Only A True Final Fantasy Fan Can Name Every Monster Villain


The Final Fantasy series is filled to the brim with boss monsters that were created to make sure you have a bad time. These hang around near the save points you find at the end of dungeons, in order to give you one last challenge before allowing you to continue the story. It is up to the player to go all out and use the most powerful spells and abilities that they have acquired throughout their journey, in order to take the enemy down as quickly as possible. Just make sure to save all of your Megalixers until you are absolutely sure that you are facing the final boss.

Final Fantasy bosses exist on both sides of the spectrum of difficulty. You have the bosses that can be killed in one hit (like Gi Nattak in Final Fantasy VII), bosses that take hours to kill (the Adamantoise in Final Fantasy XIII) and bosses that try and screw you over by not allowing you to grind (like Wiegraf in Final Fantasy Tactics). It doesn't really matter if a boss is easy or hard, so long as it is fun to battle. The Final Fantasy series is filled with some of the most memorable boss battles in video game history, which is why we want to see if you can remember the best of them.

If you clicked on this quiz, then you probably think that you know your Final Fantasy bosses. The series has over fifty games (if you include the spinoffs), which gives us a lot of boss monsters to choose from. So, Can You Name These Final Fantasy Boss Monsters?

Question 1

Try driving your car into this turtle

The creator of Final Fantasy XV promised that the biggest Superboss in the game would take around fifteen hours to beat. This wasn't quite true, as skillful players have managed to do it in around two. Due to the real time/in-game time divide, this means that Noctis and his pals will end up fighting this beast for two days straight. This boss has over five million hit points, which means that you will need as much late game gear as possible if you are to have any hope of damaging it.

Question 2

This angelic monster awaits you in the North Crater

The end boss of Final Fantasy VII was a genetically engineered soldier. He had been implanted with the cells of a being known as Jenova when he was still in the womb. The Shinra Corporation thought that Jenova was a member of a benevolent ancient species, known as the Cetra. It turned out that she was actually an alien monstrosity who wanted to devour all life on the world. When you face the final boss of the game, he has transformed into a monstrous mockery of an angel, that has seven wings.

Question 3

This boss almost destroyed the multiverse

The end boss of the original Final Fantasy returned as the antagonist of Dissidia Final Fantasy. He is in conflict with a benevolent goddess, named Cosmos. The two of them summoned heroes and villains from the various Final Fantasy worlds in order to wage war upon the other. In one of the timelines of the Dissidia universe, this boss was victorious. He eventually went mad and lingered on in a dead world with nothing to do but lose his mind even more.

Question 4

This mad jester managed to achieve the power of a god

World domination is the goal of many different video game villains. This crazy clown actually managed to succeed. He did this by stealing the power of the warring triad and transforming himself into the god of magic. This evil jester would invoke his wrath upon the world below with his great power. It is up to the party to reform and challenge him in his own domain, which looks like a twisted mockery of the gates of Heaven. He awaits you at the top of a bizarre statue.

Question 5

This dragon loves to spam status effects

When Kefka takes over the world in Final Fantasy VI, he tears open the ground and unleashes eight dragons that were trapped beneath the Earth. It is up to the party to track these beasts down and slay them, in order to protect the people of the world from their wrath. This dragon can be found in Kefka's Tower. It uses status effect attacks throughout the battle. If you show up with a Ribbon, then you should be able to beat it easily.

Question 6

This tree turned into a... something

You'd probably be an asshole too if you spent most of your life stuck in a tree. The villain of Final Fantasy V was created when an evil mage had his soul trapped in a tree. He was born as a monster who wanted to return all of reality back into nothingness. In order to do this, he will need the power of the Void itself. When you face the boss at the end of the game, he will transform into a combination of numerous other bosses from the game.

Question 7

God looks really weird

The villain of Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is God himself. It is revealed that all life on their world was created by an alien, who uses a moon as a spaceship. These aliens plant crystals on worlds that have the potential for life. The crystals will speed up the evolutionary process so that the life forms can be studied. This version of God has gone mad and wants to cleanse his creation for not living up to his high standards.

Question 8

This was the first Superboss in the series

The Final Fantasy series has a tradition of including Superbosses. These are bosses that are more powerful than the actual end boss of the story. They can usually be found hiding somewhere in the world. It is up to the player to try and discover their secrets. Superbosses represent the ultimate challenge for the most dedicated of players. The first ever Superboss appeared in the original Final Fantasy. It is a robot that will roast the party with its nuclear fire.

Question 9

This is the first boss of the entire series

The first boss in the Final Fantasy series had the misfortune of being a victim of a shoddy translation. When the Warriors of Light challenge him, he promises to "knock them all down". This villain was once a noble knight, whose heart was corrupted by evil. You will meet him again at the end of the game, where it is revealed that he is the secret architect behind the events of the story. He did this with the aid of time travel.

Question 10

This robot is the strongest monster in his world

It seems that Warmech inspired the creation of a later Superboss in the Final Fantasy series. This robot can be found hanging around in the final dungeon. You don't want to run into it by accident, as it will wipe you out in the first round if you aren't prepared. This boss has the ability to temporarily wipe players out from existence. It does have one weakness in the form of the Stop status effect, as it is not immune to it.

Question 11

This former ruler killed the Devil and stole the throne of Hell

The villain of Final Fantasy II wants to take over the world. Part of his plan involves being killed, so he can send the two halves of his soul into Heaven and Hell so that he can slay their rulers and take over the cosmic order of the universe. It is up to the main characters to enter the depths of Pandemonium so that they can slay the evil version of his soul. The party members who died early on in the game must ascend through the afterlife in order to stop the good version of his soul.

Question 12

This sorceress has fused with a Guardian Force

The party members in Final Fantasy VIII are the only people who bother to use the Guardian Force summons. The reason for this is because they take away their user's memories over time. You don't see another Guardian Force user until the final battle when the end boss junctions herself to Griever. Once Griever is defeated, the true final boss battle will begin. It is at this moment that the sorceress begins absorbing all of time and space into her body.

Question 13

It was vitally important that the embodiment of the void have large breasts

The villain of Final Fantasy III is the embodiment of nothingness. She has the ability to wipe out all existence in a terrible wave of darkness. It takes an alliance between the Warriors of Light and Darkness to stop her. The people at Squaresoft decided to turn the embodiment of nothingness into a sexy lady. They felt that having a huge pair of boobs was vital to get across the true nature of a being who wants to wipe out all existence with the wave of a hand.

Question 14

This sphere was once an Eidolon

The Chocobo minigame in Final Fantasy IX is one of the most lighthearted moments in the game. You get to travel around the world and discover treasure, which leads to the Chocobo becoming stronger and gaining the ability to travel to new areas. The final area of this quest is the Chocobo's Air Garden, where you meet one of the most terrifying bosses in the game. This spinning orb was once an Eidolon. People forgot its true name so it lost its form and turned into a ball of destructive energy that consumes anything that tries to challenge it.

Question 15

This boss literally came from nowhere

Final Fantasy IX has one of the worst final bosses in the series. This is because he has no build-up and literally shows up out of nowhere. You have an incredible battle against the main villain of the game... only to have this guy show up and try and steal the spotlight. The original final boss of the game was meant to be Hades, who was turned into one of the Superbosses instead. Elements of Hades' design can still be seen in the final boss arena.

Question 16

Be careful where you ride your submarine

When Sephiroth uses the power of the Black Materia, it summons a huge meteor that will crash into the planet. It seems that the planet isn't going to take that lying down, as it dispatches five Weapon monsters to destroy Sephiroth. These monsters aren't that bright, however, and they just go on a rampage instead. One of these monsters can be found swimming silently on the ocean floor. If you are going to take it on, then bring as few materia with you as possible.

Question 17

This beast is better off fought alone

When Sephiroth uses the power of the Black Materia, it summons a huge meteor that will crash into the planet. It seems that the planet isn't going to take that lying down, as it dispatches five Weapon monsters to destroy Sephiroth. These monsters aren't that bright, however, and they just go on a rampage instead. This Weapon can found lingering in the desert outside of the Gold Saucer. You will want to bring two dead party members with you into the battle, in order to avoid this beast's tentacles.

Question 18

This boss took years to defeat

This boss is infamous among players of Final Fantasy XI due to the fact that it took several real life years to defeat. So what makes this boss so tough? It has a very high rate of regeneration, which means that it is constantly healing. It's most frightening ability is the fact that it can use all of the two-hour powers of the classes. This means that it can use the White Mage Benediction ability, which will heal all of its health in a single move.

Question 19

This boss was named after a famous Square Enix staff member

Final Fantasy XII offers the player the chance to hunt powerful monsters who can be found in the world. The last of these is a dragon with over fifty million hit points. So yeah, you might want to brew some coffee or drink a Red Bull if you are going to take this guy on. This boss was named after a famous producer at Square Enix, who worked on several classic games. He quit the company while working on Final Fantasy XII.

Question 20

This monster will destroy all of Spira if left unchecked

The world of Spira lives in constant fear of a giant whale monster. This beast has the power to crush cities beneath its feet and spew monsters from its orifices. The only way to stop the beast is through summoning the Final Aeon. A summoner has to go on a pilgrimage, which ends with them sacrificing one of their most trusted friends. The summoner then dies, but this boss will be defeated for a few years. The guardian who was sacrificed will then be reincarnated as the monster...

Question 21

This boss is based on a description of an angel from the Bible

This boss is one of the fal'Cie. It lives within the planet Cocoon and grants power to the world. It is up to the party to destroy this being. This boss can actually be defeated easily by using Vanille's Death spell. This was a reference to one of the Game Boy Final Fantasy games, where you could kill the end boss in one hit. This was because there was a glitch that allowed the chainsaw weapon to kill it in one blow.

Question 22

This guy just can't let go of a grudge

The true antagonist of Final Fantasy XV seems like a nice guy for most of the game. He helps Noctis and his friends out on numerous occasions. It turns out that he is far more wicked than he once seemed. This man was a former King of Lucian, who was rejected by the Crystal, despite the fact that he saved the world. He was transformed into an immortal and was forced to linger on in the world, as he could not die until his destiny was fulfilled.

Question 23

This monarch can turn into a spider

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest was not a critical darling by any means, but it does have its fans. It was created to be an RPG that was simple enough for non-Japanese people to understand. The final boss of the game can actually be killed by healing. Due to a buffer overflow glitch, the Heal spell will actually deal a tremendous amount of damage to this boss. It will be so powerful that it will kill him in a single hit.

Question 24

This boss awaits you at the bottom of the Deep Sea Research Center

This is the most powerful opponent you will face in Final Fantasy VIII. It lingers at the bottom of the Deep Sea Research Center dungeon. Using the Draw command on this boss is one of the only ways to get the Eden summon, which is the most powerful Guardian Force in the game. This boss is actually holding Cloud Strife's best weapon in his hand. This is a shout-out to a similar boss that you fought in Final Fantasy VII.

Question 25

This boss looks like it belongs in R-Type

The end bosses of the Final Fantasy series have a reputation for transforming into giant monsters. This will happen in cases where it makes no sense. It is just expected for the boss to turn into a big gross monster at the drop of a dime. The end boss of Final Fantasy IV turns into a big alien monster for no good reason. There was an updated version of him in the Japanese Easytype of the game, which looked like a skeleton/centaur.

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