are also the creatures that Sauron sends out after the One Ring, when Gollum reveals two words 'Baggins' and 'Shire'. The Nazgul nearly manage to capture the four hobbits on the road early on, but Frodo is able to tell his friends to get off the road, and hide under this tree root - and although the Nazgul is only inches away, he does not find them.

Question 26

When did Frodo face off against this beast?

At first, the Nazgul rode black horses, but after the horses were killed, Sauron upped the game, and gave them these enormous dragon-like creatures known as Fellbeasts. In this scene, Frodo has been captured when one of the Nazgul finds him, and as he rises in front of Frodo, the hobbit is almost tempted to give in to the Ring and put it on. However, his friends are able to drive away the Nazgul, and stop Frodo before it is too late.

Question 27

When was Bilbo's birthday party?

Although the Lord of the Rings trilogy is full of horrifying scenes, battles, and death... there are also quite a few happy moments as well. This is definitely one of those, as Bilbo celebrates his 111th birthday at home in the Shire, with a massive party, drinking, dancing, speeches, and a magical fireworks display put on by none other than Gandalf himself. It is a happy moment for everyone, but also the night that Gandalf starts to have his suspicions about the ring Bilbo owns.

Question 28

Where did the hobbits discover pints?

The hobbits love to have a drink, and while battling for the fate of Middle Earth doesn't leave too much time to go out drinking, they still find a few times to enjoy some well-earned ales. In this scene, the Hobbits have arrived at the Prancing Pony Inn at Bree, and are looking for Gandalf - as well as for some food and drink, to recover from their journey. Merry and Pippin are also thrilled to discover that here, among men, beers come in pints - not just the half-pints of the Shire.

Question 29

When did the hobbits square off against Aragorn?

Although Aragorn quickly becomes one of the closest friends and allies to the hobbits, that doesn't mean that they trusted him the first time that they met him! In fact, when he first appeared and took Frodo away (for his safety), Sam, Merry and Pippin burst into the room with their fists up, ready to fight him in order to protect their friend... which was completely unnecessary, of course, and which Aragorn actually found reassuring - to know Frodo had protectors.

Question 30

Where did Eomer first appear?

Eomer is one of the men of Rohan, and the nephew of the King. He is a warrior of Rohan, but he is banished from the Kingdom when Grima realizes that Eomer knows he is a traitor, and has seen too much - rather than risk him being able to reach Theoden, Grima has him banished. He then leads all the other soldiers of Rohan who have been similarly banished by Grima, although he is able to return after Gandalf frees Theoden and goes to find him.

Question 31

When did Sam and Frodo leave together on a boat?

Sam and Frodo manage to stay together from the very beginning - with only the smallest moments where it looks like they are going to be separated. One of these happens when Frodo has decided that it is too dangerous to have his friends follow him into Mordor, because they will be tempted by the ring. He sets out on his own in a boat, but Sam will not let him go alone - and even risks drowning to come with him.

Question 32

When did Aragorn get his sword?

Aragorn is incredibly skilled with a sword, but he doesn't always have the sword that he does by the end of the trilogy. Known as Anduril, it was forged from the shards of Narsil, the sword that was originally used to cut the One Ring off the finger of Sauron. Elrond re-forged the sword, and brought it to Aragorn in this film - allowing him to use it to command the Army of the Dead, which is instrumental in how they win the battle at Minas Tirith.

Question 33

Which film does Treebeard first appear in?

Treebeard is the name of the Ent that meets Merry and Pippin when they escape from the orcs and into Fangorn Forest. At first, he doesn't trust the two hobbits, thinking that they might be orcs, but after speaking with Gandalf, Treebeard becomes a friend and protector to the two Hobbits. Later, they join him in the march of the ents to take down Isengard, and he becomes the guardian of Saruman when the battle is won and the wizard is locked in his tower.

Question 34

When do the wargs attack?

The wargs, or the wolves of Isengard, are horrifying beasts that are ridden by orcs. They are sent out by Saruman to attack the forces of Rohan while they are on the way to Helm's Deep, and the battle with them costs Rohan many lives. It also looks for a while as though it cost them Aragorn, as he was tangled in the straps of a warg saddle during the battle, and then run off the edge of a cliff!

Question 35

When do Aragorn and Arwen get married?

Aragorn and Arwen are the biggest love story in the Lord of the Rings, even though they are thought to be doomed to live apart for much of the trilogy. However, despite Elrond's desire for Arwen to go to the Undying Lands, and Aragon's assumption that he will die in the war, the two eventually get their happy ending. Aragorn is crowned King of Gondor, and sees his one true love returned to him, to marry him and become his Queen.

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