Only A True Hunter Can Name All These Creatures From Supernatural

Supernatural has long been a show dedicated to bringing strange and creepy creatures of old lore, legends and fairy tales to life for the public to enjoy. There are many creatures out there that a lot of people probably didn't know about unless they came from the cultures that they were pulled from. It has been an interesting show that way. Sure, there are the typical vampires, werewolves, ghosts, ghouls, zombies and other creatures people are used to from Hollywood hype...but there are scarier and far lesser-known creatures as well.

For example, can any of the prospective quiz-takers here tell me just what a Shtriga is? Or an Acheri? Or a Wendigo? These are creatures that have been given new life through Supernatural. These are creatures that only true hunters would be able to identify simply by a photo and brief description. Just knowing the powers a creature possesses or the weakness it might have should be enough for a true fan of Supernatural; a true hunter to make the right choice in identifying these creepy creatures.

The real question here is this...who here, taking this quiz, can really call themselves a true hunter? Will anyone here be able to claim that title? Time to take that chance.

1Name this creature!

Alright, to be fair here, this might be too easy a question here but I think it makes sense to start off with a pretty easy one. It should be pretty obvious by the photo here just what this character is. Those quiz-takers who know the show well will know this character to be Castiel. He features pretty heavily throughout the series and saves Sam and Dean on many more than just one occasion. But what sort of creature is Cas?

2Name this creature!

This may look like just an average woman to the untrained eye, but rest assured that there is much more to her than meets the eye. This creature belongs to a near-human race of beings that live in a tribal society of sorts. This group has a pretty awful ritual when it comes to their kids and fathers. The child must do away with the father in order to become a part of the society. These creatures have superhuman strength and speed.

3Name this creature!

This creepy-looking creature happens to be a type of demon. But there is no way I'm going to make it that easy for the quiz-takers here. Demon would be just too simple an answer when it comes to these creatures. These demons exist specifically in the forms of little girls. They're not the most powerful of demons but they can shapeshift and turn invisible. They also have incredible strength and speed. Like other demons, these creatures can't cross salt and have a weakness in iron.

4Name this creature!

These dark and incredibly interesting creatures have a very special sort of quality to them. They happen to have abilities that are very similar to those of spiders. This particular being can spin webs which they use to prey on their victims. These creatures can turn people into this species with an infectious bite. This bite can either put down the host for good or it can be used to subdue the host in order aid in the mating process.

5Name this creature!

Be careful here. Make sure that there is no wool being pulled over the eyes with this character. Things are not always quite what they seem with this creature. Tricks are always being played in place of a true identity. Either way, there is no denying that episodes with this particular character are pretty well always better than most other episodes. There is a degree of flair and comedy that hijinks that this creature brings to the show. He's pretty sweet.

6Name this creature!

This sort of creature is actually a pretty sad one. This creature is actually a ghost of sorts. Not one's usual pasty, white, sheet-wearing sort of thing. This ghost is created from a person's fear after passing away in some degree of an awful manner. This creature can give what is essentially a "ghost sickness" that spreads fear into the living. The people the sickness affects are typically pretty aggressive and intimidating themselves. The spirit itself will often be too afraid to actually rest.

7Name this creature!

This is perhaps one of the coolest characters in the entire series and I have to say that I'm going to give every quiz-taker here a huge hint. If people do not already recognize this character and the sort of creature that he is, let me say that this character is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Technically, that is the type of creature that this guy is but I thought I'd be generous and give the option to choose which horseman.

8Name this creature!

This creature may very well be given away simply by the tattoo that brands his hand but that would mean the quiz-taker would have to be both astute, have an understanding of some lore, know the show to some degree, and actually be reading this description of the character. This is a very emotional creature who just wants there to be beauty and harmony but will go to some crazy lengths to achieve these sorts of things. A pretty violent character when it comes down to it.

9Name this creature!

This particular actually happens to have a film named after it. There are likely many quiz-takers here who might not know the film though so...forget about that. Regardless, this creature basically replaces children in the household. They appear to be the same children but they instead feed on the mother of the house while the mother of these creatures feeds away on the children. This creature's true form can only be seen when looking in the mirror. And it is not a pleasant-looking thing.

10Name this creature!

This creature is actually a sort of demon. Not the standard black-eyed sort of demons...nor the red, yellow or white-eyed demons either. This demon is pretty well entirely shadow. While this demon is incredibly powerful and very much like a certain type of canine from a certain fiery place below, it is typically used as a violent slave by other demons in order to exact pain and carry out deeds against others. No one wants one of these lurking in the shadows behind them.

11Name this creature!

"Come to me"...this is the call of this incredibly creepy creature. This particular creature loves nothing more than to lure people into a filthy lair in order to devour them. Well, they feed on the souls of people; not actually the people themselves. Typically forest-dwelling, these creatures can take human form and can mimic human voices incredibly well...But they are scary-looking creature that live in piles of filth and refuse. Unfortunately for people, these creatures have a very long lifespan and beyond that, they are incredibly fast and strong.

12Name this creature!

This might be a more difficult one to figure out since this character and creature looks just like an ordinary human being. Rest assured that this is not the case. If any quiz-taker here is aware of the specific episode that the screenshot is taken from, this will be a breeze of a question. However, those who aren't quite sure just what episode this is from...well, they may very well make it lucky with the answers below. This creature is a scavenger who typically feeds on corpses but will sometimes go after the living.

13Name this creature!

This has got to be one of the most obvious of all the characters for perhaps no other reason than the eyes. The eyes give it away right away. But hey, let's not get caught up on the details of the eyes. Let's focus on the powers and weaknesses of this creature. Super strong. Super fast. Some of the ability to appear and disappear at will. Some can obliterate whole buildings full of people. The low-level ones are affected by salt and iron...but not the higher-ups.

14Name this creature!

Oh, this creature is pretty crazy. First and foremost, this creature does not actually grant wishes. And there is no lamp rubbing to get this creature to pop out to attack. Nothing is consensual here. This creature creates an alternate reality in the mind of its victims which is like a beautiful fantasy land. It seems like a wish come true but is actually just a very short-lived life while this creature feeds on the essence of its victims. Cool method of attack though.

15Name this creature!

This should actually be a pretty easy one. It might not look quite like it from this screenshot but rest assured that every quiz-taker here is well aware of what these creatures are. They were once people. The sad thing about these creatures is that there is something in the realm of the living that is stopping them from passing over. Now, sure, they are not wearing their sheets and they certainly don't look like Casper, but there is no mistaking these sorts of creatures.

16Name this creature!

This creepy character is a certain type of creature that I'm going to just give away right here. This guy is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. That being said, there are four types of that certain creature it is completely up to the quiz-takers here to choose just which one of the four this ill-looking guy is. The chances are high that even just guessing will yield a right answer. One-in-four chance. Not all that bad.

17Name this creature!

This is probably one of the creepiest creatures of the entire series. Now, to be fair, he is far more than just a creature. The character is the creature. What I mean by this is that ultimately this is nothing more than a character. He is a human...sort of. He is just a human who has figured out the secret of living forever. It is by no means pretty though. That is for sure. He has to constantly harvest from people in order to maintain his body.

18Name this creature!

Well, this creature is known all over the world. It has so much lore outside of the Supernatural show that it really is almost too much to just have it in the show to begin with. These little creatures are actually a huge pain for a lot of people. They love nothing more than to get into mischief of one kind or another. Only those who have been to their realm can actually see the true forms of these creatures. They like to steal people. The belief is that they do this in order to build up the number of servants for their creature king.

19Name this creature!

I have to be totally honest here. Cards on the table, I never once believed that a show as good as Supernatural would throw in such an obvious creature into the such a very weird way. But hey, I guess this character is burning hot. One might not expect these characters to appear humanoid. However, when not taking human form it is said that they look pretty similar to giant bats a pretty terrifying thing to an awful lot of people.

20Name this creature!

This is probably one of my very favourite creatures from the whole wide world of Supernatural. It is not so much because of what they do. What they do is needed but still very sad. It's just the look. At least the look of this one. They don't all look the same. They sometimes come in the form of a beautiful woman as well. But the look of this one is pretty cool. Too bad he was put under control by a dark spell. Typically, these creatures just help control the natural course of life.

21Name this creature!

This is almost certainly one of the scariest creatures in all of the Supernatural creature world. It cannot be seen by anyone...except for the person it is hunting. And that's only if someone has sold their soul to a crossroads demon. Otherwise, no one can see these things coming and they have sharp claws and fangs. They are not a pleasant creature. They will take their victims down to that fiery place below that everyone knows and hopes to avoid, without a second thought.

22Name this creature!

Oh, this is a creepy one. These creatures actually come from Hindu lore and they are certainly terrifying. These creepy little guys sleep on a bed of dead insects. If that wasn't gross enough...they like to eat long pig. For those who don't know what that is...I'm not going to go into further detail on that. These creatures happen to be able to shapeshift. Strangely, these creatures are very much like vampires in that they cannot enter a stranger's home unless they are invited. One may recall this creature appearing as a carnie in Supernatural.

23Name this creature!

Has anyone ever watched I Know What You Did Last Summer? That will give maybe a bit of an inkling as to exactly who or what this creature is. Much like the villain in that film, this creature appears to exact revenge on people for being naughty. Of course, this malevolent spirit was summoned by a specific item because of its history and really only "dealt" with people when the person wearing the item felt they needed to be punished for whatever moral reasons.

24Name this creature!

Oh, look! It's another one of those pesky horsemen. Remember those Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? Well, this is one of them. But here's the thing, I might have said exactly which creature this is, but there is no way I'm going to say which of the horsemen he is. That is for every quiz taker here to guess. There will, of course, be a pretty big hint. This guy can be pretty sickening. Just down-right wretched. Now, that is a big hint.

25Name this creature!

This is one nasty little creature. This slippery creature doesn't have any lore like most of the creatures in Supernatural. That is because this one was made, completely brand new, by Eve. Dean gives it its unofficial name which is the name we'll use here. This creature has the uncanny ability to control a person by slinking into a host person's ear. The host then gains strength but completely loses memory of anything done while the creature was inside. Assuming they ever live beyond the thing being in them.

26Name this creature!

Don't let this creature fool or deceive. It bears a striking similarity to another, very well-known creature that loves to bark at the Moon. This creature also shifts from humanoid to a more animalistic sort of form when feeding. It turns out that these creatures also feed on people. But, only a specific part of a person. This creature needs to devour a certain part of the brain in order to survive. And with claws like this creature's like using a can opener to get dinner.

27Name this creature!

For those who know a little bit about the Bible and some of the creatures that God created in it, these creatures are beings that God apparently created before humans or even angels. The true forms of these creatures is that of a giant serpent but that can only be seen under water. Otherwise, they take human form...and when in that form they can reveal a giant set of teeth and a nasty forked tongue. These creatures don't particularly like the Winchesters.

28Name this creature!

These creatures feature heavily in several episodes and in some pretty awful ways. One such case brings Sam back to some of his old friends from law school. Of course, because this creature can take the form of a human being (who it usually kidnaps in order to steal both likeness and memories), Dean has found himself the target of a nationwide manhunt. These creatures can only be done away with by a blade or bullet of silver to the heart.

29Name this creature!

Now, this is an interesting creature. Mainly because it is seen all over the film and tv world but in a typically very different light. In usual lore, these creatures are very slow and pretty mindless. They only want one thing and they don't really have thoughts beyond devouring that thing. In Supernatural, however, these beings are still capable of thought but become more aggressive versions of their former selves, able to move faster and become stronger. However, the standard way of dealing with them is pretty well the same.

30Name this creature!

This creature is pretty nasty. I know, most of them are but this one lives on human brain fluid so...pretty nasty. These creatures have a signature spike that emerges from their wrist and they are able to inject their victims with dopamine which apparently makes the brain tastier. They can disguise themselves as human but their true form is revealed when faced with a mirror. The true form is still rather humanoid but in every case has a rotten face.

31Name this creature!

This is just a pretty haunting sort of creature. its whole purpose is to feed off of the lifeforce and essence of children. The haunting thing about this creature is that it can take on the guise of a friendly neighborhood character in order to lure its victims. If never challenged, these creatures will live forever. They have super strength and speed and the have only one weakness. These things can only be hurt while they are feeding and they must be hit with iron.

32Name this creature!

While this creature is not exactly the saddest one to appear in Supernatural, the person who Sam meets who becomes one of these creatures makes for an incredibly sad story. Sam sort of falls for this woman who has been attacked and turned into this particular creature. She ends up sorting it out herself with one silver bullet but there are many tears and a whole lot of explanation about moon cycles and violence. This is a pretty common creature in horror.

33Name this creature!

This one comes right out of a lot of First Nations' mythology and storytelling. This creature is super fast, super strong and pretty well invisible until it is too late. This is the master hunter of all the creatures out there. It will mimic human voices in order to lure its prey and it will even set traps as well. It dwells in caves and will drag its victims there so it can take its time with them. The tried and true method to get rid of one of these? Fire.

34Name this creature!

This creature is known from lore that dates all the way back to ancient Greece. Imagine a group of men travelling on a very long voyage...and Odyssey, perhaps. But, they cover their ears because of the dulcet tones of this creature. All except for one person who decides he must hear that song. Sailors before them ended up dashing their ships on the rocks just to hear that song. Well, as pretty as one might expect these creatures to be, Supernatural really twists it around and gives a beautiful call and a very disturbing face.

35Name this creature!

Oh, does anyone remember that group? The Fab Four? No, not The Beatles. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, of course. This guy is the final member of that band. The best part about this character is that he drives a cherry red Ford Mustang that just looks superb. Now, there are only four options here to choose just which one of this creature he is...and really, there is only one option if the quiz-taker has been paying attention to which choices have already been made.

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