Only A True Gamer Can Name These 35 Nintendo Characters!


Anyone who has ever even seen a videogame has no doubt been exposed to the wide world of Nintendo characters and their bright and vibrant games. The Nintendo brand is known for being a family friendly series of games that teach compassion through series of increasingly difficult challenges. From the Nintendo Entertainment System to the newly released Nintendo Switch, there is something for everyone to enjoy, regardless of age. Whether it be racing with friends across Rainbow Road in any of the Mario Kart games or duking it out as your favorite character in Super Smash Brothers, Nintendo knows how to deliver fun, full games that will keep players coming back for years upon years. Handheld and home consoles alike have their own array of characters and games that make them special and something worth spending time with or going back to revisit for nostalgic purpose as the years go on. For me personally, I love the Nintendo Gamecube with all of my heart thanks to the way it took established game franchises and put a unique spin on each game to create classic games for years to come.

Gathered below are a series of thirty five questions designed to test your knowledge of all things Nintendo. Sure, there will be some easy characters in there but hopefully this test will put some of your obscure Nintendo know-how to the test!

Question 1

Who is this princess?

This princess and controller of the Triforce of Wisdom has been the centerpiece for a very special series of adventure games on the Nintendo family of consoles for over three decades. She is a smart and skilled woman who believes that goodness exists in the world and can stomp out evil even when times are most dire. She also has an alter ego known as Sheik which she transforms into when she does not want to be recognized as the princess of Hyrule.

Question 2

Who is this pink ball?

This big pink guy might be confused with Jigglypuff in just about every fast paced game of Super Smash Brothers, but this guy is in a league of his own. His signature ability is sucking in just about anything and absorbing the power of whatever it is he consumes. His 2D adventure games are lighthearted romps through colorful worlds and also take risks like his epic yarn that replaced every texture in the game with a realistic yarn graphic style

Question 3

What is the name of this dinosaur?

This green, egg-laying individual is known best for his journeys alongside Mario as the two work cooperatively to reach the end of the level. Sadly, some levels require Mario to abandon his companion to a perilous fate which I am sure this character does not appreciate! This dino is capable of communicating by saying his own name and his long tongue allows him to reach far off enemies and fruit. He also has his own series of story games where he takes care of baby versions of the Mario characters.

Question 4

Who might this be?

This character is known for his obnoxious antics and his love for money. In his games, players are required to act quickly to complete a series of minigames in rapid succession or face a certain game over. His iconic yellow and purple garb are switched for motorcycle gear whenever he joins the game Super Smash Brothers and his final smash sees him transform into a caped crusader capable of moving at lightning fast speeds as he takes his opponents out one by one.

Question 5

What is this gorilla's name?

He's the leader of the bunch, you know him well, and he's finally back to kick some tail! This great ape is known for his loyalty to his friends and family and the fact that he packs quite the wallop when he needs to. For some reason, he wears a bright red tie and has an incredible love for all things banana related. He has appeared in countless video games, from arcade cabinets to rhythm games that use a bongo accessory.

Question 6

Who (or What) is this?

This white gloved appendage has been the bane of any Smash Brothers player's existence as they reach the end of the story mode section. As one final battle ensues, this hand descends onto final destination to torment the players and test their skill. The hand is capable of incredible attacks, from firing finger missiles and lasers from his fingertips to slamming his hand down onto players with reckless abandon. Believe it or not it is possible to play as this character in Smash Bros Melee on the Gamecube! Try it!

Question 7

Who is this little guy?

Ah this little mushroom fellow has been in quite a few games. You can usually find him on the sidelines of any Mario Kart race or sporting event cheering on the contestants but sometimes he'll step in from the sidelines to compete himself! He spends most of his time in service to the princess and also has his own exclusive game for the Nintendo Wii U where he dons a headlamp and backpack to go on a fun treasure hunt.

Question 8

What is this electric mouse's name?

In the whole entire world of Pokémon, this little character has to be one of the most recognizable by fans, players, and just about anyone. This yellow rodent is an electric type Pokémon that generates energy through its red cheeks and lets out devastating attacks against its opponents. In the anime, this Pokémon was a main character and partner to the series' protagonist Ash Ketchum and has starred in other games outside of the Pokémon universe like Super Smash Brothers.

Question 9

What is this squid's name?

One of Nintendo's newest game franchises, Splatoon, has quickly taken off to become an underdog in the competitive shooting arena. The game has a lighthearted tone and fluid animation and art style that scream Nintendo. In the game, players use a variety of ink based weapons to take on other opponents in a territory battle where they must spread as much of their team's ink as possible before the timer runs out. The sequel is planned to release on the Nintendo Switch in the summer of 2017.

Question 10

What is this royal specter's name?

This frightening ghost is a staple in the Nintendo universe as a baddie that can overwhelm you if you aren't careful, but chances are he's more afraid of you than you are of him. He's no shy guy, but whenever the player faces him or his kind, he hides his face and blushes, completely frozen. As scary as he may be, he currently had his most recent appearance in the new Mario Kart game on the Nintendo Switch as a playable driver.

Question 11

What is this monster's name?

Without a doubt, this big baddie is the greatest villain in the Nintendo universe. He has a habit of kidnapping princesses and building castles designed to thwart any trespasser. He also seems to have a fondness for standing on bridges that can be cut down with a moments notice. This guy has a son who co-starred in the Nintendo Gamecube game Super Mario Sunshine. He is a prominent fighter in the Super Smash Brothers series and can transform into a gigantic monster version of himself.

Question 12

How about him?

This ace pilot has been a Nintendo icon since his first appearance on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. In his games, players pilot an array of vehicles, from Arwing planes to tanks and other ground units. He typically travels in a squadron of four pilots, accompanied by a rabbit, toad, and falcon. Their witty banter has become a series staple making this character a sarcastic fan favorite. His most recent game came out on the Wii U in 2016 to mixed reviews.

Question 13

What is this adventurer's name?

Standing before you is the hero of time, a hero of legend who is called upon to fight and seal evil that threatens to bring destruction and mayhem to the land. You might see him traveling across Hyrule Field on his trusty horse Epona or journeying through the ages at the Temple of Time. He first earned legend status on the Nintendo Entertainment System and has since appeared in many games, from crossbow training to the smash hit Breath of the Wild.

Question 14

Who is This?

This classic Nintendo character has appeared in more games than just about anyone can name. The lovable plumber makes a living rescuing the princess from evil and spends his free time competing in sporting events, Olympic Games, racing in his very own karting game, or throwing outlandish parties with his friends. His iconic blue overalls and red attire have been a series staple for decades and surely the "M" on his hat is a dead giveaway as to who this is.

Question 15

What is this famous brother's name?

No that's not green Mario! This character has always been in the shadow of his mustachioed brother for decades until he started to gather a cult following and become a fan favorite as one of the quirkiest characters in the Nintendo universe. His signature capability is being able to jump higher than his brother and his heart belongs to Princess Daisy. When not going on an adventure or racing karts, you can find this character chasing down ghosts in haunted mansions.

Question 16

What is this skeleton's name?

This charming skeleton is what remains after one of the Koopa Troopas meet their untimely demise. In their post mortem existence, these foot soldiers keep watch over Bowser's castles and other treacherous encampments. Whether or not they're still conscious is a topic for debate, especially when you consider how these characters come back to life after Mario steps on them. As far as anyone is concerned, the biggest fan of this character is Youtube star Greg Miller at Kinda Funny, who will choose this guy over anyone else!

Question 17

Who is this chimp?

This chimp has a knack for adventure alongside Donkey Kong and makes excellent use of his tail for both traversal and attacking his opponents. He has appeared in most of the Donkey Kong games and has even starred as the protagonist in the second Donkey Kong Country Game. My favorite outing with this character was in Donkey Kong 64 where he can equip a jetpack that allows him to fly all over the place while dual wielding pistols that shoot peanuts.

Question 18

How about Her?

This royal princess has been the subject of more kidnappings than anyone can remember but she always manages to be rescued or get herself out of trouble some way or another. Her love for Mario is unmatched by any other suitor. She even has her own game and makes appearances in every major sporting or party game. In addition to those games, she also packs quite a punch in the Super Smash Brothers series where Nintendo characters throw down the gauntlet.

Question 19

Who is this mysterious man?

Anyone who played The Legend of Zelda on the Nintendo 64 or The Wind Waker for the Nintendo Gamecube has run into this strange, strange, little man at some point or another. His green garb is designed after his hero, Link, and he always has a knack for mischief and adventure. He can defy gravity by attaching himself to a balloon which he will then use to float away into the distance. Hopefully, someday he will join the Super Smash Brothers roster.

Question 20

What is this cosmic heroine's name?

This wonderful woman first made her debut in the Super Mario Galaxy series as Mario's guide to the cosmos. Her calm and collected nature make her a solid rock to rely on and her kind heart and spirit cement her as one of the kindest characters in any Nintendo game. Her star shaped companion joins her as a partner in the fighting series Super Smash Brothers where she specializes in aerial attacks and combos that juggle opponents across the stage.

Question 21

Who is this cosmonaut?

You might recognize this microscopic fellow from the Super Smash Brothers series but he is the star of his own series called Pikmin. In this game, our spacesuit hero crash lands on an alien planet where he conducts research on small colorful lifeforms known as Pikmin. He learns how to pick these creatures out of the ground and organize them so that they can complete tasks as a group. The series premiered on the Nintendo Gamecube and has had many iterations in the franchise.

Question 22

Who is this robot?

This guy has been a cult classic for as long as he has existed. With the Nintendo Entertainment system, this character could be bought as a physical accessory for players to interact with as he spun tops and made other eccentric motions. His appearance in the Super Smash Brothers series has given him a breath of fresh life and exposure to a new generation of gamers who never got the chance to see just what all this character was about when they were younger.

Question 23

What is this space adventurer's name?

Across the entire Nintendo line of consoles, most games can barely hold a candle to the level of critical acclaim that the Metroid series has garnered. Known for its deep exploration and action, the game helped define a genre of adventure game that expands in size as the character gains more access to items (Castlevania did this as well, thus coining the term "Metroidvania" style game). Fans have been clamoring for a new entry into the series that gives us a proper return to form.

Question 24

Who is this flying fella?

This character has been around just as long as the Super Mario Bros games and has always tormented players by dropping spiky shells down from the heavens. Maneuvering around on his cloud apparatus like Goku from Dragon Ball, this character also acts as the referee in the sports games and counts down racers in games like Mario Kart. For the older generation, we also remember him as the camera operator in the critically acclaimed Super Mario 64 on the Nintendo 64.

Question 25

Who is this man?

Anyone who has played Smash Brothers knows that this character may move slowly but can hit harder than just about anyone else on the roster. His origins can be traced back to the Legend of Zelda series where he is constantly trying to bring Hyrule to its knees. This form of the character is an incarnation that comes from the Gerudo people who inhabit the desert section of the kingdom and are a powerful race of fighters and skilled swordsmen.

Question 26

Who is this?

This little runt is the son of one of the biggest villains in any Nintendo game and has a knack for mischief. He appeared in Super Mario Sunshine where he was able to shapeshift into a mimic of Mario and cause mayhem and tarnish the Italian plumber's name. Interestingly enough, he thinks Princess Peach is his mother which is the cause for friction between him and Mario. He is characterized by his small size and spiky shell on his back.

Question 27

Who is this furry realtor?

Chances are, if you know anything about the Animal Crossing series, this guy pops up in your mind almost immediately. He controls all the housing in your new village and will let you sink into debt without blinking an eye. He also runs a shop in the Animal Crossing world with his two sons where you can buy furniture and other sorts of decorations to customize your home and personalize it to your liking. Thankfully, he does not charge interest!

Question 28

What is this guy's name?

This spherical menace is a master of combat in both the air and with a sword. His identity remains a mystery and so many wonder just what lies behind his mask. In the animated series Kirby: Right Back Atcha, he was voiced by Eric Stuart. His most prominent exposure to the world was his appearance as a fighter in the Super Smash Brothers series. Interestingly enough, he has been banned from use in professional tournaments due to his overpowered skillset.

Question 29

What is this fairy's name?

Anyone who has played The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time should know this little character's name without a moment's hesitation. In the game, this fairy accompanies you on your journey to seal away evil. Whenever the player finds themselves in a jam, this character is right by their side to provide insight on where to go next. I mean come on, how many times did we all get stuck in that water temple and have to beg this fairy for help on where to go next?

Question 30

What is this penguin's name?

This blue penguin is easily my favorite character in the Super Smash Brothers series. He is an incredibly powerful fighter, swinging his hammer with ease and sending opponents flying, but also floats through the air with grace like his arch-nemesis Kirby. His regal attire and personality make him one of the most charismatic characters in the world of Nintendo and show just how dastardly he can be. Wherever you find mischief in the Nintendo universe, this character is sure to be somewhere nearby.

Question 31

What is the name of this rhythm squad?

This obscure trio might stump even the most hardcore Nintendo fans but I have faith in you! These gentlemen appeared in a music rhythm game on the Nintendo DS where they would dance to popular songs that told a story through the combination of 3D animation coupled with comic book panel storytelling. The gameplay consisted of using the stylus to tap on different numbered orbs in order as they synced up with the rhythm of the music. I can only hope a sequel is in store for the Nintendo Switch.

Question 32

What is his name?

This two dimensional figure has been around for just about as long as Nintendo's video game development branch. He starred in a series of games that task the players with completing tasks such as flipping food, catching parachuters and more. His most notable appearance is as a competitor in the Super Smash Brothers series. In that game, his attacks consist of using items like a hammer, bug spray, and deep sea diving helmet to attack his opponents and defeat any challenger.

Question 33

What is this Top Hatted Scholar's name?

If you have a knack for mystery and investigation games, chances are you have encountered this character and his series of games. He has appeared in numerous games across the Nintendo DS and 3DS systems where his games utilize the touch screen to solve riddles and complete cases. He has also appeared in a crossover series with the ace attorney Phoenix Wright where the two must cooperate to solve a case bigger than the two of them. If you haven't played these games, you're really missing out!

Question 34

Who is this pint sized fighter?

Don't underestimate this green garbed competitor because he packs quite a punch! First appearing in the Nintendo Entertainment System game Punch-Out, this character worked his way to the top of the boxing world one man at a time with the help of his coach and rigorous training schedule. The game was revived on the Nintendo Wii where boxing controls were a natural fit for the console and his most recent debut has been in the Super Smash Brothers series as one of the quickest fighters.

Question 35

Who is this pixelated man?

Anyone who had the opportunity to play the Brain Age games on the Nintendo DS and 3DS systems knows this face incredibly well. This floating disembodied head, similar to that of Andross from the Starfox series, guides players through a series of challenges designed to keep their minds in tip top shape and help shape their intellect to keep them on their toes. He appears in Super Smash Brothers as an assist trophy where he attacks players with numbers that fly across the screen.

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