Only A True Fan Will Score 100% On The Ultimate Grand Theft Auto Quiz


If you're in the mood to take this quiz, then you already know what Grand Theft Auto is; it's not simply a game involving murder, arson, carjacking, and blood, but it's a beautiful story that focuses on themes from family to loyalty to even the American Dream.

Not only is Grand Theft Auto among the most influential series in gaming history, but it's one that resonates with people - and I'm not sure if that's good or bad. But, you don't need me to kiss this series' ass more than I need to; we know how great this series is, but how well do you know this series?

Sure, anyone can tell you that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas takes place in San Andreas, but how well do you know Carl Johnson? What can you tell me about Niko Bellic? Can you finish some of Trevor Phillips' best lines - and trust us, there's a lot of Trevor to go around here.

So this part should go without saying - and seriously, don't say we didn't warn you when the title is 'The Ultimate Grand Theft Auto Quiz' but there are MAJOR spoilers ahead for the following games:

  • Grand Theft Auto III
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
  • Grand Theft Auto IV
  • Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City
  • Grand Theft Auto V

If you have not played a game in that list or you're playing through one now and want to avoid spoilers, turn back now! Otherwise, grab your gun, a car you stole, and Trevor Phillips' human stew because it's time for 'The Ultimate Grand Theft Auto Quiz.'

Question 1

Which of these consoles has not had a Grand Theft Auto game?

If you've ever played a Grand Theft Auto game, then you most likely know that the major consoles - Xbox, Playstation, and PC - more often than not have the game for that system. Even now, it's hard to walk into a GameStop without seeing a promo for Grand Theft Auto V for the Xbox One or PlayStation 4, but there are some consoles that haven't ventured into the world of mayhem and hookers. Which of the following systems hasn't had a GTA game?

Question 2

Carl Johnson does not have a sibling with this name

While Claude (Speed?) and Tommy Vercetti each were solid playable characters in Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City respectively, San Andreas' Carl Johnson felt like the first human protagonist we had in the series. With a moral code and true character development, San Andreas is more about Carl than it is killing the police and carjacking people; part of that likely is because of Carl's family, who he rejoins in Los Santos at the start of the game. Which of these names is NOT one of Carl's siblings?

Question 3

Prior to arriving in Liberty City, Niko Bellic did not have this job

And while Carl Johnson's personal story was a fantastic one, is anything REALLY going to beat the one Niko Bellic embarked on in Grand Theft Auto IV. Our first immigrant character, Niko carries a sharp wit in addition to a heavy arsenal as he embarks on a path for revenge, one he's been on since he fought in the Yugoslav Wars. On the road to Liberty City, Niko had a variety of jobs, but one of these was not one he'd put on his resume.

Question 4

This Grand Theft Auto game does not take place in the year it was released

For the murderous rampages and carjacking that the Grand Theft Auto series is known for, it's easy to forget that the franchise loves its satire. Whether it's mocking the feminist movement or the necessary political jabs, Grand Theft Auto lives in the moment, releasing a fair number of their games the year that the story takes place so they can make jokes about the current trends and celebrities. Of the games listed below, which story doesn't take place in its release date?

Question 5

This Grand Theft Auto IV character, who has an optional death, is confirmed dead in GTA V.

Grand Theft Auto IV introduced plenty of new elements and features as the series transitioned to the next generation of consoles, one of which was the ability to kill or spare certain characters. For example, one character may tell Niko to kill a friend of theirs and that friend may say the same in reverse. Who will Niko kill? Some of these decisions don't matter and others, thankfully, have an impact on the story. Some of these characters below are optional deaths; who ends up mentioned in GTA V?

Question 6

Which GTA game was the first that allowed exploration of the full map from the beginning?

While some open world games will allow full access of the map from the get go, Grand Theft Auto has usually been about one area at a time. Put simply, it's often the same basic formula: character will start in area A and be forced out, moving to area B with some returns to area A. Shortly thereafter, Area C will open, with the rest coming later. There was a game in the series that finally broke that trend...which was it?

Question 7

Finish this Trevor Phillips line: Question my questions again,

Well, we warned you about Trevor Phillips in the opening for good reason. When he's not kidnapping hitchhikers or starting wars with rival gangs, Trevor is snapping at one person and dominating another with his savage wit and twisted sense of humor. More often than not, nearly everyone who ends up interacting or associating with Trevor ends up dead or away from San Andreas at the end of the story. Throughout this quiz, you'll be asked to finish some of Trevor's lines. Here's the first one.

Question 8

No Grand Theft Auto protagonist has come into conflict with...

While we can't deny that Trevor is certainly crazy, he's not the only Grand Theft Auto protagonist to come into conflict with other groups and gangs. From the Italian Mafia engaging one another to the gangs of Los Santos, war isn't only limited to the United States military and whatever war is ongoing at the time the game is taking place. Through the long history of Grand Theft Auto, which of the following groups has never had any sort of conflict with a protagonist.

Question 9

True or False: There has never been a LGBT protagonist

Is Grand Theft Auto the best representation of characters in the LGBT community? No. Are there times when characters like Bernie Crane/Florian Cravic are portrayed fairly realistically and humanly? Yes, actually. We at TheQuiz love Bernie Crane not only for his open sexuality in a time (2008) when we were still a few years away from legalized marriage, but for how he's managed to find happiness in a new country. Bernie was a supporting character, but have we had an LGBT character that was a protagonist?

Question 10

As of GTA V, how many protagonists have been canonically killed on screen?

So the thing with protagonists in Grand Theft Auto, as great as some of they are, is that a fair number reappear in later games...and a couple of them have actually wound up dead. No, we're not talking that one easter egg from Grand Theft Auto IV that has all the GTA III Era protagonists names with RIP; we're talking actual murder and death of characters that we've played with in the past. Discounting GTA V's endings, how many former protagonists have been canonically killed on screen?

Question 11

What was Tommy Vercetti's Liberty City Nickname?

There's not much we know about Tommy Vercetti's backstory other than the events of 1971, when the Forelli Family soldier (and, most likely, made man) killed 11 man during a hit in Harwood. Yep, he killed 11 men in an ambush, being arrested on eleven counts of murder but being spared from death or life in prison by the Forelli Family's connections. Vercetti's 'heroics' earned him a nickname, one that remains 15 years later when he leaves prison. That nickname is...

Question 12

Who told Niko this? "You're cold... all you care about is revenge and getting your own way."

We talked a bit about Niko Bellic's story earlier on, specifically his path for revenge that takes him from person to person through the majority of the Grand Theft Auto IV story. Unfortunately for Niko, his cold demeanor upsets others, especially those close to him. Whether it's his attitude after murder or his quest for vengeance - and to find Darko Brevic and/or Florian Cravic, Niko actually gets called out more than a few times by other characters. Which of the following characters told Niko the quote below?

Question 13

True or False: Has the main antagonist in a GTA game died in a non-final mission?

Poor Dwayne. He wasn't an antagonist, but he got one of the - and I'd personally argue it was - saddest deaths in any Grand Theft Auto game. But, there have been plenty of other characters who have met their end, with the primary antagonist almost always being one (Grand Theft Auto V's different endings allow for the main antagonists to walk away alive) in a grandiose final missions. But, have we had a game where that big bad dies prior to the last campaign mission?

Question 14

Finish this Trevor Phillips line: Being a stevedore used to be back-breaking work!

We've mentioned Grand Theft Auto's reputation for satire and outside references, but one of the more surprising ones in GTA V was a subplot that was a reference to season two of HBO's The Wire. Without spoiling too much about that show, both involve a shipping port and the idea of the American Dream not being what it once was. Trevor, who himself is a Canadian-American, reflects on this, saying, "Being a stevedore used to be back-breaking work!" What did he say next?

Question 15

GTA is known for their shots at other companies and games. Which of these four, as of GTA V, have they not attacked?

Simply put, Grand Theft Auto III and its gameplay was a trendsetter, creating 'GTA Clones' in the process. What is a GTA Clone? The Grand Theft Auto wiki defines it as, " typically an action crime-drama open world video game that usually contains driving and shooting mechanics, with a non-linear set of storyline missions and a great number of side-missions and activities displayed on a mini-map for the player." In the process, Rockstar and Grand Theft Auto have taken shots at games and companies who try that model...except for this game.

Question 16

True or False: Michael is the first protagonist with confirmed children

When all of the hype was building for Grand Theft Auto V, something that drew a lot of fans to Michael De Santa's character was that he was a retired criminal-turned-family-man. We'd had characters in the past that had families while they embarked in a life of crime - best seen with Niko and Roman Bellic - but this was a new spin on an overdone trope that the series never really embarked on. With that said, was Michael the first playable character who had confirmed children?

Question 17

Who is the lawyer that kept trying to ruin Rockstar?

At some point, we were going to have to discuss this guy. Long story short so that we don't reveal his name, there's a famous lawyer that kept going on anti-video game crusades, many of which were against Rockstar and the Grand Theft Auto series. Now, Rockstar has made attempts at mocking this man, even going so far as to put a mockery of him in Grand Theft Auto IV. With all of those hints in mind, can you name this man?

Question 18

True or False: Michael Townley is the first GTA protagonist to legally change their name

It's not so much a twist for the player as it is for Trevor Phillips that the man once known as Michael Townley is now known as Michael De Santa, but the twists for the audience instead come in the build up to Michael changing his name. In a plot point revealed way too early, Michael partnered with the FIB to give up Trevor and Brad - another accomplice - in exchange for his retirement and a new identity. Is Michael the first protagonist to legally change his name?

Question 19

Finish this Trevor Phillips line: I'd never want to double cross a friend and put him in danger...

And then, things hit the fan for the trio of criminals when Trevor - who had spent the past decade mourning Michael and writing letters to an incarcerated Brad (in reality, agent Dave Norton wrote the emails because Brad was dead) finally puts everything together. Stealing Michael's car and flying himself out to North Yankton, Trevor and Michael nearly get into a shootout before the former leaves his ex-friend behind to deal with the Chinese. Finish this Trevor line about loyalty.

Question 20

Which of the following GTA protagonists has not had an honest job?

At times, it's easy to feel bad for some of the poor, immigrant working men that try to genuinely work honest jobs in the Grand Theft Auto universe. Heck, even Grand Theft Auto IV tackles this with the Hassan character, a friend of Niko's on their ship ride to America who gets harassed selling counterfeit bags. Not counting diversions that include driving a taxi for extra money or becoming a vigilante, have any of the Grand Theft Auto protagonists had a true honest job?

Question 21

Which GTA protagonist has not actively sold drugs?

And now, we go from honest work to selling drugs - which, for many, is as close to honest work as they're going to realistically get. From the Hispanic gangs of Algonquin to the criminal syndicates smuggling drugs into Los Santos, 'the game' is one that a few protagonists have not only helped ruin, but also participated in. As of Grand Theft Auto V, which of the following protagonists has not actively sold drugs; that could be anything from cocaine to prescription drugs, if that helps.

Question 22

True or False: All GTA protagonists - aside from Luis Lopez - have either been white or black

Well, this should be a fairly easy one if you've been paying attention. All things considered, Grand Theft Auto has been pretty diverse when it comes to playable characters, especially since Carl Johnson was introduced in San Andreas. Not counting Luis, who is a Dominican-American, have all of the Grand Theft Auto protagonists been white or black? Like we said, this should be easy, especially if you've gotten the majority of these questions right so far. Please don't get these wrong.

Question 23

What was the scandal involving a patched out 'event' from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas?

Every dog gets to have his day, so that Jack Thompson guy we mentioned earlier, he got to have his day once. When Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas released in 2005 for the PC, modders and coders found a hidden event that Carl and his girlfriends could take part in. Yep, you could partake in Carl having sex with his girlfriends; granted, their clothes were still on and it was pretty tame, but Jack Thompson and the media had a massive field day for...

Question 24

Which of these protagonists does not have a signature vehicle?

If you've spent the majority of your time in Grand Theft Auto carjacking and illegally bypassing security gates to get planes and helicopters, you're not alone. However, recent Grand Theft Auto games have tried to buck this trend, giving each character their own signature vehicle to drive - or, in some cases, fly. From Johnny Klebitz's Hexer to Michael De Santa's Tailgater, many recent characters have had their own means of transportation that will continuously respawn even if destroyed...except for this character.

Question 25

Which of these games does not involve a player fighting federal agents?

Every Grand Theft Auto game seems to have the same basic structure when it comes to enemies: there's a big bad, someone nearly as important who betrays you at some point, a variety of other villains, and the authorities. As part of the 'gimmick', most Grand Theft Auto games involve dealing with the FBI/FIB - or a similar outlet - in addition to local police. Sometimes, it'll be dealing with a specific agent and sometimes, it'll be facing off against them in a regular shoutout. All of the below games have this except for...

Question 26

Finish this Trevor Phillips line: You're like every other asshole. You made a bit of money...

Though Trevor Phillips technically starts Grand Theft Auto V with the most money of the three protagonists thanks to his drug running operation, make no mistake that the man loathes wealth. For Trevor, money only goes so far and there's not really much use in becoming rich if you're going to let that change you (see De Santa, Michael). In an argument with Michael when the two are exiled to the desert, Trevor calls his friend out, telling him the above line and continuing with...

Question 27

Which of these GTA characters has not met the trio of Niko, Johnny, and Luis?

I know we've talked a bit about how Grand Theft Auto IV tried to be bold and creative with their story, but one of the best elements was the addition of the Episodes from Liberty City DLC. Niko had already encountered Johnny Klebitz and Luis Lopez during the story - working with Johnny and avoiding a major conflict with Luis - but now, we get to see their stories as they intertwine with one another. Which of the below characters did not meet all members of the Impossible Trinity?

Question 28

Sticking with Grand Theft Auto IV, which Italian family do the protagonists NOT work for?

Well, we were going to have to discuss Grand Theft Auto IV's Italians at some point, right? As Grand Theft Auto III and Liberty City Stories had done in the past, it would have been wrong to include a version of New York without a version of the Mafia. Each of the three protagonists spends time working, either voluntarily or out of necessity - for an Italian family, with Niko even working for multiple. Which family never offers a member of the trio work?

Question 29

What was the first GTA game that allowed for routine clothing switches?

If there was a common complaint about Grand Theft Auto IV other than the weapons available (I've become used to it in the past nine - wait, that game has been out for nine years???), it was that we didn't have as much customization with Niko Bellic as it seemed like we originally would have. Yes, we could change his clothes, but this was far from the first game in the series that allowed for us to dress our character however we wanted. Which was the first?

Question 30

How long was Tommy Vercetti in prison for prior to Vice City?

And sticking with Tommy Vercetti and Vice City, part of the hitman's backstory is that he was in prison prior to his arrival in Florida. After killing 11 men in an ambush, Tommy spent some time locked away, long enough that the Forellis felt comfortable sending him to Florida because his name STILL rung out in Liberty City. We had a similar question earlier, so make sure you use your noodle for this one. How long was Tommy locked up for?

Question 31

Who tells Niko Bellic this? "If there is one thing that I have learned, it is that we must obey the rules of the game."

Another sad, emotional moment with Niko, but this one is sad only for what we know happens in the game. From the second he steps off the boat, Niko tries to go against the rules - he fights Roman's loan sharks and argues with Vlad, he challenges leaders of the Russian Mafia, and so on - but there's always a consequence. Towards the end of the story's first arc, a character tells Niko, "If there is one thing that I have learned, it is that we must obey the rules of the game." Who was that?

Question 32

Finish this Trevor Phillips line: So Michael, this is where dead men come back to life. It's been nearly ten years.

Yet another excellent Trevor quote, this one comes when everyone's favorite Canadian finally travels to Los Santos in his exploration for the man once known as Michael Townley. Standing above the Los Santos skyline, Trevor takes a moment to himself and thinks out loud, saying, "So Michael, this is where dead men come back to life. It's been nearly ten years." As Trevor and Michael prepare for a life-changing experience, what does the drug runner and legendary pilot say next?

Question 33

How many ex-employers does Niko canonically kill?

In addition to the themes already explored - family, the rules, pride - in Grand Theft Auto IV, we can't forget the importance of loyalty. Niko is loyal to his cousin and their friends, so he'll do whatever it takes to protect them, even if that means going against some of his current employers. Whether it's because they're threatening him or they simply need to go, Niko ends up killing a fair share of those who were paying him. How many does he canonically kill?

Question 34

What is the first mission in GTA V to feature all three protagonists?

Without a doubt, everyone was excited for Grand Theft Auto V and their three playable characters: Franklin Clinton, Michael Townley/De Santa, and Trevor Phillips. As expected, it takes a good amount of time - roughly the first third of the story, given that the campaign isn't too long - before we get all three together, but when that happens...nothing much happens. At least, not as much as we really expected. What GTA V mission is the first one to include all three of the main characters?

Question 35

Finish this Trevor Phillips line: No, I didn't kill him!

Trevor Phillips is insane. Clinically speaking, that's probably true too given his analysis from the woman in charge of psychological evaluations for the Air Force, but he's still crazy regardless; so, when someone pisses Trevor off, it's easy to think that he's likely to kill them usually by some form of torture or brutality. Sorry, Johnny. At one point in the story, Michael accuses Trevor of murdering Martin Madrazo after a job gone wrong. Trevor's response? "No, I didn't kill him." What does he say next?

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