Only A True Gamer Can Match These Characters To Their Games

It would be an understatement to say that there's no shortage of video games available on the market these days. There are popular titles that everyone and their fourth cousin twice removed seems to be in love with, and there are more obscure titles that seem to only have a handful of people who have heard of them, much less played them. A room full of ten different people who enjoy playing video games may not be able to find a single title that each of them has taken an interest in at some point.

That is one of the key things that modern gaming culture has in common with old school gaming culture: everyone has their own unique taste and, more often than not, prefers to stay in their own lane.

However, there are some people that seem to ascend this. They like to play games from all kinds of genres, across different platforms - and sometimes even in different languages. Those people are the ones who always seem to be in the know. While it may be a struggle for the average person to keep track of what character belongs to which game, it tends to be pretty easy for these people to figure it out, even if they have to guess.

Question 1

Which of these games is Midna from?

Midna comes from an ancient race that was sent into an alternate dimension by a powerful trio of goddesses as a result of a conflict where they attempted to use dark magic to overtake the Sacred Realm. She served as ruler over her realm until she was dethroned by another member of her race, Zant, who believed that he should have been the one to take over the throne. She was cursed to take on the form of an imp and lost a good portion of her magical abilities. She used a magical object called a Fused Shadow in order to enter another realm, seeking out a way to liberate herself and her people.

Question 2

What game is Geralt of Rivia from?

At a young age, Geralt developed supernatural abilities that were meant to help him to hunt monsters. His mother sent him to Kaer Morhen, where he was trained to use his powers to the best of his ability and eventually given an official role to fill. He has white hair and pale skin because of the extremity to which his makers pushed him during the Trials of the Grasses, where he also earned exceptional physical and mental capabilities. He does not actually come from Rivia, as his master encouraged him to make up a backstory in order to garner the trust of others.

Question 3

What fighting game franchise is Johnny Cage from?

One of the most iconic characters in his franchise, Johnny Cage's true name is Jonathan Carlton. He began his journey as an action movie star who was struggling to make a name for himself in Hollywood. Hoping to change the public's opinion that he was simply a glorified stunt actor, he joined the Shaolin Tournament, intending to prove that he truly was a skillful martial artist. However, he found himself as one of the key components in preventing the Eart Realm from being overtaken by the Outworld, as there was only one more Shaolin Tournament victory standing in their way.

Question 4

What game is Henry from?

Henry is a man from Boulder, Colorado who is 39 years old. He is married to a professor named Julia, who he met during a night out. The two of them live a decently happy life together and even adopt a dog, which the player is allowed to choose the breed of. Unfortunately, things take a turn when she is diagnosed with early onset dementia, which eventually becomes Alzheimer's Disease, putting strain on their marriage. The stress of their relationship leaves him feeling conflicted and he takes a job working in the wilderness of Two Forks in order to get away from it.

Question 5

What franchise is Bella Goth an iconic character from?

Bella Goth is easily one of the most recognizable characters from her franchise. She is the wife of Mortimer Goth and the mother of a girl named Cassandra Goth, who is a child in the first game and a teenager in the second, with a younger brother named Alexander Goth. She has played many roles throughout the series, starting out as simply a normal resident of the neighborhood before being boosted into one of the largest mysteries of the series to-date: in the second game, she was abducted from her neighborhood by aliens, and shows up in another with no memories of her former life.

Question 6

What game does Craig Cahn come from?

Craig is one of many potential love interests that the player is able to enter into a romantic relationship with. He is an old friend of the player, with the two even having been so close that they were once roommates. After college, business took him to California, but he has recently moved back to Maple Bay, Massachusetts, having recently divorced from Ashley, his former wife. He is the father of three children: two twin girls named Hazel and Briar and an infant named River, who can often be found strapped to his chest. He is a fitness guru with a passion for cooking.

Question 7

Which of these games is Ellie from?

By the time Ellie was born, a fungus-based pandemic had permanently affected life in the United States. She was born in Boston and grew up in one of many military Quarantine Zones, where there were strict rules and regulations. She has little to no knowledge of what the world was like prior to the infection, but she is obsessed with collecting comic books, music, and other artifacts, and has a deep curiosity about the world beyond her walls. She is wise and mature beyond her fourteen years due to the nature of the environment she grew up in, and the loss inflicted upon her by the infection.

Question 8

What game is Heather Mason from?

Heather Mason is a teenage girl who has been raised by her adopted father, Harry Mason, though unbeknownst to her she was born as the reincarnation of his late daughter, Cheryl, and a girl named Alessa Gillespie. She has some fairly typical teenage traits, such as a love for shopping, but there is more to her than meets the eye. She is courageous and kindhearted, though also rough around the edges, with a sharp wit, a sarcastic tongue, a tendency to lose her temper, and a blunt disposition. After the loss of her father, she becomes angry and wants to avenge him, which unknowingly leads her down a nightmarish path.

Question 9

What game franchise is Marcus Fenix from?

Marcus Fenix was five years old when his father, Adam Fenix, was deployed to Kashkur to serve as a Gear soldier during the Pendulum Wars. He was inspired by his father's words to become a Gear himself when he was of age, though his father discouraged him from doing so, saying that the wars would be long over by the time he was old enough. Unfortunately, that was not true, and Marcus found himself enlisted as a Gear in the Coalition of Ordered Governments army, where he was eventually honored with the military's highest award, the Embry Star, for his service.

Question 10

Which game from The Legend of Zelda is Mipha from?

Mipha is the daughter of the ruler of the Zora kingdom. She was one of the Champions, a team that consisted of one chosen member from each of the five races in Hyrule, led by Princess Zelda herself, with Link appointed by her side. She was incredibly skilled with a spear and owned a signature spear known as the Lightscale Trident. She is a gifted healer and often took care of Link's wounds, during which time she fell in love with him. Prior to her passing, she began to handcraft Zora Armor for him as a symbol of her love.

Question 11

Which franchise is Samus Aran from?

Samus Aran was first introduced in 1986 as the main character of her franchise. She is a former Galactic Federation soldier who went on to become a galactic bounty hunter, though she still carries out orders from the Galactic Federation. She is well known for her iconic fitted exoskeleton, which is a powerful machine that is capable of harnessing many arms, including but not limited to explosives. She dedicates herself to fighting against energy-consuming parasites as well as the Space Pirates, an antagonistic group lead by her arch nemesis, Ridley, a sentient extraterrestrial dragon responsible for the loss of her parents.

Question 12

What game is Isabelle from?

Isabelle is a friendly dog who works as the mayoral secretary for her town, while her twin brother, Digby, is in charge of the Happy Home Showcase. She mistakes the player's character for the new mayor upon their arrival into town and ignores their protests by simply writing them off as jokes. Though she is somewhat absent-minded, she is a dedicated workaholic who goes so far as neglecting her own physical health in order to focus on the betterment of the town through Public Works Projects and planned events to encourage harmony. She has a dislike for confrontation and prefers to maintain a positive outlook on things.

Question 13

Which of these games is Bonnie from?

An animatronic rabbit, Bonnie serves as a children's entertainer by playing the guitar in a pizzeria's stage band. However, the animatronics and the pizzeria they live in are all infamous following a series of events that led to the loss of a child's life. Due to this infamy, it has become increasingly hard for the pizzeria to find security guards who are willing to take on the task of monitoring the place at night - especially since after midnight, Bonnie and all of the other animatronics are left on a mode known as free-roaming, during which they are dangerous to humans.

Question 14

What game is Emily from?

Emily is the kind of person who knows exactly what they want out of life and she is more than capable of finding a way to get it, often using her quick wit and charm to persuade others into seeing things her way. She is remarkably intelligent, boasting a 4.0 GPA, and she dreams of someday being a style editor for a fashion magazine. She is somewhat self-centered with a sense of pride so strong that it's hard, if not impossible, for her to back down. Even if she's wrong, she tends to insult or lash out at others rather than admit it.

Question 15

What game is Snow White from?

Snow White is an independent, charismatic woman with a natural talent for leadership. She is somewhat distrusting in the wake of her divorce from Prince Charming and she has a reputation for being emotionally cold, so much so that she is known as an ice queen - however, this isn't exactly true. In actuality, she is a kindhearted and compassionate person who goes out of her way to care for the less fortunate who has a strong sense of right and wrong. She is the director of operations in Fabletown and when their leader goes missing, she serves as the assistant to the deputy mayor, Ichabod Crane.

Question 16

What game did Lilith come from?

The Sirens are a group of six women with incredible powers, and Lilith is one of them. She comes from the planet Dionysus as an agile, quick fighter that is able to manipulate space and energy to her own advantage, granting her possession of numerous unique abilities. One of these abilities is known as Phasewalk, which allows her to become invisible to the eyes of enemies and grants her extra speed, as well as sending out a damaging Phase Blast whenever she uses it. She enjoys elemental arms, which are made using alien technology and have the ability to produce flames, electricity, acid, and brute force.

Question 17

Which of these franchises is Sora from?

Sora is an upbeat, energetic teenager from Destiny Islands. He is typically found with a positive attitude and a cheerful disposition, but he is easily angered when he feels that the people he cares about are in danger. Along with his best friends Kairi and Riku, he constructs a raft to explore the world beyond. However, before they're able to embark on their journey, a storm hits, accompanied by a dark force that infests the island with creatures known as the Heartless. Though Riku succumbs to the darkness, Sora refuses to give up on him, and inadvertently summons the Kingdom Key, a powerful Keyblade, in order to battle the darkness.

Question 18

What game is Morrigan Aensland from?

Morrigan Aensland is possibly the most iconic character in her franchise, having made her debut appearance in the first game in 1994 and continued to appear in each game released since then, as well as Marvel vs. Capcom and other games. She is a succubus from the demon realm of Makai, starting off as the daughter of the ruler before climbing her way up to rule for herself. A self-centered person, she is obsessed with the human world and the adrenaline rush that comes along with entering into battle - though she eventually begins to take the responsibilities that come with her position in Makai more seriously.

Question 19

What game is Ethan Mars from?

Ethan Mars is the husband of Grace Mars and the father of two sons, Jason and Shaun. His life is nearly perfect until 2009 when he loses his oldest son, Jason, to a vehicular accident in front of a shopping mall. After a six month coma, he is left guilty and remorseful, but continues on for the sake of Shaun. Unfortunately, Shaun is taken in 2011 by an infamous criminal who sends Ethan a challenge in the form of a taunting message: "How far are you prepared to go to save someone you love?" He is given a series of trials to complete to save Shaun.

Question 20

What game is Jill Valentine from?

Jill Valentine is one of the two playable characters in her game, which is the debut title of one of the most iconic series of recent times. She is a capable, intelligent young woman that works as a member of STARS, a special branch of the Raccoon City Police Department. When communication with another team is lost while they investigate a disturbance in the Arklay mountains, Jill and her team are sent in to find out what happened to them. What they discover is a nightmarish mansion filled with shambling, zombie-like creatures - and they learn that there will be no evacuation until morning.

Question 21

What game is Faith Seed from?

Faith is the younger sister of the infamous Joseph Seed. However, the Faith that currently exists is not the first to carry the title, or even the second. Prior to becoming Faith, she was a young woman known as Rachel Jessop, the daughter of the affluent Jessop family, but she went down a dark path that led her to end up at Eden's Gate. She is known as the Siren, with her charisma and charm leading many to believe that she is the most dangerous of the Seed family, because those who fall under her spell seldom recover from it.

Question 22

What game is Wei Shen from?

Wei Shen was born in Hong Kong but moved to San Francisco, California when he was ten years old with his mother and sister. He attended San Francisco State University for two years but ultimately left to pursue other opportunities, eventually finding his way to the San Francisco Police Department in 2006. He graduated at the top of his class from the academy, with a natural talent for police work as well as strong intelligence and fighting skills. He began work as an undercover police officer after showing an affinity for understanding the way that gangs operate, as well as his fluency in the Cantonese language.

Question 23

What game is Deacon St. John from?

Deacon St. John was separated from his wife, Sarah, when she was critically wounded as they tried to find a safe place to go, along with their friend Boozer. He doesn't have any choice other than allowing her to be evacuated by a NERO (National Emergency Response Organization) helicopter, but he has to stay behind with his friend, as the helicopter has reached capacity. He intends on finding his wife again, one way or another, even if it means that he has to fight for survival in a post-apocalyptic world that has had most of its population claimed by an international pandemic, with the remaining becoming dangerous creatures called Freakers.

Question 24

What game is Connor from?

The year is 2038 and things are remarkably different from the world that we know now. Androids have been introduced to the human race with only one purpose, servitude. Connor is an android who works as a special police investigator. His primary focus is hunting down others of his kind which have deviated from their intended purpose. Some have abandoned their human owners, some have turned to a darker lifestyle, and others still have discovered something that they were never meant to know about - sentience. Connor is a complex, conflicted character whose story relies on choices made by the player.

Question 25

What game is Steve from?

This character was not actually intended to be called Steve. The original creator of the game bestowed this name upon him when he was asked what the guy from his game's name was. Nevertheless, the name Steve has stuck with him and that's what he is known as throughout fans of his game. The game primarily focuses on the player being able to do whatever they choose to do, and thus, Steve doesn't actually have much of a backstory or personality at all, since it's left entirely up to interpretation, much like his appearance, which can be changed with various skins.

Question 26

What franchise is Cloud Strife originally from?

There are few better at wielding a sword than Cloud Strife, especially if you ask him. He was once a member of SOLDIER, an elite war unit, but he found his way into the position of a mercenary instead. He is a driven young man who tends to only care about the current task that he has been hired to carry out, with little to no interest in anything outside of that. He is a prideful young man that is especially talented with using large broadswords in combat, with his most iconic companion being a massive blade known as the Buster Sword.

Question 27

What game is Sean Diaz from?

Sean Diaz is on the run and he has taken his younger brother, Daniel, along with him. The two boys recently lost their father to unfortunate circumstances, and they have been left with no choice other than to flee from their home in Seattle, Washington, with the intention of finding their way to their father's hometown in Puerto Lobos, Mexico. Sean is a compassionate, creative young man who enjoys drawing in his sketchbook, which was a gift from his father that encouraged him to pursue his passion for art. He is also very protective, especially when it comes to his younger brother.

Question 28

What game is 2B from?

2B is the shortened form of this character's true title, which is YoRHa No.2 Type B (Battle) - quite a mouthful, huh? She is a YoRHa android whose purpose is to battle against the Machines that are invading the planet she's on, in order to protect the humans that remain on it. She was used during the 14th Machine War and is an incredibly skilled fighter, as she is an all-purpose battle android, which means that she is equipped with a wide variety of useful close range arms and has access to the Pod support system, which grants her ranged battle capabilities.

Question 29

What game is Aloy from?

Aloy is genetic clone based off of Elisabet Sobeck, a renowned roboticist and engineer from the 21st century, who she never actually had the opportunity to cross paths with face to face. She was crafted by an artificial intelligence called GAIA, which is part of a larger system created by Sobeck herself that was responsible for repopulating the earth after the Faro Plague. She is an incredibly skilled huntress, so much so that there are none that would be realistically considered to be her rival. She is also held in high regard among her tribe, having achieved Brave and Seeker status through her accomplishments.

Question 30

What game is Travis Touchdown from?

Travis Touchdown is a bit of a burnout. He lives in a motel room which he fills with action figures and other collectibles based off of anime and professional wrestling, which are two of his primary interests, in addition to video games and pretty women. When he runs out of money to buy more video games, he seeks out employment as an assassin, carrying out his jobs with a beam katana that he won in an online auction. He inadvertently enters the 11th rank of the United Assassins Association after finishing a job, and is given the choice of striving for 1st or being taken out by those below him.

Question 31

What game is Yukiko Amagi from?

Yukiko Amagi is a student at Yasogami High School in Inaba. She comes from an affluent family because they own the Amagi Inn, a hot springs inn located in town. She is very polite, has a sense of elegance about her, and is initially shown to be very quiet and introverted. She is a remarkably intelligent young woman who generally receives the top scores in all of her exams, but she still has a tendency to be absent-minded, and even shows moments of clumsiness. She is courageous even in the face of dangerous surroundings and has an affinity for thrilling stories.

Question 32

What game is Arthur Morgan from?

Born in 1863, Arthur Morgan is the son of Beatrice and Lyle Morgan. He lost his mother when he was young and his father was arrested for larceny in 1874. He was taken in sometime around 1878 by Dutch van der Linde and Hosea Matthews, where he began to follow their lifestyle, which meant that he lived separately from civilization and their laws. He eventually fathered a son, Isaac, with a waitress named Eliza, and upon learning that their lives had been taken, he became cold and calloused in order to avoid having to cope with the pain of his loss.

Question 33

What game are Mickey and Lou from?

Michelle and Louise, better known as Mickey and Lou, are a set of twin sisters that sit at the top of the infamous Highwaymen, a nationally spread gang that is known for taking what they want and getting rid of what they don't. Mickey is the brains of the operation while Lou is the brawn, but the two are seldom found far apart. The twins operate under the belief that there are only two types of people in the world: problem solvers and problem makers. The two usurped their position from Vince, the former leader, when he began to become "soft in the head" - in spite of the fact that he was their father.

Question 34

What franchise is Leon S. Kennedy from?

To say that Leon S. Kennedy has been dealt a bad hand would be an understatement. On the first day of his new job as a rookie police officer for the Raccoon City Police Department, he was late. When he finally arrived at work, he discovered that the majority of people in the city had been infected with a virus that turned them into dangerous, zombie-like creatures. He survived, albeit narrowly, and carried on to become a special agent of sorts, working closely with the leader of the United States of America in covering up the events of Raccoon City, as well as preventing them from happening again.

Question 35

What game is Ellis from?

Ellis is a jovial young man who manages to keep a pretty positive outlook in spite of how bleak the world around him is, especially considering that the majority of humanity has been turned into zombies. There is seldom a moment where Ellis is not bursting at the seams with a colorful story about his life from before the apocalypse, often pertaining to his buddy, Keith. He's got a child-like sense of wonder about him and even when his life is in imminent danger, he becomes excited by things like his favorite band and the rides and attractions of an amusement park.

Question 36

What game is Martin Archimbaud from?

Martin Archimbaud is a patient at a mental health facility called Mount Massive Asylum. He believes that he is a part of something bigger than himself and that he has a "higher calling" than those around him. He refers to himself as Father and insists that others do as well, though it is questionable whether or not he is properly ordained, especially since the cross he wears appears to be homemade. The belief system that he leads centers around the worship of a creature called The Walrider, which is a manifestation of madness that infects the majority of those found within Mount Massive.

Question 37

What game is D.Va from?

While she may be known as D.Va, this young woman's true name is Hana Song. She took an interest in video games thanks to the influence of her father when he introduced her to StarCraft. She went on to become a professional gamer and even took home a few victories from various e-sports tournaments. She had a reputation for always doing her best to win anything she participated in, showing no mercy for her opponents, and never backing down, no matter how much the odds seemed to be stacked against her. She also developed a decent amount of skills with mechanics.

Question 38

What game is Max Caulfield from?

Maxine Caulfield is an eighteen-year-old aspiring photographer who prefers to be called by the shortened version of her name, Max. She lived in Arcadia Bay, Oregon for a large portion of her life, before she moved to Seattle, Washington with her mom and dad. However, she ultimately returned to Arcadia Bay in order to attend Blackwell Academy for her senior year. After saving the life of her childhood best friend Chloe Price in one of the academy's bathrooms, discovered that she has the unique ability to control time by rewinding and stopping it as she pleases, though there are consequences.

Question 39

What game is Mia Winters from?

Mia Winters is first introduced as the wife of the playable character who has been missing for years. She disappeared in 2014 while she was working as a nanny, and he presumed that she had passed away until 2017, when a cryptic message shows up in her husband, Ethan's e-mail that instructs him to come to Dulvey, Louisiana and find her. He becomes determined to do so, though when he does, he discovers that not only has she been keeping secrets from him for years, but she did not actually want him to come and find her in the first place.

Question 40

What fighting game franchise is Emilie de Rochefort from?

Emilie de Rochefort, commonly referred to as simply Lili, is a beautiful blonde-haired and blue-eyed woman from Monaco. She comes from an affluent family and has been described as being bratty by those who know her, though she is actually a very caring young woman with a gentle side. She has a love for sweets, pop music, and fashion. She fights with noticeable grace and poise because her style is built off of her years of training in gymnastics and ballet, which were her only available outlets for her affinity for hand-to-hand combat because of her father's opinions about physical fighting of any kind.

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