Only A True Grey’s Anatomy Fan Would Score 100% On This Meredith Grey Quiz


Grey's Anatomy just finished up its 13th season, yet it's still ABC's highest rated drama series. Why? Because it's addicting, that's why! If you're not a fan, chances are someone close to you is. The show revolves around the personal life and surgical career of Meredith Grey and her friends from the hospital. Although, the show has evolved making everyone just as important as Meredith is, herself. In fact, the majority of the characters who have left, or have been killed off (in horrible ways) left fans griping a box of tissues for two to three episodes apiece.

However, it isn't long before a new character slides quietly (or loudly), into place, leaving fans wondering how they got attached to this stranger so quickly. The doctors all lead complicated, messy lives. Interns, residents, and surgeons can't seem to keep their scrubs on. The hospital isn't drama-free, either. It's a magnet for catastrophic events, on-call room quickies, and spats. Meanwhile, there are incoming patients in dire need of surgical care. Each patient has a story that draws the surgeons and you into their lives. Add that to a little action and extremely gory surgical cases, and you've get Grey's Anatomy! It's exciting, complicated, dramatic, and we love it!

True fans love every character on Grey's Anatomy, but it wouldn't make sense without Meredith Grey. It was Mer's story that first drew fans to the show. It's Meredith that Shonda Rhimes counts on to make the show tick. So, let's see how well you know Grey's Anatomy, because only a true Grey's Anatomy fan would score 100% on this Meredith Grey quiz.

Question 1

What surgical method was Meredith Grey's mother famous for?

Meredith's mother, Ellis Grey, was introduced in the pilot episode of Grey's Anatomy. Although, not until Meredith visits her at the end. Ellis was a two-time winner of the Harper Avery Award and one of the first few women to practice as a surgeon. She created a surgical method that was featured in the American Journal for Medicine. Ellis was only alive through the third season, but has occasionally appeared in flashbacks, ever since then. What surgical procedure was Meredith's mother most famous for?

Question 2

What was Meredith's job title when she first came to work at the hospital?

The pilot episode of Grey's Anatomy includes Meredith's first day at her new job. She meets her co-workers, the surgeons, and "The Nazi" who assigns her and her co-workers with their daily tasks. She quickly learns that "The Nazi" is a short, yet strict surgical resident, Miranda Bailey. One of the key points made by Bailey is that she (they) are at the "bottom of the surgical food chain". What was Meredith's job title when she first came to the hospital?

Question 3

Where did Meredith first meet Derek Shepherd?

In "A Hard Day's Night", Meredith started the show off by kicking a man out of her house. She had met him the night before and awoke to him asleep on her floor. While clumsily separating out whose clothes belonged to whom, the guy attempts to get to know her. She responds by blowing him off, but not without realizing that they haven't exchanged names. He's Derek, and she's Meredith. They meet more formally at the hospital. Where did she first meet Derek Shepherd?

Question 4

Who were Meredith's original roommates?

Meredith has almost always had roommates. She immediately began taking in strays following her first 48hrs on the job. It all started with Meredith's need to fill and pay for her mother's house that she had meant to sell. She got the original two with a notice asking for roommates, but her home became a revolving door. If anyone needed a place to crash, they could go to Mer's. The cast has changed a lot since then and so have the roommates. Who were Meredith's original roommates?

Question 5

What was wrong with Meredith Grey's mother?

In the series premiere of Grey's Anatomy, Meredith visited her mother, Ellis Grey in the nursing home. This was following the praise Meredith heard about her mother's work, all day at the hospital. Ellis had instructed Meredith not to tell anyone about her ailment. She was able to keep her secret at first, but it came out when Ellis was brought to the hospital for a tumor that turned out to be benign. What was wrong with Meredith Grey's mother?

Question 6

What was the original name of the hospital where Meredith Grey completed her internship?

The hospital where Meredith began her career as an intern, will most likely be the same one she retires from. The hospital has undergone two name changes, since the beginning of her internship. The first name change came from a merger with Mercy West Medical Center, which was the original hospital's rival. The second name change came after the airplane crash, which left many of the surgeons from Grey's Anatomy as board members. What was the original name of the hospital?

Question 7

What was Meredith's father's name?

Meredith's father wasn't around for much of her childhood. He claimed that this was a result of her mother's coldness, after she left him for Richard Webber. Meredith's father was the main caregiver in her life up until Ellis left him for Richard. When Webber didn't leave his wife, Adele, Ellis took Meredith with her to Boston. As an adult, Meredith didn't care to get to know him. He eventually shows up at the hospital, anyway. What is Meredith's father's name?

Question 8

What peaked Meredith's interest in meeting her father again?

Meredith never showed interest in tracking down her father, Thatcher Grey until a patient did something unusual. The act convinced her that she might regret not trying. He showed up at the hospital at a later time. Meredith always seemed to be hurt by the fact that he didn't try harder to see her as a child. The fact that he had a new family didn't help matters much, either. What first peaked Mer's interest in meeting her father again?

Question 9

How many sisters does Meredith Grey have?

Meredith was an only child. Or, so we thought anyway. She actually had a couple of sisters creep up on her while living in Seattle. Her father and mother were married for years, but Mer was the only child that came from their union. She didn't find out there were any other relatives alive aside from Ellis, until season two, then they steadily began to flow from season three on. So, how many are/were there exactly? One, two, three, or four sisters?

Question 10

How did Meredith's sister, Lexie die?

Meredith wasn't exactly welcoming when Lexie first came to work at Seattle Grace. How could she be? First her mother kicked Thatcher to the curb. Then she swooped Mer off to Boston, Meanwhile daddy dearest was making a new family, but had never fought for his old one. Meredith never knew about any of this, until Thatcher ended up at the hospital 20 years later. When she finally accepted Lexie, it wasn't long before she was gone. How did Meredith's sister, Lexie die.

Question 11

How did Meredith first learn who Derek Shepherd was?

Meredith's first day was full of action. She woke up to a strange, naked man on her floor. Mer was already late to work, and barely took the time to get Derek's first name. Plus, she got to meet The Nazi, aka Miranda Bailey, who put the interns right in place. As a bonus, she also found out that "Derek" was one of her bosses. That sure sounds like a crappy first day. How did Meredith first learn who Derek Shepherd was?

Question 12

Which combination of men has Meredith Grey slept with?

Meredith's love life was notorious in the first few seasons of Grey's Anatomy. She unknowingly started off her internship by sleeping with one of her surgical Attendings. Then, things just got wilder from there. We can't put all of the blame on Meredith, however. In fact, keeping their scrubs on appeared to be the only impossible thing for the surgeons of Seattle Grace Hospital. Meredith did slow things down once she was married. Which combination of the men below has Meredith Grey slept with?

Question 13

What did Cristina Yang and Meredith Grey call each other on Grey's Anatomy?

Meredith Grey isn't the sort of girl to have a super-clingy bff. She does befriend the other interns, however, taking them into her house like strays. She gets really close to Cristina Yang, whose personality traits mirror those of Meredith's. Cristina was the one to give Meredith her nickname, Mer. They were known as the Twisted Sisters. However, they didn't refer to each other as friends, because the closeness of their relationship was rarely admitted by either one. What did Meredith and Christina call each other?

Question 14

How did Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd get married?

Izzie was fighting cancer when Meredith and Derek got engaged. They enlisted Izzie to plan their wedding, in order to make her happy. Plus, it kept her mind off of the cancer. Meanwhile, Alex and Izzie had grown close and he cared for her. They ended up giving their wedding to Izzie and Alex. Meredith and Derek still got married later, but in a way that only Meredith and Derek could dream up. How did Meredith and Derek get married?

Question 15

Which of Meredith's friends did she sleep with?

Mer had a lot of trouble keeping her scrubs on in the first few seasons of Grey's Anatomy. When she finally got her hands on Derek, her hot-n-heavy, one-night stand days, came to a screeching halt. Although, this was after several one-night stands, and sleeping with one of her friends. The friend was a major slip up on Mer's part. She had just looked up her father and was having an emotional day. It ruined their friendship. Which friend did Meredith sleep with?

Question 16

About how long was Meredith Grey gone following Derek's death?

Derek Shepherd's death was unquestionably painful for Meredith. Things had been very hard for the mother of two for quite some time. Derek was her foundation. However, when he went to Washington, there was obvious strain on their relationship. When he came back though, things seemed right again, but he got hit by a truck. She disappeared with the kids and had no contact with anyone, after his funeral. About how long was she gone before returning with baby Ellis?

Question 17

Who became Meredith's "person" after Cristina left?

Believe it or not, Meredith Grey actually needs "people". She might not want to admit this, but it's true. This never became more noticeable than when Cristina first left. Meredith began to lean on someone new. This person was slowly becoming her "new" person, while acting as her old person, Cristina. It just so happened that this "new" person had a girlfriend at the time and she got jealous of their relationship. Who became Meredith's "person", after Cristina left on Grey's Anatomy?

Question 18

How many children does Meredith Grey have on Grey's Anatomy?

Meredith Grey didn't always want a family. She didn't even know that she would get married one day, or that everything that she thought she wanted would change. What she did know was that she didn't want to be like her mother, Ellis Grey. She didn't want to be ordinary, either. That was what her mother told her that she was. However, Meredith had a one-night stand that over time turned into a marriage. She became an extraordinary surgeon, with kids. How many children does Meredith have now?

Question 19

What awful thing did young Meredith witness Ellis do?

Young Meredith appears on Grey's Anatomy when Mer has flashbacks of her childhood. Young Meredith has seen her mother do some bad things. For instance, meeting Richard Webber or being dragged to the hospital to wait while Ellis worked. Meredith's relationship with her mother was a strained one to say the least. One thing that young Meredith witnessed was worse than all of the rest. What awful thing did young Meredith Grey witness Dr. Ellis Grey do as a child.

Question 20

What was the name of Meredith's favorite childhood toy?

Meredith spent a large portion of her childhood at Seattle Grace Hospital with Ellis in surgeries. She was often brought there by Thatcher Grey, and would end up watching her mother operate. It is assumed that this carried on after Mer's mother left Thatcher, since she had taken Meredith away with her to Boston. Her parents had given her a gift that she often carried around the hospital with her back then. What was the name of Meredith's favorite childhood toy?

Question 21

What was Meredith's wedding gift from Derek?

The one person who knew Meredith Grey better than Cristina Yang, was Derek Shepherd. He knew what made her tick, what she was scared off, and how to ease her into things. Even his wedding proposal showed how well he knew her. X-rays showing a timeline of their relationship based on surgeries, come on? Of course, he had just the right wedding gift for her, too. This wasn't just any ordinary gift though. What was Derek's wedding gift to Meredith?

Question 22

Who was Meredith's friend from her backpacking days in Europe

There was a time when Meredith wasn't sure about her future. This was before Ellis fell ill from Alzheimer's and Meredith came back to Seattle to care for her. Her plan back then was to party and backpack through Europe. A friend of hers from the past came to Seattle Grace Mercy West as a new intern. She caused a rift between Meredith and Cristina, who became jealous of her friendship with Meredith. Plus, it was apparent that Cristina didn't trust her. Who was Meredith's friend?

Question 23

Whose house did Meredith and her roommates live in?

Grey's Anatomy started off with Meredith in a house that she told naked Derek wasn't hers, but that she planned on selling the house. Meredith ended up putting a notice out asking for roommates. It wasn't long before George and Izzie asked her about the notice, and Meredith let them come to live with her, despite claiming she didn't want to live with other interns. This house quickly became a sort of safe house for Meredith's friends. Whose house was it?

Question 24

Which of Meredith's sisters did she meet first?

The second time Meredith saw her dad was at the hospital. He was there with his new wife because there was an illness in the family. Meredith was able to avoid seeing her father, but only at first. It was then that Meredith met her stepmother and one of her three sisters for the first time. She had two other sisters who she didn't meet until later. One wasn't even Thatcher Grey's. Which of Meredith's sisters did she meet first?

Question 25

What were Meredith and Sadie's nicknames for each other?

Let's go back to Meredith's old friend, Sadie Harris, from her backpacking days. Yeah, she was a troublemaker, but there was some point in time that she must've been different, or else Meredith wouldn't have been her friend. Right? Either that, or Meredith was just as much of a troublemaker, herself. Actually, their nicknames for each other might make it seem like that might've been the case. Two hot troublemakers backpacking through Europe going by ____and___. What were their nicknames for each other?

Question 26

What field of surgery became Meredith Grey's specialty?

Meredith and the other interns (except Cristina) began their internship without knowing what they wanted to do for their specialty. Cristina always wanted to be in a cardiothoracic surgeon. Alex went into pediatrics, which was a huge surprise. Izzie Stevens and George O'Malley never made it past their residencies, but worked under different Attendings. Meredith worked with Derek Shepherd a lot in neuro. She even worked with him on an Alzheimer's trail. What field of surgery became Meredith Grey's specialty?

Question 27

What was the name of Meredith's dog?

Meredith Grey went on quite a bender when Derek's wife, Addison showed up at Seattle Grace Hospital. Derek had not mentioned that he was separated, or that he had a wife at all. So, it came as quite a shock to Meredith when Addison addressed her as the "slutty mistress" who had been sleeping with her husband. Meredith slipped back into booze and one-night stands. She even got lonely enough to get a dog with Izzie. What was the name of Meredith's dog?

Question 28

Where did Meredith first meet all of her sisters?

Meredith was plagued by long lost relatives that pop up when she least expects it. Thatcher Grey was her dad. He showed up at the hospital, with his youngest daughter and wife. He had only seen Meredith once in twenty years, once back when she had looked him up. She met her youngest sister at the hospital, since it was her who needed prenatal care. Meredith also had two other sisters who she hadn't met yet. Where did Meredith meet all of her sisters?

Question 29

Why did Derek come to the conclusion that Meredith didn't want to live?

Derek and Meredith had already been seeing each other, off and on for a while, when her mother was brought to the hospital. Everyone saw that she had Alzheimer's. Ellis was brought in following Addison Montgomery's arrival. All of this made Meredith become increasingly depressed. To top it all off, her mother looked down on her for being ordinary, in the only lucid moment she'd had in years. Then came the ferryboat accident. What convinced Derek that Meredith was suicidal?

Question 30

Where is Meredith's oldest daughter from?

Meredith would have ended up with four children instead of just three, but she miscarried their first when the hospital was under attack. She was told that her uterus was "hostile". So, it appeared that her body was against a pregnancy. Before that Meredith hadn't known that she wanted children, but afterwards her and Derek began to try. They eventually ended up having two on their own, but not until after they had adopted Zola. Where is Zola originally from?

Question 31

What was Meredith's stepmother's name?

Meredith first met her stepmother when Molly was brought to the hospital because of her pregnancy complications. She was the one who approached Meredith about mending her relationship with her father, Thatcher Grey. Her stepmother began bringing her groceries and trying to act as a stand-in mother. She eventually wormed her and Thatcher's way into Mer's life. Although, it was her death that also tore them back apart. They even sat down for a family dinner at one point. What was Meredith's stepmother's name?

Question 32

Where did Meredith go to live after Derek died?

Derek Shepherd's death left Meredith a devastated widow. He left her behind with two children, Zola and Derek, and with an unknown child on the way. Meredith had no clue as to what she should do. She didn't even think to check with Amelia, or let her know before pulling the plug. All she knew was that he was gone, there was no bringing him back, and she couldn't go back to their "dream home". She disappeared for about nine months, following his funeral, but where did she go to live when she returned?

Question 33

What has always been Meredith and Cristina's way of shrugging off a bad day?

There have always been a combination of ways that Meredith and her friends cast away their problems. It all started with Meredith and Cristina. Although, it's been done with about anyone who has stayed in that house. Sure they could all drink. Mer, Cristina, and Izzie could all pick up a one-night stand, or hop into an on-call room with another intern, or a boss. However, this was something that helped them all let loose. What has always been Meredith and Cristina's way of shrugging off a bad day?

Question 34

Who did Meredith Grey name her first son after?

Meredith and Derek's only son was their first surprise pregnancy. After adopting Zola, Meredith found out that her uterus had gotten happy. She was pregnant. They couldn't have been more thrilled. However, the delivery could've gone a tad bit better. As Meredith was trying to deliver, there was another catastrophe at Seattle Grace hospital. Really? This time it was a superstorm. The power was out and he had to be delivered by emergency c-section with flashlights. Who was Meredith's first son named after?

Question 35

Why did Meredith let Nathan Riggs go so easily when he found out about Megan Hunt?

The season 13 finale was action packed, heartwarming, and heartbreaking. A strong comparison to last year's finale, which was great but not near as action packed. The story within the big picture was that Owen Hunt's sister, Megan Hunt, who is also Nathan Riggs fiance has been found alive. Meredith is the one to tell Riggs the news. Not only does she walk him through it, but she also offers to drive him to Megan. Why did she let him go so easily?

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