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Video games are quite an odd business, as they aren't taken as seriously by the world as their other entertainment brothers and sisters. There are people out there who would have you believe they're more childish than television or film, but this couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, there are some people out there that would go as far as to say that video games can be an artform in and of themselves, without having to make themselves look like television or film. That being said, some video games do try and ape them.

One of the most successful video games franchises of all time is Grand Theft Auto. From humble beginnings, Grand Theft Auto started making waves once the third installment in the series was released. From there, Rockstar has managed to create a series of video games that have not only impressed the critics but also raked in a ton of money. Seriously, we're talking a whole load of the stuff. A lot of this can be attributed to their choice to ape various mafia & heist movies, especially with the most recent iteration, GTA V. Do you think you know everything there is to know about GTA? Let's find out.

Question 1

What Is The Name Of The In-Game Chicken Restaurant In San Andreas?

Chickens have a pretty major role in a lot of video games at this point. For some reason, people seem obsessed with them, which makes them a regular target when it comes to video game modders. However, the most famous example is in The Legend Of Zelda series, in which chicken have arguably become the embodiment of evil. To this day, if you pick up a game in the series you can be sure that attacking any chicken you find will end in a quick death.

Question 2

What Is The Name Of The Main Character In GTA III?

Believe it or not, this guy's name isn't actually mentioned at any time during the first major game in the Grand Theft Auto series, but it was later revealed when he made a cameo in its sequel San Andreas. In both examples, the guy stayed mute, so it's unlikely that we'll ever know what this guy sounds like. Doing away with the mute main characters allowed Rockstar to build on the narrative element of the game, something that the series is now well known for.

Question 3

What Is The Name Of The Goodfellas Spoof Advertized In GTA III?

It's interesting that GTA III, a game that makes extensive references to the mafia movie genre, would choose to spoof one of the most successful mafia movies of all time. To this day, people are still making mafia movies, even though it could be argued that they've been perfected at this point. Is there an inherent problem with a work of art making references or nodding towards their influences or is this all just a bit of fun? What do you think?

Question 4

Which 2000 Film Is GTA V Heavily Influenced By?

As we've already mentioned throughout this quiz, the GTA series is a massive mix of influences that can be seen throughout each installment. If you're really looking for it, or are so interested that you've googled it, you'll be surprised by how many little references there are throughout each game. This is the sort of thing that people only expect to find in television and film, but as the mediums continue to merge, video games have found themselves doing exactly the same thing.

Question 5

What Is The Motto On The GTA III Fire Engines?

Did you dream of being a firefighter when you were a child? That seems like a pretty major dream for children, especially young boys, but I never saw the enjoyment in throwing yourself into a burning building in the hope of saving some woman's kitten. There are a lot of people who dream of being paramedics as well for that matter. Why is it that we spend our childhood wishing we could one day be part of the worst public services, only to grow up and so almost the exact opposite?

Question 6

What Does Every License Plate In GTA III Read?

It's odd to think that there was ever a time that you couldn't change or create anything you wanted within the confines of a video game. Now, it seems that everything is about player choice and making sure that nobody is stifled in their creativity, rather than building a solid experience for all. Making a player's choice matter is what video games are all about, but adding in these little changes seems unnecessary. What does it achieve beyond shallow differences?

Question 7

Which Character In San Andreas Is Based Of Eazy-E From NWA?

All of the legal nonsense sort of goes out the window when you use the likeness of somebody who is now dead, although do you have to then make sure some money is sent to their estate? Seriously, how much money must you be making to take a job as a lawyer working for a company that is essentially attempting to antagonize people to make an entire audience laugh for them? People must be rolling in it once they work on a project like GTA.

Question 8

Which Real Life Rapper Is OG Loc From San Andreas Based On?

Now we're getting into the real dodgy territory. If you're using someone's likeness in a positive way and you throw them a bit of money, I imagine that they will let you get away with it. That being said, when you start taking somebody's image to then make fun of them, you've either got to send that person a lot of money or make sure that they're so ridiculous the person you're making fun of would never want to admit it was them!

Question 9

Who Voiced Tommy Vercetti?

After the mute main character in GTA III, the people who make the games decided they wanted to try something new instead, adding a voice to the character in their newest outing, Vice City. This allowed them the chance to go for a more involving story, with the game coming even closer to aping a film than the last one. It stuck with the mafioso style but took it in a different direction, wanting to imbue their game with the colorful drug-filled world of 1980's Miami.

Question 10

Who Provides The Voice For Officer Tenpenny?

One facet of gaming that has drastically changed compared to the old days is that video game companies can now get in actors and workers from other mediums to provide work for their game. This can be found in the credits of many games where screenwriters and directors from both books and film can be found lending their talents to video games. However, the biggest change is that with blockbuster money, the companies can now bring in blockbuster actors as well.

Question 11

Who Voiced Trevor In GTA V?

Of all the main contributors to the acting in GTA V, this man has ended up with the most publicity. Not only did he come across as a man who deserved much more recognition than he was getting due to his performance in GTA V, he also spent a lot of time dedicated to promoting the game after it was completed. He has since gone on to appear in some pretty famous television shows, to which we say good on him!

Question 12

What Is The Name Of Franklin's Dog?

One of the best introductions to GTA V was animals. Up until this point, children and animals had been left entirely off the menu, as Rockstar knows exactly why people are buying their games. There's definitely something positive about knowing your audience, especially in the business world, but perhaps you have to start asking yourself questions about what it is you're doing with your life when you realize you can't include children in any of your games as you know somebody will try and kill them.

Question 13

Which Two Comedians Did Full Motion Capture Stand Up For GTA IV?

A major component of Grand Theft Auto is the level of humor found in each one, meaning that it was only a matter of time before they found themselves asking mainstream comedians to provide them with work. Not only does this allow the video game company to brag, it gives the stand-up comedians a boost by possibly showing off their work to an audience that may have otherwise never seen it. That is the dictionary definition of a win-win situation.

Question 14

Why Did Ray Liotta Say He Took The Part?

Can we get real for a second here and have a think about why it is that horrible actors end up finding their way into absolutely smashing films? There's nobody out there that will argue with the concept that Goodfellas is a great film, brought together with fantastic writing, directing and acting, but it would take a pretty blind man to argue that the best thing about it was Ray Liotta's performance. The guy is a hack! How did he get in there?!

Question 15

What Real Life City Is The Fictional Vice City Based On?

Whenever a new GTA game is announced to be in the works, or a rumor begins to circulate within the press, one of the first things that people start to discuss is where they'd love for the next installment to be set. They've had quite a few locations up until now, but they still continue to go back to the old ones when they can. For some, it would be better if they went into new territory, as there are numerous major cities around the world that deserve the GTA treatment.

Question 16

What Is The Name Of The Vice City Airport?

Further references to the concepts surrounding the making of Vice City is the amount of drug use and nods towards real life drug dealers found throughout the game. It's no secret that Miami was a drug haven for a long time, something that has been well documented by book, film and game alike. It's this sort of American era that is ripe for possible drama and satire, something that Rockstar studio picked up on brilliant. Vice City is still one of the fans favorite games in the series for this reason.

Question 17

What Two Colours Are Used For The Police Cars In Vice City?

It's interesting to consider the legal work that must go into creating a game as huge and sprawling as the ones found throughout the GTA series. First of all, you have to make sure that you're not infringing anybody's rights by using their likeness. Then, you've got to ensure that all parody sits within a place that is legally sound. Finally, you have the public services like police officers who could get upset. You're murdering these people, so you need them to look as different to the real thing as possible really.

Question 18

What Color Represents The Grove Street Family In San Andreas?

The concept of taking a color and making it your gang symbol is a well-recognized concept, something that has been around for decades now. In certain areas of America, it becomes so hostile that even wearing another gang's colors in the wrong neighborhood can lead you into trouble. for the common man on the street, this amounts to little than a fear that they may be in the wrong place at the wrong time, while for a gang it brings unity.

Question 19

Who Voiced The Character Of Zero In San Andreas?

Believe it or not, but this man actually went to the trouble of stopping the people from Rockstar at a showbiz party, while way too drunk, to tell them that he was a huge fan of the series and would do anything to voice a character in their next game. Little did he know that he would end up as a rather annoying character, one that is tied to a famously difficult mission that forces you to hear his voice over and over again.

Question 20

What Was The Estimated Budget Of GTA IV?

Honestly, go take a look at the amount of money spent on the top ten highest earning films and video games over the past decade and we promise that you will be surprised. There is a lot of money in this industry now which is both a good and a bad thing. It means that video game companies don't have to compromise their vision due to budget restraints, but it also means that there is a much bigger audience that can be dissatisfied with the end product, as well as investors.

Question 21

Who Voiced Michael In GTA V?

Believe it or not, but the relatively unknown actor who still takes a bit of a backseat when it comes to fame, even after the success of GTA V, nearly turned down the opportunity to have his likeness and voice appear in the game. Apparently, he hadn't got the memo about video games being a growing market, because he was reluctant to appear in one. After reading the script, he changed his mind completely, something that shows just how persuasive good writing can be.

Question 22

Who Voiced Franklin In GTA V?

Believe it or not, this guy was actually related to a voice actor that had previously worked on voice acting as the main character in a previous franchise installment. Like a lot of the members of the GTA V voice acting team, this guy started out as a rapper and still continue to rap. While he's certainly better known for his work on GTA V than he is his music career, it's good to see the guy branching out as much as possible.

Question 23

Who Voices Lester In GTA V?

There's a theory online that this guy is actually the character Zero from San Andreas all grown up, and while I can see what people are getting at, this is one of those theories that I won't believe until it is directly mentioned by the creators themselves. In the meantime, it's just a nice little fan theory that the rest of us can imagine until it is either explicitly confirmed or denied. Seriously, go back and play the game with this in mind!

Question 24

What Show Does Lazlow Jones Host In GTA V?

When people sit down to play a new GTA video game, they wait until they get to see or hear Lazlow Jones, because at this point it has become an expectation. Up until GTA V, he appeared in voice alone, hosting and appearing on various radio shows, making the audience laugh as he continued to circle the drain of show business. In GTA V, we actually interact with the guy! Not only that, but he has managed to find his way off the radio and onto television.

Question 25

Which Of The Main Characters Does The Game Hint May Be Bisexual?

While sexuality is a hot topic no matter where it is discussed, it has had a particularly bad go of it within the video game industry. For some reason, the companies, and moreover the fans have decided that it's hard work to properly represent that huge spectrum of human beings that exist within the real world. Seriously, go take a look at the way that people still continue to struggle to change the world of video games for the better.

Question 26

Which Small Faces Song Is Featured In The Trailer For GTA V?

While it may seem as if the Small Faces aren't a direct fit for a crime drama set in America, what you have to remember is that these games are primarily created and written by a bunch of lads from Scotland! It's unlikely that their artistic tastes are the same as someone who grew up in inner-city Los Angeles. Sure, we live in a truly westernized society these days, but growing up they almost certainly listened to British music.

Question 27

What Are The Names Of Michael's Children?

Of all the satirical jibes found within GTA 5, it seems as if the one's taken at the millennials might hurt the audience the most. It's a lie that most of the people playing video games are young, but I wouldn't be surprised if statistically, it was the millennials that were going out in their droves to buy the new GTA game. If so, they're essentially making fun of their biggest asset at that point! Millennials do need taking down a peg though...

Question 28

What Is The Name Of Michael's Wife?

All in all, despite a handful of indiscretions, Amanda is actually a pretty good wife. Sure, her and Michael have their problems, but it can't be easy getting involved with a man who has built his life on crime and deceit. I reckon that in a different life and with another man, she'd be a very different person. They're both at fault when it comes to their failing marriage and their entirely dysfunctional children that need a lot of work.

Question 29

What Is The Name For The Annie Spoof In GTA III?

One of the main characteristics of the GTA series is that the writers spend a lot of their time not only criticizing modern western culture but parodying it as well. Fans of the franchise will know that a lot of what appeals is that the game can have you laughing just as much as it does thinking. Sure, the humor can regularly be rather puerile and a lot of the writing is hardly ingenious, but it fits a purpose and fits it well.

Question 30

How Many Pages Were There In The Script For Vice City?

Now, this is more like it! You could levy a lot of accusations at Rockstar for many problems that they certainly do have, but one angle you cannot get them on is writing. Their dialogue is known for being at a high standard, and while the satire can often swing too far off the mark, that doesn't stop their scripts from being formidable. Seriously, people rarely read books as long as these things! If they ever fail in the game industry, they could move over to writing fiction.

Question 31

Ken Rosenberg Is A Reference To Which Character From Carlito's Way?

Now we get into the nuances references that the GTA franchise makes, alongside the farcical parodies that serve as the comic relief to the often dramatic narrative. In the hope of highlighting their influences, alongside the things that they want to laugh at, they will make often subtle and sometimes unsubtle references to other forms of popular media, such as Carlito's Way. This way, they can have their cake and eat it too, making fun of popular culture while borrowing extensively from it as well.

Question 32

How Many Units Did Vice City Sell In Its First Weekend To Become The Fastest Selling UK Game Ever?

Far from the dank cellars of arcades, games have become a multi-billion dollar industry. More people play games now than ever before, and the video game blockbusters continue to bring in more money than any of the major film releases each year. Whether people like it or not, the phenomenon of video games as entertainment continues to head forward, and it was arguably GTA III that started the trend. The more modern GTA games are a guarantee sell at this point. They never fail.

Question 33

GTA: Vice City Was The Best Selling Game On The PS2. How Many Units Did It Sell?

There are some that argue game franchises like GTA and developers like Rockstar have followed the lead of the big budget film and television industry to their own detriment, highlighting that with such high production costs comes a reduction in the ability for smaller companies and auteur developers to complete. Obviously, this doesn't matter if you're just in it for the money, but if you believe in video games as an important medium that has artistic merit, you're not helping anybody.

Question 34

What Spoof Ballet Is Advertised In GTA III?

Ballet is one of those things that can be very difficult to parody, as it has less of a broad appeal than something like television or film. However, there's nothing that the GTA franchise won't go after, which is why they did include a farcical nod to the dancing art that is ballet. Let it never be said that the guys at Rockstar won't go after every single aspect of western culture, whether they think their audience is likely to get the joke or not.

Question 35

What Is The Name Of The Cats Spoof In GTA III?

One of the oddest parts of popular culture is the musical. There's nobody who stands in the middle, who can either take them or leave them. You either adore musicals with all your heart or you hate them with every fiber of your being. I'd like to think that the people at Rockstar in charge of this sort of stuff realized that, which is why they decided to parody them. Whether you love them or hate them, you'll know them enough to get the joke!

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